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Author Topic: SRCS costs for Support Vehicles  (Read 199 times)


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SRCS costs for Support Vehicles
« on: 25 June 2017, 16:41:50 »
The C-Bill costs for the Smart Robotic Control System (SRCS) states that it adds the weight of the control systems of the unit to the weight of the SRCS to determine the final value.

This is on Interstellar Operations page 187, and continues on to page 188 listing the same thing for Shielded Aerospace SRCS, SDS (Caspar) Drone Control System, and Caspar II Advanced SRCS. Though mu question is only about support vehicles so the answer should only effect SRCS and Shielded Aerospace SRCS (it can be equipped on satellites which are support vehicles).

On Tech Manual page 131, it says:
Add Control/Crew Systems
Technically speaking, the chassis of a Support Vehicle contains its basic control systems as well, but some Support Vehicles must still allocate additional mass to crew accommodations and fire-control systems (if installed).

Further on it explains that small support vehicles need seating assigned for each crew, while medium and large support vehicles incorporate the weight of any seating needed into the chassis but can add quarters optionally.

It goes on to explain on the next page that you either have no fire control which weighs nothing, or basic or advanced fire control, which adds more weight.

The Question
What weight, if any, does a Support Vehicle include in the SRCS or Shielded Aerospace SRCS cost calculations?

A-Any Seating and Fire Control you have on the SV (but not quarters since they are optional).
A-Alternate: Any Seating, Quarters, and Fire Control you have on the SV.
B-Any Seating on the SV (but not quarters since they are optional).
B-Alternate: Any Seating and Quarters you have on the SV.
C-Any Fire Control on the SV.
D-It says the controls are part of the Chassis Weight, so use the Chassis weight.
E-None, since SV's don't devote tonnage specifically to controls.
F-Something I didn't think of.