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Author Topic: (Answered) Triple Strength Myomers and damage calculation  (Read 631 times)


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I want to apologize up front if I missed an answer to this question, or misunderstood while translating from English.
I was wondering if you calculate the damage for a TSM boosted punch before rounding up to the next full number or after? Meaning would for example a 65 ton mech with active TSM do 13 points of damage (65/10*2) or 14 points (65/10 rounded up to 7*2)?
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Re: Triple Strength Myomers and damage calculation
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Sorry, as you've probably noticed, things are slow lately as I'm quite busy with real life.

The TSM doubling is after the first damage rounding.  So a 55-ton mech punch would do 5.5 damage, rounded up to 6.  This latter figure is then doubled, so that the final (TSM-adjusted) damage would be 12.

For 65 tons, it would be 14 points.
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