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Author Topic: Interstellar Operations: ACS Combat Rules  (Read 381 times)

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Interstellar Operations: ACS Combat Rules
« on: 27 April 2017, 14:42:53 »
  Normally I would post a specific question but other than the feeling that something is very off with my best interpretation of Interstellar Operations Abstract Combat System Combat rules on pages 316 to 317 I can't quite place where things are going wrong.  So below I have posted my best by-the-book guess at how a formation on formation attack is conducted.  If you could point out how an attack should actually be made and where this example derails I would greatly appreciate it.

Example:  Resolving the attacks of Formation A (CUs A1,A2,A3) vs Formation B (CUs B1,B2,B2).  Formation B has TMMs as follows:

Formation B:
   CU B1: TMM2
   CU B2: TMM5
   CU B3: TMM5

Attack Declaration:  Formation A declares an attack against Formation B.
Combat Tactics:  Formation A chooses Standard Tactics.
Resolving Attacks:
     Determine Range:  It is determined that Formation A engages Formation B at medium range.
     Determine TO-HIT Number:  Each CU in Formation A targets CU B1 with its TMM of 2 to get the best TO-HIT number. 
     Roll TO-HIT  CUs A1 and A2 succeed while A4 fails their TO-HIT rolls against B1.
     Determine and Apply Damage: 
          Determining Damage:  Per the rules of Standard Tactics(pg. 316) both A1 and A2 deal full damage and A3, who failed his TO-HIT roll, deals .8 damage.  However, only successful TO-HIT rolls are applied so A3's .8 damage is left unapplied and discarded.
          Applying Damage:  Per SBF rules for Applying Damage (pg. 240) a Tactics Roll is made.  Formation A wins the roll and decides to Apply both both A1 and A2's successful attacks to B3.  Formation A chose B3 so that it will have B1 with its TMM of 2 to target in subsequent rounds for better TO-HIT numbers.
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