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Author Topic: Phoenix, AZ - League Campaign  (Read 22 times)


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Phoenix, AZ - League Campaign
« on: 08 August 2018, 19:33:12 »
We've been doing giant games for quite a while, so it's time to try something new. We're switching to a one-on-one league format, which will allow us to get complete games in while also allowing players to bring more than two units.
Not interested in a campaign but want to get a game in? I'll be bringing a few forces you can borrow, or you can make a new force each time just for that battle without worrying about the bookkeeping of a campaign.
Player continuing from the old campaign? Send me your force changes by the day of the game (there's a section in the rules; see the link below).

Scenario: Meeting Engagement
Location: Game Depot, August 25 @ 1pm

Scenario Basics:
BV limit: 7100 BV for 4 units (other unit counts have different amounts -- see rules link)
Carried Infantry: Count as units for this battle.
Victory Condition 1 - Destroy one enemy unit (400 SP) Crippled units count as half, damaged units count as one quarter.
Victory Condition 2 - Destroy a second enemy unit (400 SP) Crippled units count as half, damaged units count as one quarter.
Salvage: The first player to two victory conditions is considered to hold the field; alternately, if one player is in sole possession of the field they may claim salvage. Choose one crippled or destroyed enemy unit still on the field; bonus is 40% (immobile)/20% (crippled)/10% (destroyed) of the unit’s purchase price in SP. (Note: Players do not actually capture other player’s units. This is just a simulation for points.)

Force Composition: See the campaign rules:

Force Composition, Short Version: Create a mercenary force according to the rules (or ask the GM for one). Pick some units from that force to bring to the battle (4 units = 7100 BV; the full rules have other options).

Terrain: Each player gets to pick a map sheet (there are some restrictions -- see the rules). Battles will be played on two mapsheets.