Author Topic: (Answered) FM: Kurita - Use of FPs to access Special Availablity List  (Read 382 times)


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How does using FPs to access the SAL work?

On page 60 under Ghost Regiments it says "All Ghost Regiments can access the Kurita: Special Availability List from 3039 onward for 3 FPs."

Does this mean:

a.) you spend 3 FPs and have access to all mechs on the SAL without having to spend any additional FPs to purchase them?
b.) you spend 3 FPs per mech chosen from the SAL?

I'm reading it as the former - which would allow you to build a unit composed of only mechs from the SAL - which would be very 'flavorful' for those regiments. Am I incorrect?

Thanks for the time and help.
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Re: FM: Kurita - Use of FPs to acess Special Availablity List
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b). Each time you choose a unit, you pay the availability list cost. Same as other availability lists.  For the Ghost Regiments, each time you access the Kurita Special list, you pay 3 FPs.   If you choose two 'mechs from the Kurita Special Availability List, you pay 6 FPs. 
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