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I need your help to understand a situation that began some years prior to the Jihad, and its apparently ongoing.

Actor A: The Alphard Trading Corporation: A FWL corporation that in the latter 2720s funded a lot of "baby ATCs" around the Inner Sphere and the Periphery, with the Perdition branch (A1) beign the last survivor thanks to a merger with Pinard Protectorated Limited (D) from the 3020s to the 3050s. Around 2920 the O┬┤Reilly reform the ATC Alphard (A2) in the Marian Hegemony.

Actor B: Kali Yama Weapons Industries Incorporated: One of the big FWL corporations. Togheter with ATC Perdition (A1) they own Kali yama /Alphard Trading of Kendall (C).

Actor C: Kali Yama/Alphard of Kendall: a factory owned by Kali Yama (B), with Alphard Perdition (A1) beign a minority share-holder.

Actor D: Pinard Protectorated Limited: A Taurian corporation formed in 3020. Merged with Alphard Perdition for a couple of decades (Since the 3020s to 3050s).

 Well, now (3067) we have Actors B, A1 and D doing a joint-venture were Actor B buys the licence for the Fulcrum Hover Tank from Cyclops Inc. and gave it to Actor A1 so they can produce it in Perdition. The logic is for Actor B to get a share of the production, as is apparently cheaper to produce it in the TC. Then we have Actor A1 talking about getting Actor A2 into the deal. Actor B agree, as also marian workforce is cheaper too. So now we have Actors A1 and A2 producing the Fulcrum, and Actor B getting part of the production, while they still share a factory (Actor C) with Actor A1.

Then the Jihad hits, Hell broke lose. Actors A1 and D got their factories razed in 3075, with the strong posibility that A1 cease to exist as an entity, at the very least in the TC (Objective: Periphery, page 3). Actor B gets incorporated into the Blake Protectorate, and Actor C is left to its own devices, also beign unable to contact Actor A1.

As per Technical Readout 3145: Free Worlds League, page 30, Kali Yama (Actor B) and the Alphard Trading Company (Actor A1? or A2?) are collaborating again in Actor C to manufacturate a new mech, the Quasimodo.

My questions are:

A) Is the Alphard Trading Corporation - Perdition (Actor A1) still active?

B) Have the ATC Perdition (Actor A1) merged in any way with the ATC Alphard (Actor A2)? The paragraph about the incoming ATC Alphard projects in 3076 (Objectives: Periphery, page 27) seems to indicate that the taurian-space factory was part of the same company that the marian-space factory ("..., but the loss of the company┬┤s factory in Taurian space has resulted in a diversion of resources to the Hegemony")

C) If the ATC Perdition (Actor A1) still exist at 3150, is still a minority share-holder of Kali Yama/Alphard Trading Corporation of Kendall (Actor C)? If not, or if it merged with ATC Alphard (Actor A2), its the ATC Alphard (Actor A2) the NEW minority share-holder of Actor C?

Finally, reading the Technical Readout: 3039, J. Edgar entry (page 30), it says that Pinard Protectorates Limited licenced the hover in 2755, but the corporation just formed in 3020. It this a mistake? Maybe they tried to write that the hover is beign produced in the Taurian Concordat by the ATC since 2755.

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