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Author Topic: Canopean "Hetairai" Character Module  (Read 445 times)


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Canopean "Hetairai" Character Module
« on: 18 February 2017, 17:34:00 »
I am starting a campaign that will include, in it's second half, the unit being assigned as security for a convoy that is built around my Aceso Class Hospital Dropship ( and a Monarch class Pleasure Circus.  As I intend this part of the campaign to be a variety of adventures ranging from standard tabletop combat to RP intrigue and adventure, I wanted Circus NPCs that are not just "a ship of whores".  To that end, I worked up a three tier system for the Circus employees (besides the actual ship's crew)-
"Nymphai"- low level workers who handle the majority of ship-board work
"Pornai"- Middle tier, more expensive workers, double as casino staff and entertainers (singers, musicians, comedians, magic)
(Sub-level here are a small group of "Chimera"- workers with cybernetic enhancements that provide fantasy encounters (cat-folk, mer-folk, centaurs, naga, angel, devil, werewolf) for paying customers).)
"Hetairai" (Ancient Greek for "Companion")- high class courtesans that have skills that make them useful companions outside the bedroom (Think Anara from Firefly). As these people have a specialized role, I created a character creation module to provide a more well-rounded character/NPC.

Hetairai School Option (700 XP + Field Costs)
   While Canopeans are known for their generally hedonistic ways and the famed Pleasure Circuses are known throughout the Inner Sphere, not all prostitutes are created equal.  There is a growing class of well-trained and well-rounded courtesans based out of Hetairai Academy, a dedicated college on Wildwood centered on creating accomplished courtesans for the wealthier clients of the Canopean Pleasure Circuses and those seeking a status companion.  These women (and men- each class contains at 15% male student body) are trained in a number of disciplines with the goal of making them a viable companion in life outside the bedroom as well as within.  A more advanced program takes the most accomplished students and teaches Intelligence and Covert Operations skills.
Prerequisites: Minimum INT 2+, CHA 3+, Attractive Trait.  If character did not take the Magistracy of Canopus affiliation, apply the following [Attributes] CHA (+100), WIL (+100); [Traits] Connections (+100), Reputation (-150), Wealth (-100)
Automatic: [Attributes] DEX (+50 XP), INT (+100 XP), CHA (+100 XP); [Traits] Attractive (+150 XP), Connections (+50 XP), In for Life (-250 XP), Reputation (-50 XP); [Skills] Art/Choose One (+30 XP), Art/Choose One (+30 XP), Admin (+20 XP), Acting (+25 XP), Disguise (+25 XP), Negotiations (+30 XP), Medical (+20 XP), Career/Hetairai (+50 XP), Teaching (+30 XP), Protocol/MoC (+25 XP), Protocol/Choose One (+25 XP), Martial Arts (+25 XP), Flexible (+195 XP)
Fields-Basic (+1 Year): General Studies, Journalist, Manager, Merchant
Advanced (+1 Year): Anthropologist, Medical Assistant, Pilot (Civilian)/Aerospace, Pilot(Civilian)/Aircraft, Politician
Special (+1 Year): Intelligence, Covert Operations