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Author Topic: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale  (Read 23914 times)


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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McDonogh snorted and got his mind back into gear, and he focused back on this meeting.  “I did think about that some time ago.  But it would double the cost of the project, and we are only looking at expanding our rebuilding slip for repairing Unions.”  He was not going to let information like that out, at least not for free. 

There were basically four levels of dropship pit.  The cheapest one was just a landing cradle.  If you about doubled the money, you got one that could also do light repair work on commercial dropships.  If you again doubled the money, you got a pit that could do about mid-level work on commercial and light repairs on combat dropships.  Doubling your cost got you the ability to rebuild or build commercial ships and mid-level work on combat ships.  The last level was building or rebuilding a combat dropship.  That did not count the cost of making the items needed to do the work in the first place. 

“I can see that in the short term, it would cost more.  Then again, it would allow you to repair almost every combat mech carrier dropship in the whole MC.  I also happened to have the specs and data sheets for the Anacon B1781 engine.  It is not as complete, as for what we have for the King Crab.”  This was not totally true.  The SLDF navy could make these engines, anytime they wanted or had the raw materials to do the job.  Admiral Xi did not want to have too many magic wands of information.  It could scare MMM off. 

McDonogh was in the battlemech building business, but he loved the aerospace part of his company.  He looked up to the metal covered ceiling, and his eyes kind of glazed over as he went deep into thought.  “Anacon…..Anacon B1781?  I know that name…..  Where do I know that name from?”  All thoughts of the damage done by the attack on his facilities were now forgotten. 

His eyes shot all the way open.  “Lion!!!  You have two Lion class dropships on the JumpShip you came in on.  You have more?  How many more?  Where did you get them?”  The words more or less fell out of his mouth, before his brain could stop them. 

Xi let her smile fall and made it looked like she was having to fight to not let something slip.  “Not as many as we need, but we are not the only ones that use that class of ship in this part of space.  There are a few hundred out there, that I understand only just need engines to get them back into combat operations.  I would bet that the Wolf’s Dragoons are also looking for some repair parts for this type of dropship.  You do know?  That the Anacon B1781 series engines are just a modification, of the same engines used in the Fortress class dropship.” 

Again, McDonogh’s jaw was swinging in the wind.  “I would love to do something like that, but there is no way I could get the funds to do something like it.  It has been a cat fight, to just get the funds to expand the repair pit into something a little larger in military grade dropships.” 

Now Xi bites her lower lip, this next step was going to be key for the future of her people.  “So funding is the main issue? 

McDonogh looked down his nose at the woman, and he took some time to do some pretty deep thinking before he jumped on this landmine.  “You can fix most problems, if you throw enough money at it in a short amount of time.  In this case?  I have the people that know how to do the work, and make the machines, to make the parts for my original plan.  I just need a lot more money to get the plan back on track.” 

Xi was told to push for this next goal as hard as she could.  She was lost in thought and mentally reviewing all of those inventories and the reports, which Copeland had generated or caused to be generated.  “Funds?“  Her eyes shot open.  She had been practicing her acting for months with SLIC.  She made her face go very still after her little show. 

“So how is the work being done on reverse engineering those extended ranged PPC’s, that Copeland sold you?”   Xi’s voice was as level as ice. 

McDonogh did not know where this stranger was going with that statement.  This was so far off script, that it should be a new meeting.  It was not that much of a guess, what his company would be doing with one or two of those weapons.  Still, it was not something that the average person would know about.  He knew that he needed to play this a little cagey.  He did not want to leave his company open to an objective raid, to get all of their hard work taken or destroyed before it had even started to payoff.  He also didn’t want to let on, about all of the other goodies that they had recovered from the failed “pirate” raid. 

“Not as well, as I would like.  We are further along on what we are calling the Armstrong Spitfire JU-22, which is already in low rate production.  We might be at the steady, but low rate production for the ER PPC by the end or middle of this year.  That is, if things work out.  They are thinking about calling them the Royal Flush.”  Mike made a sour face about the choice of names for his company’s copy of the H class weapon. 

Xi was smiling again.  “Then the rumors that you have a full production line running on Canopus for the new PPC, is not true.” 

McDonogh’s head was spinning.  “I heard that one.  I think that our Public Relations people are going down the wrong road, on trying to crush that idea.  The harder they try, the faster the story spreads.” 

“But what if it was true?  What would happen, if you had a hundred of them in 90 days?  Then another 200 weapons about six months after that?  They would be right at 600k for each of them.  But think about how much that would add to your bottom line, after you put them in mechs.” 

Xi was tapping her finger on the metal desktop.  As the head of the supply runs, she knew that her people only had 400 more of the old Star league H class ER PPCs.  When they had first left Clan space, they had been the leaders of the PPC technology.  They had been replacing and or slowly trading the royal tech H class PPCs to the others.  All as they replaced them with the Improved Extended Range Particle Projection Cannon (IER PPC) that they had developed.  Those older weapons were still in use and fitted to third line units and in cache sites that had been cleaned out, when they had made the run from Clan space.  Still they had over 900 of those IER PPCs, which she was looking at selling in the near future.  That number would only grow, as more of the newer Long Ranged PPCs were made to replace the IER PPC in lower and lower priority units. 

“GOOD GOD!!!  You can make that many of them!!”  McDonogh was out of his chair like a shot, and his voice was booming. 

Xi was shaking her head, and she pointed for him to retake this seat.  “No, that is just what are in excess to our needs.”  She smiled on the inside.  She had not spoken one lie to this man, and she was proud of that feat. 

McDonogh returned to his seat, but he needed a little while to get his breathing back under control so that he could speak in a normlish tone.  “That is going to cost my company alot of capital.” 

Xi now waved a finger at the man.  “That is why I suggested fewer of the weapons, on the first load.  That would give you time to sell or use them and then sell enough of the finished products, to have a fresh bank.  After the second load?  We then can see what else you might be able to work with us on acquiring.  That should at least free up the production cost of the weapons.  The sales of the second load should give your company a massive shot of additional income in short order.” 

McDonogh let out a belly laugh, in-between gasps of breath.  “I cannot wait to see Copeland and let him know we are partners.”  He was not going to tell this woman that It would be a cold day in hell, when MMM would be locked into a single supplier of anything.  They would buy the weapons, but they would also keep working on getting their own line up in running. 

Now Xi looked visibly angry, and only a little of it was an act.  “Do not talk to Copeland or anyone related to that Supply and Salvage Company, about this deal.  He is just going to have an issue finding as many of the ER PPC’s to sell, in the future as he was expecting.  We still will be trading them the extra ultra-class cannons and a few other odds and ends.  If you do not want issues, from some of your competitors finding out about this deal?  They might cause you a lot of issues about you getting these weapons.  We will be keeping this deal classified, and we suggest that you do the same.” 

The idea of making sure that there was a split between Xi and Copeland’s mission, had come from the head of SLIC.  It was expected that this part of the mission was going to be compromised, and it would be compromised in a very short amount of time.  That could have an advantage, if it was compromised in just the right way.  There were plans to handle that contingency and others, if it didn’t break the way the people with the big brains thought that it would. 

Xi was happy that she had been able to accomplish so many of the goals, that she had been asked to do on this planet.  Now she had one more goal to try to finish, and it was the real reason that this K-1 had been selected for this mission.  One of the liners would have been a better choice for this mission after all, and it would have not drawn so much attention. 

“Mr. McDonogh, is this your current stock price?”  Xi passed over a data pad that was showing a live feed from the planet’s stock exchange. 

Mike took the device and after checking the screen, he pulled his own handheld and check the stock price.  He was not surprised, that it was in sync with this woman’s device.  “Yes, and I’m happy to say.  That we are up about 15 percent over last year and at a 5-year high.  I think we will be at a 7 or10 year high by the end of the year.” 

Xi did not smile this time, and she took the data pad back.  “Yes, I reviewed a lot of the information on the investing sites.  I found that a lot of them think that your company is over stretched in the near term, and they think your stock is overvalued.  I might have a way to make them eat crow and help cover some of the cost of things.” 

She rose from her chair and opened a well-hidden door on one side of the briefing room.  On heavy shelves were bars, more bars, and plates of gold and platinum.  That hidden room was the whole reason that this ship had been selected.  Only half of these metals had come from New Circe banks.  The other half had come from what Adama had been able to pull from wrecked banks around Colonial space.  This was not all of what had been pulled out, but it was a lot of what was left for the City State to have access to. 

Mike had no idea what was in the hidden area, but the gold and silver colors was a hint.  He slowly rose from his chair and examined the small side room.  He had no idea what some of the markings were on the bars and plates, but most of the others told him what he was looking at.  It was a fortune in metals, that made even his heart skip a beat.  He picked up a few without thinking about it, and they were as heavy as he expected them to be. 

Mike put down a 1inch thick plate of silver metal that he knew was not silver.  “Okay Miss Xi.  What do you have in mind?” 

Margret Xi walked up and stood beside Mike as he looked at the valuables in the walk-in safe.  “Before we get into that.  What do you know about the current assets of Diamond Garter Shipyards and the Athena Corporation?” 

Now it was going to pay off that Mike always had the aerospace bug.  “Diamond Garter Shipyards makes a merchant class JumpShip every few years, but they have only been a marginal business after the last war.  Now the Athena Corporation, they used to make a warship of the same name.  It was the only major warship the MC ever made.  After the SLDF took over the last time, there is not much left.  Why?” 

Xi pitched her voice low, like she was trying to keep a secret.  “The people I work for, want to buy a 15 percent stake in MMM.  For this stock buy, that you will not release to the general public until you have to release your taxes.  You will move MMM more into the Aerospace side of the business, then it had ever been in the recent past.  MMM will buy Diamond Garter Shipyards and other Ex Athena Corporation sites, and then start working on getting them back up and running on Canopus.” 

That was not the last meeting between Admiral Xi and some of the senior people in MMM.  They worked out a list of deals and methods of repayments, dates, and location for the transfer.  Much to the joy of the crew and Admiral Xi, they were able to lift off right on the original planned time.  What was kept from MMM, was that Clan Wolverine and the City State were not going to be just 15 percent owners in MMM.  She would be buying another 5 percent of that company on the open market.  It would be held in a bank account on this planet.  If things worked out?  The Star League in Exile and the Colonials would slowly take more and more control of the largest weapons manufacturer in this part of human occupied space. 


The five day burn from the planet to the jump point, went without any issues.  The K1 had been able to join a group of six other dropships heading to the same jump point, not long after reaching orbit.  It was a nice safe little convoy of mutual protection.  The small ship attached to a docking point, on the odd looking “JumpShip”.  It could have landed in the small craft landing bay, but that would have been seen as “different enough” to have caused it to be remembered.  The K-1 attached to an open collar, just like any other dropship in this system. 

When the Zephyr left this system, it did not report where it was going to be going next.  While the Colonial ship had been in that system, some of the crew had been working on a side project.  It was a type of transponder, which was very illegal to have on your ship.  When they were about 60 light years out of this system.  The Modified “Leviathan” named Zephyr from the OWA would be gone, for the time being.  She now would be the Leviathan called the M/V West Wind that had just left the FedCom and DC boarder areas. 

They were not going to Cate’s Hold, just yet.  Admiral Xi needed to get back to help plan out some of the changes, which she had made possible with her few days of meetings.  The Zephyr made it out of the Inner Sphere, and all the way to an area were one of 6 and growing number of Olympian class ships was doing her patrols and training crews.  The Demeter would take her modified K-1 to another ship, which would carry it all the way back to New Circe.  The Zephyr still had the mission to take all of those dropships along with the personnel and equipment, that where assigned to do a mission.  A mission that was a long way back the way that the ship had just come. 



Does the MC have a SEC?  I have no idea, so I just sort of winged out a few rules. 

Why the King Crab?  I had to weigh the King Crab vs Atlas.  In the end, I decided that the King Crab was a more likely design that would be pulled to leave with the SLDF.  Besides MMM is already making the Var 300.  They do not need any Star League tech to make the KGC-0000.  For the KGC-000 (yes that last 0 is important) they would “only” need Ferro-Fibrous with Case. 

Why buy out MMM?  Currently they have plants on two different planets.  And they can draw on the whole MC for support and supplies, but it will be a long-term plan. 

old Orion Class Pocket-Battlestar Ogygia.  Crew 150-200 and 20 vipers (6 working), 6 Raptors (2 working). 12 primary guns (larger guns from Jupiter class Battlestar refitted), 32 CIWS (updated with late Jupiter class 50mm KEWs), 4 missile silos (updated from Valkyrie Battlestar with two more tubes total 6). Serving mainly as a light espionage or reconnaissance ship with updates to this technology every few years. 


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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Chapter 40

By Cliff
Beta and Clean up:  Not done
Reviewed by Hotpoint and Cannonshop

1 Feb 3049 launch of the rescue mission. 
New Circe

The fleet was gathered around the planet, and they now were ready to go.  It was mostly a Colonial fleet operation.  The SLDF did not have enough ships fitted with the very capable Colonial drives to significantly increase those numbers.  They were still launching combat operations against the Cylons, and they could not do two things at once.  The few SLDF ships that were on this mission?  They were just the most combat capable of the ships in the fleet.  The heavy lifting would be done on the Colonial built hulls. 

The heavy hitters were the Zughoffer Weir and the Nike, as escorts to the fleet.  Most of the transports were going to be Colonial, but there really one-time big lifting came from the SLDF.  It would be done by the Styx and the three specialty ships she had strapped to her sides.  If Admiral Adama had access to something like her, when the Cylons had attacked his people?  The City State would be a lot bigger, and the Cylons would be regretting their actions in the next few years. 

The first trip out that far had taken months for the Inner Sphere limited travel technology to reach Nike’s World.  Most of the ships in this fleet on this mission would cover that same distance, in less than a week.  They would have to push the engines, but they did not have to push them that hard to cover that distance in that short a time. 

In a quick set of flashes, one by one and faster than the eye could follow.  The ships disappeared out of orbit over the planet of New Circe.  The last one to leave this system was the Styx herself.  Between the first ship leaving and last ship winking out of the system, was only 45 seconds.  The mission was gone from the home planet.  The only ships, which were nearby to the evacuation fleet that did not leave with the others?  They were the local press craft, which had only been given one-hour notice about the mission about to leave New Circe. 

It was a fast trip, even for the Colonial trained crews.  The only ship in this little fleet, which had covered these types of distances in the last year.  It was the crew of the SLDF vessel Styx.  Only eight hours was allowed to be use for a stand down for maintenance, a day.  All of the ships were ready after the 8-hour break, and the maintenance tasks were done.  Even if it put their crews through the restricted timeline under insane pressure to get the work done.  Seven days after starting the run, the fleet was in the system that needed help.  So far, they had not seen any Cylon forces.  But very few within the fleet expected that to last the whole mission.  The fleet broke into two parts as soon as they had appeared in the system. 


8 Feb 3049
Nike’s World

The now lightly crewed Nike and the Battleship Zughoffer Weir moved away from the oddly looking convoy of ships.  One of the Warships leaving the area near the rest of the fleet was okay for the Colonials.  Not only was the SLS Nike, an AI like a Cylon.  Word had gotten out, before they had left New Circe, that she was being refitted with salvaged Cylon drives.  That had not sat well, with the Colonials.  The two warships, armed dropships, fighters, and jump fighters would be the protective wall, which the evacuation would take place behind. 

On the Ground, contact teams had been set up a few months ago.  All so that almost 100,000 people would be ready to leave when the convoy arrived.  Well, as ready as you can get with a planet with over 380 thousand people living on it.  Not all would be leaving this planet, but over 90 percent of the population was planning on leaving at some level of understanding.  They also were taking as much as they could, when they left this world.  The cargo and passenger ships started falling from high orbit to different locations around the globe in a pre-planned pattern. 

The two massive infantry transports landed at the two largest population centers on the planet.  The livestock lifter was set up at a third point, which just happened to be between the other two large dropships.  All manner of small craft, from Raptors to Star League landing craft, were landing in other places around the planet.  Those smaller craft would fill up, and then take their live cargos to the nearest spaceship.  Sometimes they would fly to either one of the Generals or to a landed Colonial ship, and then take off again to gather another group of living cargo. 

The first few hours after landing were a mad house, as was expected by the crews on those ships.  Some of the areas were already at local dark, when the spaceships taking them to their new home had landed.  That did not mean that a few thousand people and animals, were not loaded by the time everyone was into the rhythm of getting the job done.  The rescue ships worked their crews in shifts, to maximize the number of hours they could work before needing to stop the loading for sleep.  This race was planned to be a marathon, and not a sprint.  That was the plan anyway, and as with any plan.  The enemy has a say. 

They were three days into the evacuation, when the Cylon Heavy Raiders jumped into the system.  It was not alone, but one of a dozen like craft spread out in a wide arc that covered a few thousand miles.  The idea was that they could lose one or even four of the Raiders.  Then at least a few of them would get word back to the nearest Cylon Basestars.  In this case, only one of the up armored craft was able to make it out of the system, in one piece.  Captain Ferry was still flying his flag on the Zug, and he issued an order that he had hoped that he never would on this mission. 

Now all of the ships that were filled with evacuees from the planet, would leave the system as soon as their drives were spun up.  Each ship would make a fast trip back to New Circe.  As any new ship was filled with its living cargo, it would launch and leave the system on its own.  The idea was to pull out as many people, as they could.  All before the hammer of the Cylon fleet fell onto their heads. 

It took four more days for the hammer to fall on Nike’s World.  In that time?  Almost two dozen of the smaller Colonial spaceships were filled to the gills of living cargo, and they had successfully fled the system.  The original plan had it, that the Styx’s dropships were going to be the last ships to get off of the planet.  That changed now that Cylons were almost there.  There now were two Unions, one Lion, one Confederate, and a small Fury class dropship on the planet.  Those would be the last ships, to leave the planet.  It was hoped that if the Cylons landed forces on the planet’s surface?  Those forces would be able to slow the attackers down.  Each of the combat dropships would land near one of the higher capacity ships.  They would act as a speed bump to any Cylon forces, which might try to cut off the fleeing humans. 


15 Feb 3049
Nike’s World in Space

SLS Nike was out at the edge of the fleet, when her upgraded sensors started passing warnings to her small crew.  She was faster at getting ready for those reports than her biologic crew.  All around the ship, she spoke to each crew member that needed just a little more push.  On the command center, the holo deck showed a woman with black eyes. 

“Okay people!!  We have Cylon jump drives.  I have ten Basestars and one that is odd.  Second group jumping in, and I’m passing along what I’m getting to the flagship.  The second group is different from normal Cylon ships.  They look like Colonial civilian ships.” 

Alan Gibson was still putting on his uniform top.  The holo projection of the avatar of the ship’s “person”.  Threw his ship’s top, he more or less mumbled.  It was loud enough for the “ship” to understand and to pass it along. 

“Launch the fighters and get yourself ready for skeet.” 

Nike was giving an evil grin threw the projection, and her solid black eyes almost glowed.  “They will not like seeing me, this time.  I was getting tired of running out of autocannon ammunition.” 

When the SLDF had finally started working on the hulk, which had been the outer shell of the Caspar known as SLS Nike.  They had made some modification to what the Star League had thought was appropriate for a weapon like her.  They had not done all of the modifications, that she wanted them to do.  But even she knew that money did not grow on trees.  That didn’t mean that she was not going to complain about it at every opening she could find. 

They first had updated her armor plate that wrapped her hull, and it had been missing in more places than she wanted to think about.  It had been for the simple reason, that they did not have time to make the old-style armor she had been “born” with in any large amounts.  By the time they started working on her.  She was missing more armor poundage, than she had left fixed to her outer hull.  Besides, she had really liked her new dress.  She had also liked the artificial gravity plates, so that she could jump anywhere she wanted.  That had been the second major upgrade, after her armor had been stripped off. 

With the delay due to her trial that had left her unfinished, the locals had advanced a little when the work had restarted.  This had been long enough, for the new high rate of fire cannons to be around to replace most of her close in defense weapons against fighters.  They even gave her deep magazines to support the ammunition hungry weapons.  The last had cost her a few missiles reloads for her long shooters, but she could live with two less Barracudas.  All of her remaining nuclear warheads had been removed and recycled into newer weapons.  She now had only a dozen “real” ship killers in her magazines, but at least these were not likely to just “fizzle” if they hit an enemy warship.  She was pushing as hard as she could, to get more heavy warheads.  She had even sent a copy of the classified SLDF Navy doctrine report, on how to use ships of her class.  It clearly stated that between half and two thirds of her missile magazine should be filled with nuclear tipped weapons.  So far, she had not gotten a response to that email. 

During her second major refit, they had made more changes.  At first it was mostly to fix issues left over from the first refit.  After the first month, those plans were again changed.  They had not been able to give her the new laser anti-missile systems in any numbers, but they had replaced and updated all of her secondary weapons with clan tech.  She was looking forward to seeing what those 32 second generation medium pulse lasers would do to any Raiders or Heavy Raiders.  But the prize was the 32 LR PPCs they had sprinkled around her hull.  She was betting that if she came in just right, she could take out a Basestar just with them. 

She was always seeing room for improvements, like having to leave three weeks early for the big push they were still planning out.  If that planning failed to be done in time.  Her orders had been to take up position in the system named after her and take out any Cylons that might show up.  She was one jump from this system.  The Zug and her convoy of Colonial ships caught up to her, just as she was about to finish her last double jump to get to her end point.  Nike was not happy about trash haulers being able to get someplace faster than she could.  She made a note to address this issue the next time she was in the New Circe system.

The lack of major numbers of laser anti-missile systems, had caused some problems on some of her later missions.  That had been fixed with her last refit.  She had been given 24 more laser anti-missile systems.  She could not “super jump”, but she had tested some of the theories using her old drive and the artificial gravity deck plating she was now packing.  In this case the rumors were wrong.  She did not have a salvaged Cylon jump drive.  She was scheduled to be given a civilian jump drive recovered from Admiral Adama’s second run back to old Colonial space.  She just had to wait for her turn to come up, to get the yard time.  With all of the battle damage the fleet had been soaking up, that might take a while to get her that drive to replace her current one. 


The Number One called John was on the Dreadstar.  He was taking in the data from the modified systems spread out around him.  The sensors were a mix of Colonial hard tech and current Cylon wet interface.  He had just noticed that his fleet had not jumped into the right location he had expected.  They should have jumped in close to the planet, but for some reason they were over 24 AU from that expected location. 

“The ferryman is here!!  The Dragon is here!!  It’s time to pay the ferryman, but we do not have any Drachma.  We will have to pay in blood and fall to the Dragon’s fire. End of line.” 

John had to look around to find out what the hybrid was mumbling about.  He had wanted to use this modified Basestar without one of those things, but he had quickly found out that he needed their management ability to handle all of the new systems.  He was thinking that somehow the skittish bio matter was able to get into the navigation system, and it had shifted their entry point into this star system.  He made a mental note in the interface to check on that. 

All thoughts of that note were lost, when he recognized what he had heard and what his systems were telling him.  He had come up with this modified Basestar to fight one ship, and he had spent over a year tracking down any report of a Cylon seeing that one special human vessel.  Now it seemed that being forced to support this cleansing mission was going to pay off. 

John gave a few quick orders and all thoughts of the hybrid were forgotten.  He had something he wanted very badly to kill or otherwise destroy.  These human ships were not his white whale.  But there were two large human warships in this system, and he had the right harpoon to take care of them.  When this was done?  He could go look for his true target but if he caused enough damage, and he spread it out long enough.  Then maybe it would come to him.  He could work with that, and after all.  All that truly mattered was that all of the humans died. 


It did not take long for the Cylons small craft to decide that getting as close as they could to a SLDF ship, the better it was for them.  They could jump almost close enough to touch her hull, if they were in a small enough ship and were a good enough pilot.  It had not taken the Nike long to have run up an impressive kills totals, now that she was back under the flag of the SLDF.  Today was only going to add to that list of kills, and not just in small craft.  She was interested in collecting a few new capital kill markers to be painted in her wardroom. 

Nike and her now two dozen attached fighters had blown away a few thousand raider and heavy raiders.  It had started climbing faster after she had been sent on her first mission after her trial.  Now the Cylons did not even use “normal” Raiders but for anything but scouting.  They had proven to be a waste of metal, fuel, bio matter, and time for any other missions in this part of space.  What the humans did not know, was that the Cylon fleet still held a few thousand “normal” Raiders sitting around.  They normally were used well away from this area of space. 

The joint Colonial and SLDF forces had not seen a full squadron of Raiders in almost a year and a half.  The Heavy Raiders were now also harder to kill, with a second upgrade package being seen in the last few months.  The most obvious was that they had added a second engine to the large craft.  It was center mounted over and on top of the aft center engine.  This raised the total number of power units to four on those large craft.  The reports coming in from Ragnar had said that an even newer version of the Heavy Raiders were starting to come off the lines back in old Colonial space. 

The reason for this new engine?  It was not for speed, but to overcome the mass they were adding in weapons and a lot more armor plate to the craft.  The newest upgraded Heavy Raiders only carried two KEWs, in place of the six in a nose pack on the earlier upgraded craft.  These were now mainly missile boats.  Cylon missiles packed a lot of firepower, and they were true fire and forget weapons on today’s battlefield.  Also, nuclear weapons were coming more and more commonly use for the already nuclear weapons happy Cylons.  Even the Cylons could not invent nuclear weapons out of thin air.  Every time they launched one that did not produce a kill?  That was one nuclear weapon that they did not have for later use.  And the humans had suddenly fielded systems that could sweep the sky of missiles.  Even their shuttle sized fighters could take out capital scale missiles, before they were close to a targeted human ship. 


