Author Topic: (Slightly early) Mech of the week - Crossbow (Omni)  (Read 3743 times)


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Re: (Slightly early) Mech of the week - Crossbow (Omni)
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In some ways, the APGR variant reminds me of the Hunchback 5M. The 5M only has one ton of ammo for the AC/20, but it has thirteen double heat sinks. That mech could take two engine hits, fire every weapon it has, and run, and it would only generate one point of heat. Clearly, that is too many heat sinks. While it is still a useful mech, and can certainly contribute to a fight, there is just no good reason for such massive over-kill on the heat sinks (yes, I know the fluff explanation.) The APGR Crossbow is the same way for me. It can be useful, but there is really no reason for that many APGR's, and it would be much better off with just about anything else in place of a few of them. Same with the HBK-5M and heat sinks. You could put almost anything in place of a couple of those heat sinks and it would be an improvement. It sort of crosses a line for me between 'sub-optimal' and 'there is no way anyone would ACTUALLY make this'.