Author Topic: (Answered) Ejection rolls and cockpit command consoles  (Read 281 times)


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Tactical Operations (2012 printing), p. 179:
Ejecting from a ’Mech can be dangerous, and the
pilot may suff er damage upon landing. The pilot must make a
successful Piloting Skill Roll to avoid taking damage, modified
for the circumstances listed on the Ejection Modifiers Table.

If the 'Mech mounts a cockpit command console (or other multi-crew cockpit system in other rulebooks, such as Tripod or QuadVee), is a single roll made using the acting pilot's skill, or do each of the crew members need to make a roll as when avoiding falling damage?
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Re: (Answered) Ejection rolls and cockpit command consoles
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Each crew member in this case makes a separate roll.
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