Nike was working out a dozen different plans to fight this current battle, but in the end.  It was her Captain’s job to come up with a plan, and then execute it.  Gibson was reviewing a list of ideas, which she had come up with.  Some were very good, and others?  They were right out of old TV shows, and not in a good way.  Then his eyes floated to the main display, it showed the enemy capital ships.  Something was off, in the data he was seeing.   

“Ah Nike?  What is that odd one doing?  It looks like he is trying to hide behind the rest of the other Basestars.” 

Nike played with her passive scanners and let her backup core have some fun killing the Cylon small craft with energy and shorter ranged missile weapons.  She could have used her active systems to get a lot more data, but that would have blown her cover.  She was acting and looking like the Riga Class ship.  She, if not the rest of the SLDF Navy had found out, that if the Cylons knew who she was?  They would go after her, above any other target in a whole star system.  That might be useful, later on.  It was always best, when the enemy was reacting to you.  It helped to control the battlespace, but it still had a downside. 

The avatar winked out for a second and then came back on.  “Well Frak!!  Your right.  It’s a new type of Basestar.  It looks like they put on a thicker outer coating of Colonial armor, and it looks like they have mounted almost twice the number of engines found on a Jupiter class Battlestar.  They have them all mounted on its backside, and they are hard to get a reading on how powerful they might be.  I’m looking at its flight path since they jumped in.  It looks to be trying to work around the edges of the fleet.  It could be trying to spring something on the Zug.” 

Gibson nodded.  That was new, and he hated it when Cylons did something new.  “Okay Nike let the chicks know, that we are changing plans.  Let’s start working on one edge of their fleet, and start taking out Basestars.  How is your play list?” 

The avatar was jumping up and down on her display table.  On the nose of the warship her two twin 60cm laser turrets were twitching left, right, and up and down in time to the display on the bridge.  “Oh!!!!  Do I get to make their ears bleed?  Query Affirmative?  I hope they don’t like it.”  She stopped moving and folded her hands behind her body of light, and she tried to look ashamed.  “Does that make me a bad person?” 


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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Gibson could not help but smile.  Nike had gotten less crazy, after she got to kill a lot of Cylons.  If they spent too long in port?  She reverted to her old ways, after a few months.  “No, Nike it does not.  That is unless your taste in music is as bad as your taste in video entertainment.  Then I would say that all bets are off. Query Affirmative.” 

Now Nike was defensive, while she multi tasked as she bantered with her captain and fought the battle outside her hull.  “Evil Dead was a very interesting show.  All ten movies and remakes were worth the time to watch.  I am ready to go active, Captain.”  The last statement was a little waspy sounding, but Alan didn’t mind. 

The Cylons had found a way to block Nikes transmissions months ago.  Before she had been able to short out their systems.  So the Cylons had put in a special circuit, which would activate when it picked up a power surge of her transmitter in the general area.  It would cut the communication lines, and the Cylon would stop receiving any outside signals for about ten seconds.  After the break, the Cylon craft would try to activate its network capability.  It the new circuit found her transmissions in the general area again.  The special circuit would activate again.  It would keep doing this until the battle was over.  While it was “offline” they tended to fight dumb.  But between close contacts with Nike?  They would fight like “normal” Cylon raiders and heavy raiders.  This was going to be the first time for a new tactic, to be used by Nike.  She was going to blanket the radio range all up and down the spectrum, with her collection of “music” that she had in her archives.  The term was from 20th century earth, was called active broadband jamming. 

The AG plates let Nike put her rebuilt plasma throwing sub light engines to full power without killing her limited crew, and she flooded the air waves.  Gibson’s ears felt like they were about to start bleeding, as something called “Teen Spirit” came through the speaker mounted on the Bridge’s or CIC walls at an incredible volume.

 Gibson had to yell to hear his own voice.  “NIKE!!!  THE IDEA IS TO DISTRACT THE CYLONS.  NOT US!!!” 

Nike was smiling and as the word Cylon passed Gibson’s mouth, the music cut off.  “I’m sorry Captain.  Did you say something?” 

Nike could tell from the look, that she had scored a point in their little on-going game.  “On the other hand, Captain.  The second group of Cylons just performed a micro jump.  They are in the planets high upper atmosphere and dropping quick.  I am tracking six Intersun or Olympic Carrier class Passenger Cruisers.  They are the ones that are just under 835 feet long.” 

Alan Gibson’s mind was going in about a dozen different directions.  Then he stopped on one item from a history book he had just finished.  “A landing ship, like an LST or assault ship of some kind.  Nike, how many Centurions can they put on something like that?” 

Nike’s head looked up at her Captain, and again she was surprised that he had come up with something she had not.  Well that was not totally true.  In one of the ten thousand scenarios she had run, landing ships had come up.  It had only taken the equivalent of half a human lifetime of thinking to come up with that idea.  Her captain had come up with it in less than ten seconds. 

“They could put between 2,000 and 3,000 Centurions on something that size.  It will depend on how many human forms, Tinmen, or Praetorians they are carrying along with the Centurions.”  Nike was speaking with a very dull tone.  It was the tone that she used, when she was being tasked heavy by what was going on around her.  Computers only had so many resources.  That was true even for a Caspar. 

Alan nodded.  “Fight the battle, pass to flag what we think is about to happen dirtside.  As soon as the Admiral gives the word to let the nuks go.  Do not wait for me to say go, just do it Nike.  Query affirmative.” 

The little black-eyed female projection now rubbed her hands together in mock glee, or maybe it was not so mock.  “Oh Good!!!  I cannot wait to see how those new Barracuda Ns will do.  We need another five minutes to get the nose and forward lasers onto the nearest Basestar.  We may have to go to reduced firing on the autocannons.  They are starting to overheat, and we will need them when the Basestars start to fire.” 


The Cylons were not the only ones who liked throwing magic mushrooms around.  The current extended ranged anti-fighter missiles of the SLDF had been fitted with a “light” nuclear warhead, only about 15ktons worth of explosive.  This had been done with the mixing of Cylon, Colonial, and some ideas that Nike had found somewhere.  This might be the first battle that these long range, hard to hit, smart, and small missiles might get a kill against a Cylon capital ship. 

Back in the days of the old Star League.  They had used massive waves of Barracuda type missiles to keep fighters away from their main battle fleet of Warships, and to a lesser extent their fleets of dropships.  Killing a Cylon 1.8km long Basestar was not easy, and it could not be done with just a handful of conventionally armed missiles.  Cylons could take out a sky full of missiles and throw an equal sky full of missiles back at an attacker.  That is if the Capital ship and her swarm of smaller craft were working together in a seamless fashion.  That was what the book said, and sometimes it was right.  But the book had not thought about SLDF, energy weapons, and a ship called the Nike. 

The Captain of the Caspar ship SLS Nike, felt the ship go to past full power and into over thrust.  He could feel the shaking of the ship’s frame as cannon shots and missiles were launched from her.  And again, he was thankful that it had been fitted with Colonial made artificial gravity plates.  But when her plasma engines went to that level of power?  There was a so slight of a lag, before the Colonial systems kicked in.  For just a second, everyone in the very small crew felt all 4.5 g’s her engines were putting out.  It was just long enough for the biologics to know someone had spurred the horse and be equally thankful that those plates were active. 

Nike grayed out for a second, and then came back as bright as ever on her display.  The twin heavy laser turrets on the nose of the ship fired along with the single heavy triple turret on the forward left and right sides of her ship.  “We are taking them out by the boat load with the HOD and LR PPCs.  And they just walked into my laser anti-missile system.  You know, that if you hit one of those new heavy raiders with enough of them at one time?  They would die, and you can take that R and D!!  I was right again.” 

She gave a slender one finger salute to something not in the holo display.  “Target one just folded up.  She could not handle that many of my 55 Lasers.  That Odd One is now heading our way.  It’s moving about 10 percent faster than the Pegasus can in normal space.  I think they know that I’m here.  I told you that they would get wise after I fired my nose bays.” 

Gibson grunted, and shook his head from side to side.  He had a slight smile on his face, as he went to score a point in their game.  “I thought we kill that thing already.  Are you having a bore sighting issue again, or is it your age causing your eyesight to fail?” 

Nike had a matching look for Gibson at the age comment, and she made a note to adjust his shower water temperature in the common latrine.  “I know that I took it down, last time they threw a modified Basestar at me.  Do you think they have a whole shipyard up and running?  That would suck, if they are mass producing those things.  This one looks more finely fitted, than that other Frankenstein we ran into.  We only had to use my old fraking aft thruster assembly, and it died.  This one seems to be wanting to keep the range more open.  Do you think this is commanded by a Number One?  I would bet that the first Frankenstein had a 5 or a 2 at the controls.  They kind of have one-track minds, and the Ones are different.” 


Outside of the 670,000ton ship.  She was moving and now acting more like a large fighter, than a huge warship.  She was rolling, diving, and doing anything that her warped mind could come up with.  If she thought of it, she did it.  All the while she was targeting the closing wave of missiles and Cylon heavy raiders.  She was not taking them all out of play, but she was thinning the crowd by both weapons fire and using her thick hull armor to detonate the warheads or crush the small craft hulls.  Sometimes she would fire one of her massive naval lasers.  She would play it across the sky dust, like the flashlight on a god sized scale.  Sometimes it would turn half a dozen or more Cylon small craft into flash fried droplets of organic and inorganic material.  Most of the time it would miss, but even then, if it flashed close to some of the Cylon missiles.  They were taken out of the battle just due to the “flux” the energy weapons left in their wake.  After all they had never been designed to deal with energy weapons. 

Her mix of class 5 HOD, pulse lasers, Anti missiles systems, LR PPCs and long ranged sub capital missiles were in rapid fire mode.  They were laying out an interlace pattern of destruction, but sometimes you had to hit your targets more than once in a very short amount of time to take them out of the battle.  Also, her suite of her capital weapons, besides the lasers.  They carried names like Killer Whale and White Shark, and they were in play today. 

Those same weapons, which had just killed its third Cylon Basestar in this battle.  Three of the missiles had come from the nose bays and had made it through the crossfire.  It was just by luck that they had followed a strike by the NL-55s on the central hub, that held both halves of the semi organic Basestar together.  The flaming pencils of death had only been a pair of seconds behind the laser blast, and they entered the ship while it was still outgassing from the focused energy.  The clouds of organics were the final mask that had protected the diving weapons.  The weapons had no idea that they were behind the hard-outer layers of the target.  The three weapons hit three different areas within that small cross section of the ship.  Two “only” put a few tons of explosives on different main support members that ran between the two Y sections.  Even without the third missile, that would have hurt the great Cylon warship.  It was the third weapon that killed it.  It was just by luck that it hit the jump engine.  That was bad enough, when it released its pent-up energy.  But the auxiliary fuel tank really did not like the visits the Killer Whale had paid this area. 

The top of the Basestar started to come apart.  Two of the three arms were still attached and moving away from the central hub.  The great warship could have continued the battle missing those two arms and the bagel toaster like launching bays.  But when the jump engine and the fuel tank exploded?  That was the end of the warship.  It was now just a blast cloud that only Zero G could make, and a short-term navigation hazard. 

One of the nearby Basestars had to make a sudden course change, just to avoid one of the arms of the ship as it came speeding by.  It was just unfortunate that this course change put the ship in the path of a quartet of HNPPCs that had missed its intended target.  Those four powerful beams of purple energy were not enough to “kill” a ship of that size.  But this ship had been hit by rounds fired from Colonial made Coil guns as well as “smaller” Capital scale lasers.  It was too much, and this Cylon ship would not be able to support the cloud of Heavy Raiders with rearming or covering missile fire on their attack runs. 


On the Zug, Captain Ferry was looking at an enemy ship that he had not even targeted be destroyed by his ship’s weapons fire.  There were good and bad things that you had to deal with, when you fought beside the Nike.  One bad thing was having to deal with crews that did not like or trust the AI.  Another bad thing was having to read all of the reports she would turn out.  Then there was having to deal with her “in person”.  It was like dealing with one of his teenage granddaughters, but one that was a few hundred years old. 

One of the good things about fighting alongside the old AI warship.  It was watching her fight like a fighter.  He could only shake his head as the over half a million-tons of warship stood on its tail and spin around on her main axis like it was on ice skates.  She also had a habit of spending more time in the repair yards or needing extra crews to repair damage, both directly and indirectly related to combat with the Cylons. 

Captain Ferry had to smile, and it was not just on the insides.  “You have to admit that the Cylons have a hard on for that girl.”  He had secretly enjoyed some of the music Nike had used during training.  He liked it more, when she used Immigrant song to fill the radio waves.  She would loop it for two or three iterations.  Just as he thought about that song, it started coming over the speakers. 

The XO of the battleship heard his boss say something, but he did not catch it.  “Sir?” 

The tall thin officer turned slightly to see his second in command.  “I was just noticing that over half of the firepower coming from all of those Basestars, and about two thirds of the Cylon small craft have been giving Nike a lot of attention.” 

More than a few heads turned to see the data on some of the nearest displays.  Captain Ferry made a face, as he noticed that not one of his senior officers had noticed this fact.  “Contact the Nike.  When she is ready, she can launch level one nuclear weapons, but only level one.  Then let the supply department know that we might need to shift part of our stocks of class 5 autocannon ammunition to her.” 

That was all of the orders that needed to be given by the human that the Cylons called the Ferryman.  The bridge and the rest of the staff didn’t even notice when four heavy missiles hit across the top of the great battleship.  By now the SLDF had worked out a way, with a lot of help from the Colonials, to work out what missiles were packing nuclear weapons.  They were not up to a hundred percent on picking them up over 100km out.  But they were very good. 

More than one idea had been passed around to make an “Escort” for the big guns.  They ranged in ideas of using a heavy fighter outfitted with a dozen Laser anti-missile systems, to converting a combat dropship in the same fashion.  He had even seen an idea to convert one of the Colonial cargo ships into an “escort” to handle the missile and Raider wave attacks. 


In a flash Nike launched five very small, well small for capital weapons, missiles out of her forward tubes.  As soon as the weapons left her AR-10 multi missile launcher, she was acting as fast as her ancient computers could.  She flashed out of existence in a burst of radiation, which would have fried any computer that was not made in the “Age of War”.  Some would have thought that she had just been blown-up by a major nuclear strike, that somehow had made it threw her defense.  Or maybe a weapon had malfunctioned or something like that? 

What had happened?  It was that she activated her jump engines, and she had done her own micro jump.  It was used as a tactical maneuver to help her set up for the next part of the battle.  It was just like what the Cylons had done to the Colonial navy, at the start of the war to wipeout the human race.  Because it was done by such a large ship, and her drive worked a little differently than Cylon and Colonials systems.  She was a ship that was almost the size of a Battlestar, and her engines also had a slight secondary effect in the area she had just left. 

Her fully charged K-F Drive used a staggering amount of energy to rip a whole in the universe, and it was given up within a nanosecond.  This energy wave was a lot less stable than a Colonial or Cylon made system, and a bubble of destruction moved out at the speed of light from the Nike.  The energy wave wiped out ever Cylon Heavy Raider and Missile within 500 miles, of were the Lola III class hull had been until only a hand full of seconds before.  Nike had only waited until her own weapons were outside of the area of effect before, she had jumped.  Those five weapons would kill two more Basestars, but the third would still be in the battle.  That was thanks to the salvaged colonial made armor plate lightly spread on most of the surfaces of the Cylon ships. 

With the loss of over half of their fleet.  The Cylons started to pull back further from the planet and away from the star.  The heavy Basestar now was in the front of the Cylon battle fleet.  It was exchanging cannon fire from her Mercury class bow weapons and a new heavier class missile.  The McKenna class ship was the center of John’s attention, but he could multitask.  When the Nike “popped” back into space.  She was hit with a dozen heavy rounds as soon as she was “fully” in the star system.  It would seem that the Cylons had figured out where she was going to be, after her jump. 


Gibson was rocked in his command chair, and the hologram of the black-eyed woman flickered and almost went out for a second.  She looked back at him, and he could see the concern on her face.  “We just took half a dozen very heavy KEW’s.  It seems that all of the Cylon Basestars have added some heavy weapons, the damage profile is that of a Colonial coil gun.  I am engaging the nearest target with my bow and port laser turrets.  They seem to be pulling back.  I think they wanted to take a break from combat.  Do you want me to let them pull back?” 

The Captain of the vessel took in the information.  “No, Nike.  That is why you have all of that thick and expensive armor.  If you can take out the nearest Basestar, go for it.  Then let them pull back but put as much damage on them as you can, while they are in range.  The more time we can give the people on the ground.  The more people they can evacuate, the better for the clan.  Our mission is to get those people, not take out major Cylon fleet units.” 

Nike did not argue with her captain.  Letting an enemy ship pull back was not a normal action, not for her or the SLDF.  Then again, this was “her world” and she had wanted to protect them as much as any bio form that reported to the SLiE.  She would do what needed to be done to protect them.  She had a slight smile, as another one of the Cylon capital warships fell to her guns.  As long as an enemy ship was within range of her guns?  She would launch her rage against them, and maybe if they saved enough.  She would be able to “sleep” without dreams of her past failure. 

The two fleets now were out of range of each other for anything but human jump fighters and Cylon Heavy Raiders.  The humans had now centered all of their forces and attention on the planet, after the enemy battle fleet had disengaged.  The Cylons were holding position further out from the liquid water zone of the Star.  They had not expected to fight so much firepower, when they planned this mission.  They were okay sitting and waiting for their second part of the fleet to show up, and then the battle could be rejoined.  This was only the first part of the battle that the Cylons had planned.  It was just going to be more expensive, than the Cylon Empire had originally planned for.


15 Feb 3049
Nike’s World on the ground

On the ground things were not looking……that great.  As the population groupings had lifted off of the planet?  There were fewer points to defend around the planet, but also there were fewer defenders to be able to degrade the Cylon’s number of ground forces.  And still not everyone was willing to leave the planet.  That is until things started to explode over their heads as proof, that some very bad guys were coming.  This was the last straw and many more of the locals had suddenly decided, that maybe finding a new home was a very good idea. 


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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With combat units of the Cylons in the system.  It was now proven, that Colonel Gao had been correct about demanding ground forces to accompany this mission.  When Colonel Gao landed her forces on the planet?  They went about setting up defensive points, which experience had proven to have some effect on the Cylon ground units.  The SLDF did not deploy any combat engineers on this mission, which might have been an oversite in the planning.  Now was no time to cry over spilled milk, and the ground forces would just have to improvise. 

Captain Roberson was looking into the sky and frowned.  She was supporting one of the modified Mammoths infantry carriers and the Bovine.  She had deployed her unit in a thin circle around the grounded dropships.  The idea had been that, if a short notice attack happened.  She would have some firepower to slow them down, so that the rest of the company could come running to support the beleaguered unit. 

Now that the attack was coming, in the form of what might be ex-Colonial made passenger liners.  This had made her change her deployment.  Now her whole unit now was aligned on the most likely avenue of advance the Cylons might come up.  There was a big difference when you had to deal with small groups of Cylons coming off Heavy Raiders.  This was looking like the Cylons were going to use those liners like the SLDF had used dropships.  They were going to land their troops in one or very few massive localized assaults against the humans. 

She looked around at her first defensive line.  It was thin, but it was only the first line of defense.  The second line was even thinner held, then the first line.  The last line was defended by about the same number of defenders, but each machine was heavier than what the other two lines were made up of.  It was not much, but it was all she had.  No one had thought that there would be this kind of ground combat.  To date?  All of the ground fighting outside of Colonials space had been in small groups or on small bases.  The mass landing of those liners was going to be something new, for the ground forces to have to deal with.  It was looking like keeping up on the counter clan and inner sphere tactics was about to pay off. 

By now, all the 835-foot-long Colonial liners had dropped out of her line of site.  You could not hide a Mammoth.  At least not without using a lot of time and even more time, when you needed to get the massive beast off the ground.  That time had not been spent on hiding, but on loading as many people as they could.  The defenders now needed to buy some time with their blood, sweat, and in a few cases tears. 

For half an hour, all she could do was stew in her own juices as she waited for the hammer to fall on her command.  That changed when her scout had fallen back far enough from the enemy landing site to transmit his report. Now she was wishing that she didn’t know what was coming for her.  Over her encoded radio, a recorded image was playing again.  It was a good and high definition recording of all six landed ships.  She had not risked a scouting mech that close to the threat.  That was what you had technology for.  To take the risks you did not want a person to have to deal with. 

Off of those ships, had landed and unloaded an army.  It was not just Centurions and human forms coming off of them, but a massive number of Praetorian combat mechs.  Then came something that had only been reported from places a long way from here.  It was the largest deployment of those machines, which anyone had been alive to report about.  She watched the massive machines roll out of the cargo holds and landing bays of those ships.  As she saw each one, she wished that the rest of the Battalion was not scattered across the rest of the planet. 

They were massive, chunky, and moved on four sets of mid-length heavy metal tracks.  They were large machines that were reported to mass about 75tons.  They were slow and heavily armored, for a 1st Cylon war tank.  The Colonials called them Rhinos and not tanks.  They didn’t have the history of using the 1916 cover name.  They were called Tinmen by SLDF and that name had migrated to be used by the Colonials. 

As Captain Roberson watched the massive T structure on top of the armored base move.  She could now see the six heavy cannons, and they were short almost stubby looking things.  She knew that each of the tubes were a 180mm Recoilless Cannon.  The Colonials said that they used a 60kg shell to fire a 28kg HE or HEAT warhead.  They were great bunker or building busters, as the Cylons had shown in the first war. 

Those were not the only weapons the Tinman carried.  On the nose was a twin turret that packed a pair of long barreled 25mm KEWs.  They were different from the Viper and Raider carried 30mm KEWs.  These hit a lot harder thanks to the heavier propellant charge and the longer barrel.  On Viper and Raiders, you had to trade off on every kg of weight.  That was not so much of an issue with a ground unit.  How would those rounds stack up against Battlemech armor?  Now that was the Million-dollar question. 

As Captain Robinson watched more and more Tinmen rolling onto the flat ground.  The real worry was the two strangely placed ready to fire Gorgon long ranged Anti Air missiles on each tank.  They could mount a 10kton nuclear warhead, and they might have a limited ground attack capability.  Even if they were “only” packing a 200kg “normal” explosive warhead.  That could hurt most of the light mechs under her command.  These last weapons were ones, that the SLDF currently didn’t have an answer for.  Well other than add more armor and more anti-missile systems to anything that might run afoul of them. 

Nike had been right.  They could have carried almost 2500 Centurions in each of those ships.  On two of these converted Colonial ships?  They had carried almost that number of walking metal death, but the rest of the space was used to carry human forms to command them after they landed.  On the other four ships?  6m tall walking forms came walking off of the ships, one after the other. They were joined by 4 Tinmen coming from each of the converted Colonial ships.  24 of the ugly tanks slowly moved away from the landing area. 

It took them some time for the bipedal Cylons to form up.  The Converted passenger ships were not designed as combat assault craft, and modifications can only go so far in a given length of time.  They were picked, because they were available and for the mass they could carry to a planet’s surface.  Still it would not take long, before all of that combat power would be heading towards the human defenders like a god sized metal walking hammer. 


The seismic system tripped on Captain Robinson’s machine, and her head came up from dozing in her cockpit.  Her eyes focused just in time to see the Clan tech modified Spector, come running threw her defense line.  Its ECM and Beagle systems along with its very rare Chameleon Light Polarization shield and Null signature system, all had made this old machine a top of the line scout and headhunter for her people.  Normally this specialized and in high demand machine was not assigned to her unit or even to her Battalion.  It was normally a division level unit and had been loaned to her company for this mission. 

The mech jock at its controls would not stop, until it reached the third and last line of defense that was nearest to the evacuating dropships.  If things went bad?  It would be the first mech to reload onto the Union class dropship or the Confederate that had dropped it on this planet.  Its three energy weapons would not add that much to the battle.  At least not enough to risk the loss of this machine, anyway.  It would not stay out of the battle, but it would have to be looked after. 

All down the line, to her left and right, the rest of the lance made slight adjustments to get ready to greet the enemy.  This lance was a proven killer of Cylons, and a lot of work had been put into designing it that way.  It was made up of two 25ton Locust IIC, that were more or less hand built by a custom shop in McEvedy City.  They currently had only eight of those machines in the whole SLDF ground order of battle. 

The SLDF had the plans for them for over a hundred years, but they had not needed them. The machine had been in Clan use since 2832.  Clan Wolverine already had the updated Sling and other machines, that could do the same job for the clan before the coming of the Cylons.  Each of the 25ton Locust can be built in a handful of small shops and supplied by parts from around the planet.  All parts were built on the operator’s free time.  Then the finished mech would be sold to the military.  They each were fitted with eight clan grade ER Small Lasers, 1 second gen medium pulse laser, and ten second generation of high-efficient heatsinks, to keep it cool in extended combat.  This pair had recently replaced two 25ton Sling class omni machines under her command for testing. 

The rest of the lance was rounded out by another pair of 30ton Mercury III omni mechs.  The back stop for this light lance, was her ancient 90ton modified Emperor.  It had been pulled out of the cache site two years ago.  They had taken off the two old class ten LBX cannons, and the same happened to the two large lasers.  They moved the head mounted medium laser to cover her back from any Cylons that wanted to climb up her rear. 

In place of those missing main weapons, was a pair of Class 5 HOD, with ten tons of ammunition to feed those very hungry beasts. The hard part had been fitting five of the new laser anti-missile systems onto the machine.  The lasers AMS were mounted on each of the arms, on each of the shoulders and the last one was mounted on the back of her machine.  To keep the machine, cool for the longer combat time they had been experiencing.  They had put in thirty of the most top of the line heatsinks that New Circe could make.  It was made to fight the long battle and to try to counter the larger numbers that the Cylons would throw into a battle. 

