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Kurita troublemakers...
« on: 28 September 2017, 14:47:34 »
Just for giggles. This ismthe unit and backstory I'm using for a 400 pv AS game next week.

The 11th Ghost Regiment, 2nd Battalion, 1st Company! "The Rokudenashi"
Lead by former Yakuza underboss, Tai-sa Ronald "Ronni" Ikosu in his customized King Crab, "Sumo".  This scheme is based on the 1121st time stationed alongside 2 regiments of the elite Samurai Sword of Light. After an altercation between Ronni and a number of high born Samurai officers of lower military rank in the bases officers club (an incident that resulted in drawn swords and Ronni getting bodily thrown out of the building) the Tai-sa planned his revenge.
Finally convinced that attacking the SoL barracks at night was a bad idea, Ronni had his command companys normally white mechs repainted in the most garish high-gloss and gold (applied quite sloppily) in mocking copy of the SoL parade scheme, over night. He also had his techs add two disposable light metal sashimono banners in mockery of the SoL commander's highly decorated Hatomoto-Chi. Three days later during a troop review, Ronni lead his company out of its mech hanger in precision formation. Backwards. And lined up next to the SoL Battalion command company. Only then after the mechs did a flawless about face did the gathered officers see that the banners had been painted black with white traditional kanji writing. It was a poem about the SoL Tai-sa's wife and all the Samurai who had "sheathed their swords" with her while he was away on campaign.
This little stunt almost started a shooting war between regiments right then and there... the 11th Ghost were famous as troublemakers but this was a whole new level...
The 1121st fought the entire campaign in the garish glossy mess of a colour scheme, and each battle, Sumo marched out with a new insulting poem about the Samurai class on its banners. Although they never again referred to a specific SoL officer.
(It is worth noting that despite the 1121st solid performance in the campaign the Company received no citations for it's actions,  in fact after the fighting was finished 6 months later, the 1121st was disbanded and it's members scattered among the other 11th Regiment units and Tai-sa Roni was demoted to Tai-i and put in command of a "reprobate rehabilitation" Company and removed from the 11th Reg chain of command...)
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Re: Kurita troublemakers...
« Reply #1 on: 28 September 2017, 14:57:30 »
Kneel! Good use of alternate-source mini, nicely done.

And I love the backstory with it.  Great collection there!

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Re: Kurita troublemakers...
« Reply #2 on: 28 September 2017, 15:07:33 »
Go troublemakers!  Nice back story and miniatures.


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Re: Kurita troublemakers...
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Re: Kurita troublemakers...
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Cool write-up, and good work on the paint job.


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Re: Kurita troublemakers...
« Reply #5 on: 28 September 2017, 22:32:07 »
Nicely done!   8) 8)  Like the fluff bonus as well.  I would pay good money to watch that battle  >:D
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