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Author Topic: Urbanmech UM-K69 (For when Kurita just want PPC on everything)  (Read 269 times)


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The DCMS wants a mech that makes sure the pilot cannot run away from battle dishonorably so they could always make a last stand right on the location they are stationed in.

So some guy instead make a Urbanmech that is 5 tons heavier while forgot to redesign the leg to be capable of handling the extra weight, with speed slower than an Annihilator, enough armor to rival some heavy mechs (So heavy that the mech most likely can't stand up once it fell down), and the firepower of three Panthers (And overheat three times as fast).

The DCMS instantly approves of this monstrosity.

Code: [Select]
UrbanMech UM-K69
Base Tech Level: Experimental (IS)
Level          Era
Experimental    - 
Advanced      3145+
Standard        - 
Tech Rating: E/X-X-X-X

Weight: 35 tons
BV: 1,005
Cost: 2,875,275 C-bills
Source: TRO 3050 - Civil War

Movement: 2/2/2
Engine: 70
Double Heat Sinks: 10 [20]
Cockpit: Small Cockpit
Gyro: Standard Gyro

Internal: 58 (Endo-Steel)
Armor: 112/119 (Hardened)
                     Internal  Armor   
Head                        3      9   
Center Torso               11     16   
Center Torso (rear)                5   
Right Torso                 8     13   
Right Torso (rear)                 3   
Left Torso                  8     13   
Left Torso (rear)                  3   
Right Arm                   6     12   
Left Arm                    6     10   
Right Leg                   8     14   
Left Leg                    8     14   

Weapons            Loc  Heat 
Small Pulse Laser   LA    2   
Light PPC           RA    5   
Light PPC           RA    5   
Light PPC           RA    5   

Equipment      Loc 
PPC Capacitor   RA 
PPC Capacitor   RA 
PPC Capacitor   RA 

Extended Torso Twist
Narrow/Low Profile
No/Minimal Arms

On behalf of the Berserker,
Sure it isn't the most practical 'mech ever designed, but it's a hundred ton axe-murderer. If loving that is wrong I don't wanna be right.

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