Author Topic: (Answered) Psychological SPAs & unmanned targets  (Read 279 times)

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(Answered) Psychological SPAs & unmanned targets
« on: 26 January 2017, 00:54:23 »
Animal Mimicry, Antagonizer, and Demoralizer  are never formally categorized as "psychological attacks", but their fluff seems to indicate that certain rulings/clarifications should apply to all three.  I have one such question, but first the mandatory relevancies:

All 3 "psychological" SPAs are in the Alpha Strike Companion on pages 51 and 52.  The latter two are further enhanced by the errata doc.  Furthermore, the Iron Will SPA discusses the notion of "psychological attacks" and presumably refers not just explicitly to these 3 SPAs, but perhaps implicitly any future "psychological attack" SPAs that may be yet published.

Alpha Strike recognizes 3 different kinds of unmanned units: Drones, Robotic Units, and Automated Armed Buildings.  See AS pp106-107 for rules for Drones, ASC pp39-40 for Robotic Units, and ASC pp24-26 for Automated Buildings.  Although the rules make a distinction between the three different kinds of unmanned units, all 3 should probably be treated as a group with regards to "psychological attacks", should they not?

Question 1: Should "psychological attacks" have any effect on any of the different kinds of unmanned units?  I can't find a rule saying they don't, and absent that by RAW they do... but SHOULD they?
Question 2 (provisionally moot, depending on the answer to Q1): Can unmanned units ever have the Iron Will SPA?
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Re: Psychological SPAs & unmanned targets
« Reply #1 on: 13 March 2017, 10:16:16 »
Drones, remote and robotic, are all covered by p40s rules, under Drones and Special Game Rules regarding SPAs.  It has a section on psychological warfare that covers those SPAs.
Took me a bit to find the automated buildings you were refering to.  The Drone rules are rather complicated, thus they aren't required, even if using advanced buildings.  If just using automated buildings on ASC p24, then yes they would still be affected by SPAs.  You are not using the Drone rules and how they determine their actions.  They are the "quick and easy" rules, so we don't complicate them by adding more rules. 
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