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Author Topic: CASE and auto eject  (Read 513 times)

Col Toda

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CASE and auto eject
« on: 20 September 2018, 11:45:07 »
With CASE and CASE II one ammo explosion does not necessarily kill a mech . It our campaign we came up with a software item that automatically reengages the auto eject at the second explosion .  This prevents the pilot from getting 3 explosion pilot hits that would kill him . Has anyone seen other purely software upgrades that could be done for both table top and RPG ?


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Re: CASE and auto eject
« Reply #1 on: 20 September 2018, 16:43:46 »
While explosions aren't fun, if using AToW, internal explosions cause fatigue damage first, so 3x explosion hits wouldn't necessarily kill a MechWarrior:
AToW p217: "MechWarrior Damage Table:"
Event: MechWarrior / Internal Ammunition Explosion
Damage (AP/BD): 0E/4D (damage unaffected by armor)
AToW p179: Standard Damage vs Fatigue
If a character suffers more Fatigue damage than he has Fatigue bubbles to record it, the character automatically falls unconscious and any excess Fatigue points transfer to Standard damage.

If a MechWarrior were to have 4BOD and 4WIL, then they could survive three internal explosions' worth of feed-back, whereas the 4th would kill them. Increasing BOD or WIL to 5, makes 4 BOOOMS! survivable... but they may wish they had been killed.

Now the actual damage from the explosion on the other hand...

** Additional note - ammunition explosions wouldn't cause KO rolls per TW "pilot hits", but instead would be checked against the "Consciousness Check"
(AToW p180: "Any time a character sustains Standard damage from an attack, he also suffers 1 point of Fatigue. Attacks that already deliver Fatigue points (such as Subduing damage) do not add this Fatigue point).
(AToW pg184) at a TN of 7 +WIL Link Attribute mods +Injury +Fatigue modifier penalties
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