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Author Topic: (Answered) Coolant pods - do they explode on a critical hit if used?  (Read 630 times)


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As the title says, do used coolant pods explode on a critical hit?

Rules for coolant pods (p. 304 TO, and p. 119 BMM) state, that critical hits to coolant pods are treated like a 10 point internal ammo explosion. They don't explain however if it happens if the damaged pod has been used before or not. In case of ammo it is clear, that explosion happens only if there is ammo left in the bin, but I'm not absolutely certain it is also the case with the coolant pods, since coolant pods contain liquids which may or may not leave volatile fumes in the pod after the liquid is used (like a gas canister which can be more dangerous empty than full for example) or even if using coolant pods involves emptying them or just swapping its contents with coolant in the 'Mech's heat sinks for example.

Side note - the rules on (p. 304 TO, and p. 119 BMM) technically don't say, that coolant pods are one shot systems. It is not a big problem in TO, since the fluff on p. 303 TO says just that, but this bit of fluff does not appear in BMM which may cause some confusion. I'll make a note about it in the BMM errata thread.

EDIT: Aside from fluff text on p. 303 TO the table on p. 406 TO confirms one-shot nature of coolant pods, but this is again not an information copied to BMM.
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Re: Do used coolant pods explode on a critical hit?
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Thanks for catching this.  It's a one-shot item, and if it's been expended, it does not explode.
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