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Author Topic: Improved Communications design quirk, Drones, and Drone Controllers  (Read 304 times)

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The Improved Communications design quirk prevents standard ECM from interfering with the unit that possesses the quirk.

I'm fairly certain I know what the answer will be, but how does this work for a drone and its controlling unit when one possesses the quirk but the other doesn't? Say a Lament (which doesn't have the quirk) is controlling a Celerity (which has the quirk) and the celerity is in the radius of an enemy ECM while the Lament isn't.

Is the link between the Celerity and Lament broken even though the Celerity isn't affected by the ECM? My assumption is that it would be, and both units would need to have the Improved Communications quirk in order to be fully immune.
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