She loved the machine as soon as she had seen it.  In a top of the line unit, like hers.  She should have been sitting in at least one of the new Riflemen III Omni 80 tons mechs or one of the massive Pulverizer II omni.  The Riflemen was a new machine, only about a year old, but it had been designed to fight the clan decades ago.  They were being outfitted to fight this new enemy with new weapons options, but she had liked “the lines” of this older machine.  So, when she had seen one being worked on?  She had asked for it to be her ride.  The nice thing about being in a first-tier unit.  You had a lot of leeway in what you could take into battle.  Your commander could veto what you wanted, but that was rare. 

In front of the line of the SLDF mechs, which was blocking the valley, was a kill ground that had been specifically picked by the captain.  This valley was one that the Cylons needed to advance up to reach the crowd of civilians and the dropship they were boarding.  The only thing that the books said the SLDF needed, and they did not have were mines and field artillery. 

Around a turn in the steep sided valley, to the front of the defenders.  A wave of almost 500 Centurions and a dozen Human forms riding the backs of the metal machines made the turn.  They came into view at the full charge of metal legs moving in a blur of motion.  There was a clear line of fire from the SLDF line, to the wave of on rushing metal.  Not even a tree or rock was higher than knee high to a Colonial.  It had taken the locals and SLDF a few hours to make it this way, and it had only been done a half hour before the lone Scout mech had made it back to the defense lines. 


Captain Robinson sighted down the valley and pulled the trigger for her mix Colonial and SLDF tech autocannons.  Five hard metal darts that came out of each arm at a huge rate of fire and speed.  When each of those darts hit a metal Centurion?  They were blowing them apart and then they could go on down range to take out a few more.  All before they ran out of energy or stopped skipping after they hit the dirt.  The term was called grazing fire and it had been around since black powder cannons had first been put on the battlefield. 

The current generation of Centurion was over twice as hard to kill, as when the two sides had first started to clash.  The human forms had added more armor all around the machine, but the most obvious addition was a thick metal shield that a real roman Centurion would have had no problem recognizing.  This added protection, but only on the battlefield.  This added protection would not add to the increasing issue of wearing joints and day to day operational issues, that the up armoring of Centurions was already causing. 

The Cylon line kept coming towards the defenders like the waves in the ocean.  They would just jump or walk over their fallen fellows at the run.  They kept closing until just after they hit the engagement range of the second-generation medium pulse lasers.  As soon as those energy weapons started striking the Cylons.  They finally decided that they were not going to blow through this line of defenders, and they started pulling back.  They left almost 300 metal or bleeding bodies on the valley floor, before they had come to this conclusion.  When they had started to pull back out of the line of fire, the defenders had kept the fire up.  When the fire had stopped, another 50 Cylons were added to the nonfunctional list on the valley floor. 

Captain Robinson saw the Cylons start to pull back, and she came off the defensive line.  She pulled back about a quarter of a mile and behind a small hill.  She would be reloading her machine at the forward support point hidden behind the hill.  This attack had only been the scouts, or first echelon forces of the Cylons.  The heavy hitters were slower, and they would take longer to get to her firing line.  She had gone through a lot of her cluster rounds, and she needed to top off her ammo bins and to cool her machine down. 

One of the lessons learned about fighting Cylons, in the early days of the war.  It was that you reloaded whenever you might possibly could, even if you only had used three or four rounds.  You used any free time to top off your ammunition.  You might not have time later.  Fighting waves of Cylons hand to hand, because you had run out of ammunition sucked.  After she was done, and the other machines got a chance to pay the area a visit.  She ordered the trucks and loader mechs to fall back to the nearest of the dropships.  When the Cylons breakthrough, and they would, it was just a matter of when.  Those units would be dead meat for anything more than a few dozen Cylons.  She had no doubt that they would fight, and they would take down more Cylons than they would lose humans to them.  They still would all die, and the Cylons had a massive numerical advantage without throwing their lives away due to bad planning. 

The Captain had only just returned to her primary firing point, when she noticed small rocks slides starting down each side of the valley.  They were not major slides, and they did not move far down the high sides of the valley before stopping.  They were just rocks moving down, stopping, and then maybe sliding some more.  Sometimes they would not move until more rocks fell down on them.  When she looked down at her mech’s systems that did not display on her HUD.  Her seismic detector was erroring out, due to the inputs it was having to deal with.  There was not a point source for the vibration, the Cylon main army was near.  She flipped her radio to short range, just in case the Cylons tried to jam the Radio waves. 

“All right people!  The metal heads are coming.  Stick to the plan.  Remember you are faster than they are, and your weapons are better.  Do not let them get to close.  Query Affirmative” 

The wave of Cylons that made the turn around the bend of the valley, was nothing like the first wave had been.  This wave was led by a wave of six meter tall walking machines.  The arms did not have blades or hands like the Centurions.  In their place.  Each arm had a KEW cannon of the same type that Vipers, Raiders, and Heavy Raiders carried.  Those weapons fired as fast as a SLDF machinegun, but they had both a longer range and hit a little harder. 

On the shoulders were missile racks, which held over a dozen missiles on each side.  Cylon cannons were crap, but their missiles were another matter.  They had the range, in the atmosphere, of a Star League extended ranged large laser.  When a Cylon missile had a lock on?  It was going to hit, and not even the best generation mech mounted ECM would help in any measurable amount.  The only way to deal with them, was to take them down with an AMS or have thick armor.  The other way to handle them was very popular by the ground pounders, that might be around to support the mechs.  That was to take the Cylons out first, before they launched the missiles into the air. 

So far, the SLDF had been lucky.  The Cylons had not figured out how to target the cockpits of the mechs, like the old headhunter missiles the old Star League was known to have used for a few generations.  They would just randomly hit you.  If you were lucky?  They hit you on the front arc of your machine.  But a lot of the times the misses would loop around and come back at you from behind.  That was why they were putting more and more of the laser based anti-missile systems on each machine.  They didn’t need ammunition, but they had mass and they generated a lot of heat.  Those were both issues with a war-machine.  Everyone you added, was one less weapon or ton of ammunition that you could not carry into battle. 

Behind the walking mini battlemechs came the Rhinos or Tinmen.  The range of the heavy cannons was longer than the Raider based KEWs.  But how much longer?  No one knew, and there was a big difference between maximum range and effective range on the battlefields of the 31st century.  Very few within the SLDF military were going to take most of the reports from the Colonials at face value, even if they were only recounting reports from a war that few of them had fought in. 

For the start of this battle, it would only be Captain Robinson firing.  The light machines were out of sight in different firing positions than what the first wave had seen, waiting.  The company commander had the thicker armor and many AMS to handle the attacking weapons.  All of the light lance machines were on radio listening silence, and no one wanted to break it.  They all could “see” what was going on. They had seen and lived through many Cylon attacks over the last few years, just not with this many heavy enemy units. 

Captain Robinson took a light breath and then leaned forward in her command chair.  She moved the manual feed switch, with a flip of a covered switch.  This switch would lower the “rounds” each cannon could fire.  She was packing a prototype of the next generation of HOD.  It could have been set as high as four times, but now she lowered it to half that.  Each weapon was “only” going to fire two rounds, per weapon, per pull of the trigger.  She was going to need to slow down her rate of fire.  This was for two main reasons.  One was heat, and the other was so that she could stick around on the battlefield longer.  The heat from all of the AMS’s systems was going to start climbing any second.  She was the only target that the Cylons could see, and soon they would try to remove her from the battlefield with heavy weapons fire. 

A clock was counting down, and when it told the Captain that the enemy was within range.  She pulled up both arms and turned to fully expose her upper torso to the approaching enemy.  She lined up on two of the approaching Pretorians as her first targets.  One for the left arm, and one for the right arm.  With one pull of the trigger, the battle was started. 

The 6m tall Cylons were harder to kill than any other Cylons, besides a Basestar.  The walking 40ton machines were not that fast, heavily armed, or as heavily armored as a SLDF machine of the same mass.  It was just that there was a metric frak ton of them coming at her.  And you had to take out the chest on each one of them, to take them out of the battle.  The Class 5 HOD would take two or three solid hits, on average, to bring one down if they were using solid shot. 

Her solid cannon shells were going down towards her targets, before she felt the recoil of the four rounds leaving her machine.  The Cylons were quick off of the mark, and they sent a bunch of self-guided missiles back at her.  She was working on taking out her third and fourth walking tank, when the first missile fired to hit her machines arrived.  The Cylons could not or did not, fire their entire shoulder mounted rack at one time.  The most anyone, which had lived, after having been fired on by one of them.  All had said that they would fire no more than two missiles per rack per time.  What would get you, was when 6 or 8 of the mini mechs fired 12 to 16 of them at you.  All with only a pair of seconds between each groups of flying death. 

Her laser AMSs covered her machine in an invisible grid, and they would try to take the missiles out of the air as they were picked up.  It was always hoped that if the AMS could take out one of the attacking missiles?  That the explosion would take out any nearby enemy missiles.  Sometimes it did, and sometimes it did not.  Her Modified Emperor started to shake, as the Cylon weapons removed bits of armor plate off of her machine.  She was doing her job of being a missile magnet, while she took out most of the long shooters.  To date no one had seen the Cylon Praetorian leave the battlefield to reload its missile racks. 


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The Emperor was moving left, right, forward and back as it fired its arm mounted cannons.  She was always under partial cover of some kind, as she pulled the cannon trigger on her control stick.  None of the other four mechs were seen or had fired into the closing wave of Cylons.  When the Cylons were at the point, which the last attack wave had stopped and started to fall back.  The Emperor started slowly walking backwards.  She was trying to keep the distance open between her and the Cylons, but not get out of protective cover.  She had already put down a dozen Praetorians that would not be getting up in the near future.  At least not without a recovery vehicle. 

The commander of the Cylon force might have thought, that the one machine was a delaying rear guard unit.  With the mech starting to move away from the firing line it had been defending.  The Cylons rushed the old defensive line with its fastest units, the 2.5m tall Centurions.  The Cylon Centurion was not as obsolete as you might think, when it came down to fighting against battlemechs.  They were an armored infantry unit from Hell.  More than one Wolverine mech jock had died, when a metal Cylon had ripped open the hatch into their mech’s cockpit.  The blades would come out, and then so would the mech jock or tank crew, just in very little wet pieces.  Then the Centurions would be turned into small pieces as the anti-tempering charge would blow the mech, tank, or aerofighter apart. 

When you stepped on a “normal” PBI, with a mech of any size to include the small industrial mechs.  It would stop attacking.  Normally they would just sit there and bleed out on the ground after even a graze.  When you stepped on a Centurion?  It still would try to climb up your mech’s foot and legs, to get to the human pilot.  Even if it did not have anything left below the chest.  Seeing this happen, had sent more than a few mech jocks and conventional vehicle crews to have a few long talks with the mental counselor. 

With Captain Robinson’s pull back to a prearranged point.  The smaller Cylons started to run, just as she had planned.  The light lance came up to fire from their hidden positions into the wave of over man sized Cylons.  The smaller mechs swept the battlefield with small laser and machine guns weapons fire.  While the light mechs targeted the smaller and unsupported Cylons.  The Captain still took on the larger machines with her heavy weapons, and she was still be the blunt of the incoming missile fire.  She had taken down two more Praetorians when she was reminded that she had forgotten something. 

That little problems showed up, when a Tinmen fired and hit Captain Robinson dead in the chest in a crash and massive flash of light.  Robinson had been looking at lining up her solid shooting autocannons.  She was trying to remember if she had shot at one of them before, when her cockpit was awash in glare.  Whatever had hit her had opened two of her autocannon ammunitions bays to the sky, and at the same time it removed about a third of her armor over her left chest.  She looked up just in time to see one of the Tinmen that she had not noticed coming, fired all 6 of its turreted mounted heavy weapons.  She only had time to flinch, and only 4 of the heavy shells hit her chest.  The other two hit her right arm in a flash of weapons impact and shower of blasted armor plate.  She looked at her armor schematic and winced.  Those 180mm shells packed a Frak ton of a punch.  Not only could they crack mech armor, they could damage internal components that did not have compromised armor. 

“Sweep Lance!  Do not let those Tinmen lock up on you.  Those turret mounted cannons will put one of you down.  Tinmen are Number One targets.” 

Captain Robinson put her words into action, and she lined up to put a pair of double rate fire Autocannons into the last tank to fire at her.  She was rewarded with getting a pair of hits on the front and a single hit on the T shaped turret with the solid rounds.  She had to keep moving and that was the only thing that saved her.  The tank that she had just hit with three solid rounds, had fired 6 more heavy cannon rounds and sent a stream of rounds from the twin turret mounted low on the forward hull.  The heavy rounds missed, but the twin KEW stitched a line of impacts down her right arm from elbow to fingers. 

She switched to cluster rounds and jacked up the rate of fire.  When she went to aim, her first target was still there.  But a new Tinmen was a lot closer, and she took the new and more threatening tank under fire.  When she pulled the trigger?  She was rewarded with cluster rounds going down range, and that changed when a stomach turning Thunk! sounded threw her cockpit.  Her right arm cannon stopped firing just a heartbeat before the left one. 

In between the time it took her to look at the display, to find out what had happened to her right arm and look back up.  The Cylon tank was a huge ball of flame.  She had gone to cluster rounds to see if all of those hard darts could find a soft spot in the tank.  And as it worked out, she found one or two.  The targeted tank had been turned just slightly towards her, and three of the hard and fast metal darts had found one of the massive Gorgon Ground to Air missiles.  It was not surprising that the fuel for such a large weapon did not react well to incoming enemy fire.  The long weapon detonated under the abuse, and it both flipped and broke the tank into three parts.  The forward and aft hull were now about 4meters apart, and the T turret was sitting on it’s top hidden from view behind a wave of Praetorians and smaller Centurions. 

When the wave of the faster Cylons was almost at the feet of the 90ton mech.  The Lance would fall back and keep the 2.5m tall machines off of the company commander.  The Mercury IIIs were able to do this with the pair of “hands”, so that they did not have to “scratch” the armor with their smaller class weapons.  Enough papercuts could still kill you.  The Centurions had proven that time and time again.  While the reinforced lance pulled back, the Captain activated and reactivated the “charging” arm to try to clear the jam in her Right Arm.  So far, she had not been successful in getting half of her firepower back online. 

It did not take long before the Mercury III’s were out of machinegun ammunition, and then they had to fall back on their pair of second-generation medium pulse lasers.  It had been found that the heavy MGs projectiles were the best way to take on and take out the massive numbers of smaller Cylons, and it was low heat.  The Locust IIC’s six arm mounted extended ranged small lasers did not run out of ammunition, but they could only take out one or two Centurions per hit.  They did generate heat, and lots of it.  Between that, and battle damage caused by the KEW’s and the odd missiles to their thin armor.  They were not putting out their maximum firepower after a short amount of close ranged combat.  All the while, the group of five mechs was slowly falling back towards the grounded dropship.  They were still loading people and animals as fast as they could, as the sounds of combat slowly got closer and closer. 


All five mechs made it to the second line of defense.  One of the Locusts was dragging one of its legs, like a person after a very bad snow skiing accident.  One of the Mercury IIIs was missing an arm, after a Tinmen had been able to lock it up with its turret cannons.  But they all made it to the next line of defense.  The line was invisible, at least until you crossed it.  This line had more people working on it, and they had longer to do the job.  The time that the first line had bought them, was well spent. 

Captain Robinson was the last one to cross the line, and she was only about five minutes in front of the remaining Cylons.  She had just taken out the last of the Cylon tanks, only to see another dozen make the last turn into the valley.  She was out of ammunition and almost out of armor plate, but she made it to the second line.  The five machines took up a very visible, but effective defensible line behind the hidden line of defenders. 

This line of defenders was heavier and with a lot more firepower.  They would to be more than a speed bump for the Cylons.  The lights were a pair of Mercury IIIs, then to one side was a 55ton Wolverine II or a real Wolverine IIC.  It was not the underweight Conjurer that the clan used as a second line unit.  Those 5 tons had been used to increase the survivability of the pilot.  This machine was a replacement for a battle-damaged Wolverine III omni, there were never enough of the new omnis.  The Wolverine IIC was an odd duck, which had been in production before the SLDF in Exile had left the rest of the Clans.  In a few years it would be called Hellhound, by the militaries of the House Lords.  All of those names fit the fast and tough machines. 

The heavy hitter on this listed medium lance, was a modified Riflemen III omni, gone were her beagle probe and medium lasers.  In their place were more heatsinks, so the assault mech could fire its laser weapons and autocannons longer, before heat became a problem.  The smallest in mass of the combatants, but the largest in number had not been there when Captain Robinson had passed through the area.  There were a dozen Colonials and SLDF army troops with SRM launchers and Mauser 960s.  They were right on the front line and they had come off of the Fury class dropship.  Not too far behind them, were four cargo trucks with mounted 12.5mm machine guns.  They had brought the ground troops here, from a security detachment somewhere behind them. 

The mission for the Colonials and SLDF army troopers, after they fired off their hard-hitting shoulder launched pair of short-range missiles.  They were to help the pair of Mercury IIIs, to keep what was left of the Centurions off the other two mechs on the main line of defense.  They could be like an ant swarm on an elephant.  The trucks were there, for when it was time to pull back the slow-moving ground troopers of this line of defense. It was a well-known fact that you can’t outrun Centurions on foot.  This line of defense needed to remove any remaining heavy weapons from the Cylon part of the battle. 

The Riflemen was still scanning the skies, but reports coming in from the dropships on the ground and the Styx over their heads made the scanning irrelevant.  All of them had said that so far, all of the Cylon air support was busy fighting the SLDF navy out in deep space.  That was okay with the Air Defense mech.  They could use its giant shot gun cannons on ground targets even better than against skeet.  It was just a matter of finding the right angle, to get the grazing fire just right.  Or just the wrong angle, if that fire was coming your way. 

When the Cylons showed up.  They were again in one wave of death, but it was moving more slowly by now.  The Cylons had learned already, that their larger Praetorians needed support from their smaller centurion and larger Tinmen.  This played right into the hands of the second line of defense.  The Wolverine IIC second generation large pulse laser, and the Riflemen’s twin class 5 ultra LB-X and Clan Large pulse laser mounted in each arm far out ranged any weapon that the Cylons had left on the field today. 

In English, this meant that the Cylons were in the kill box longer.  Then they found out a new surprise that the humans had waiting for them.  This was one of the few times, that all of the infantry could play their games.  Land mines started to explode along the front of the attacking wave of Cylons.  It did not slow the attacking Cylons down by even a half of a step.  What it did do?  It was to thin out the Centurions and human forms even more while they were out of range of even the SLDF weapons. 

After the Cylons had entered to a distance, that they could fire their KEW’s effectively.  The battle changed again on them.  Where the first line had been more static, in depth of the defense and one that Cylons had seen before.  This lance used its speed to shatter the attacking Cylon machines.  The battlemech broke into mixed pairs and jumped or raced across the battlefield.  The larger machines were taking out the larger Cylons, and the light mechs were machine-gunning down the smaller Cylons in job lots.  The first line of human defenders had taken a lot of missile hits, but the number of Cylons meant that they still had a lot more to have to endure. 

While the SLDF was taking on the main body of attacking Cylons.  Captain Robinson sent the damaged lance of light mechs farther back.  They only took out one probing attack of Cylons on this second line.  Only two sets of attackers could cover only so much terrain.  She had a feeling, that she was going to need them down the road.  Besides the light lance had taken enough damage, that they all were now moving a lot slower than they should. 

She was about to close in on a mixed group of Cylons making another break for the defensive line around the edge of the heavier defending lance.  She had forgotten about the ground pounders, but she would be glad that she had her battle recorders playing.  A large group of human forms and Centurions supported by a few Praetorians and by a lone Tinman charged the line.  And all looked good to them, that is until two dozen rockets came out of hiding on smoky trails. 

Each of the ground personnel had picked one Pretorian and had used the laser designators to mark or claim their targets.  Not all of the missiles hit, but the Colonials and the Army had spent a lot of time training with their weapons.  They were not going to have a repeat, of under trained personnel dying to defend the fleet.  Every one of the dozen or so 40ton machines was hit with at least one of the short-ranged rockets.  The Tinman had taken hits from 3 of the 4 missiles launched at it.  Recent history had shown that those few missiles should not have taken out something that large fighting for the Cylons. 

The rockets that the ground pounders were using were not filled with explosives, but something a little bit “hotter”.  Just like the Raiders and Heavy Raiders, the Cylons had been using since the surprise attack.  The walking tanks were known to have a good-sized biological section, as its controller.  The liquid lead cooled fission reactor was hot, and it was not just radioactive hot.  It was cooking an egg hot, not long after it was fired up.  There were reports that said they would reach almost 500 degrees C only an hour after starting up.  If that engine was hit the wrong way, and it was breached?  Well, let’s just say that this event was best seen from a distance and with a very well-made lead lined suit.  The Tinman had an internal combustion engine, and every good Finn knows how to take something like that out on the battlefield. 

A biologic life form can only “live” below a hard-sustained temperature number of 140 degrees Fahrenheit.  They can live above that temperature for a limited amount of time, before it needs to find someplace to cool down after prolong exposure.  After so long in combat or running their machines at or very near the maximum output of those machines for over two hours.  The heat in those machines was already a little over 100 degrees F in the cockpit sections, and alot higher in other areas of the machines.  That was why the Colonials had used inferno rockets instead of explosive ones.  This was the first mass use of those warheads, and it was a test to see how they would work in a mass setting. 

The white smoke rockets corkscrewed to impact on the 6m tall war-machines.  Waves of flaming liquid covered the machines from each of the weapons strikes.  It did not take long for the heat to be transferred, first to the delicate electronics near the flames.  Then the heat started to be spread to even the more sensitive, biologic control center. 

The Bio forms in the Cylons mechs were dog smart, just like the Raiders, and just like dogs.  They did not understand why they were in pain.  It was just that they were in pain, and it didn’t know what to do to get the pain to stop.  One by one and then two by twos.  The Cylon mechs fell to the ground, some would thrash around, and others would not.  This attack was supported by an upgraded Resurrection ship, so almost all of the Cylons would be saved that died in combat.  That group of Cylons would carry the horror of being cooked to death, into their next lives and the ones that followed.  In less than a year after this battle.  They all would be boxed and replaced in other mechs or bodies, due to some “issues” with higher Cylon command.

The Tinman tank’s bio from was better protected from fire, more by accident of a long dead human design team than any real plan.  The three SRM’s loaded with flame jell left three small flame lakes or pools of blue and orange fire.  They spread around by gravity, and motion of the tank as it covered the ground looking for humans to kill.  It looked like the flames were not going to stop this beast.  Then on the back deck one of the flaming pools started to be pulled by the air rushing around it.  Almost slowly the flames were pulled across the metal hull by an invisible hand. 

At some magic point that was defined by high-level math, the flaming liquid jumped up off of the deck and was sucked into the engine compartment.  As any mechanic will tell you, open flames of any kind are not good for an engine.  Most engines can handle heat up to a few hundred degrees, but flames add a second design challenge.  Computer controls, plastic ducts, and rubber lines started to melt.  It didn’t take long for a hydraulic line to start to spray a fine mist.  Even Iron will burn if it is in a fine enough form.  This type of hydraulic fluid did not need to be in that fine of a mist to react to the open flames.  The whole back of the tank turned into a massive fireball.  It would only take a few more seconds for those flames to reached something a lot more energetic than hydraulic fluid.  Maybe it was a design flaw to have those two large missiles exposed on the outside of the tank ready to fire. 

There was a massive thunderclap of an explosion that announced a massive red, orange, black and grey cloud.  The 75ton tank was blown in to slightly used parts, only dropped once.  That drop might have been from a few thousand feet in the air, but they only were dropped once.  The energy of the Tinman coming apart was enough to take out the last two walking few Praetorians in that group of attacking Cylons. 

The ground troops had not just been setting and watching, what their paired missiles had done to the enemy.  As soon as the missiles had left the tubes, the launchers hit the dirt.  Then up came the Mausers, and they started firing pulse laser blast into the still closing normal sized Cylons.  It did not take long for those dozen men and women to use lasers blast and grenades to wipe out three times their number of Cylons.  It would be they, who stopped this breakout attempt of the Cylon ground forces.  They were the ones that stopped the Cylons advance for another two hours, the mechs just took out the larger and slower types of Cylons. 


When the next attempt of the Cylons to break the line had been stopped, and after a long break of no shooting.  The Colonials and other ground troopers had made a break for the nearby trucks.  Captain Robinson thought they were pulling out.  It was the logical move, and it was according to the orders that she had reviewed.  After she had found out they had deployed to her area, she had made sure that they knew were the Fury class dropship was located. 

That was not what she saw them do.  Empty missile launchers went back into the cargo trucks, and out came more launchers along with what looked like battery packs from her point of view.  Before she could contact them on the radio, to find out what they were doing.  They had broken up into two-person hunter killer teams and were moving towards the Cylon’s lines.  They were not done with this battle, even if the Cylons wanted to take a little break. 


Adie Hermes was one of the orphans in the fleet and was now eighteen, or he could pass for eighteen anyway.  That was all that matter to him, that and a full stomach.  He had killed his first person not long after the fleet had finished that special kind of hell, of jumping every 33 minutes to keep away from the Cylon fleet.  It had been a predator, and it targeted the weakest among the human race.  It would not be stocking the fleet anymore, and that was thanks to Adie.  By the time the fleet had found New Circe.  He had killed two more people and hurt a few more, which needed it for the betterment of the human race. 

