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Author Topic: New Pilot making intros and seeking help  (Read 638 times)


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New Pilot making intros and seeking help
« on: 25 December 2016, 21:19:13 »
Been a fan of Battletech since I was introduced to the world in the book Call of Duty (a copy that i still have to this day :3 #ArcherChristiphori, #ArchersAvengers, #SnordsIrregulars). I would love to get into the role playing aspect of it and live out the stories I kept daydreaming of as both a kid and now lol. Found this place and apparently its the right place to come. Any ideas and any help from the veteran Mechwarriors and Troughbrothers would be appreciated :)


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Re: New Pilot making intros and seeking help
« Reply #1 on: 02 January 2017, 22:30:32 »
Welcome to the boards!  Sorry for the delay; I've been trying to get the mods to promote the MechWarrior Hall to a full sub forum of its own, and the constant posting there always makes this board appear to be "unread".  The "prove you're human" stuff goes away after 10 posts.

Unfortunately I'm not running a game right now, but if I start another one up, I'll keep you in mind.  Best of luck!

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Re: New Pilot making intros and seeking help
« Reply #2 on: 03 January 2017, 17:21:59 »

What kind of ideas or help are you looking for?
In turn they tested each Clan namesake
In trial against the ice hellion's mettle.
Each chased the ice hellion, hunting it down.
All faild to match the predator's speed and grace.
Khan Cage smiled and said. "And that is how we shall be."

The Remembrance, Passage 5, Verse 3, Lines 1-5