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Author Topic: Hipppeus Cavalry tank. The important part is that it looks intimidating  (Read 431 times)

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Author: Also, because prototype rockets never actually go extinct

Built by Magistracy Metals, the Hippeus was developed as a low cost, rugged hover unit suited to the defense of the poorly developed agrarian worlds common to the Magistracy of Canopus. Expected to operate in areas lacking significant weapon industries or regular contact with outside sources of supply, the vehicle relies on only the most primitive munition based weaponry. The vehicle's main punch comes from a battery of forty unguided rockets, weapons so simple that it's not wholly inaccurate to describe them as "garage ready", easily manufactured in even the most basic colonial setting. Backing these up are three machineguns of a simplified design that greatly eases maintenance and replacement (though somewhat impairs their accuracy). The petrochemical engine itself is a robust multifuel design which will burn virtually any liquid hydrocarbon available from refined ethanol to a mixture of coal dust and water, and is certified to run for years with minimal regular maintenance (though the manufacturer discourages actually neglecting regular maintenance if possible). Though the factory standard armor plate itself requires requires relatively advanced industries to fabricate, it's also heavy enough that the Hippeus can survive a surprising amount of punishment.

As a combatant, the Hippeus has long proved highly capable in its intended role, at least most of the time. Generally speaking, the kind of pirate forces known to target the poorer worlds of the Magistracy tended to rely on intimidation rather than directly engaging enemy forces, and the appearance of a platoon or more of Hippeus was often enough to send them into retreat, sometimes even before any shots are fired. In the event of actual combat, the massed rocket fire of even poorly trained militia crews could still generally force the enemy into withdrawing. Those rare pirates both able and willing to ride out the fire of attacking Hippeus, however, often found them relatively hard to destroy, but easy to disable (as no amount of armor could protect the vulnerable hover skirt). And once the Hippeus had expended its rockets, it offered little threat to any but the lightest of pirate mechs or vehicles. Thus while most pirate raids could be repulsed, some defensive efforts had a tendency to go horribly wrong, doing little more than enraging the attackers, or even enriching them, as disabled Hippeus were sometimes dragged away as spoils.

Magistracy Metals has been building the Hippeus for the Magistracy's own use since the late Third Succession War, and the vehicle has only been rarely seen outside of the Magistracy's borders. Canopean forces used a handful of Hippeus against the Capellans during the Andurien War, primarily in hit and fade attacks against Capellan rear areas with mixed results. Pirate forces are also known to use the occasional captured Hippeus on their raids, finding them quite useful for their intimidation value against soft targets. The Fronc Reaches has also seen fit to import a number of production runs (dating back to when it was simply the New Colony Region), where it serves as a supporting unit for the Colonial Marshals.

Since its introduction, there has been two factory variants of the Hippeus. The first was produced after the Andurien war and replaces the entire weapons load with a single six tube short range missile launcher. Though it lacks the single volley hitting power of the original, crews comment that the increased endurance is greatly appreciated. The second appeared in the 3060s and represents a fairly minor change, switching out the original rocket packs for the more capable, standardized models first developed by the Marian Hegemony. This was designated the standard model since its introduction, though the change is considered so insignificant that it bears the same designation and model number.

In addition to these factory variants, in the past it has not been uncommon to replace the armor on a badly damaged Hippeus with relatively low quality commercial or industrial plate (depending on what was on hand). Magistracy Metals has long discouraged this practice, however the sometimes short supplies of proper armor have forced the hands of many a militia.

Design Quirks: Easy to Maintain, Modular Weapons, Rugged, Inaccurate Weapon (machine guns)

Hippeus Cavalry Tank
Base Tech Level: Standard (IS)
Level          Era
Experimental  3025+
Advanced        - 
Standard        - 
Tech Rating: E/D-F-X-X

Weight: 20 tons
BV: 446
Cost: 338,800 C-bills

Movement: 8/12 (Hover)
Engine: 75 ICE

Internal: 10
Armor: 104
        Internal  Armor   
Front          2     24   
Right          2     20   
Left           2     20   
Rear           2     20   
Turret         2     20   

Weapons                       Loc  Heat 
Machine Gun                    TU    0   
Machine Gun                    TU    0   
Machine Gun                    TU    0   
Prototype Rocket Launcher 10   TU    3   
Prototype Rocket Launcher 10   TU    3   
Prototype Rocket Launcher 10   TU    3   
Prototype Rocket Launcher 10   TU    3   

Ammo                   Loc  Shots 
Half Machine Gun Ammo   BD    100 
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