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Multi-modal sensory implants
« on: 15 November 2017, 23:24:39 »
Pg 27AS:C
"Sensory Implants: Any unit controlled by a warrior with
sensory implants (including multi-modal sensory implants)
receives the LPRB and RCN abilities. Multi-modal sensory
implants will improve weapon damage by such units as well,
but this must be factored at the time of the unit’s conversion.

There is a lack of follow up to this passage in the rest of the book.
I'm interested in what was initially intended to be the rules here?

I'm guessing it will either be:
Decrease skill by 1 point, recalculate PV accordingly.

or vastly more complicated. (But still fun for me, inaccessible for others. And results will vary wildly at times.)
Like Targeting computers...  For each weapon add 5% to the base damage at each range bracket.  For weapons affected by a targeting computer add a total of 15% to that weapons base damage at each range bracket.  Then do all the heat and rounding stuff.

Or the above simplified:
add 1 damage to each range bracket that the unit can deal damage. (0* turns into a 1). The Base PV of a unit increases by 1, 3 or 4. Depending on if the maximum range it can deal damage is short, Medium or Long.