Now, no one messed with him.  He could have led his own gang in the quickly growing city, but he did not want to prey on his fellow humans.  He had a strong almost overwhelming desire to kill Cylons, and to kill lots of them.  He had tried out to be a Viper pilot, just like everyone else had in the Fleet and City State.  He had failed badly.  He just did not have the school background, to compete for those few slots.  And he did not have the natural skills, to get one of the few waivers that the Admiral made sure were available to all of those who had broken families but the right natural skills. 

He had taken to any military training, like a fish to water.  After he “finished” the minimal education requirements, he had joined the military full time.  He had just been mad as frak, that they made him wait that long.  He turned out to be great with heavy weapons, and he took to the new shoulder launched short ranged missile with glee. The City-State was copying the design of them off of a set of hardware, which had come back from the first supply run.  He knew with pride, that he had hit his target, with both missiles.  Now he and one of the Marines that had been on the Battlestar Pegasus, were teamed up to go forward in front of the SLDF Mechs.  They knew that they were called hunter-killer teams, and the thought made Adie smile. 


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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The older woman was packing one of the few SLDF pulse lasers the City State had access to.  She would keep the Centurions off his back, while he hunted for bigger game.  It was a good team, and they worked very well together, in all the training they had undertaken before coming to Nike’s World.  Now with a fresh set of launchers, he turned to her with a smile and threw her a thumbs up.  In his mind he didn’t know what he wanted to try for first.  A Rhino or Praetorian, that was going to be hard to decide on what to “look” for. 

They were moving off at a dog trot without a word being said between them.  It was going to take them some time, to catch up to the slowly pulling back enemy.  When they were close enough to a target.  Adie would motion to his partner, to let her know that he had a target worth their time.  When he was ready?  He would put two inferno missiles as close as he could to the biologic control center or onto the shoulder mounted missile racks.  He would just need to see what got him the best results. 

On their third return to the truck for this team.  They found that all of the missiles had been used and only the empty launchers were in the missile boxes.  That did not stop Team Hermes in the hunt to kill more Cylons.  He took a rack mounted Blazer rifle, and they went out again.  That weapons choice was going to affect them hunting large Cylons, but they had three kills so far.  The targeting the missile racks had been effective and very satisfying. 


Captain Robinson reported back to the flag ship, that the Cylons were pulling back to their landing area.  They had stopped the first attack, but she did not think that this would be the last attack on her second defensive line.  She ordered the lance to pull back, to their now visible defensive line that the scout lance had used to draw the Cylons in.  It was harder to pull the Colonials back to the main defensive line, than she could believe.  They had a bone in their teeth, and they were not going to let it go as long as they could see Cylons. 

At least most of them would come back, but not without a lot of yelling.  The foot infantry made it about a mile deeper into the Cylon’s lines, before they realized that they were without support from the mechs.  Then they started to drift back to the SLDF lines.  Now they were not happy, about being left out on their own.  The mech company commander had simply told them next time?  They needed to pay better attention to their comms, and then they would not end up flapping in the breeze in front of the enemy. 

Now with the local area under control of the SLDF.  She was able to think, and more importantly she could plan.  She first pulled further back the Colonials, after telling them what a great job they had done.  They were going back to the next line or third line of defense, that had been planned for.  Next to pull back was the slowest mechs, hers and the Riflemen.  When the heavy metal had reached the new line.  The Wolverine IIC would start its move back.  The last two machines to shift position, were the light machines.  By then It was dark, and they pulled back without the Cylons knowing that it had happened.  A few decoys were left behind, that made it look like a lance of mechs were still blocking the valley. 

When the battle had started today.  This last line of defense had only been held by three Riflemen IIIs omni set up for counter ground operations and the Scout Spector.  The line was now thickened up and then spread out, as more and more units were added to the defensive line.  Captain Robinson’s whole command, except for the pair of Locust that were under repair in the Union, were on the line.  Even the ground troops were in defensive points spread out with a fresh load of ammunition for their pulse lasers and SRM launchers.  After a few hours of nothing going on.  She stood half of her people down, so that some of them could get some sleep.  It had been a long day, and she was thinking that tomorrow was going to be just as long.  A set of techs flowed over her machine replacing damage armor and broken weapons, as soon as she settled into a position on this third line. 


When the sun came up the next day over the local area, and a second attack did not come.  Captain Robinson was ordered to send out her scouts.  They needed to find out what was going on, it was not like the Cylons to delay in attacking known human location.  It anything they kept attacking, until they ran out of lower units or all of the human forms had been killed. 

She sent out the newly repaired Locusts, both of the pilots had the most sleep of anyone in her command.  The Spector went looking a few hours later, and quickly reported a group of humans hiding in the nearby woods.  No one knew if they were humans, or if they were some human form Cylons setting up some kind of trap or ambush.  A ground team would have to be sent out to check on them later.  The fast laser armed machines went out on three different bearings, but the end point was the same for all three machines.  It was going to the field, which the Cylons had landed the converted colonial liners in. 

The pair of Locusts had been gone for only a few hours on the second mission of the day, when they reported contact.  The Cylons were hunting down humans.  The little scout mech had run into one group, and they were being hunted by a mixed team of male human forms and metal Centurions with fire support.  There were not that many people, that had planned on staying.  And they were spread out over the whole planet in small groups.  The single Locust had been able to take out the single praetorian, and a half dozen Centurions, but not before they had killed a homestead that four people had called home for who knew how many generations. 

Before she could be ordered, to send all of her scouts out, she flushed everyone.  She kept all of the heavier machines closer to the still loading dropships, in case this was a lure to leave the dropships and still loading cargo open to attack.  The war now shifted from a large set piece battle, to a war of scouts and small units of Cylons.  In one of the footnotes of the War of Nike’s World.  It was noted that even the Colonial born tech crew went looking for Cylons when they were off shift.  The Ground Commander broke up Colonial and SDF ground units into four teams.  Each team was centered around a truck, and out they went to do battle with the Cylons and try to save or recover as many of the locals as they could. 

When she did report the news of the attack on locals, and that she had sent out her scouts to counter this.  She was told that the last Colonial ship had launched with a “full” load during the night.  During one of these lifts of the Colonial ships, one of the modified Cylon controlled liners launched into pursuit of the Colonial ship full of new refugees.  That attacking landing ship had run right into the guns of the Modified Tramp Class ship named after a river, used by Hades.  Tartarus was were the modified liner had ended up after that run in. 



Cylon tank, rhino, or Tinmen.  BAR 7 or 8, and around 75 tons with ICE powered.  Turret mounted 6 x Heavy recoilless cannons on main turret, 1 x Twin ground based long barreled 25mm KEW on forward hull, and 2 ready to fire Gorgon long ranged Anti Air missiles.  Armored as hard as a Scorpion tanks, 30kph cruising speed.  180mm RCL with 48 rounds.  Each round massing about 60kg to fire a 28kg HE or HEAT warhead. 

Why all of the unique mechs? I got tired of waiting for TRO Golden Century. 

Locust IIC.  I would have preferred to have a Piranha, but the Wolverines do not have the resources to invent it.  It is still a few years away, even in Clan space. 

Sling omni.  25tons Clan XL 175, Clan grade Ferro-Fibrous armor, Clan Endo-Steel and 10 DHS.  No fixed jump jets and the rest is open mass. 

Rifleman III omni.  80 tons Clan XL 320, Clan grade Ferro-Fibrous armor, Clan Endo-Steel and 10 DHS.  No fixed jump jets and the rest is open mass. 

Wolverine III omni.  55tons Clan XL 275, Clan grade Ferro-Fibrous armor, Clan Endo-Steel and 10 DHS.  No fixed jump jets and the rest is open mass. 

SLDF BN (reinforced):  2 Unions, 1 Lion, 1 Confederate, and 1 Fury class dropship.  36 battlemechs, 12 light vehicles, 4 inf platoons made up of a mix of Colonials and Clan Wolverine personnel.  (random rolled on Dropships SLDF)

Prototype 2nd gen LBX Ultra 5.  It takes the HOD but adds revolver tech, like you would find in the US M39 or GIAT 30 to boost the rate of fire.  It’s a RAC without the added long barrels.  But it will jam more at the higher rates of fire. 

The Spector:  It is based off of a SPR-4F, only with clan tech weapons.  It is a first line mech and would get first crack at any updated weapons.  They did not want to risk all of those stealth systems, so the old armor would stay the same. 

The makeup of the lances.  First lance was randomly rolled with 4 light mechs.  The second one also randomly rolled with 1 Assault, 1 Medium, and 2 Lights.  The last lance is an assault Lance with 4 Assault weight mechs. 

Nike as I see her:  This was done by someone else and it was posted to the original AU. 
Model/Name:  M5 Caspar Drone (Wolverine) SLS Nike
Tech:              Clan / 3025
Vessel Type:       WarShip
Rules:             Level 3, Standard design
Rules Set:         AeroTech2

Mass:              782.000 tons
K-F Drive System:  (Unknown)
Length:            653 meters
Sail Diameter:     1.127 meters
Power Plant:       Standard
Safe Thrust:       4
Maximum Thrust:    6
Armor Type:        Lamellor Ferro-carbide
   20 NL55
   20 AR10 Launcher
    2 Killer Whale
    2 White Shark
   32 LBX Ultra AC/5*
   32 LR PPC*
   32 Medium Pulse Laser
   32 Laser AMS
    8 Barracuda
   40 LRM 20+ArtIV
    8 NL45
Class/Model/Name:  M5 Caspar Drone (Wolverine) SLS Nike
Mass:              782.000 tons

Equipment:                                                            Mass 
Power Plant, Drive & Control:                                      187.680,00
Thrust:  Safe Thrust: 4
      Maximum Thrust: 6
Kearny-Fuchida Hyperdrive:  Compact (Integrity = 16)               353.855,00
Lithium Fusion Battery                                               7.820,00
Jump Sail: (Integrity = 4)                                              69,00
Structural Integrity: 70                                            54.740,00
Total Heat Sinks:    2.200 Double                                    1.543,00
Fuel & Fuel Pumps:                                                  10.200,00
Bridge, Controls, Radar, Computer & Attitude Thrusters:              1.955,00
Fire Control Computers:                                              2.418,00
Food & Water:  (271 days supply)                                       193,50
Hyperpulse Generator:                                                   50,00
Armor Type:  Lamellor Ferro-carbide  (1.246 total armor pts)         1.094,50
                           Capital Scale Armor Pts
   Location:                            L / R
   Fore:                                232
   Fore-Left/Right:                  207/207
   Aft-Left/Right:                   207/207
   Aft:                                 186

   Bay 1:  Fighters (12) with 4 doors                                1.800,00
           Fighters (12) with 4 doors                                1.800,00
   Bay 2:  Small Craft (4) with 2 doors                                800,00
           Cargo (1)                                                 4.316,00
   Bay 3:  Distributed Dataprocessor Core (1)                           50,00
           Distributed Dataprocessor Core (1)                           50,00
   Bay 4:  Distributed Dataprocessor Core (1)                           50,00
           Distributed Dataprocessor Core (1)                           50,00
   Bay 5:  Advanced WarShip ECM Suite (1)                            5.000,00
   Bay 6:  Nuclear Weapons Locker (1) with 1 door                    4.000,00

DropShip Capacity:  2 Docking Hardpoints                             2.000,00
Life Boats:  12 (7 tons each)                                           84,00
Escape Pods:  12 (7 tons each)                                          84,00

Crew and Passengers:
      5 Officers (51 minimum)                                           50,00
     20 Crew (196 minimum)                                             140,00
     50 Marine Battle Armor Troopers/Elementals                        350,00
     68 Bay Personnel                                                     ,00
Weapons and Equipment      Loc        SRV    MRV    LRV    ERV  Heat    Mass
4 NL55                     Nose        22     22     22     22  340  4.400,00
4 AR10 (10 KW, 10 WS, 20 B)Nose         *      *      *      *   80  2.500,00
2 Killer Whale(20 msls)    Nose        14     14     14     14   40  1.300,00
  2 White Shark(20 msls)                                         30  1.040,00
4 LBX Ultra AC/5*(400 roundNose     3(28)  3(28)  3(28)     --    4     52,00
4 LBX Ultra AC/5*(400 roundNose     3(28)  3(28)  3(28)     --    4     52,00
4 LR PPC*                  Nose     7(68)  7(68)  7(68)  7(68)   72     24,00
4 LR PPC*                  Nose     7(68)  7(68)  7(68)  7(68)   72     24,00
4 Medium Pulse Laser       Nose     3(28)  3(28)     --     --   16      8,00
4 Medium Pulse Laser       Nose     3(28)  3(28)     --     --   16      8,00
4 Laser AMS                Nose        --     --     --     --   48      6,00
4 Laser AMS                Nose        --     --     --     --   48      6,00
3 NL55                     FL/R        17     17     17     17  510  6.600,00
2 Barracuda(20 msls)       FL/R         4      4      4      4   40  1.560,00
4 AR10 (20 KW, 20 WS, 30 B)FL/R         *      *      *      *  160  7.400,00
10 LRM 20+ArtIV(1002 roundsFL/R   16(160)16(160)16(160)     --  120    454,00
4 NL45                     L/RBS       18     18     18     18  560  7.200,00
4 LBX Ultra AC/5*(400 roundL/RBS    3(28)  3(28)  3(28)     --    8    104,00
4 LBX Ultra AC/5*(400 roundL/RBS    3(28)  3(28)  3(28)     --    8    104,00
4 LR PPC*                  L/RBS    7(68)  7(68)  7(68)  7(68)  144     48,00
4 LR PPC*                  L/RBS    7(68)  7(68)  7(68)  7(68)  144     48,00
4 Medium Pulse Laser       L/RBS    3(28)  3(28)     --     --   32     16,00
4 Medium Pulse Laser       L/RBS    3(28)  3(28)     --     --   32     16,00
4 Laser AMS                L/RBS       --     --     --     --   96     12,00
4 Laser AMS                L/RBS       --     --     --     --   96     12,00
3 NL55                     AL/R        17     17     17     17  510  6.600,00
2 Barracuda(20 msls)       AL/R         4      4      4      4   40  1.560,00
4 AR10 (20 KW, 20 WS, 30 B)AL/R         *      *      *      *  160  7.400,00
10 LRM 20+ArtIV(1002 roundsAL/R   16(160)16(160)16(160)     --  120    454,00
4 NL55                     Aft         22     22     22     22  340  4.400,00
4 LBX Ultra AC/5*(400 roundAft      3(28)  3(28)  3(28)     --    4     52,00
4 LBX Ultra AC/5*(400 roundAft      3(28)  3(28)  3(28)     --    4     52,00
4 LR PPC*                  Aft      7(68)  7(68)  7(68)  7(68)   72     24,00
4 LR PPC*                  Aft      7(68)  7(68)  7(68)  7(68)   72     24,00
4 Medium Pulse Laser       Aft      3(28)  3(28)     --     --   16      8,00
4 Medium Pulse Laser       Aft      3(28)  3(28)     --     --   16      8,00
4 Laser AMS                Aft         --     --     --     --   48      6,00
4 Laser AMS                Aft         --     --     --     --   48      6,00
1 Lot Spare Parts (1,00%)                                            7.820,00
1 Colonial FTL drive                                                78.200,00
1 Colonial Grav Plating                                                150,00
TOTALS:                                            Heat: 4.170     782.000,00
Tons Left:                                                                ,00

Calculated Factors:
Total Cost:        11.923.990.400 C-Bills
Battle Value:      135.177
Cost per BV:       88.210,2
Weapon Value:      91.955 (Ratio = ,68)
Damage Factors:    SRV = 4.021;  MRV = 3.582;  LRV = 2.276;  ERV = 783
Maintenance:       Maintenance Point Value (MPV) = 439.188
                   (63.122 Structure, 230.216 Life Support, 145.850 Weapons)
                   Support Points (SP) = 30.385  (7% of MPV)


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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Chapter 41

By Cliff
Beta and Clean up:  Not done
Reviewed by Hotpoint and Cannonshop

15 Feb 3049
Nike’s World Back in Space

Robert has had very little sleep for the last few days.  By luck?  His ship had been on the other side of the planet, when the Cylons had micro-jumped into the very high atmosphere/low orbit of the planet he was orbiting around.  Robert had not been able to do anything, as the Cylons maybe landing ships popped into existence.  What he could do, was use his two small craft.  They had been able to keep an eye on the enemy landing zone from the safety of high orbit.  They did lower overflights every few hours, and the data was pumped to the flagship of this operation.  The Zug and the Caspar were hunting down the Cylon Basestars or groups of Cylon small craft that tried to interfere with the evacuation.  It was not going as well as Captain Ferry had hoped.  This new class of Basestar was a whole new type of warfare.  So far, the Caspar was doing better than the larger McKenna about scoring hits on the beast.  Still none of those hits had been a knockout blow. 

Robert felt helpless and he knew his crew did also.  When the massive number of ground base Cylons started to move, his reports reached the Flagship before the ground-based commanders had.  It was not as detailed as the ground force, but it was there first.  This just meant that he had longer to stew on not being able to do anything about it.  If he had the Hobgoblin?  He could have launched a few airstrikes against the masses of Cylons moving across the open fields.  If he had trained attack crews, for his 2 small craft?  He would have sent them down to see what trouble they could cause.  Instead all he could do was sit in orbit and wait for the dropships to launch. 

All day he had watched and into the night, but he still could do nothing.  He was missing more and more not having the Hobgoblin around, to use its fighters to launch a few attacks.  The one bit of good news was that the next grounded Colonial ships had started to report that they were nearing to be full.  It was not long after these reports came in, that those same ships were lifting off the planet. 

The Colonial ships had by in large not been able to pull everyone from their home worlds, when the Cylons had launched the surprise attack.  Without talking to any of the other ship’s skippers, to see what they wanted to do.  They had decided, on their own.  That they were not going to lift off this planet unless they were taking fire or were filled to capacity at the red line level of their life support equipment.  So far, the only areas threaten by the Cylons were the ones defended by the SLDF ground forces with the three large dropships.  By midnight on the Styx’s ships clock.  The last interstellar Colonial ship had lifted off the planet.  It was the last ship that launched, that things had changed on the ground. 

One of the Cylon liner/landing ships had lifted off in pursuit of the fleeing Colonial crewed ship filled with the families of the locals.  The nice thing about being in high orbit?  It was, that it was hard for anyone at the bottom of the gravity well to surprise you. 

Robert had no idea that he was sleeping, until the Radar operator sounded off and he almost jumped out of his seat.  “Radar contact, a lift off from the Cylon landing zone.” 

Before Robert could ask a question, or for his brain to fully come online, more information comes into his command center.  “Sir!!  We have an Olympic Carrier class ship lifting.  It looks like she is trying to close in on the Astral Queen.  She just lifted off with a full load of civilians and local cargo!” 

Now Robert’s mind was going at full speed.  He was a combat trained SLDF Naval officer after all.  He just played a Merchant convoy commander for the Inner Sphere.  “Put it on the plotter!  And get the Landing Boats ready!!”  He might not have a heavy fighter squadron, but that did not mean that he didn’t have some teeth in a purely space environment. 

Robert rose and walked to the main plotting table, as the information was plotted.  His eyebrows went up and he did some heavy math in his head.  Then he reran the numbers on the computer near that station, and they came up almost exactly the same.  He picked up the phone and contacted the fleeing Colonial ship.  It took about five minutes, but he convinces the other ship’s master to follow along with his rudimentary idea.  It was not even a real plan, but it was the best shot he had to do two jobs at once.  And you never know, it might just work. 

The ex-prison ship shifted its course by just a few degrees when the radio meeting was over.  It was so small of a course change.  That it was not very likely, that the human forms at the controls of the converted liner knew why the course had been adjusted.  Or it could have been that they did notice the change, but they felt that it was not something to worry about.  The Queen went to full power on her plasma engines and she went “under” the SLDF vessel, and then it jumped away from this star system.  It could have jumped out well before this point in space.  What did this delay accomplish?  It was that this left the Tramp class dead in front of the on rushing Cylon piloted vessel. 

With the ship load of civilians gone and out of the line of fire of the Cylons, Robert was ready to act.  From behind the long ship, two Mark VIIs landing boats flew out of the shadow of the JumpShip.  These Mark VII landing boats were not the same vessels, which the Styx had carried closer to Earth.  These craft were newer, and they were built to a full clan standard of weapons technology.  They might mass 150 tons and carry 31 tons of cargo in its protective hull.  But they each had the weapons load out, that was better than most medium class fighters the House units had access to even to that day. 

The pair of craft came burning out from behind the Styx.  The JumpShip fired off its nearest facing second generation extended range large lasers at the enemy vessel.  The fire control systems on the modified JumpShip, was able to target the on rushing converted passenger liner with ease.  Just as fast as the computer had the information.  The weapons fired and they were able to strike the liner at long range for these types of weapons.  The Styx was just lucky that the Cylon ship was not packing Capital scale Cylon missiles.  That would have cut down on the amount of forces the converted liners could carry to the surface. 

This was when the battle computers on the Styx and Battleship found out some more information about the Cylon manned liners.  The Liners had not only been converted to carry a mixed Cylon landing force, but they also had put some additional armor on the outer hull of the liners.  They had also added four box missile launchers.  They might have been taken from old Raiders, which had been lost or otherwise not in service.  When the Styx fired on the approaching ship.  It had quickly returned fire on the odd-looking ship off of the Cylon’s bow.  The missiles were only the same size as what the Raiders could carry, but Cylons made very good missiles. 

Deep in space.  The Number Two at the controls fired his entire load of missiles, at the craft that had blocked him from reaching his prey.  Clouds of particles were left behind the missiles, as each missile decided how best to kill their assigned target.  There were limited choices and soon the missiles “clumped” together, and this was okay by them.  At least as far as the weapons systems of the Styx were concerned. 

While the missiles were still closing on the human ship.  The Styx was able to hit the Cylon controlled vessel, with three more raking attacks by the clan tech lasers.  Now after about a dozen hard hits from those laser weapons.  The Cylon modified ship was starting to vent atmosphere, and other loose items from within her hull.  One laser strike had hit something flammable, and it looked like a massive fire was burning in the 800foot long vessel.  Now it was the turn of the two attacking small craft, to see what they could do to the Cylon vessel with their weapons.  They had been in a loop, building up all of the speed that the fusion engine could turn out.  This built up speed made them faster than any Cylon missiles known to exist. 

The twin craft had to get very close to the converted liner, so that the second-generation medium pulse lasers could hit with enough force to do “real” damage on the vessel.  This also had brought them into range of a dozen 30mm KEW’s on the modified liners.  The soft and slow rounds didn’t do that much damage to the heavily armored SLDF small craft. 

It only took one pass, before the liner was dead in space as a spaceship.  It was soon in small pieces, after the laser fire had set off the ship’s thinly armored covered fuel tanks.  This area of the liner had been up armed as well.  But it would seem, that the Cylons had not learned that much about the power of human made DEWs.  Now all that the two craft had to do, was see if their ride out of this system was still there for them. 

The dozens of Cylon missiles came slashing into the old JumpShip at high speed.  They had not been affected by any of the SLDF ship mounted jamming systems.  But to contact the hull and do any real damage?  They had to pass one last bit of a hurdle, which the old SLDF made sure this ship had been equipped with.  That was in the form of a half dozen old style ammunition fed anti missiles systems.  When the self-contained radar on those systems told them to fire?  They did, and streams of hard metal bullets flew away from the armed ships in short streams of heat and light.  It only took one bullet from all of those bullets in a stream to take out even a Cylon missile. 

The missiles were flying very close together, and when one missile was hit by a hard projectile?  Its fuel and warhead would detonate as only Colonial and Cylon missiles could.  This would take out any missiles around it.  This depleted some of the firepower of the attack, but it did not stop them all.  Eight missiles struck the long vessel, in a rippling attack.  Robert had been lucky that among the missiles that were taken out, were the two nuclear tipped weapons launched at it.  They had been hidden in the missile wave attack, hoping that they would survive any counter fire.  Luck was on the human’s side, this time. 

Robert and his bridge crew were strapped into their chairs, with the helmets down and locked on their spacesuits.  They had been watching the wave of missiles closing, and it didn’t take much brain power to know.  That it was going to be hard to stop all of those incoming messengers of death.  When the numbers started falling as the AMS did their jobs, the crew breathed a little easier.  Just when the missiles reached their target.  They were hit and hit again, and each one shook the people inside the metal can of a ship. 

Warning lights brightened up all over the place around the bridge, as the hull was cracked.  If this ship had been a Star Lord or other “normal” civilian JumpShip, she would have been in trouble.  The Styx outer hull held; unlike the liner they had targeted.  The Styx, when she had been first built.  They had foreseen the possibility that ships of her class might be fired on.  These little things were what protected the ship, from the pinpricks of damage all along her length. 


Robert was looking around the different readouts, when the shaking stopped.  “Contact Flag and let them know about the modifications on those tubs.  Also tell Captain Ferry, that we will pass along an updated damage report in an hour.  Right now?  It looks like we are good to go, when the dropships are ready to blow this fruit stand.”  Robert had given his orders and now he only needed to wait to see what was going to happen. 

Robert was reading a report, when he overheard one of the bridge crew asking a question.  “So when was the last time, a civilian JumpShip was able to sink another JumpShip?” 

Robert’s head snapped up and looked around the bridge.  It didn’t take but a second of looking around to figure out who might have spoken.  The red face, neck, and ears was a good giveaway.  “That is a good question.  And as far as I can remember, right now.  It was during the run from clan space.  Don’t count on getting a line in the Remembrance, for just doing a good job.”  He let his voice get lighter, to take the sting out of his words.  99.9999 percent of his people would do anything to be granted a line in the oral and written history of their people. 


