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Author Topic: A Time of War - 5 July 2015 (v2.02)  (Read 13701 times)


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Re: A Time of War - 5 July 2015 (v2.02)
« Reply #30 on: 17 June 2017, 07:36:46 »
With that recent change this is not relevant anymore:
2nd Printing PDF
Page 99, Faceman archetype, Traits

According to page 93 the Faceman was created with point buy, so it should only have a maximum of -500 XP in negative traits if it was created using 5000 XP.


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Re: A Time of War - 5 July 2015 (v2.02)
« Reply #31 on: 06 December 2017, 17:32:04 »
Second printing, p335 & 402:

Salary table's experience multiplier differs from Campaign Operation's p. 25 table. Since it's much easier to edit the ATOW table rather than all the CO's example math and worksheets, change the ATOW Salary Table.

Assistant/Able-Body row is unchanged
Green changes from 0.75 to 0.6
Regular is unchanged
Veteran changes from 1.5 to 1.6
Elite changes from 2.0 to 3.2
Anti-Mech is unchanged
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Re: A Time of War - 5 July 2015 (v2.02)
« Reply #32 on: 29 December 2017, 00:44:06 »
First printing, pp. 159,333,334

We read repeatedly that a character can raise advanced skills (such as Piloting and Gunnery) only through training, and that the trainer must have a higher skill score than the student. No exceptions, even in the errata. So, for a character to improve Piloting from 3 to 4, he must be trained by another character with Piloting 4+.

Taken to the logical extreme, this would mean that advanced skills never developed in the Battletech world, since nobody could have trained the first character to reach e.g. a score of 4 in Piloting. Even ignoring global implications, it means that the "specialist" in a skill (whether Piloting or Computers) in a small PC mercenary force cannot improve his skill without resorting to "lessons" from an outside agency, which runs against the whole "improve Piloting and Gunnery by defeating enemies in battle" principle.

I posted this as a rules question here, and Paul agreed that it's an error and should be re-posted in this thread.
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Re: A Time of War - 5 July 2015 (v2.02)
« Reply #33 on: 29 December 2017, 01:29:24 »
First Printing, pp.122-123 (Property Trait & Property Trait Table); pp.126-127 (Title Trait & General Title Table); p. 353 (Marquis & Duke).

The problem is an inconsistency between what the higher levels of Property can gain a character when "tied" to noble Titles.

According to p.126,127 & 353, a 10TP Title corresponds to a Duke, who's supposed to rule "an often sizable territory that can range from a single important world to a collection of border worlds" (p.353, that sets the TP cost for this level of Property at 10TP). A 9TP Title corresponds to a Marquis, whose power "ranges from a continent to a border world, or sometimes influence over several border/Periphery worlds." (again, p.353, that sets the TP cost of this level of Property at 8TP).

However, according to pp. 122-123, those same levels of the Property Trait buy a character a bit less than what we read on p.353. In particular:
8TP buys "a small continent or large islands".
9TP buys "a continent"
10TP buys "a small moon or multiple continents"
11TP buys "a planet".
So a Duke (a 10 TP Title) would not be able to control even single planet (11TP Property, which according to p.123 requires an 11TP Title), never mind an "important world or a collection of border worlds".


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Re: A Time of War - 5 July 2015 (v2.02)
« Reply #34 on: 28 May 2018, 23:28:08 »
Dev errata:

"The Sniper Special Pilot Ability reduces all range attack
modifi ers by half, so an attack delivered at Medium, Long and
Extreme ranges applies a –1 roll modifi er at Medium Range
(rather than –2), a –2 modifi er at Long Range (rather than –4)
and a –3 modifi er at Extreme Range (instead of the usual –6)."


"The Sniper Special Pilot Ability reduces the Medium, Long and Extreme Range Attack modifiers by half. At Medium range use a –1 roll modifier (rather than –2), at Long Range use a –2 modifier (rather than –4) and at Extreme Range use a –3 modifier (instead of the usual –6).


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Re: A Time of War - 5 July 2015 (v2.02)
« Reply #35 on: 09 June 2018, 00:04:03 »
I had thought Paul would have posted this after our quick discussion but...

Looks like Range Master will need the same treatment as the Sniper SPA, it should not allow for modifiers at LOS range.

p221, change
The Range Master Ability grants the warrior mastery over
any range band except Short (Minimum, Medium, Long and so

The Range Master Ability grants the warrior mastery over
any range band except Short (Minimum, Medium, Long and Extreme).


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Re: A Time of War - 5 July 2015 (v2.02)
« Reply #36 on: 21 April 2019, 07:21:55 »
Corrected Second Printing, page 310:

Issue: While I can't find the actual definition of "Mobile" with regard to tool kits, it seems the Fission/Fusion Repair Kit is mislabeled as "Encumbering" vice "Mobile".  As listed, it's 345 kg, well above the weight of all the other kits, including the "Mobile" ones.

Recommendation: change "Encumbering" to "Mobile" in the Notes column for the Fission/Fusion Repair Kit.

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Re: A Time of War - 5 July 2015 (v2.02)
« Reply #37 on: 12 September 2019, 07:14:49 »
A Time of War version 2.02:

p.267 = The Clan ER Laser Rifle should have damage of 4E not 4B.

p.268 = The M&G Flechette Rifle should cost 200/8 not 75/2.

p.274 = The MK 2 Portable AA should not say encumbering.  It cannot be both encumbering and have a Crew of 2.  Since the name says Portable, a Gyroscopic harness may be used to reduce the Crew requirement from 2 to 1E, thus making it encumbering.
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