Author Topic: (Answered) Mounting costs for mechanised battle armor  (Read 248 times)


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I have noticed that in the v2.3 errata it states:

Transporting Infantry (p. 32)
1) Under “Infantry Transports”, second paragraph, first sentence
This ruling has changed from previous errata versions.
It costs an infantry transport unit 2 inches of Move to mount (pick up) or dismount (drop off) battle armor or infantry.
Change to:
It costs an infantry unit 2 inches of Move to board a transport.

However in the Alpha Strike second printing PDF it states under Mechanised Battle Armor on p. 33:
Mounting and dismounting battle armor from an Omni
unit follows all the same movement rules as does mounting
and dismounting infantry from a dedicated infantry transport,
requiring any mounting to occur at the start of the transporting
Omni’s Movement Phase, at a cost of 2 inches of Move to the

Similarly on p. 33 under Extended Mechanized Special Ability:

However, the transport mounted by these
units will not only have to spend 2 inches of Move to pick up
such units, it

As under infantry transports in general, the 2" cost for boarding a transport has been passed from the transporting unit to the infantry, I was wondering if the same ruling should also apply to mechanized battle armor (i.e. the battle armor pays 2" to mount the transport)?

Or, is it that when battle armor mounts a transport, utilising the MEC/OMNI specials, or XMEC special, both the infantry AND the transport pay 2"?
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Re: Mounting costs for mechanised battle armor
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Bump - it's been about 3 months.


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Re: Mounting costs for mechanised battle armor
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Only the mounting unit pays movement.  (Basically the movement to move from the adjacent to transport).  That should apply to battle armor of any kind as well, the battle armor moves (2") to mount. The transport pays no movement.
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