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Author Topic: Not quite Villers-Bocage . . .  (Read 472 times)

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Not quite Villers-Bocage . . .
« on: 23 February 2018, 14:38:28 »

1st Triarii Protectors (dark red) and corporate security element (light red/pink) defenders against Stormhammer mercenaries on Vega in 3133.  Besides what is captured in this shot, to the N of the Pegasus in 4753 is a Spider 8R and Locust 5W2.  South of the bottom generic medium armor wreck (a JES I Std) is another Pegasus and a abandoned merc Condor.

After crossing the river three merc hovertanks raced for the village's northern entrance to bog down any response while heavier tracked armor and mechs crossed the bridge.  A wheeled heavy APC also raced down the road with its load of IS Std BA.  The one merc wreck was a Plainsmen hovertank that was cut off in the village and could not make the final turn while trying to escape- sideslipping into some of the border woods though it had immobilized a Tamerlane the previous turn before it was abandoned.  The hovertanks held the defending armor up in the entrance of the village enough for the heavy tracked armor lance to come up and seal it while 3 from the medium mech lance swung east around the woods to slam in around 5356.  Roughly half of the vehicles were abandoned when they were immobilized with open armor locations, even with vehicle survivability rules in play they got hit enough to cause them mobility problems.  The armor in 5258 is from the CO's Thunderbolt 9M that had come up with the heavy armor lance.  After losing a side torso it tried to flee north for some rolling hills to escape but fell to the merc's lumbering assault mech trying to catch up with the attack.

The village is the graveyard of-
3 Bulldogs
3 Pegasus (25)
1 Pegasus (58 Upg)
1 Beagle (TAG)
1 Ranger VV1 (Interceptor)
1 Tamerlane (Std)
2 JES I (Std)
Spider 8R
Locust 5W2
Thunderbolt 9M (sort of)

The remaining defenders started withdrawing south- Beagle (TAG), Galleon, Bulldog and 3 tanks from a artillery lance along with the Scorpions from the corporate security that had been offering fire support.

Results were IMO surprising . . . good kill for the mercs.
Colt Ward

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