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Author Topic: Vulcan Aerospace Fighter - Greenock/Geenock  (Read 567 times)


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Vulcan Aerospace Fighter - Greenock/Geenock
« on: 23 February 2017, 17:54:33 »
Objectives: Federated Suns makes mention of "Geenock Flight Academy", both as an industrial site (p.4) and as a flight academy (p. 26), and states on page 26 that Geenock Academy retooled its maintenance facility to produce Vulcan aerospace fighters during the Jihad.

Tech Readout: 3075 p. 302 mentions the Vulcan being brought back into production as the -8N variant at the "Greenock Flight Academy". Technical Readout 3145: Federated Suns also introduced the Rondel aerospace fighter, produced by "Greenock Aero Manufacturing Ltd." on Firgrove.

I'm guessing that all three of these are related, but that either Geenock or Greenock is a typo - am I right in thinking that? Is it possible to confirm which is the correct spelling, if that's the case?

Many thanks! :)

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