For three more days, this system was a battleground that stretched from the ort cloud too deep into the planet’s forest.  More people were pulled off the planet, than had been in what the first plan had called for.  Being invaded by thinking machines?  Ones that wanted to wipe out all your family and friends, has a way of doing that.  Also, people running for their lives tended to have less baggage and want to board ships a lot faster than normal.  They also stopped hiding their real population numbers from the SLiE

No one that wanted off this planet and made it to a human ship, was left behind.  It had not been a bloodless campaign for the humans.  The SLDF ground forces losses were right at forty percent, in personnel and machines.  Every wrecked body and mech was recovered from the planet before the last ships lifted off the planet.  The light mech forces had been almost wiped out, with only one Mercury III still functioning under its own power propelled on two more or less functional legs.  Not one of the mech or light vehicles in the four companies would be truly listed as combat ready.  Many were reported as only being good for parts donors, and they would need to be sent back to the main depot for complete rebuilding. 

The light and medium weight machines had been operating alone over a broad arc, and they had been swamped in a sudden wave of Cylons.  One Locust and one Mercury III had their anti Cylon device fired, before help could arrive for the pilots.  There was nothing to be recovered from those two mechs, but information.  That information?  It was that the anti Cylon capture device worked……very well against the pair of nearby praetorians.  There were also losses for the conventional ground forces in the form of infantry, 4 light tanks, and two hover trucks with their crews.  All of the bodies were recovered, but it still hurt the small units the Fury had dropped. 

The space battle had also taken its toll on the SLDF aerofighters.  But they had taken out a huge number of Cylons, before they had died or were rendered combat ineffective.  Almost all of the craft had been recovered, but not all.  The SLDF was bleeding equipment, highly trained and irreplaceable personnel at a steady rate.  All to recover a few hundred thousand Victorian era steam powered personnel and ranch animals.  And every member of the mission was proud of what they had been able to accomplish.  This was an expensive mission so far, but maybe it was about to change. 

After the first Cylon converted liner had tried to take off.  A few bombing runs had been made by two pairs of jump fighters on the landing zone.  The Cylon liners were not going anywhere, for now.  The downside was that it was notice that the Cylons did not seem to mind about the loss of these craft.  The only functional Cylon ships that were still in system, were the now much damaged Basestars that were left operational at the edge of the system.  They were staying well away from the Nike and the Zug.  Colonel Gao and Captain Ferry had worked out that they were waiting on something, and they had pulled all of their ships back in very close to the planet to support the evacuation. 

The Two Mammoths and all but one of the Unions had left the planet by the third day.  Now the Bovine was not just carrying livestock.  Now she also carried a mix of humans with the four-legged animals she had been modified to carry.  The remaining Union was using the open space of the emptied mech bays and depleted repair parts storage areas, to carry anything that could be packed into them safely.  The Colonel and her senior staff could read the numbers, and they were not liking that they were going to have to leave all of this good salvage behind.  But it was a question of people or salvage.  All of the data and updated briefings had been sent back to higher command via the HPG built into both of the large warships.  The Colonel and her staff had worked out that getting all of the unarmed people out of the Cylons way was the most important.  This plan had won out, hands down when High Command replied.  Metal was something they could get lots of places. 

The little fleet of three SLDF ship’s crews had a collective heart attack, when the modified sensors on the Zug detected an incoming jump.  The little SLDF fleet only had 60 seconds warning, but it was enough to at least get the weapons ready to fire, and to have the fighter crews running toward their craft.  With luck it was not a Cylon fleet jumping into high orbit around the planet, but two more SLDF ships.  The two ships were the most massive warships that the SLDF Navy had left to field. 

The Bis and the Beast were the two ships nicknames.  The Beast had been working on the reputation that Cain had ruined, but she still had an uphill battle.  The Beast had come along way under Captain Adama.  Taking a few nuclear hits on the nose of your ship tends to do that, or it was radiation sickness from the radiation enhanced weapons used against the rest of the human race.  The Pegasus had taken those hits to protect one of the shiploads of civilians that had volunteered to leave the planet before this last effort. 

Colonel Gao had been keeping SLDF Command informed about what had been going on with the built-in HPG on the massive ship.  She had no idea what was being done with the information, but now it would seem that it had not fallen on deaf ears.  Before the two warships contacted the local Flagship, six of the eight dropships that were carried on the great battleship Bismarck and Pegasus started burning towards the planet. 


Gibson was looking at the read outs and he could not work out what was going on.  Out of the corner of his right eye, he could see that Nike was looking at him.  She was tapping the toe of her left shoe at a steady rate.  It was a sure sign that she knew something, but she was waiting to be asked what she knew.  That meant that it was not life or death information, but it could be important.  Alan let out a breath and shakes his head. 

“Okay Nike, give.  What are they up to, I have no clue?”  Gibson even threw his hands up into the air to show his frustration. 

The Avatar gave a sly grin, the waiting had been killing her.  Now it was an okay time to make her Captain work for it.  “I should make you beg.” 

Alan let his voice go hard.  “Bondswoman!!” 

The female with black eyes smiled and she tried to look apologetic, and utterly failed.  “Okay, the six dropships are burning towards the Cylon landing field.  The dropships are mostly cargo ships, but the upgraded Triumph can carry a mix of mech and vehicles.  I think that they are carrying heavy salvage equipment.  If they can pull even one of the jump drives out of the liners?  This mission would be gang busters successful.  Currently, there are not any major groups of Cylons within 400kms of the wrecked Cylon landing ships.” 

She stopped talking, looked down for a second and then looked back up at her Captain.  “We are being sent a message from flag.” 

Even with Nikes computers.  It took a few seconds to run the complicated decoding software, and to put the message through its paces.  “We are being ordered to cover the operations on the planet below.”  The tone she used let Alan know, that she was not really happy with those orders. 

Alan’s eyes flew to the damage diagram on one screen.  There were not any red zones, but they were more than a few amber ones spread out on the ship’s armor schematics.  “Did they say how long they were planning on taking for this operation? query affirmative?  It’s not like we have been in a running battle for almost a week already, are anything like that.” 


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Now Nike could have used this opening to pull his chain, but she quickly decides it was too much of a risk.  She just lets it slide.  “No data.  It’s a “until mission complete” or until the Flag calls it.”  She stopped talking and raised her eyebrows. 

Gibson could tell that Nike was holding something back.  “Okay, Nike.  Use that second core of yours and run the numbers.  When was the last time you had some down time?  You seem crankier than normal.” 

Now Nike raised an eyebrow.  “I am counting the transports as one of the upgraded Triumphs.  It’s one of the ones that the Galactica took on her first run back home.  The other dropship the Beast carried is and older style Triumph, she does not have a name but a hull number.  The Bismarck dropped off the mule class called the Lisbon Maru and a second Mule that is also just using a number.  By the way Alan.  Who names a cargo ship after a floating war crime, like a Hell ship?” 

Alan had no idea what she was talking about.  “Nike…What is a hell ship?  Never mind.  What else are you tracking?” 

Nike was about to go off track, but she came back online.  “They have that cargo modified Union White Rabbit 2, and a Mammoth class that wants to be called Hercules.  It kind of seems, like they jumped out here with whatever they could scrape together.  The only ships that are “normal” are the Olympia and Zeus.  They are the only real combat ships among the dropships.” 

Gibson nodded, and he was trying to run the numbers for all of the ships that the AI had identified.  “They probably grabbed every large off-road cargo transport they could get, along with any loader mech within a few hundred miles of any drop port on the planet.  They must have jumped every hour, to make it out this far so fast.  What do you think they are going to do?” 

Nike waited for a second.  She knew that when you replied to quickly, it made the biologics nervous.  “Each of those Colonial liners comes in about 20,000 tons fully loaded and fueled.  If they have a few dozen Colonials with them?  They could rip the engines out of all five liners they have left on the ground, and just cut up the rest around the lift points.  The Mammoth could carry two hulls, just by itself.  After that?  It will just be a matter of how fast they can pick up the different battle zones and not glow in the dark.  There is a lot of metal in those Praetorians, it might be a little hot.  But the Tinmen, Centurions, and the weapons from the human forms won’t be an issue.” 


It took SLS Nike almost half an hour to get moved out of low orbit using her massive nuclear fueled engines.  She was keeping an eye on what was going on the planet below.  After a few hours of watching.  It was threw intercepted messages between the dropships and the massive battleship in orbit that they found out what was going on.  Nike smiled at her commander.  It looked like she was right… again.  She made a note to remind her captain about it later. 

Down on the ground of Nike’s World.  Out of the dropships poured out wheeled, tracked, and walking machines of various types.  They were followed by groups of humans and three human form Cylons.  Those three were the ones in charge of this part of the operation.  It was in a bid to avoid what had happened on that first attempt to salvage jump drives ripped out of Heavy Raiders.  This group knew how best to take what was needed in working order, and about how to do it.  The last part was very important, they had a “loss” rate of over 80 percent on the field recovered jump drives on first testing after recovery.  Only about a quarter could be repaired after they were recovered from those Heavy Raiders. 

By the time Nike could not “see” what was going on.  The first liner was being cut into with laser cutters attached to work mechs, and the first cargo trucks were at the nearest battle site collecting and filling removable cargo containers.  In less than six hours.  Four jump engines that looked repairable, were pulled and packed into a special container brought just for them.  One drive was deemed good for spare parts, and it was also pulled out of the converted liner’s hull.  Those four good engines were split up after leaving the landing field.  They were loaded on the Union, each of the Mules and the Mammoth. The Mammoth would also carry the parts donor engine.  Every shipping container that could be emptied on short notice in the New Circe system, had been collected and loaded onto the cargo dropships before coming out here.  Now those containers were quickly filling up with Centurions, Tinmen, Praetorian parts, and anything else that looked worth the mass and was metal. 

At the dozen hour mark, things again changed with jump signatures coming into this system.  This time it was not Colonial or SLDF ships, but Cylon reinforcements.  Ten normal Basestars and three more heavily modified Basestars, now called Dreadstars joined the damaged modified Cylon ship.  The Cylons had sprung their trap.  Now all they had to do was kill what the trap had caught.  It was like the dog who caught the car. 

The Cylons were still working out how to use their “new” systems effectively.  Too few had been able to “share” most of the knowledge on this subject.  They were learning, but right now they still were thinking that a “new” toy would fix everything.  The only thing the Cylons knew, was that two more human ships had arrived in system.  The Cylon spy ship had been too far out from their arrival point, to get a good reading of what was going on.  They would get better information, as the now reinforced Cylon fleet advanced. 

The SLDF had centuries of space combat experience under their belt, and they knew some tricks that the Cylons and Colonials never had thought about.  One of those was called “Deception mode ECM”.  The SLDF had been working now, for years, with a lot of help from the Colonial navy.  They both had been able to modify their existing tactic techniques and procedures, on how to fight a larger Cylon battle fleet.  It had started as ideas on how to fight the combined Clan fleet, so they did not have to start from scratch with the plans or training. 

If the Cylons did pick up any information about the two new ships?  They would look like a pair of Colonial ships.  They also would look like they were smaller than a Valkyrie class Battlestar.  It was hoped that the two smaller ships would look just like the beginning of a new ship construction program the humans were working on.  This was something that would have to be done, before the Colonials could put a full sized Battlestar in production. 

The head of this part of the Cylon fleet was a Cylon human form known as a Number Two.  The Number One’s had come up with the idea to make this generation of Basestar, but it had been the number Two’s that had been able to get the required production facilities up and running this quickly.  That did not mean that they had that much experience in commanding a space fleet, much less a space fleet in combat.  The Number Two had an easier time taking control of the remaining fleet, than he had expected.  That was thanks to John’s powerful Dreadstar taking a hit, which sent him all the way back to the Hub to get a new body along with the rest of the Command staff of that ship. 

This Number Two thought he understands how to use a big hammer.  He made sure that he had all of his ships together in one fist from around the system, now that the reports had come in that Daemon had been found again.  He had wanted to wait longer before closing this trap, but he had a feeling that the Earth and Colonials ships were going to leave this system.  If he waited for another day, before launching his attack?  He would have another five Basestars and one more new generation Dreadstar.  All of them also would be full of Heavy Raiders. 

The first thing, after getting all his ships on hand and into the system in conflict.  He formed his big hammer.  He first launched all of his small craft at the damaged and war weary human fleet.  They were to put a lethal, but ablative buffer, out around his capital ships.  With the first part to his plan now done.  Now he started moving his capital ships towards the only planet that could support life.  This was done in two steps.  First the second generation Basestars would move forward, with the Heavy Raiders acting as a screen.  Then the older generation Basestars would micro jump to the other ships.  It was a game of leapfrog, only with capital warships. 

This was going to use a lot of fuel, but it was worth the risk to kill the Daemon and to finally capture a few examples of new technology the humans had been using against the Cylons.  The civilian power plant had been a huge help in opening the door of fusion power energy supplies.  Still it was understood that they needed a military grade plant, to start leveling the battlefield.  Then again, if he could only take out the ship called Daemon.  That would be worth losing every ship in his expanded fleet.  The old prison power plant was being copied in some of the larger ground Cylon bases stretching back to old Cylon and Colonials space.  It was looked at as a steppingstone of knowledge, and a way to cut down on the fuel supply line issues. 

Captain Ferry was looking at all of the information coming into his McKenna Class ship’s CIC.  They knew already that these new class of Basestars were missile boats with thick skins.  But they also packed a few dozen heavy cannons.  On top of that?  It was fast, for its size.  Ferry was looking at all the data, to include what was the current situation on the surface of the planet.  He had just ordered the Styx and its three dropships to leave the system, as soon as they could.  He had been surprised when he had read the report that the merchant ship had burned down a Cylon crewed ship.  Still he knew that there was a big difference between a modified passenger liner and a Cylon Basestar. 

That would be in less than two hours, before the Tramp would be leaving.  His dropship commanders wanted more time to load out everything they could.  That was as of the last briefing, they were just over the halfway point in the amount of useable cargo space left open on the newly arrived dropships.  His eyes shot open as he was multi-tasking.  That was the key, and his hand struck out snake quick.  He hit the replay, and then the fast forward on the data display of the movements of the Cylon fleet.  The Cylon commander had fallen into a pattern, and it was a pattern Captain Ferry could leverage against them. 

Captain Ferry gave an evil grin, as a modified battle plan popped into his head.  He needed to either wipe out the Cylons quickly?  Or he needed to drag out the battle for about six more hours.  The problem was that he needs to make sure the Cylons did not just decide to jump into high orbit, and rain down hell on the planet.  He was going to play a card he did not want to, but the Cylons seemed to be very interested in one ship under his expanded command.  He had noticed that the whole Cylon fleet was moving more towards one line of travel.  Now he needed to “block” that line.  It was not something that was easily done in three-dimensional space.  That is unless you had the right bait. 

Ferry looked around the CIC and waved for his staff to come over to his location, and again was thankful for the gravity plating.  It had been retrofitted onto his command, the Flagship of the whole SLDF navy, sometime ago. 

“This is what we are going to do.  I want to keep them in system, for as long as we can.  First, we will be moving out in two by two cover formation.  Leading our group will be the Bismarck and the Caspar.  They are about equal in firepower, and the Cylons have a good idea of how hard they have been hit.  The Pegasus and the Zug will be tail end Charles.  Query Affirmative.”  When no one spoke up he continued as the plan fully coalesced into his brain. 

“We will be moving out at 2gs of acceleration, when we break orbit.  Now when the screen and Basestars reach this point in space?”  He was pointing at an empty spot on the holo projection.  “We all will jump, the Bismarck and Nike will exit here, and take on the Basestars.  They are to delay them from jumping to support the rest of the screen and the new style Basestars.  The Pegasus and Zug will jump in here and take on these Dreadstars.  Our fighters are to keep the little fish off our hides, while we take the larger ships out.” 

Admiral Franks nodded; he had taken a shuttle over from the Bismarck after jumping into this system.  He might be the head of the Navy, but Captain Ferry was the warship commander.  Now he felt it was right to step in and back up the captain with some public support.  “Yes, they are.  And now, we will see how they will react with a full broadside of Heavy Naval PPC’s.  I think we will jump in between each of the ships, fire one or two full volleys.  Then all ships are to jump all the way to the old style jump point.  We can dump the heat while the Cylons work out what happened, and where we went.” 

That was the end of the meeting.  The right hand of god had given his directions, and it would be so.  A more detailed plan was worked up, but the base idea was the same.  It was just that some of the numbers were a little more refined.  Nike was not that happy with the plan, when it had been transmitted to her.  After all?  She would be outnumbered five to one by the Cylon capital ships.  She did not bring up any issues to the two senior SliE naval leaders.  That was not her mission.  Gibson approved of the changes that the Nike would be making to her part of the plan.  To many times in the past, they had been pulled out of the battle or used “in a supporting role”. 


When the Cylon “fighter” screen and its Basestar support reached a point in space, and it was about four minutes from when the rest of the Cylon fleet would jump in and join the screen.  The humans joined battle against the Cylons.  The two newly arrived battle wagons jumped to within 100 kilometers of the upgraded Cylon base ships and screening Heavy Raiders.  At this range it did not take but a heartbeat to target and fire the ship’s massive weapons.  The humans were taking a page from the Cylon play book in the early stages of the war.  The Heavy Naval PPCs fired from both sides of the ships into targets off her port and starboard.  The Battlestar Pegasus did the same, but her nose mounted heavy cannons and a few of the attached Star League lasers were fired at a third Basestar.  The Pegasus broadside weapons generated a lot more heat than the old but heavy coil guns, and she could then use the powerful nose weapons without risking overheating. 

The humans might have had the element of surprise with the two battleships, but the Cylons were very quick off the mark to reduce the surprise.  By the time the second volley of weapons fire was coming off the human ships.  A huge tidal wave of missiles was starting to come at them from the Cylon ships.  The anti-missile systems on the two warships went into overdrive trying to take on the wave of high-speed guided metal.  As soon as the jump drive built into the two human ships was ready?  They were ripped out of local space and put somewhere else.  Just has planned, all without anyone needing to push a button. 

Admiral Franks and Captain Ferry were looking at each other, but they could not say a word as they fought to keep their food down.  Two jumps within 60 seconds?  That was not good for the ships, drives, or the people carried on them.  It was a lot better than death, but some would argue that it was as close as you could get without meeting Saint Peter.  It took a solid three minutes, to get to feeling “normal” after the last jump.  They did not have three minutes to waste. 

“What is the status of our ships, and how did we do?”  Admiral Franks was able to croak this out, but he was now thinking that he needed to find someone else to do missions like this.  There were just somethings, that should be left for the younger generations. 

Ferry was looking at the data on half a dozen screens spread out around him.  They were replays of the last action going about half speed, but some of them were going a lot faster.  “We took out the cripple and had solid hits on the other three Dreadstars.  Those six NL45’s were a nice addition to the Colonial’s firepower.  Pegasus got two solid hits from her nose weapons on her target.” 

As a long stream of sweat rolled down Captain Ferry’s face, and he wiped part of it off before continuing to talk to the head of the SLDF navy.  “We got good hits.  But man, even with the missing HNPPCs we gave to the Galactica?  We are still dumping too much heat into the main heatsinks and were still overheated, but they are working.” 

The ships XO came over and started talking, as new information started coming in.  “Sir, the Olympia and Zeus have separated and have started launching the CAP.  The Bismarck and the Caspar just reported after jumping in.  It looks like the Bismarck took a small nuclear weapon close on her starboard side and mid-way down her hull.  She would have taken a second one, on that side.  If the Nike had not came flying in and took it instead, after the Bismarck lost most of her anti-missile systems on that side.  She has started fast charging her jump drive and LF batteries.”  That was the first time that anyone could remember Captain Ferry’s XO using the Caspar’s chosen name, in public. 

Admiral Franks was reviewing the data, himself, on his own screens.  “Looks like the Nike did her torch of the god’s routine again.  She burned two of the Basestars into ash, before she got her guns into play on the other “normal” Basestars.” 

The Head of the SLDF Navy was humming to himself.  “Looks like she took out two more Basestars and damaged another one with her own guns.  The Biz took out two all by herself.  That is the quick way to go from ten, to down to three capital ships.  Just too bad they could not get their fighters launched into them.  Query Affirmative.  They might have been able to take them all out, if they got them into the battle.  Then again?  They had all of those Heavy Raiders to deal with.  No, it was a good idea to keep them under armor for now.”  Franks and Ferry could not help but admire the combat capabilities and the skill the AI warship was showing. 

The Admiral was playing out a dozen different variations to this main plan, but each one didn’t work out as he needed them to.  That just meant, that he had to come up with a new plan.  That was the life of a navy commander.  The enemy just would not lay down and die in the way and in the numbers, you wanted them to.  There was a reason that they were called the “enemy” after all. 

Admiral Franks stopped that line of thought for a few seconds.  He would have plenty of time to work on those “what ifs”, later.  Right now, he needed to finish this fight.  And then if he lived?  He would refight the battle in his head, when his people were not dying.  “Okay, get all of the jump fighters out on the outer edge of our screen.  I want the rest of the fighters closer to their carriers.  When it’s time to go?  I want the non-jump fighters brought back on board right then, and I don’t care what carrier they land on.” 

Franks gave his aid a sly grin.  “I wonder how long it’s going to take those silicon monsters, to figure out that we are using Cylon tactics against them.  All the while, they will have to switch back to the half remembered Colonial ones to fight us.” 


The human fleet shook itself into a different formation, and fighters that ranged in size from the 11ton Vipers MK VII to the 100ton monster that was the Kirghiz jump-fighter flowed out of the four human ships.  Each of the space launched fighters had as many Colonial made Lightening-Javelins Mk 2’s as they could safely carry out of the launch bays and tubes into space.  They would not be carrying them for long.  Those weapons would be used, as soon as the Cylons light speed scanners picked up where the human fleet had gone to.  They were going to mouse trap the Cylons, when they reacted to the move the humans had just made against them. 

It did not take the Cylons but a few minutes to get a reading of the human’s new location.  It took them longer to work out what to do about it.  The first move of the Cylons was to regroup their spread out and different combat groups into one fleet again.  When they split their forces into one spread out wave of leapfrogging?  This had given the humans a chance to defeat them in detail.  With them in one fleet, again.  They jumped out to the edge of the solar system, and the fight quickly resumed.  Cylon Heavy Raiders mixed it up with human piloted ones.  The three Dreadstars and three remaining Basestars went after the human warships. 

Nike stuck to the weak side of the Bismarck, like a tick on a butt cheek.  Her weapons took out another Dreadstar.  But it seemed not only to her, and to both senior leaders.  Then again, the Dreadstars and Basestars were also sending more fire her way, than any other human ship.  The fighting was well balanced between the two fleets without either side being able to force anything.  Then an HPG message arrived from in system, and it caused a change to happen about how and why the battle was being fought at the very edge of the star system. 


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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One word was sent out to all of the fighters, the smaller Vipers and Avars, and non-modified Visigoths started breaking off combat and going full power towards the nearest friendly carrier.  As soon as the light friends were in the closest nest.  The rest of the fleet jumped.  They were first going further out system, and then back to the planet closer to the star.  The first jump would lead the Cylons away from this star, and it would have them looking in the wrong place.  That would buy some time, for the second part of the plan to gain traction.  The human warships didn’t join them on this part of the run, but they also jumped away from the battle with the Cylon fleet.  Very soon the only ships left in that part of space, were the Cylons, scratching their heads trying to figure out what the humans were up to.  It would take some time for them to realize that they had just been left with the bill.  It was a case of ding, dong, and ditch on a star system scale. 

The HPG message had come from one of the dropships on the planet.  They had been packing everything down as fast as they could and as completely as they could, given the battle taking place over their heads.  Now as each of the dropships that had been left behind, was filled to capacity with Cylon salvage and any last-minute evacuees that had come out of the woodwork. 

When full?  They had lifted off the planet’s surface and went into a very low orbit over the planet.  When the last dropship had cleared the atmosphere?  The faster than light message was sent that said they were ready for a ride home.  Unlike the two Olympus class ships, these dropships did not have a colonial jump drive modification.  They were stuck in this system unless someone could come back and pick them up. 

They were on a very tight timeline.  It would not take the Cylons long to realize that they had been played.  The first ships to dock were the two aerodynamic style Triumph class dropships onto the top and bottom of the Colonial Battlestar.  While that was going on in high orbit.  The Mammoth and the two Mules full of Cylon salvage started to attach themselves to the Bismarck and the Zug.  The last dropships to attach, were the Modified Union and the two 40,000ton carrier/escort/jump warships that had been defending the fleet.  The jump fighters and small jump dropships were landing, as the area that needed to be covered got smaller and smaller.  Jump fuel was hard to come by, and this would save a lot of fuel.  Plus, it would lower the chance of a miss jump and lose of pilot, or crew, and ship. 

In less than half an hour, after the recall message.  There were only the four large warships in orbit of the now mostly abandoned planet.  Even they were gone, before the Cylons returned to this deep in the star system.  Eight more jumps later, with only ten minutes between jumps.  The hulls of every ship, to include the fighters, were put under a very detailed inspection by ships crews. 

First, they ran a high voltage charge threw the outer hulls of the warships that was safely carried through any attached dropship.  The support crews for the fighters and small craft were doing a more hands on inspection of those craft.  “Only” a few dozen Cylon tracking devices were found, all on the hulls of the warships.  They were put into lead lined boxes and taken over to the SLS Bismarck.  She would be able to jump faster and farther, then any other ship in the Universe.  It did not matter if it had been built by the Clans, SLDF, Colonials or Cylons. 

