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Author Topic: Seeking advice - tackling winter MERDC  (Read 1174 times)


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Seeking advice - tackling winter MERDC
« on: 04 April 2018, 04:49:35 »
So I want to do a winter MERDC battalion - for a Capellan Reserve Cavalry unit. Their schtick is "Appropriate camo plus bronze trim", and I haven't done a winter unit.

For the record, this is winter MERDC:

Also, given my relatively low-medium skills, and the number of units involved, I want something I can reproduce.

So my current thinking is:

1) Worktroll White base - that's white base, draw in panel lines with fine-tip black pen, then drybrush white all over once or twice.
2) Then drybrush on the green blobs. It won't be solid, but it'll lay down a base which hopefully leaves the black panelling visible
3) Then go back with a fine-tip brush and clean up the edges of the green, and fill any thin cover areas
4) Then go back with fine-tip to add brown patches, then again with black patches.

Anyone tried this sort of scheme before? How did you do it?


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Re: Seeking advice - tackling winter MERDC
« Reply #1 on: 04 April 2018, 08:47:43 »
Hey WT - I’ve done a similar scheme once on a Templar III. The easiest way to accomplish this is to airbrush white and then use one of two methods. First would be to buy some silly putty, cover over the areas you want to remain white with the silly putty, then airbrush green. Then cover over the areas you want to remain green and again use the airbrush to paint brown. Remove the silly putty and you’ll have nice lines with maybe a few touch ups here and there. The other way would be to paint on the green and brown with a brush. This way will be slower - it’s the method I used with the Templar, but can be effective too. You’re on the right track, but I’d stay away from drybrushing - messy and won’t give good coverage unless you make several passes.


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Re: Seeking advice - tackling winter MERDC
« Reply #2 on: 05 April 2018, 13:00:10 »
I highly recommend the looking at the Tamiya paints for military models, as they are often nice flat colors designed for exacting model builders.

Stay away from enamel paints, they will be too glossy.

Build from light to dark.

Remember that part of the point of camo is to break up lines and angles, so don't use panel lines as stops, go over or stop before them.

Also consider using a weathering kit (Tamiya makes some nice ones) to dirty it up a bit. It'll also help fuzz the lines a touch and knock down the bright white.
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Re: Seeking advice - tackling winter MERDC
« Reply #3 on: 27 August 2018, 20:45:33 »
So Worktroll, did you paint these up yet?


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Re: Seeking advice - tackling winter MERDC
« Reply #4 on: 27 August 2018, 22:07:25 »
If you haven't yet, my advice would be to do the white, then drybrush the brown in large patches. That way you can do the green parts on top of all that, leaving small parts of the brown visible.
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Re: Seeking advice - tackling winter MERDC
« Reply #5 on: 26 September 2018, 14:53:39 »
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