Author Topic: (Slightly late) Mech of the week - WLF-XX Wolfhound.  (Read 2065 times)


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Re: (Slightly late) Mech of the week - WLF-XX Wolfhound.
« Reply #30 on: 12 November 2017, 17:24:05 »
My favorite light mech, bar none...

The base model was certainly one of my top 5 lights..  BUT i also liked the Wlf-2.  The ER large allow it to pack its smacking further than regular PPCs can..

Though I kinda want to see a variant that trades a couple of the mediums for small pulse lasers. Mix one of those in with the standard wolfhounds for those times when your unit finds itself in a "bad neighborhood" and needs to scrape off some infantry.

OR drops one of the foward MLS and the rear one to upgrade the 2 remaining to medium pulses..

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