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Author Topic: BattleMech Manual - 6 December 2019 (v3.0)  (Read 9035 times)


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Re: BattleMech Manual - 6 June 2019 (v2.1)
« Reply #30 on: 07 November 2019, 15:56:27 »
Printing: 2nd corrected printing (PDF)

Location: Pg 121, Inner Sphere Weapons table.

Error: Medium Re-Engineeted Laser ranges are shown to be 2/4/6

Correction: Range should be 3/6/9 to match both Field Manual 3145 and standard laser ranges.
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Re: BattleMech Manual - 6 June 2019 (v2.1)
« Reply #31 on: 05 December 2019, 20:54:49 »
2017 ed.


Movement: Walking: One-Legged ’Mechs:
"Walking is the only movement mode a one-legged ’Mech can use."

"A prone biped ’Mech with only one leg... may only make one attempt [to stand].... This attempt to stand is always considered running, and can still be made even though a ’Mech with one leg can normally only walk."


The walking restriction is contradicted on p.44
"The [one legged] ’Mech may still jump, but the pilot must make a Piloting Skill Roll each time the ’Mech lands."


Would consider removing the sentence on p.13 and adding the following, below, under "Running":
"A one legged mech may not run, except to stand."

Beyond that, suggest replacing other statements to the effect that "a one legged mech may only walk" with "a one legged mech may not run."

Xotl: Tagging this for myself to check once the reprint is out.
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Re: BattleMech Manual - 6 December 2019 (v3.0)
« Reply #32 on: 06 December 2019, 15:47:38 »
Version 3.0 has just been uploaded to the main errata page.  Thanks.
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Re: BattleMech Manual - 6 December 2019 (v3.0)
« Reply #33 on: 21 March 2020, 10:29:21 »
Version: BMM 3rd print PDF (2020) (also in earlier Marauder-cover version)

Issue: pg. 118 Anti-Missile System description, second bullet point.
Unlike Total Warfare (including latest version unless i'm blind), AMS vs Streaks has Streaks treated as rolling 7. This results in AMS being very effective against Streaks.

Correction: Replace "7" in the second bullet point with "11".

This is just a rewrite: instead of saying the player should treat it as rolling an 11 then apply -4 (i.e. 7), it just say to use "7".
EDIT...see it now, dumb me

Issue: pg. 118 Laser Anti-Missile System
Game rules section says LAMS generates 5 heat points but this is only true for the Clan version, the Inner Sphere version generates 7 heat.

Correction suggestion: include Spheroid heat value in the rule.

Added to errata.
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