Author Topic: (Answered) How can a mech attack Infantry/BA doing AM attacks?  (Read 241 times)

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I am fairly new to the AS ruleset, and we had a situation on my local table: A squad of BA made an AM attack against a mech. Now, if i am not mistaken, they share the same space (we were using Hex Map rules). How the Mech can attack the attacking BA (or infantry if it is the case). Making a physical attack? Can they use their Short Range attack? Can another mech attack the BA/Infantry?
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Re: How can a mech attack Infantry/BA doing AM attacks?
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Stacking (of non-transported units) is not legal in Alpha Strike, even if using hex maps.  p43 states the damage of an anti-'mech attack.  It would be the short range damage value.
Yes, there is no restriction on other units attacking a battle armor that made an anti-'mech attack.  There's no actual swarming in Alpha Strike.  Anti-'Mech is just a special physical attack.
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