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Author Topic: Jihad era ?  (Read 601 times)


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Jihad era ?
« on: 21 June 2018, 22:46:44 »
Hey gang, I asked this question in the "Ask the writers" section of the forum. I understand that it might take a while for the response - they're kinda busy ? right now - creating new stuff for us and all.

So I'm posting this here also. Any thoughts / idea's ??

Hi folks,

How does somebody go about making a "Blood/Clan-ish Wolverine" type of character and all that it entails ?? Preferably in the Jihad-ist Era.

This a wild idea I just had. I'm really curious as to contemplate actually doing this as maybe a Mid/high level bad guy npc person.



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Re: Jihad era ?
« Reply #1 on: 21 June 2018, 23:20:32 »
Well, it probably depends on what your view of the Blood is. If you think its a secret group that's infiltrated ComStar/WoB and behind everything, then I would simply use the Terran affiliation and the WoB affiliation. I'd add in an "In For Life" and probably a Dark Secret or two. Not to mention some interests like "Writings of the Blood" or something similar. I wouldn't really expect it to be too much different.