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Author Topic: Saturn Patrol Ship - DropShuttle or Primitive DropShip  (Read 830 times)


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I was re-reading the primitives series of books.  I wanted get this correct. Since I'm trying settle a disbute about the ship. I apologize if this was posted in the wrong location for this question. 

Are the Saturns considered by rules wise a Primitive DropShip and not officially noted as a DropShuttle?
XTRO: Primitives V never calls the ship a DropShip. The record sheet never does either.
Interstellar Operations (p. 126-127) construction rules state the following:
Quote from: Interstellar Operations - Primitive DropShip Construction Rules
Prior to that time, any non-jump-capable interplanetary drive vessel was formally called a shuttle, even though many contemporary pilots often used the term “dropship” to reference shuttles small enough to dock inside a JumpShip.

Is the Saturn a DropShip or a DropShuttle?  Thank You.
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