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Author Topic: CO - Base Construction - Bonuses and Penalties  (Read 191 times)


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CO - Base Construction - Bonuses and Penalties
« on: 20 July 2017, 17:09:42 »
Per CO p.54 additional teams may be hired to speed up construction of a building. The number of these teams is limited per hex of building.

Do the construction time bonuses (and additional costs) provided by such additional teams accumulate over the entire building or are these applied per hex only?

There are some "hints" in the text and calculations that point towards accumulation over the entire building - such as the second paragraph of "Step 2: Base Construction" worded as option multipliers being applied to "the structure" and the cost calculation referring to the "project cost" (while under TO p.416 it would be possible to calculate per-hex costs for buildings this is not the default operation)

The difference in calculation - see example below - becomes very relevant in larger multi-hex structures, and becomes even more relevant when players try to optimize their construction time and cost by considering building complexes vs single buildings.


A 4-hex, 1-level heavy hangar is constructed with two additional hired professional teams per hex, i.e. 8 total. The construction time required before bonuses applied is 12 days. No structural modifiers or additional equipment apply.

- Is the construction time bonus in this case calculated per hex (12 days * 0.8^2 = 8 days rounded up) or for the entire building (12 days * 0.8^8 = 3 days rounded up) ?
- If the bonus is calculated per hex are equal numbers (i.e. equal outfit of additional teams/vehicles/etc) required for construction?
- The same questions apply for summing up the cost penalty (+11% on each hex for two teams each or +68% for the entire building for eight teams total).