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Author Topic: (Research) Internal Bomb Bay questions  (Read 273 times)


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(Research) Internal Bomb Bay questions
« on: 25 September 2017, 10:43:06 »
Strategic Operations, page 195

I've got two questions regarding the Internal Bomb Bay design quirk:

1: Exactly how many bombs can be loaded into a cargo bay in this manner? Is it one ton per bomb? One ton per slot that bomb occupies? Should I look up the mass of the bomb and use that?

For example, the Torrent Heavy Bomber has a 15-ton cargo bay, while the Anti-Ship Missile weighs 2 tons and takes up six bomb slots. The above options would allow a Torrent to carry 15, 2.5, or 7.5 missiles, respectively. Which is correct, assuming I haven't missed a completely different answer?

2: The rule states that a unit can drop up to six bombs per turn. Is that six Bomb Slots' worth of bombs, or six individual bombs, not caring about how many slots those bombs take up?

For example, the Gorgon Carrier DropShip can haul a LOT of Anti-Ship Missiles regardless of the answer to the first question. Can it fire one such missile per turn, or six?

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