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Author Topic: Clan Warships when they shouldn't be.  (Read 1179 times)


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Clan Warships when they shouldn't be.
« on: 10 June 2018, 03:18:28 »
I have be trying to catch up on all the lore and fluff I missed over the last 10 years and have noted 3 odd images in 3 different books. As a setup it is my understanding that the official reasoning behind the difference in appearance between the SLN ships in TRO 2750 and the Clan ships of the same class in TRO 3057 is that the clans refuted and updated them so both versions are cannon but clan ships are visually distinct.

What I have are 3 instances of Clan warships in art work depicting time periods where clan ships can not be present.

Instance 1 TRO 3057 revised, Lost warships section, Dart class Lt Cruiser image. There is a Clan Essex class Destroyer in the background. This book predates the start of the Jihad so no WoN Darts are known to the authors. The image must be from an earlier conflict. As Darts where extinct after the end war no Dart could yet have encountered a Clan Essex.

Instance 2 Historical Liberation of Terra Vol 1 the image for the M5 Casper drone. Text says the drones are built on an empty block 2 Lola hull. Image is clearly a block 3 clan Lola as evidenced by the hard angles of the hull.  Block 1 and 2 Lolas have curved hull plating.

Instance 3 Historical 1st Succession War page 4. There is an image of a Combine fleet covering an invasion. The fleet consists of an unidentified ship a Smarkand class carrier, and a Clan Aegis class . vessal . obviously no clan ships in the 1st war.

So that's 3 that I have found. What's the store on these?