She would return to the rest of the fleet in 48 hours, after dumping the devices into a micro black hole next to a gas giant that was not on any star map.  This locations data had been pulled from the Nike, and it had been added to the navigation data that the Colonials and SLDF had been able to acquire in all of their travels.  The Nike and her small crew were on their own after leaving the space around that green world.  They would make the best time they could to get back to New Circe, but they would have to do it all on their own. 



Total Population of Nike’s World?  It was a world with 1890s tech.  Even the people who lived there, did not know exactly how many people were on the planet.  They were not inclined to tell or track those numbers, just so that a slaver could capitalize on that information. 

Why leapfrogging?  The new Dreadstar have ex or recovered Colonial warship engines, but the older Basestars don’t have them.  That is a major difference in how you can use the ships in one fleet.  It would be like mixing Mustangs and Gloster Gladiators in the same flight. 

Oddshot.  I have no idea what is wrong with your guest account, but I only get some of your messages before it is truncated and then goes away.  PM me from the BattleTech site, if you can.  Reference the Elephants.  Hotpoint has to approve any new ships. 


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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I need a planet map for Canceron and no you are not going to get a hint on what is going on. 


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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i don't think any official planetary maps were ever made.
and the only view we ever got of it was in The Plan:

we are told it is known for its beaches, so at a guess it had a lot of islands, perhaps several large archipelagos. the shot in the pic above though seems to show a sizeable continent though.


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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i don't think any official planetary maps were ever made.
and the only view we ever got of it was in The Plan:

we are told it is known for its beaches, so at a guess it had a lot of islands, perhaps several large archipelagos. the shot in the pic above though seems to show a sizeable continent though.

I was hoping that someone had a BattleTech world map that was close to what Canceron was supposed to be. 


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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We also know that Canceron had a large population with huge overcrowded cities suffering from organized crime structures and gangs.

That is more than the wiki says ... but that what I recall from somewhere.


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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that question was answered in the prequel to nbsg


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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Chapter 42

By Cliff
Beta and Clean up:  Not done
Reviewed by Hotpoint and Cannonshop

19 Feb 3049
New Circe

The core of the SLDF Navy and attached smaller ships, would take two weeks to get back to New Circe from Nike’s World.  Some civilians might think that this was a bit of an over kill, to wait that long to get the fleet back home.  That is, now that they had all of the trackers taken care of.  But as Admiral Franks would say, “They had all of the known trackers.”  But what if they missed one?  Or what if the Cylons came up with a new trick on tracking the human fleet?  Then was it worth betting your life, or some civilians on that old information? 

The Admiral and the Lord Protector said no, and so it took them a few weeks to get home again, after the mission was “complete”.  Well it was a back home for most of them.  One of the good things about the delay.  It was, that they used the HPG to get a message out to the planners on New Circe.  It was a detailed list of recovered personnel and other resources from Nike’s World.  That gave the people back home some extra time to get things a little better set up, for the newest additions to this planet.  It would not be much, but the extra time was used to have the maximum impact on those shell-shocked refugees. 

The mission to evacuate the 1890’s tech planetary population, and then the recovery of the Cylons modified liners jump drives, had not been without a laundry list of issues.  This had been a huge mission, but there were always other things that needed to be done.  If things went sideways in the home system.  Three of the four warships could be rushed back to New Circe, it they needed to be recalled.  Nike would take quite a bit longer to make it home. 

The SLiE and Colonials still needed other missions to support the war the humans were fighting against the Cylons.  Finding an old but failed Star League colony was big news on New Circe, and a huge accomplishment.  The old Caspar had been around this part of space for hundreds of years.  She had seen, and more importantly she had recorded lots of things.  Although sometimes it was just blind luck, that she found something that turned out to be useful.  Like when she had blown her Helium seals, and her small crew had to spend some time on a very tectonically active planet between extreme Ice Age events. 

All of that data had been turned over not long after she had been made a “Bondwoman”.  It would take man-decades of time, to go through all of the files she had turned over to her human counter parts.  Every so often a file would be found that held very valuable information that somehow had not been intuitively cataloged by the warship AI. 

Like the star system, that the Star League Corps of Engineers had been working on before the fall.  They had been working on this project for a few decades.  But it was just one more almost minor project among thousands, which the Corps was working on around this part of the galaxy.  The idea was to test ideas, on how to Terraform planets like this in more populated systems closer to Terra.  Things were going well for a project that did not even have a name, just a twelve-digit number that a computer had given to it back on New Earth. 


The Shaky system 2760’s. 

The normal workflow all changed, while everyone was still recovering from the Spring Party.  It had taken that long for word to reach them, about what had happened to the ruling family of the Star League on far away Earth.  The system had a good-sized population, but they were working on terraforming core equipment.  None of them had planned on living out there for the rest of their lives, or even for another decade.  The first people with that mind set and skills.  They were not supposed to even start coming out this way, for another five or six years.  The messenger of doom had been a LF equipped Tramp, that had diverted here.  It had been while dodging what they thought, was a Rim World Hunter/Killer warship group working in this local area of interstellar space. 

Still this out of the way star system quickly became a rallying point for military units and other groups connected to the Star League.  They used this area to stretch their legs, get fresh air, and top off water tanks.  It had not taken the SLDF in Exile long to find the old Olympus class recharge station.  That was where they found out the history of this star system. 

The Corps of Engineers didn’t have the money of the Star League military, or DoME.  So, it was not one of the new Cyclops I or one of the two million ton new Olympus Mons class station that was shipped out to this part of space.  That left them with only the standard choices for orbital support stations.  They had just built a “normal” recharge station from a knock down kit, which had been on hand and left over from a different project but not needed.  This station became the center point of the star system, just as the Corps wanted.  It now was just used in a way that the Corps of Engineers hadn’t planned on. 

They did not have much combat power to add to what the General could wheeled, to take back the Star League from the Usurper.  The local Corps of Engineers did send all their LF and standard Carracks to help the General in his mission to liberate Terra.  That was in exchange for a huge number of Star Lords he had on hand but were less useful to his military needs. 

While the people of the Corps waited for the war to end.  They kept working on the terraforming of the planet and help repair what they could, that was left behind in this system.  They even went as far as stripping their own ships for parts, to help repair the military’s battle-damaged dropships.  As every dropship left that lost system?  The population got a little smaller, as the passenger areas were filled with Corps of Engineers personnel. 

A major party was thrown, when word reached them about the liberation of the birth world.  It was just too bad that it didn’t take long for the happiness to fade, as word came back in fits and bits about the political games being played by the House Lords.  It was soul crushing as more reports came in about the General getting stripped of his title as regent. 

When the General ordered the Exodus, the Shaky project had to react fast.  They had to choose between having enough lift to get the remainder of the population out of the system, our carry all of the military equipment that had been left behind in this system.  The system commander chose people, food, and other supplies as his first priority.  His staff found the dozen best dropships in system, which would be the best fit for what the local Corps of Engineers commander needed.  They had to strip parts off the rest of the dropships in the star system, which would not be making the trip to the nearest rallying point. 

They all were able to board those newly repaired dropships, and the station was put in hibernation mode when the last of the Star Lord class JumpShips had left the system.  They were never heard from again.  They were lost in space and lost in history, even the clans did not have records of them.  A miss jump had made it so that no one would ever know about this system.  Even the people who had left earlier had not made notes of this system.  It was just a minor system out beyond the edge of settled space. 

That is until the Casper with a small human crew had been forced to stay here and wait for a ride to its new home of New Circe.  When the report was made about this system to SLiE higher command, it had not been met by a mildly positive response.  It was only after they sent a team to “inspect” the report that things really got moving.  When they reported back about their find and generated a more detailed report.  This had started another major operation to be launched into what was now called the Shaky System. 


The Shaky system today.

The expanded inspection team sent by the SLDF used a mix of Colonial transports, “normal” dropships, and an escort of a pair of Leopard CV class light jump carriers.  They had found the recharging station within hours of arriving in the system.  Until this third visit by the SLDF, it had not been noticed.  The planet was important, but the massive space station was a piece of technology that they could lose.  If the Cylons came sniffing around or a pirate band showed up, at the wrong jump point.  They would stumble onto a major windfall. 

Why had the first group not seen the massive hunk of metal, it was the missing energy collection sail.  The massive four-kilometer recharging sail was not deployed.  And it could not be seen in the storage bins at the back of the 1.5 Km long object floating in deep space.  The SLDF could have made one of these stations, but it would have been a major undertaking for the already stretched SLiE.  The plan B was to take the sail material off three of the reserve ships, and then donate it to the project.  Those lost sails from the SLDF Navy reserve could be replaced slowly, as they had the time and the facilities to do the work. 

Two of the dropships made their way around and down the length of the massive, dark, and cold station.  The next item that was noticed, was that there were two combat dropships attached to two of the four drop collars fixed mounted on the station.  The station was at the deep space end of the null gravity point and a long way away from the single star in this system.  In another decade, the station might have been “legally” in interstellar space. 

You might think that space is empty, but it is far from that.  Also, items this far out are moving at speeds that your average person could not comprehend.  Most fighter pilots of the 21st century would have loved to have been able to obtain the average speed of those objects, even if they were very small compared to a 30,000pound empty weight fighter.  When something that fast hit something that is more or less stationary?  It leaves a mark, no matter how much or how strong the armor it might be wrapped up in.  The station and dropships had been sand blasted over the intervening centuries.  There was no way to know how bad the damage was to any of the orbiting craft.  That is until they could get a crew onboard the hulks, but most of it did look at least salvageable from the outside. 

It was only when two of the larger SLDF ships flew around the attached dropships.  That they could tell that most of the damage had not been done by some high-speed rocks and sand, but weapons fire.  Sometime before the station had been left behind.  These two ships had seen more than some combat, it looked like they had been dead center of a major battle that should have destroyed them.  The rest of the inspection of the outer hull did not give them any additional information, other than that they could not see any major holes in the hull of the space station. 

All of this data from the two scouting dropships, was sent to higher command in New Circe.  The Confederate was a very nice lance carrier, but the Lion was a great mixed force carrier, that the SLDF needed very badly.  Even if the larger dropship was just a hulk?  It should be worthwhile to rebuilt and put back into service with the Exiled Star League.  This newly scouted system was getting better and better, for Clan Wolverine.  It was full of items, which the planet of New Circe could have used for a long time.  That is, if they had thought to look at this red dwarf system some time over the last two hundred years? 

With the outer inspection done of the Olympus.  The dropships Hard Hat and White Skies docked to the open collars.  If they had to?  The pair of dropships would have used some of their small craft to dock to small access ports around the station.  Docking on the collars would make the boarding of the million ton station both easier, and faster.  At least it should have been.  This time?  It was going to be harder to do, than it should have been or planned for back on New Circe.  The targeted station had no power.  This was not uncommon, so the docking systems had been designed so that they could be operated without power.  It was just that it was going to take some additional time and it would cause some other odd little issues.  They were small, but still it would take some time for the SLDF personnel to have to deal with them. 

The crews had to enter the station wearing full space suits.  When the station crews had put the station in what was known as hibernation mode?  The air was pumped out and it had been replaced with nitrogen and argon at very low pressure.  This was done to protect the ships systems with the inert gasses.  The survey crews were soon moving threw out the ship in bronze color suits built by the Colonials. 

Colonial suits were lighter and more comfortable to wear than a Star League supplied deep space suit.  They just were not that damage resistant if someone was shooting at you.  In other words, they were perfect for this task.  Two groups had started out with twenty people in each group, but soon they were down to five-man teams making their way around.  The prime teams headed for the CIC and the Engineering department in the massive ship.  They had only their built in or hand carried lights to light the way as they floated around the cold dark man-made object. 

The first shift found and marked the way to key positions for later teams. They just had enough time to find the right places, open them up, mark them, and return to the two attached dropships.  All before they would run out of air in the nitrogen filled million ton space station.  The second shift was able to start bringing some of those systems online, using portable power supplies without getting lost along the way.  They could not deploy the massive energy catching sail or use the built-in fusion power plant the station was built with.  Those important items would need to be looked at and, in most cases, hours spent repairing them.  All before anyone would trust, that not only would they work, but that they would not kill anyone on the station. 

It was standard procedure to keep all of the battery banks on the recharging station topped off.  This was the power supply needed to start bringing the station back into operation.  Each of the 8 banks should have enough power to make a fully loaded Star Lord class JumpShip move 30 light years.  All of that energy had not been kept in those massive banks.  They had “leaked out” slowly over time that the station had spent in hibernation mode.  By the end of the second day, even limited use of computers and lights had drained the first bank dry of power.  The others had more charge, but they were using the weakest ones first. 

During the second full day of the reoccupation of the station.  The insides and outsides of the old station were literally crawling with people in copper colored suits.  The crews on the outside were checking out the solar sail and its deployment mechanism.  Inside the engineering section?  They were working two major projects.  One was helping with the possible solar sail deployment, and the other was working on getting the breathing air up to pressure and in the right mixture of gasses. 

Besides the group working in the CIC.  There were smaller three and four person teams walking and floating the now well illuminated halls, bays and cabins.  It might have been better to start at the top and work their way down the station.  That would have let them “check out” a lot of cabins in some kind of order.  Instead, they had a list of areas that might be high value.  It was like a kid opening the largest presents first on Christmas or on their Birthday.  They had no idea when or if the Cylons would show up, so they had gone with the best odds. 

The first areas to get a detailed inspection were the fighter bays, and to the shock of everyone.  They were filled with aero fighter craft.  They were not top of the line fighters of the Regular or even Royal units of the SLDF.  But the six heavy fighters would have been right at home in a house or mercenary unit in 3025 or a Star League militia unit, before the fall of that organization.  It would seem, what might have happened, is that if a unit had outdated fighters when they had showed up here.  Then they would “trade” them, before heading out to fight the Rim World units.  Or it could just have been that the Star League Corps of Engineers, did not have the money to spend on even second line SLDF equipment.  Now, no one would ever know for sure. 

All of the relevant information on classes of the found fighters was sent to the CIC on the station, and then transferred over to one of the support ships flying close by the station.  Maybe someone with a big brain and too much free time on their hands, might be able to figure out what to do with a pair of Thunderbirds and four Chippewas class fighters.  The crew that was inspecting them did not have a clue on what they were worth.  To them, they looked like metal waiting on the recyclers and the expanding blast furnaces. 

Another team was working on opening each of the small craft bays.  This took a lot longer than getting into the six fighter bays on the station.  Small craft bays were a prime avenue for any attacking pirate teams, to try to use to takeover something like this station.  When these areas were locked down into hibernation mode?  The crew had locked them down, in such a way.  That it was hard to force them open from either end of the airlocks, and the many blast doors in the corridors that had been lowered and physically locked into place. 

By the end of their shift, they had been successful in circumventing the efforts of the long-gone crew.  The small craft inspection teams were able to visually inspect four 200ton K-1 class Drop shuttles, and two smaller intersystem S7a class buses.  These types and numbers of craft were about what one would expect to find, on the station with so little population to support in a star system.  The SLiE had very few K-1s, and it was well known that more could be used.  Only the coming of the Colonials and their Raptors had this issue been abated.  That didn’t mean that a few more would not be very welcome into the order of battle of the SLDF military. 

The next two days were spent not exploring the station but working to get a steady supply of power into the station.  That was how long it took to finally get the very tattered solar sail fully deployed and get more and more power slowly going into the storage systems.  This was a new task for the clan as a whole.  They had not had access to a station like this, for a few hundred years.  Some thought it might have not been since, going all the way back to when they were recovering from Operation Klondike.  It definitely had been back before they had run from the clan space. 

For them to get the massive energy collecting sail deployed and working, in so short of an amount of time?  That was just a testament to their skills and quick thinking while they were floating in deep space.  With the slowly increase in the power available?  They were finally able to start getting the air breathable again.  The hull was sound, and by now this was not a surprise to anyone in the system.  If it had not been fully sealed?  Then the nitrogen would have leaked out into the area around the station a long time ago.  The systems on this station were a lot more powerful than on any of the JumpShips brought to support this mission.  After all it was designed to command a whole star system from this remote location. 

The supplies of water were quickly used up and had to be resupplied by the larger ships, gathered around the station.  They, in turn, had gotten it from the nearby ort cloud to restock their supplies.  By the end of the week, crews were floating around the station working on bringing up secondary systems.  Most of the rest were working in the engineering and command areas, and they were slowly coming back online. 

One area that was not even looked at to be brought online, were the over Kilometer diameter gravity deck and the smaller 150m VIP gravity deck.  That one was mounted on the bottom of the million ton station.  It would have been both a waste of time and energy for the short staff recovery teams to work on those two items.  It would not take long for Colonial made Gravity plates to be retrofitted onto this prize.  With the craft now more alive than in the last few centuries, now more crews were brought on board to help with this little project. 
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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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That was when the shocks started to come into the scratch-built command group.  It was as report after report was made by the different teams were reviewed by the mission commander.  First was that all of the food, clothes, and small arms were gone from the Station.  In fact, there was only about 70,000 tons of cargo left in its massive 139,000ton capable cargo storage bays.  More than a few hundred tons of those stored supplies had been used just to get the craft back in operations to support life.  A lot more would be needed to make it fully mission capable. 

All of the ballistic type weapon systems on the station had full loads of ammunition in their various ready bays.  The items in the cargo bay, as it turned out were the types of items that someone would need to run the station.  All of the construction or terraforming equipment was also missing from the massive cargo bays.  The surveying team had filed a report suggesting that it might be down on Shaky somewhere.  There was not much hope that much if any of it would be useful, due to the conditions on that unstable planet. 

The next massive hit of a surprise was found in Bay 3.  That bay was not just a cargo bay.  It was also a 50,000ton capacity full pressurized repair facility, and floating in it?  It was just a 17,000ton Lee class dropship.  The crew that had found it had no idea what the dropship was.  The only thing they knew, was that it was a massive Military Spheroid with lots of guns and massive engines sticking out of its butt.  A few hundred images were taken of the ship, and they had been transmitted off station with more questions than answers.  The station computers had been effectively wiped of all data, and it had not helped them work out what the huge dropship was.  It was not known if this was intentional, or just the effect of the deep space radiation. 

When the crews had finally been able to get Bay 4 opened.  They found another 50,000ton capable bay just like Bay 3.  This one was found empty, and they were a little let down after word had spread around about the found dropship.  It took both teams three days to force open Bay 5, or as is normally called “The Main Bay” on this station.  The wait was worth it.  Not only was this a huge 150,000ton Pressurized repair bay, as designed.  It was not empty.  It was a 20,000ton Military Spheroid, but this class was well known to Clan Wolverine and its military trained personnel.  They had not had access to one, after they had left the clan core worlds behind.  The few that clan Wolverine had access to had been needed by the defending forces, to buy time for the fleeing ships. 

Images were again taken of the Colossus class ship, and the whole bay filled with the needed equipment to make it a small yard ship.  Special attention was paid to the open and what looked like ripped out components of the drive section of the war craft.  Also, around the repair bay were several odd open squares like metal frame works.  Some were not completed, and others were complete, stacked, and tied down to almost to the height of the repair bay.  No one had thought to count them.  If it was that important?  Then the person who reviewed the images back on New Circe, could count them. 


It was at the one-month mark that a full meeting was held for the whole project.  The meeting was held in person or watching from in close orbit around the massive recharge station.  Work had not stopped, as the command groups were at the status update meeting. 

Commodore Milo Franks looked around the room.  The meeting was being held on a Colonial ship and not the station.  This was for the simple reason of comfort provided by the artificial gravity.  His second in command was Barry Garner and he was seated to his right.  He gave his second a nod of his head.  This was his meeting to manage, Commodore Franks was there only to act as a big hammer if it was needed. 

Barry nodded back to the Commodore.  Barry had already found out that this man was a lot different from the first Star league commander, that he had worked with.  Barry took a breath and tried to channel some of Bill Adama into his demeanor.  “Okay, we need to start with the planetary investigation teams.” 

Another Colonial sat up straighter in her chair.  “We are still looking the planet over.  We have been using Raptors and low flying dropships equipped with both DRADIS and Star League scouting equipment like the Beagle Active Probe, to gather as much detail as we can.  It would seem that the software update after Troy has increased the data intake by about 35percent.  As first reported, this planet is well named.  We have recorded what we would have called a major ground quake on every day/night rotation of Shaky, that rates at least Mag 8.9 on the opened scale.  So far, we have not found any humans or evidence of artificial construction on the planet’s surface.  I know that the Star League Corps of Engineers and DoME have a history and a well-deserved reputation of being able to hide massive structures, even right under the local’s noses.” 

This statement got a round of chuckling from the members of this meeting.  “We are still looking, and we are making a detailed map of the small planet.  What do we know about this world?  Well, it’s green and full of animal and plant life that fly, swim, and walk, for now.  I say for now?  Because there is very little doubt that it’s headed for another major ice age, in the near future, geologically speaking.  We have not found anything that shows this place was terraformed.  It’s almost like they were trying to hide, what they did for the terraforming.  We would like to have more time to keep looking to see what we “MIGHT” find.” 

Barry nodded to the other Colonial.  “Please make sure you update your mapping data packets, on the fleet’s mainframe.  We want to be able to have as detailed information, as we can get just in case.  You never know, we might need this planet in the future.  Next is the status update of the star system as a whole.” 

This briefer was a Captain in the SLDF, but older than most of the 06s that held that same rank.  He had been called up from the reserve not long after the level of threat the Cylons had been realized by the general public.  He was in charge of the two Light Jump Carriers, their fighters, and any other combat ship in the system.  He always had the look, which seemed like he had bitten into a lemon even when he was in a good mood.  He also was borderline angry all of the time. 

“We have picketed the system with our limited assets.  And so far, we have not detected any Cylons or other ships in the system or any evidence of others.  That is beside the recharge station, which this system has been so kind to give us.  It would seem, that this system was not occupied in around three hundred years.  As most of you know.  The first team, after the Nike, reported six artificial orbiting objects in this system.  We have identified them as six stripped and more or less hulks of the Star Lord Class.  They have been tagged with transponders, if we can recover them at a later time.  We are still looking around, with our picket patrols.  A star system is a large place to hide things.  We have a due in, according to the HPG message I was given.  We should be getting one of the Titan class jump carriers, in the next few weeks.” 

Barry was tapping on the screen of a little hand-held computer that was SLDF issue.  “Thank you, Captain.  When you do your next alert and training exercise?  Please pass to the flag any supply issues, after your last training review.” 

The big part of the meeting was next, and it was the one everyone was looking forward to.  It was the last briefer, and the head of the station’s reactivation teams.  This was the whole reason that so many of the SLiE’s resources had been diverted here.  “I will not go into most of the information that is widely known, already.  The dropships in the two internal bays are finally positively identified as a Colossus and a Lee class dropship.  Both of those ships?  They are Royal type ships, but unfortunately they do not seem functional at this time.” 

A soft rumble started going around the metal walled room from the physical attendees and the Teleop attendees.  The Captain had a sly smile on her face.  “Before everyone gets to excited.  Query Affirmative.  They both looked to have been stripped of a lot of engine and life-support equipment.  In short?  They are not combat ready, and we don’t have the parts, out here to make them ready.  As far as I know.  We do not even have the parts on hand, back in New Circe.  At least not in any ready to use storage warehouses that I know of.” 

You could feel the letdown cross the room like a wave of grey that could not be seen, but it very much could be felt.  New Circe only could support a limited number of different types of dropships.  That was one of the reasons, why getting rid of the two Trojan class ships was as important to the SLDF as a whole.  It was from a support point of view alone.  Those ships might be great and even needed, but they still might be scrapped in the end.  That call would be made at a much higher level than anyone in this room would sit in. 

“The two dropships on the outside of the station were both opened to vacuum.  The Lion has a 5m long crack in the outer hull, and the Confederate has a 3m crack running through about the same area.  The thinking is?  That it looks to have happened, before and they were left behind when the Corps left.  Again, the engine and life-support equipment were removed from both dropships.  Not ripped out but carefully removed, and they even took the time to mark the loose wires.  As some of you know already from the public reports back home.  Query Affirmative.  The Confederate class dropships are known to be maintenance hogs, even if it is considered to be a great raider.  This type of Lion can carry two lances of mechs and a company of light tanks.  We do not have enough of this class in operational service either.” 

The Captain stopped talking and waited for a few seconds.  When he started up again, he changed topics.  “We have gotten most of the station back into operation, with the backup fusion plant coming online last shift.  We will need to keep having support ships bringing in food and ice, to support the station and gravity time for the health of the crew.  All of the repair bays seem to be in working order, with enough parts to keep it in working order for some time.  We have the station, but it is going to take a lot of support to put it into any use.” 

The briefer stopped talking again, and he took a sip from an open topped glass.  That was something you could only do on a revolving style deck, or in an area that had artificial gravity plates made by the Colonials.  “All of the weapons on the station have checked out, so far.  And we will be able to start test firing each of them in a few days, as a final check out.  I would like to put in a supply request for a few hundred tons of standard armor plate.  I want to patch the outer hull of the station and add some reinforcing on places, that are known issue points for this design.  After that?  I would like to task the Hard Hat to move the Confederate and the Lion into the now open Bay 4.  When we have time?  We will try to get them up on shore power, and we can see what can be done with them.  I think we can at least fix their hulls with what the fleet has on hand as spares.  After that, it will be up to the Station to do the rest of the work.” 

