Author Topic: (Answered) Non-Artillery Area of Effect Attacks against POIs  (Read 229 times)


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Under Alternate Munitions (AlphaStrike p.76), specifically LRM/SRM munitions (p.79, 80, 82)...

Some of these alternate weapon types are to be resolved using a "Point of Interest" instead of a specific target, but there is no example of how to resolve such attacks.

There are two positions in debate at the moment:
- 1st group believes that attacking the Point of Interest receives the -4 Immobile modifier (since the attack comes from a specific standard launcher)
- 2nd group believes that because "missed attacks scatter" perhaps these alternate munitions use a format similar to Aerospace Bombing (AS p.56) and Artillery (AS p.75, w/ errata), which ignore a Target's occupied terrain, cover, and Movement Modifiers (including Immobile) and saturate the area with it's desired effect (depending on the ammo type used)

"Mine Clearance " (p.80) and "Thunder" (p.82) both declare "Point of Interest" and "on a miss, Scatter 2 inches in a random direction"

"Smoke" rounds (p.80) also declares "target a Point of Interest" but as of Errata v2.2, the paragraph with reference to how it scattered on a Miss has been omitted. (on p.82)

...Although its not listed, it has been assumed that "random direction" references the same AoE template used to determine bombs and artillery scatter [AS p.161].

Any clarification on the matter would be greatly appreciated.
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Attacks made using a POI, rather than targeting a unit or structure, never apply the immobile target modifier.
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