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Author Topic: Eaton Aerospace/First Succession War  (Read 559 times)


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Eaton Aerospace/First Succession War
« on: 27 October 2018, 18:40:09 »
The First Succession War sourcebook has a list of destroyed shipyards on page 125, which sweeps up almost every WarShip manufacturer in the Inner Sphere and Periphery, but I noticed tonight that Eaton Aerospace, the company responsible for rebuilding Quixote-class frigates into the ''[[Volga]]'' class of transports isn't mentioned on the list.  Does that indicate that Eaton Aerospace's facilities survived into the Second Succession War, or is it an oversight? I realise as I type this that I've made the assumption that because Eaton Aerospace were involved in refitting and rebuilding a WarShip fleet, they actually had a shipyard, and hadn't been bought out by someone else to become one of the listed destroyed shipyards at some point after the first Volga was launched in 2709.

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