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Author Topic: Second Succession War Mercenaries - by the fans!  (Read 2471 times)

Adrian Gideon

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Second Succession War Mercenaries - by the fans!
« on: 07 June 2017, 19:48:03 »
Three months ago, we asked you--the fans--for suggestions for mercenary names to add to the rosters for the Second Succession War sourcebook. The response was phenomenal and truly showed the passion we all have for the BattleTech Universe. We received not only mercenary names, but unit histories, rosters, logos, timelines and fond game memories. After pouring through hundreds and hundreds of suggestions and going through lots of agonizing, we narrowed down the names--after doubling the amount of slots we were looking for--and the following are the names we're going to include in the upcoming book.

So many players reached out to share with us, that we'd like to take the opportunity over the next few weeks and months, to share some of the names, stories and material submitted, regardless of whether they were chosen for the book. We'd like to do that to acknowledge and honor all of you that participated, and thank you for your continued support of BattleTech.

Mercenary Combat CommandSuggested by
Armored Combat Escalation ServiceAdam G, Yannick Sherenco and the General Hobbyist
Big Kev’s BrigadeAlex Fauth
Boudica’s WrathMichael Ciaravella
Cupric ByzantiumMike Johnson
Cŵn AnnwnThomas S. Wolf
Damage IncBen Myers, David Najarian and Dave Thompson
Lacadon Vengeance LegionEric Salzman
Levithian’s WakeTyron Butson
Mary’s Little LAMsLee Rosenberg
Murphy’s LawGerhardt Reichenbach and Vincent Spencer
Oosik IrregularsTom Loughead, Matt Walker, Thomas Knipple and Henry
Quinn’s QuadsTroy Lee Cowell
Scrap MetalJared Saunders
Tamar PikemenGlenn Miller
The AbasedLance Scarinci
The IsengrimMarco Mazzoni
The RattFraggsLloyd Calvin
The Red BaronsJohn Mayernik
The Wylde CardsAyden Ryken
Xiao’s Cassionsgenkimediko