Author Topic: Total Chaos: Word of Blake attack on Marcus  (Read 333 times)


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Total Chaos: Word of Blake attack on Marcus
« on: 14 March 2017, 21:10:44 »
Hi guys,

A little obscure question - but I've been trying to winkle out some info about Blakist mercs and their fates.

Total Chaos' write up on Marcus has the Word taking the planet in 3068 and then mercs and pirates pirates in the employ of the Word retaking the planet from the Coalition on August 8, 3077.
The planet's blurb lists Blakist mercs as: Stealthy Tigers, The Furies and Canned Heat.

Would I be correct in saying these three units were used in the 3077  ouster attack, rather than the 3068 attack? Earlier sources have all three of these units garrisoning Protectorate planet's in 68.

Additionally, is it safe to say all three units were either destroyed or suitably shattered on Marcus in 77 or afterward?

Thanks in advance!

"Hold your position, conserve ammo... and wait for the Dragoons to go Feral"
- last words of unknown merc, Harlech, 3067