Commodore Franks nodded and for the first time in the meeting, he joined into the meeting. He now was thankful that he had taken all of those notes when he had “talks” with his father “The Admiral” Franks.  “I will pass that along to higher command.  I think that it will also give you a chance to test the repair bays support systems, on something non-critical to the station and fleet.  I know that in less than fourteen days, two hundred additional personnel will be coming out to man this station.  We all know how important, that three more large repair bays could help our people.  Query Affirmative.  They would not be able to support the big warships, but all of the dropships and smaller colonial ships?  They could use this.  It would free up a lot of yard space, back home.  Captain.  Please bring everyone up to speed on what we talked about last night.”  Commodore Franks looked at Barry, who was tilting his head at the mission commander. 

The Colonial acting “Captain” was a little surprise at this order.  “Everyone knows about the fighters and small craft that we found already.  The Dropships were not fully loaded with combat equipment.  That does not mean that they were totally empty of combat equipment, ether.  We have not found any tanks, fighters, or even small arms on them.  We did find 24 battlemechs on the two dropships that were in the Shaky Prime’s repair bays.  We have fired them all up, and some of our people have checked out their diagnostic systems.  That was the only way that we could find out what they were, in some cases.” 

Barry stopped talking and used his finger, to slide to the right digital file on his little computer.  This was something that he had not expected to cover in this meeting.  He slipped just a little in his word choice.  “I’m not a ground commander, and we will be sending the complete list about the mechs, when we get the word to do so.  If any of you have an idea about how to use them here?  I am all ears.  To start with we found three 35ton mechs in the form of a Falcon Hawk, Night Hawk and a Talon.  Now the Night Hawk is not the same, as what we now call Nighthawks.  That has caused some confusion for everyone who has seen the reports.” 

He stopped talking and then took a breath.  “How about I just go down the list?” 

He was met with nodding heads in an agreement to his statement.  “Okay then!  We found a pair of prototype Dragon Fires, a prototype 75ton Maelstrom, and a pair of prototypes of the 100ton Devastators.  Those were the hard ones to workout, what they were.  The Lynx, Cestus, Excalibur, three Shootist, a pair of Spartans, and Emperors.  In a side storage area, off of Bay 5.  We found a 95ton Nightstar and a 100ton Pillager.  What I think higher command will like?  Is the Riflemen II, a pair of Shoguns and of all things an Annihilator still wrapped in plastic.  That is what we found, so far.  I think that this is going to be it.” 

One of the second officers connected to the ground teams, before being sent out this way, let out a bit of a whistle.  “I thought the old SLDF like to only field a few different types of machines in the same Regiment.  That is a short battalion, and it is a mishmash of machines like what the house units like to do.  Why would they have three escort mechs like a Shootist in that small of a unit?  That does not make any sense, according to their normal unit MTOs. Query affirmative.” 

A second person was looking at the data and had been working on some ideas of her own.  “They only took, what they knew they could support.  They left behind prototypes and or low total production machines.  They needed to maximize what they could support, long term, not the most cutting edge.  That was smart, very smart, and some long-term planning.  Too bad we do not know what happen to them, when they left here.  query affirmative.  The commander must have been highly skilled.  I wonder why we have not found any tanks or aero fighters that should have been left behind for the same reason those mechs were?” 

The second officer of the White Skies was flipping through images on his computer and zoomed in on something that stood out to him.  “Shipping cubage.  You can maybe only put 100 tons in a mercantile or Mec cube.  You can put two 50 tonners in one, or a mix of a lot of stuff, but still only 100 tons.  I saw a smaller version of these crates, for moving cargo trucks supporting Captain Copeland’s last supply run.” 

She spun her screen around to show the rest of the room what was on her small screen.  “I bet they reinforced them.  Then they rolled in a heavy tank or some smaller ones, and then they loaded the cube onto a dropship.  They might have used Bay Four.  All they would have to do is load, and then stack the next cube on top of it.  You keep doing this until you reached the deck head or deck mass limit for whatever dropship you are loading.  That would maximize your cargo space, that you have on your other dropships.  I bet you could take the wings and tail fins off the fighters and small craft, and then do the same with them.  It would take longer, but I bet you could do it.” 

Commodore Franks nodded and raised an eyebrow.  “That is an interesting idea, and it makes since.  They took an idea and then used it to an unusual end.  It would not be a great idea in a combat deployment.  But if you were not going to need them for a long period of time?  It is a good Fraking idea, and it fits very nicely with the evidence we have seen out here.  Looks like Copeland’s runs had an unexpected payoff.”  As “only” a Commodore, he was not read into all of the unexpected payoffs.  As a member of the Franks family, he had heard more than a few tidbits of data. 


The meeting went on for some time, but all of the big things were put out already.  Every week the meetings would be held, but little new information would come out.  The mechs were sent out along with the old fighters to New Circe on a supply run between the two star systems.  The fighters were replaced by a pair of new Colonial crewed Avars and two lances of SLDF jump Kirghiz.  The requested armor plate was sent, and now with the expanded crews.  The outer hull of the station was very quickly repaired, and work was started on detailed inspection and spot repair of the two smaller combat dropships. 

One by one.  The spare parts were worked out and handmade, in more than one case.  It didn’t take long for the larger but easier repaired Lion, to be moving under its own power.  It would sit at the jump point for a few weeks before it was taken out of system.  The ship that had taken out the Lion had brought some groundbreaking news from home.  The first test from using salvaged Cylon jump engines with SLDF computers had finally worked, on two of the test ships.  This brought up a very important issue that they might be able to “fix”.  The Olympus class recharge station with its fully functional repair bays was in an empty, and more importantly exposed system.  It would have been a major diversion of the limited heavy and light combat units of the SLDF to protect it.  That was a type of diversion that would hurt the SLiE very badly. 

That was when it was brought up about the captured Cylon Resurrection ship, at a high-level meeting on New Circe.  The captured massive ship had been put into orbit far out system, over the Newgate mining outpost and prison as soon as it had been brought into this system.  No one knew or agreed, on what to do with the “sleeping” Cylons.  Even after almost two years, it was still a touchy subject, for not only the Colonials, the SLDF, and the POW’s that had come over to the human side of this conflict.  So far about one hundred human forms had been “awaken”, as a test.  But without a core program?  It was not easy to predict what was going to happen with them.  The recovered POW’s from Troy had been trying to help, and it had “Saved” a dozen of them that had died due to injuries and accidents. 

The Cylon ship was huge, at close to two million tons of mass.  It was larger and more massive than the Colonial Mercury class Battlestar.  The captured ship needed an equally massive jump engine.  Just taking it out of the ship was a massive undertaking by a huge number of Station’s crew to do the work.  When the massive Cylon made jump engine was pulled from the oddly designed ship?  It made it easier for the people in this system to sleep better at night, knowing that the ship would not be able to leave the system.  If something happened?  The only thing it could do, was use its very undersized intersystem plasma drive to move around the outer star system. 

At first the massive jump drive was taken to be studied on the slowly expanding “Station”.  It was very valuable, but higher command knew there would come a time that it would be better used somewhere else. 

With the successful integration and testing of the first capital Cylon jump engines into a SLDF Navy ship, ideas flowed.  Some of those ideas were flawed, but some of the others might have sounded just a little crazy.  After a lot of computer time and about half a day of SLS Nike’s undivided attention, a plan was put into action that would use the latest recovered assets.  The engine was pulled out of the classroom and wrapped in a thin skin of armor plate, that had been recovered from a wreck a few hundred light years from this system.  Then it had been pulled out of the cargo bay on “The Station” for one more and maybe the last test of the device. 

The massive Cylon made device was too big to fit in one of the cargo bays on the modified Riga class ship called SLS Yukon.  It could be moved, but after all it was 120,000 tons of engine.  It was not something the SLDF Navy or the SLiE normally moved around in interstellar space.  The Yukon was not traveling alone, but with three ships of colonial manufacture.  They were carrying a variety of items, but the most sought-after was the Colonial made gravity plating.  It was the total production for the last three months, along with all of the stock held in the reserve.  They would be using a lot of the skill learned by the Styx and Zephier’s crews to carry this off.  The massive Cylon engine had to be attached to the flat part, near the nose of the warship.  Each of the jumps would only be about half as long as was possible for the weakest jump engine in this little convoy.  The shorter jumps were hoped to make it easier on this one of a kind engine.  Some of the engineers thought that they were whistling in the wind, but the ex Cylon POW’s from Troy had not been able to identify any issues with carrying the engine in this way.  Then again, no one had tried to move something like this before. 
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The Yukon was letting the Hard Hat take the massive Cylon engine from its hull.  The drive with its thin armored covered box still intact, was slowly pushed toward the station.  The Olympus class recharging station has an open area under what most people called the “hat”.  The hat was the largest gravity deck put into widespread use.  It was in this opening below that ring.  That the metal box was first pushed into, and then quickly attached to the hard metal surface on the top, bottom and on two of the smaller sides.  This looked easy for the team to accomplish, only because of the skill of the tug and the crew she deployed. 

The rest of the small convoy quickly unloaded their cargos of material and personnel.  They then went into both the station and to the other nearby ships, that were still in this system to support this now expanding mission.  The Destroyer/Carrier would spend four days in this system.  She was to be acting as the bad guy, for the local defense force to train against, before the warship was heading out on another mission.  The crew of the destroyer knew that the next mission was not going to be as interesting as the one they had just supported. 

While the ships were having their little wargame, hundreds of personnel were swarming over the hull of the station of every hour on every day.  It did not take long before the empty area of the Olympus was completely enclosed with a growing thickness of hard metal.  When the newly closed off area was airtight?  A dozen precut valves opened, and a breathable mix of gasses was slowly let into the armored shelled covered engine.  When the pressure did not drop by any measurable amounts.  The heavy hatches that were cut into the metal to connect the new engineering area to the rest of the station were opened for the first time.  These were only the first steps of a long process, but it was progress. 

When Robert was jumping out, as the Captain of the Styx again, to help out with the evacuation of Nike’s World.  The station was almost ready for its first test jump.  It was a long and drawn out testing regiment.  After all the Olympus was not designed to move around a jump point, much less move a few light years.  These test jumps were only a foot note in the reports trickling out of this system, but the notes were reviewed by a lot of very powerful people.  When the SLS Styx jumped into the L1 point over Nike’s World.  The Lord Protector was on “The Station”.  She looked down at the planet that looked to her to be their senior leader and she smiled. 


The evacuation plans had fallen back to Plan C, as soon as the Cylons had shown up in such a large number at Nike’s World.  The area set aside for what was being called the Victoria City-State, was growing like crazy.  They had almost three years to slowly get ready and plan for what needed to be done.  Between that and the experience gained from working with the Colonial City state, they had done a lot of work.  Also, it helped that this new City State spoke the same language, and they had a shared history with the old Star League.  This cut down on a lot of the issues, that had come up with the Colonials in the early days of setting up that City State. 

That didn’t mean that they did not have any problems with these new additions.  It was just that they should not have as many, major ones.  As the Colonial ships started coming back as soon as they were loaded.  It meant that instead of one wave of new citizens, as was originally planned.  It was broken up into smaller waves, just one after the other like they were an ocean.  There was a long delay between the last Colonial ship arriving at New Circe, and the massive load that was going to be coming in on the SLDF Navy ship and dropships. 

The smaller waves of new arrivals did help with the working out of a few bugs in the planned operation, before the final wave of over 300,000 people and animals landed on their heads.  She was thinking that Commander Copeland was going to be very happy, that he only had to get the three dropships back to this system.  Then those three dropships and their cargos were going to be someone else’s problem.  The three dropships would put down in the new City-State in one huge influx of cargo and personnel, and the locals would start working them into the new homes. 

Those three dropships would not be ready for any more missions, for some time to come.  The planners said that the first major improvement to the rest of the SLiE and SLDF would be in less than six months, from this group.  It was hoped that they would start filling in even more of the Infantry and artillery units before they could pick-up high-tech skills.  The Colonial supplied VR was going to cut into this expected training time, at least that was the hope.

The SliE needed trained people as well as farmers and Ranchers.  The few Colonial transplants and “Bondspeople” taken from the Cylons were already filling in, and in some cases.  They were replacing lost Wolverines in the combat units.  The rest were very helpful, as long as they did not have to deal with mechs or power armor. 

Jennifer turned from the massive window and walked to her hangar.  She might be the leader of the people on the planet, but she also had to maintain her skills at the stick of her chosen weapon.  For the next two weeks.  She would be spending twenty hours a week at the controls of a space fighter.  She was lucky, and she didn’t have to worry about being down checked.  When she took this job?  She had been put on the reserve roster.  She now had a Tomahawk with her name in block letters under the cockpit.  As it happened it was the same fighter her grandfather had flown when he had been the Lord Protector, until he had retired.  While she was just able to focus on the joys of flying, others were having to work. 


Helios Gamma well past Ophion

Captain Hewitt let out a little breath.  He didn’t know that he had picked up a habit of holding his breath before each jump, which would take them someplace that they might “bump” into anyone.  It didn’t even have to be Cylons, even humans made him do this. 

They were well away from any star or planet, and HH had selected this location to make sure they didn’t startle the group they wanted to visit.  “Okay Morton, bring us in close and steady.  Let’s make sure that they are still here.” 

The ship’s XO and second in command barely contained a snort.  He didn’t need to be given any commands, as the covert warship slowly moved towards the last known location of the target they were looking for.  Morton had a mental bet on whether the target was still there, and if it was not.  Another set of bets would be on, if it was missing because of Cylons or internal issues? 

A few hours later.  HH was looking at scenes that by all rights, should have been listed as a major industrial accident in space.  It was centered-on a wreck of a sub light Botanical cruiser class ship.  It had been hit hard by the Cylons, using weapons that were just short of nuclear ordnance and left for dead.  Around the long ship were half a dozen other spaceships attached at odd angles to the longer cruiser.  The only way you knew that it was still alive, were the few lights coming from the cruiser, that made up the central structure and a few other attached ships.  It didn’t take long to contact the train wreck in space and get clearance to dock.  It would seem that they were still alive, and the XO had lost his mental bets. 


The Sand

The first thing that hit HH when he exited the docking hatch was the smell, but it was quickly followed by the heat.  It must have been nearly 120 in the docking bay, and that was a clear sign that things were going badly for this homemade space station.  This deep into space, it was hard to vent excess heat.  Vacuum is one of the best insulators known to man.  Spaceships generate a lot of heat, and that was not counting the body heat the crew produced. 

HH kept walking and he tried not to let his face change, as he walked up to the man waiting on him. “Mike, good to see you’re still alive.” 

Mike Kay was the leader of this group of ships and survivors.  “HH good to see the Cylons have not found you, yet.  What can I do for you?” 

The two men turned and started walking down the main corridor of the sub light ship.  HH could feel the sweat starting to run down his spine as they walked.  HH pitched his voice low, so that no one could hear them talk.  “So, Mike.  How is it going?’’ 

Mike slightly turn to look at the warship’s captain.  “Could be better.  We found what remains of a fuel tanker.  She had one whole tank still holding pressure and full of fuel, and two others that had measurable amounts, despite the damage.  For once, fuel is not an issue for us.  If you have any extra food?  I can trade you some fuel for it.  How about you?”  He had seen a change in the officer since the last time they had crossed paths. 

HH did not react to the look or the information that had just been given.  “We’re good on fuel.  We found a small post 1st war depot, and I have the wife moving 500 meals into the docking collar.  They’re old, but they tested as being good.  We opened one to make sure the self-test on the packaging was still working.  It would seem that they are.” 

Mike about tripped over his feet, and his voice got a little too loud.  “Really!”  His voice dropped down a few octaves.  “What is it going to cost me?” 

HH kept walking down the hot corridor.  “We will call it even, for you helping those kids.  I think we will call it, looking after the Health and Welfare of spacers.”  One of the key legal requirements of the Colonial Navy, was to look after the health and welfare of ships on the space lanes that supported the whole Colonies of Kobal.  “How goes the rebuilding?” 

Mike dropped the idea about the “free” food.  “Not as fast as I would like.  We have made up our own backup hydroponics lab, but we still need some more work to get Number 1 dome ready.”  All of the domes had been “cracked”.  After Mike had found this ship.  He had started inspecting the ship and its dozen domes.  Within a few weeks he had started to do a detailed survey of the ship, thinking about how to fix it with what they had on hand. 

“If you have 20 or 25 space rated crew that I could borrow for a while?  I can get almost all of the outside work done in a few days.”  Mike pointed to a nearby hatch window, as a way to explain what he was talking about. 

HH looked out into a dark area, which took him a few seconds to realize that it was the inside of one of the wreck domes.  He had that number of crew, but he was not going to let this man know that or anything related to Ragnar.  “I can have 15 people ready, to take to space in a few hours.  Do you want to cycle your suits threw my engineering department for recharging?” 

Mike slowly turned to now look closely at the other man.  Very few things were free, in his mind’s eye.  “Now, what is that going to cost me?” 

HH was walking a thin line.  He was directed to scout and help any humans, which still might be alive in Colonial space.  But he was not to reveal anything about Ragnar, at least not yet to those outside of his ship.  Mike pulled out a thin stack of pages, from his cargo pocket.  “I need you to keep an eye on anyone of the people in these images.  All of them are dangerous, but some are more so than others.  Do not kill them, but you need to put them someplace safe and under suicide watch.  That is the important part, if you know what I mean.” 

Mike took the sheets of paper, and he looked at each of the different images.  What HH was asking, was not that much to ask for at first glance.  But if you think about it, it was a lot to ask when you add in the details.  “Okay, and yes.  I would like to rotate my suits for recharging and safety checks.  Let’s go to my office and talk some more in private, and we can catch each other up.” 

HH was still on shift when 15 of his crew, being supervised by 5 of Mike’s people went to work.  All they had to do was go to different marks on the 4 nearby domes and pull off what they needed, without breaking it.  Then they would “fly” it back, and then put items marked down as blue 1 were blue 1A was marked on the right dome.  Some of the supplies pulled from Ragnar before the small warship had left, had been basic battle damage repair items.  This was a good mission to knock the rust off the new hands, and get some work done to help this little pocket of survivors. 

Early the next day HH went back to Mike’s office.  It was a long walk, but it had the best views of the dome they were working on.  The hatch was open and HH walked right into the office of this “station’s” commander.  “So, how did it go?” 

Mike about levitated out of the chair he had been sitting in while looking into the dome.  “FRAK!!  Man!!  Don’t do that to a man of my years.”  Mike made a gesture like he was having a heart attack.  He held it there for a few seconds, before addressing the other officer.  “Your people were great!  I thought they would need two days and a few hundred-man hours, but your team got all of the work done in one long shift!”  My people spent the rest of the night running diagnostics and fixing some issues that were missed or repaired poorly.  We are just waiting for the icemen to show up.” 

The two man talked some more, and Mike started to point out different things in the dome.  The massive “sun” was on but without an atmosphere to scatter the light, everything looked… cold and with sharp shadow lines.  Outside of the collection of damaged ships attached to each other, a new ship jumped close by.  Most people didn’t know about how a botanical ship regulated the heat for her crew and kept all of those plants alive.  But it was due to some special engineering.  Most ships just had a lot of radiators mounted on the outsides of the ships, and then used water pumping threw them to cool themselves. 

On ships like this, those radiators ran into the domes and not on the exposed sides of the great ships.  The air in the domes was a lot better at “taking” the heat, then empty space was.  Mike had been bringing in ice to help keep his people from roasting to death after they had found this ship.  Today was just another of the schedule drop offs of ice.  The crew of that ship had been dropping off ice around Colonials space since before any of the current crew were born. 

HH watched as the ship landed in a landing bay, that used to transfer people directly into the domes for whatever reason they made the trip.  When the inner hatch opened, HH watched as 100 tons of ice was moved between the two locations.  He noticed right off the bat, that the artificial gravity was turned off in that area of the dome.  That was because there was no way 4 men could have moved that much mass under anything like normal gravity by hand.  HH could tell that they had done this before, as they moved the “cube” out of the hatch and to a nearby “box”.  Not one of them had noticed that the top of the Dome was now air “tight”. 

This box was something the new owners had fitted to the sub light garden ship.  The 100ton ice cube was loaded onto the box, and the crew “walked” back to their ship.  When the hatch was closed behind them, and locked.  The metal ice filled box was lowered until it touched the metal radiators.  Due to thermal shock, you did not want hot or warm metal touching something that was -150 Fahrenheit.  It did not take but a few minutes before HH could see the ice start to sublime.  Soon it started to shift in the high walled metal box.  He about jumped out of his boots when he felt the air move out of an unseen vent at his ankles. 

Mike felt something and he quickly walked over to a nearby head high vent.  “Oh, by the gods!!!  This feels good!!” 

HH would take the man at his word, but he did not feel any difference in the temperature of the air moving around his ankles.  In less than an hour, the 100tons of ice was reduced to a metal box about a tenth filled with clear liquid.  Most gasses were 500 times less dense in solid form than in their gas form.  That is why you have to be careful when you deep fry a turkey.  HH had to oversee some training of first aid being given to the locals, and he could not stay watching the ice melt. 

At the end of the first shift, HH was back in the command section of what most people here called “The Sand”.  He was stopping by, before he went back to his ship for the night.  He was expecting to leave this group of survivors late the next day.  When he entered the command center, he noticed that all eyes were on more ice being brought into the dome. 

Mike almost had a tear in his eye, as two more of the large cubes were brought into what HH knew was “The Dome.  “That is going to be the last ice today.  I paid with extra fuel, to get them to get another full load for tomorrow.  This should give us enough pressure in the dome to check for any leaks.” 

Even HH could tell that the light was different in the newly repaired dome.  He had no idea what to say, so he just got down to business and let the leader know about his plans to leave the station.  The pair also did a little house cleaning of small issues.  The largest was a gift from Mike.  It was a recovered fuel pump that HH needed for his port wing mounted drive pod.  It was more or less the payment for all of the help and supplies that HH and his crew had given to “The Sand”. 


When HH left his ship, the next morning.  He noticed something different as soon as the hatch way connecting the two vessels opened.  First was that the temperature had noticeably dropped, and the smell was less powerful.  As he moved around the ship, he noticed the mood of the people had improved over night.  He even saw a smile on one of the people he passed in the corridor, and those were very rare to find after the Cylons attack. 

When HH walked into the command center, again without being stopped at the hatch.  He made a note to address this security issue to Mike.  HH walked all the way to stand beside Mike, who was looking down at a larger video screen showing more ice being moved into the dome.  That seemed to be the center of attention for the whole command group. 

HH broke the ice.  “At least you won’t have to worry about having enough water for showers, after importing all of that ice.  I can tell that the temperature dropped already.  Getting all of that heat pulled out of the metal from the rest of the ship, is going to take a while yet.” 

Mike had a toothy smile.  “The convection currents will only get stronger and cool things down faster.  We might have to break out the coats, when the temperature drops below 80 in the rest of the ship for the first time.  The plants will love having all of this warmth to grow with.” 

“You are going to have to crank up the power, to crack all of that water to get O2 to breathe.”  HH was fishing. 

Mike smiles a knowing smile.  “The ice they collect out by Ophion, is 80 percent Carbon dioxide ice and only about 20 percent water ice.  When we get to about 7 psi?  We will move some of our younger plants and put them into the beds nearest the radiators.  We also will start pumping some of that CO2 into the algae vats.  The high concentration of CO2 should increase the yields explosively.  As the plants and algae grow, they will convert the atmosphere to something breathable for the rest of us.  I don’t know how I can repay you.  It was going to take me two or three months to get to this point, and I didn’t know if we would make it are not.” 

“Just pass along those images and a warning about those people, and we are good.  I might need to send a few groups out to you, which might need some food.  Oh, and you might want to plant some of these when the soil and temperatures are right.” 

HH passes over four packs of seeds that had strange writing on them.  Mike takes them and looks at the image of some strange plants with writing he did not understand.  When he flipped each packet over.  He notices that the back had an attached card, that explained what and how to get the best results out of the seeds.  Mike had no idea that these seeds had come from a very long way away.  Colonel Bellamy had dipped into his own hydroponics supplies, and he had given HH a dozen packets to be used to help any groups that might have a chance. 

Mike puts the packets of seeds in his pocket.  Seeds, no matter what they were, had a value greater than fuel. 

HH looked at the mass of jumbled metal as the ship moved away.  It was time to move to the next group that Captain Hewitt had found.  That one would be harder to deal with.  Pirates’ surprisingly were not that trusting in others.  HH and his crew had helped to improve this groups chances.  Hopefully if they helped enough different groups in the area, some of them would survive.  At least long enough that they could be moved to Ragnar.  Like with seeds, you never know what will take root and what will wither and die. 



How do you use the cargo space to ship Mechs, tanks and the like high density and oddly shaped items in the most efficient way?  I took the idea of TEU used to ship high end sport cars and boats today. 


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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it was pointed out that I had the wrong fighters so I replaced the wrong birds with Thunderbirds. 

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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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Took me three days, but I finally read to this point.  Excellent story, good bits of being a proper merchant (contacts, supplies, and knowing when a good deal should be taken), plus the battles going on that they are getting the supplies for.


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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Chapter 43

By Cliff
Beta and Clean up:  Not done
Reviewed by Hotpoint and Cannonshop

6 March 3049
Cate’s Hold

The Zephyr popped out of in-between space at the zenith jump point of the Cate’s Hold system.  They used the HPG trick to fool any maybe watchers, to show that this ship was just another visitor.  This jump point had been picked because of the information that Robert’s mission had uncovered.  This was the least traveled entry point to this system.  There was not another jump ship or living soul at this point or within a few tens of billions of KMs when the modified Colonial ship “popped” into being. 

Felix did not have to give many orders to his crew as he felt the ship “arrive”.  The great ring had kept turning during all four of the last jumps.  That was the way it had been designed to work, but they had wanted to make sure that anyone from the Inner Sphere would not notice it.  He did look around the area.  “Threat!  Are we clear?” 

The radar operator was taking in a lot of data.  So far, as best that he could tell?  There was not anyone near them.  “Sir!!  Scope is clear out to six light seconds and growing.” 

Felix turned to look at the mission commander.  “Colonel, we have entered the system clean, or so it seems.” 

Lt Colonel Sarah Mann was about to have a problem breathing.  She knew a lot about this system.  She had been here three times before this mission, and she had been one of the ones bitten with the “Lost Unit” bug.  She had studied this system and read every report, and she knew things.  Like she had known that there were not any jump point stations.  She had been both upset and happy when it was reported that not one, but two tunnels had been found. 

“Commander, please pass along who we are and that we are coming down for some prospecting and to stretch our legs.” 

All Felix could do was nod his head.  He understood that this was the primary mission, but he did not grasp if it was that important.  He had no idea how maybe finding a few weapons, which were hundreds of years old would be worth this amount of effort.  Still he did what he was told.  When the first messages were sent out, and they had been replied and acknowledged them being in the system.  The Tug, two Lions, K1, and the slightly vismoded Cargo King separated from the 4000foot long ship.  They would be making a steady 1g burn from the jump point to orbit.  When the rest of the dropships left the Zephyr?  They were filled with most of the “extra” personnel living in the ring on the modified Colonial ship. 

Felix turned to his command center.  “Okay, I know that we are alone out here.  But I want all weapons turrets manned or slaved to the fire control systems.  They are to stay under cover, until ordered.” 

This ship might have been a civilian ship before the Cylon attack.  By now that had changed.  Now this ship was armed with Laser AMS in two dozen locations.  It also had a dozen Class 5 HODs, and over a dozen different lasers.  She was not packing what would be called anti-ship or anti Basestar weapons.  They would there to clear the skies of any Cylon Heavy Raiders that might be found.  Those weapons were equally effective against human crewed fighters and dropships. 


It was only a three day burn for the little convoy of dropships to make it into orbit.  Just as they settled into orbit, they had not asked to land yet.  This waiting was causing not a small amount of issues for the people on the ground.  Captain Fallstaff looked over to the mission commander.  He was going to be the ground commander, but he knew that you had to be careful with newly promoted Lieutenant Colonels. 

“Colonel Mann, the local traffic control called again.” 

Colonel Mann let out a bit of air out of habit and almost lost her lunch.  They all were in 0g, and she was not liking it.  “Tell them, that we are a Mercenary support unit that just came off a contract on the Fedcom/DC lines.  We are just doing some R and R while we wait to start a new contract.”  This was not the first time, that she had given this directive to those on the ground. 

Mike Fallstaff was also not liking the 0g.  “I did, but I will send a reinforcing message.  Can we fire up the “prototype” radar?” 

Mann almost smiled, but only almost.  “You know?  That sounds like a good idea.  They sound like they are getting a little nervous down there.  Make sure you let them know about the “prototype” before you put power to it.  The sooner we can start, the sooner we can get gravity back.” 

The idea was that they were going to orbit for a while “looking”, and then this prototype ground penetrating radar would fire up to help them look.  The downside was that the idea of being in orbit, under 0g hadn’t sounded that bad when this plan was put forward.  They could just land in the area Jess had found, what they needed to find.  The good thing was that those few orbits, was that it let them see that there were over twenty other “active” search sites on the planet below them.  All of those active search sites would help cover for them. 

The small convoy of dropships spent the next three hours blasting the planet with “low” powered Radar.  When Colonel Mann had enough of floating around her cabin?  She contacted the communication section, to let the locals know that they were coming down and where they wanted to land.  Colonel Mann was quickly informed, that after they landed.  They would be visited by an official within hours of landing, to handle any paperwork that needed to be done. 

Mann had an area that she wanted her craft to land around.  The set up was for the Mule/Cargo King to land in the center of the two known tunnels that Jess had found.  The three more combat related ships would drop in such a way, that they would be outer defensive points.  The K-1 was going to be set up near the Mule/Cargo King and close to the center of the formation.  The K-1 would be her ride out to the jump point if and when, it was time for her to make it to any meetings. 

It didn’t take long for a camp to be set up around the area that all of the dropships had landed.  Mann took a page from Jess’s book.  She had her people putting up tents, campgrounds, marked out sports fields and even a field kitchen or two.  Only a few vehicles were off loaded and none of them were related to mining or combat. 

The radar and other systems on the combat dropships told the Colonel that someone was coming out to them.  The landing site was only a few hours’ drive from the main space port of the planet.  The mechs still inside two of the dropships were manned, but they still did not exit the craft.  The weapons turrets would have to handle any surprises that might be in the local area. 

There were two medium sized civilian hover cars that came out to the grounded dropships.  They were directed to the grounded K1, by a traffic control point that they had set up after landing.  What those two hover sedans saw, was a group setting up for some camping or maybe some light prospecting in an openish field.  All of this was what you would expect seeing, knowing that this group had their own transports.  Other than that?  It looked like most of the other dig sites if a bit more organized, than some of the dig sites currently going on around the planet. 

A woman from the second hover car was escorted to the K1.  This was the locals first time on one of these craft, but she had been down this road before.  What surprised her, was that she was shown into an office that she had been told was the unit’s commander. 


Mann looked up when her office door opened.  She just pointed to a seat, and then handed off a digital pad to the escorting crewmember.  Mann looked at the woman in what looked a lot like a police officer’s uniform that the Colonials used in the city state. 

Mann pointed her head to the chair across from her desk.  “Thank you for coming out this way.  I had planned to come see someone from your office in a day or two.  I understand that we should let you know what areas, that we are looking for any of your local treasures to be hidden in.” 

Ronda smiled.  She had heard this line before, and sometimes it was even true.  “When my boss saw what you were landing with?  It was decided that I should come out, as soon as it looked like you had settled down.” 

Sarah Mann put on a smile that she wanted down to the millimeter.  “Really, four dropships caused that much of an issue?” 

Ronda had an answering smile, that was equally fake.  “Sometimes, but it was what those dropships might be that got some attention.  Like, where did you get the Lions from?” 

Mann now was very thankful for those books that Robert had brought back.  “Oh, those two?  We traded a crap load of mech salvage to the Wolf’s Dragoons back in 41, when they were trying to rebuild.” 

Ronda knew about the Wolf’s Dragoon’s and what happened to them before, during, and after the 4th SW and the 3039 war.  They were a mercenary unit, so them selling off some dropships that was extra to their now reduced needs.  That was something that made perfect sense to her.  “But what about that one with the arms?” 

Mann now gave a fake laugh.  “The Tug?  That was what my father started this unit with when he left Federated-Boeing Interstellar.  Do I need to tell you were we got the cargo hauler from?  I think I still have the point of contact over at Federated-Boeing Interstellar, if you want to talk to them about getting one of your own.” 

Mann could not help but have a flash back to the Elephant class ship.  It was technically a Tug glass dropship, but it carried almost 2,100tons of cargo, 12 battlemechs, 4 small craft, 4 infantry Platoons and 8 heavy vehicles.  With the coming of the Colonials all of the tugs had been put back into service.  Still even with only 40 of the 80 Colonial ships “active” at any one time, that was a huge fleet to support.  With so many of those ships needing work, the tugs were quickly over tasked. 

The Station along with support from ground side, had dusted off building plans and 4 more hulls were laid down while Bill Adama was still on old Kobal.  The Syssiphus was the first of that group to be finished.  6 more upgraded Elephants were being built that would leverage the higher technology that was being built around New Circe.  Rumors had it that 4 jump tugs, based on this higher tech version and massing over 17,000tons were on the drawing boards.  Those would pull double duty as a tug and a light assault interstellar craft.  But this was information that was not going to be talked about this far from New Circe. 

Ronda had to give it to this woman.  She had made some good points.  “No, but I can’t remember when I have seen a tug on the ground before.  Now to business.  Your message said you were going to be looking around for the old SLDF base.  I assume that this is the area your looking at, or are you going to start looking more far a field?”  The tone Ronda used was a little on edge.  Having this large of a mech unit roaming around, was normally called a raid. 

“Oh no!  This is the general area, that we are looking in.  At least the ones that want to look for it.  Some of my people are just wanting to spend some time relaxing.”  Mann passed over a different electronic pad, this one had a section of the planet with a red square drawn on it. 

Ronda’s eyes shot up, as she reviewed the data on the screen.  “That is a large section of land.  Like sixteen lots!!  You want to dig up the whole area?” 

Mann laughed and it was a true laugh.  “Oh God no!  That is just the area that we do not want people to come into while we are here.  We have been in combat a long time, and we want to be able to not have to worry about strangers getting under foot for the next few months.  This seemed to be the easiest plan to meet those goals.” 

Ronda could feel her eye’s getting narrow.  Her mental alarm bells were ringing, but there was nothing she really could do about it.  “That is going to cost.”  Again, it was not out of the norm for prospectors to want to keep any other eyes at bay from what they were doing.  “I will need 15,000 C-Bills.  You will get half of that back if you mitigate your excavation sites before you leave.  We are tired of people leaving holes all over the countryside.” 

The meeting went on for another half hour.  It covered the do’s and don’ts, and they also talked about any past issues.  After midnight tonight, the land Mann had marked out was there’s for the next six months.  That was the standard length of a contract if you wanted to be legal with your digging.  Now anything they recovered “belonged” to the people who found them.  And if you believed that?  You needed to be fitted with a “I love me jacket.” 

The next meeting for the Colonel in hiding, had been one more meeting with a local.  It was the meat factor, and the ground team would be eating very well.  The space team was not going to have it as nice.  But soon a small craft that the Syssiphus had carried would be loaded down with nice cuts of meats, and some other things that were going to the jump point. 

While it might look like a camp was finished being set up outside the dropships.  Most of the specialist were getting rest, or they were trying to get some sleep.  It was not every day that you were selected to help dig out two collapsed tunnels into a long hidden SLDF base of some kind.  When the sun went fully down.  The first team on patrol left the Assault dropship, that was also a tug.  She let out its first team to make sure people were staying away.  They were a team made up of a modified Wolverine IIC, but this one had lost the Large Pulse Laser for a longer range PPC.  The other team member was a Modified Royal Black Knight. 

The Beagle active probe would reach out to see anyone, that might be trying to sneak a peek at the new arrivals.  There were eight Black Knights and four Wolverine IICs carried by the Elephant.  The Black Knight was the second most produced Mech in the history of the SLiE.  The Lions could have carried more, but they were mainly carrying mining and hauling equipment for the mission.  Instead of trying to spread out the support, one ship had been identified for each type of unit needing support for this mission.  That had been the plan, anyway

Only two machines were out at any one time.  Thanks to the data brought back by Copeland and some very good art skills?  The Black Knights were made to look like battered BL-7-KNTs and not the more dangerous modified BL-6b-KNT that had never been seen in this part of space.  The cover story was that they were recovered from the 3039 War.  By now it was well known that the DC had been able to put back into the field some of the older designs.  Then they had lost some of the mechs to the FedCom and Wolf’s Dragoons. 

Even then?  They would not be moving that much during the daylight shifts, and they would stay undercover as much as they could at night.  The only time that the full mech company would be seen at any one time?  That would be if they were attacked by a combat force the duty unit could not handle.  Then they would hammer anyone flat, before making a hard burn out of this system.  They were also working to make sure.  That they were not connected to Copeland, or even close to anyone known to be friendly to his company. 

When the clock said that it was local midnight?  The huge bay doors to the Lions opened, and three truck mounted teams left the ship.  One team would be going to what was assumed to be the SAS’s tunnels.  A “couple” had set up a camp, not unlike what Jess had done when she had found them, earlier in the day.  A second team when to the “main” tunnel that she had found.  The third team was the cover team for the other two “working” teams.  They would also be looking for more of the base.  Their key job was to dig around the area Mann had reserved.  Those holes had a secondary mission.  They were to give a place for the other two teams to dump any spoils coming out of those other two excavations.  Stealth was a keystone in the planning of this attempted recovery mission.  No one thought that it would last for as long as some of the leadership wanted.  But they wanted to try to keep it as quiet as they could, for as long as they could. 

Mann could not sleep, and she made a few trips around to the three different teams working through the night.  She spent most of the time down in the SAS bunker.  She was a little disappointed, that there was not any progress in removing the blocking rock.  She had to be repeatably told.  That the teams needed to get lights set up first, and then they would survey the area.  It would not do anyone any good, if they started to move a rock and then have more rocks fall onto their heads.  It was not long before she grew tired of looking around the old living quarters, and she went back to her ship to get some sleep.  She ended up sleeping for almost a dozen hours.  This was also supposed to be a short but a much needed vacation for her. 


Helios Gamma
Acheron Asteroid Belt

HH looked over to his XO, as their ship popped into a new location in what used to be Colonial owned or controlled space.  It had taken them two weeks to get to this location, and it still was not where they “wanted” to be.  As data comes into the Ogygia’s CIC, everyone held their collective breath.  Slowly data came in of their surrounding area.  As those data points came in, the command center could start making out the different local rocks of this part of the asteroid belt.  It took them about twenty minutes to come to the conclusion that “nothing” was nearby, that was not already mapped out by the ship. 


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HH looked at his second in command.  “Morton, have Raptor 6 prepped.  It will need to take a pilot, crew, and me.  If you don’t hear from me in 72 hours?  Get back to Ragnar as fast as you can, and report what we found so far.  And that this area is now marked unsafe, and possibly compromised to the Cylons.” 

Morton Deyo made a sour face.  They had been over this plan many times since they had left The Sand.  This contact mission should have been his job.  It was not right to risk the Captain of the vessel, on a possible trap or other small group combat missions.  He didn’t want to argue, at least not in front of the rest of the staff, but he felt he needed to try one more time. 

“Are you sure this is the right call, Captain?” 

HH knew what his XO was getting at.  He walked over and patted his friend on the shoulder and gave him a curt head nod.  Morton gave a reply of a head nod.  “Old Number 6 will be ready, when you get to the launch bay.” 


HH was strapped into the 1st War Raptor, and he was the third person on this craft.  It had a pilot and a tail gunner already to go when the warship Captain stepped into the hatch.  The pilot was a recovered POW and she watched him adjust the seat, to keep him safe.  But he was also moving it so that he could see out of part of the massive glass covered cockpit.  When he was ready?  He gave her a nod, and the small craft floated up off the deck within a few heartbeats.  It flew down the short metal tunnel into the cold of space, without a word being said to the warship or between the crew of the small craft. 

The small craft cleared the Orion class warship and flew for another few minutes, before it “popped” out of the local area.  Just as it left one location.  It arrived at appoint in space, that was well away from the warship.  It was just on the edge of the capabilities for the modified and updated old warship to “see”, but only if it knew where to look. 

HH waited until the pilot had finished her post jump checks, and he powered the jump engine down.  He was going to be doing double duties, as the EO and passenger.  The other crewmember made sure that no one came sneaking up behind on them.  “Pilot, when you are ready.  You may start your approach, but make sure you stick to the flight path we used on our last visit.” 

With his orders given or more just reinforced from what the crew had been told before they had left.  HH relaxed and watched as the craft change course and it gained speed.  It did not take long for the Old Number 6 to close on a large battered rock in space.  The rock was huge, like a huge mountain range lost in space.  It looked like a dead, blasted, hunk of rock that was as lifeless as the surrounding rocks.  It looked that way, only as long as you didn’t get to close to one part of the abused rock. 

HH knew what and where to look, and he could see the hand of man on this rock.  When the old scout craft dropped down into a crack, that was like the Grand Canyon on this body, he almost got a little vertigo.  After they had traveled some distance down that valley, with huge walls of rock passing by the craft at an amazing rate.  He could see at least two twin gun turrets sitting on small hills, that could have come off of an old Jupiter class Battlestar.  It looked like the old Raptor could have flown down each of the twin barreled weapons.  HH knew that it was only an optical illusion, and they kept flying down the stone valley. 

The craft was now flying more slowly, and it made a sharp turn to “go up” a small side valley.  HH could see the solid wall in front of them, as soon as they made the turn off the main valley.  This was where he saw the first change from his last visit.  He knew that there were gun turrets in this location, but they should have been the small types of KEWs.  Ones that could have been taken from some old warship and used to counter any Raider, Viper, or other small craft from using this landing bay and natural choke point. 

What greeted HH today.  It was a pair of twin mounted cannons that HH thought might have come off of a Valkyrie class warship.  This type of combination cannon and missile launchers were kind of unique to that class of warship.  “Okay, that is new.  Pilot send the message.” 

The pilot was looking wide eyed at the four heavy guns.  Then she looked over to a pair of “rocks” to each side of the heavy cannons, that looked to be hiding CIWS weapons.  It was with shaking hands, that she hit the button to transmit a set of coded “beeps” to someone behind those guns.  She was willing to wait, as long as those guns didn’t fire at her. 

It seemed like time was dragging by, before the two twin heavy weapons mounts started to slide to one side.  Soon the twin barrels super elevated, so that the Raptor was not in their line of fire.  With the weapons not threatening them, the small craft slowly started to advance. 

HH had to tap and point off to one side of the craft as they closed on the stone cliff, that mounted the heavy weapons.  There was a massive opening that was hidden by a rock overhang, that was the size of a good sized Battlestar.  It was the mouth of a landing bay that had supported a huge mining operation before the 1st Cylon war. 

It had been surveyed after the war, but it had been found not to be worth the effort to clean up, repair, and then bring back into production.  Then it had been forgotten about in all of the rebuilding, that was required after that long and bloody war.  That is, it was forgotten about by everyone but one small group of humans.  They had no problem doing some repairing and a lot of clean up, so that they could use the place. 


Tomas Fraser watched as an old design, but fresh-looking Raptor was deposited off a small landing turn table into the main “bay” of his command.  Only about half a dozen groups, outside of those under his direct orders knew about this place.  He would have preferred that fewer people knew about this place, but there were so few humans left.  That he felt it was not that much of a risk with the current amount of people that knew how to get here. 

He had to fight down a slight smile, as a man, that he recognized, as the commander of the only warship that was known to still be under the command of humans and not Cylons exited the old warbird and looked around.  Tomas schooled his features and he waited for the Captain to be brought to him.  Tomas was wondering what he would think, of what he was going to be shown. 

HH exited the craft and looked around the large open space.  As he turned, he could see the large and heavy steel doors that was the only hint that this at one time was a major space port.  HH could see 6 other and larger cargo or other spaceships spread out in the landing and loading area.  He was mentally matching each craft with ones he had seen before.  He was not sure, but he thought about half of them were different. 

HH waved for his Raptor team to stay in the craft, when he saw two people come over with pistols in low military thigh holsters.  This should be his “escort” to see the boss.  HH was subject to a very detailed but fast security pat down, that left him light his holdout pistol and pocketknife.  It would have been strange if he had not been packing, even before the Cylon attack.  It was a long walk to see the Boss.  HH made sure to make mental notes of anything that had changed or items that might be useful to help his new mission. 

HH had an idea of how big Momus base was, but after so long in his small ship.  It felt like he had almost circled the asteroid after only a few minutes of walking.  He was just about to ask his escort where they were going.  When they stopped at a hatch that was just like the other fifty, they had already passed.  One of the twin escorts rapped on the door, and it opened before anyone could have replied to the knock. 

HH entered the room, and he quickly knew that he had not been in it before today.  He knew that he had been in a room like this before, but he could not remember where.  It was the windows behind the desk, that was keying off something in the back of his mind.  He was lost in thought, and he almost did not catch what the other man in the room said and he recovered very quickly.  “Good to see you, Boss Fraser.  Looks like you did some scavenging since my last visit.  Where did you get those additional heavy weapons at The Wall?” 

Tomas gave a snort that almost made him laugh out loud.  “Your one to talk.  Where did you get the old Raptor?  And do you still have your pocket Battlestar?” 

HH took a seat and let a smile come to his face.  “I found a few odds and ends after we last stopped by.  And yes, I still have my girl.  Morton is waiting on the edge of the Belt.  I would like to send a message from my bird to bring him over.  I have some things we might be able to trade.” 

Tomas rocked back into his chair and a tooth filled smile split his face.  “I like trade.  Yes, you can bring Ogygia in.  You remember the rules?” 

HH gave a nod of his head, and then reached into his inside pocket for the small device resting there.  He only needed to click it twice and wait for three clicks to come back.  Within a minute and a half, a highly encoded message was sent from the old Raptor to a certain spot in space.  When HH looked up from his device, he noticed that Boss Fraser was watching him very closely.  HH could read the question in those eyes. 

“They should be here in a few hours.  I came ahead to make sure you all were still here, and to work on this deal.” 

Tomas let the smile fall off his face.  “How many people are you going to want to come over and stretch their legs.”  Having enough O2 and at the same time having room to at least swing a cat, was very hard to find.  Anyone who landed on this rock would have to pay a tax, to use that air and that living space. 

HH let the corners of his mouth drop just a few millimeters, and he pitched his voice very low.  “Before we get to that.  I need to ask a favor.” 

Tomas went on guard and kept his face very still.  Asking for a favor in this day and age was very risky, for both parties involved.  HH saw the face change on the crime boss, and he felt his heart starting to race.  “What do you mean, Captain?”  The boss let a dangerous edge come into his voice. 

HH heard the tone, and he very slowly reached into his jacket pocket.  He pulled out a thin stack of cut cornered papers and pass them over to the commander of this outpost.  He let the pages fall onto the desktop of the man in charge of Momus base.  It was with a side long look that Thomas reached out and took the pages with faces printed on them. 


For the next few minutes, the two men talked about what those pages meant.  HH gave more information to this man, than he had given to the master of the Sands.  He told the crime boss all of the information they had on the human form Cylons and how they could be downloaded into new bodies.  It had taken the most time to explain, that those few models of human forms would take all of their memories back with them when they got those new bodies.  What Tomas Fraser did with this information, was not HH’s concern. 

What did HH get for this information? The base’s commander ordered that HH and his crew would have free rein of the station, without paying the air tax.  When he was done.  Boss Fraser looked back over to the maybe CI man. 

“It is not often that I get surprised like this Captain.  I thank you for your information.  If you don’t mind, I would like to change the subject.”  Tomas was rewarded with a slight bow from the seated man.  “Thank you.  Captain Hewitt, what do you think about my new office?” 

HH was blinking in surprise, but he concealed this reaction by making a show of looking around the large room.  It was not that much different in how it was decorated, but it was at least 4 times as large as the last office he had met this man in. 

“It’s a lot bigger, but it looks like you’re going to need a while to decorate it.  That is unless you have a box store the Cylons don’t have under guard?”  HH knew he was missing something, and he went on edge. 

Tomas smiled and rose from his chair, and as he walked over to the dark row of “windows” He sent one side long look to the other man.  After he walked the few steps, he waved for the other man to join him.  When HH joined the pirate commander, he watched as a few buttons were selected at the base of one of the dark windows.  It was only due to HH’s training that he didn’t ask any questions while he stood there. 

Slowly lights mounted behind the glass started to glow and get brighter as they warmed up.  As they warmed up, HH was able to see better what had been hidden in the dark behind the clear window glass.  It was a rift or very narrow valley, that looked to have been covered over with metal plates and wired for power.  As HH looked around the valley, he could see the window let him look down deep into the covered area.  He saw that the “floor” was flat and paved with what looked like the same material that was used at planet side space ports. 

It was an impressive covered landing pad.  HH thought that it must have been used to bring in the massive mining equipment needed to first set up this base.  As more lights came up to full power, HH saw two wrecked ships on the landing area below him.  It took him more than a few seconds to realize that they were parts of a Valkyrie class Battlestar.  His head whipped around without him wanting it to, but at least he did not open his mouth. 

For once Boss Fraser could not keep his normal game face on.  “We found the nose from Yashuman over Caprica.  That is where we got those new cannons you saw, and a few other things.  The engine block?  We have no idea what ship it came off of, but it was on a ballistic orbit not far from the belt.  It took a lot of work to get them here. 

HH now had his feet under him.  “Well that explains how you were able to hide so many ships, when the Colonial Navy spent months looking for them a few years ago.  But why are you showing me this?” 

Tomas smiled, but he didn’t look at the other man.  “I know you won’t give me that ship, in exchange for living here. To put it bluntly, I need your ship, captain.  What I propose is a trade.  My people found an electronic repair ship.  Somehow all of the air locks opened and killed the crew.  I can get it here.  But it is going to take a long time, and it most likely will not be able to do its job properly after I get it here.  If you can get it here?  I will use this bay, my people, and the parts from those hulks to repair your ship.  It is not a repair bay or slip, but we can make it work to do some level of an overhaul on your girl.” 

Nothing was agreed to full in that meeting.  HH and Tomas had many meetings that slowly grew in number of attendees.  More details were worked out to support this mission.  You would think that dealing with criminals, that it would have been easy to make a deal with them.  As it turns out, they used more lawyers than even your average large group of politicians.  It took three days of solid work to get everything worked out.  One of the keys, was that Tomas made sure to have one of his cargo shuttles added to the mission with a hand-picked crew.  They were to make sure he got his recovered ship from HH. 


One week after the agreement had been worked out between the one-time crime boss and the undercover CI captain.  HH was finally able to start to relax, as he saw the huge floating rock come into view on the screen mounted in his command center.  The whole trip had been uneventful.  They had not even seen any Cylons, during the whole operation.  It had been stressful for the crew and for the old warship, thinking that a Cylon Basestar was going to jump in near them at any second.  Towing something like this also had used a lot of fuel and stressed the already over used engines on the warship. 

HH was ready to get this job done.  There were two main reasons that he had accepted this mission.  One was that his ship needed some attention that Ragnar could not fix while they were floating inside that envelope of that gas giant.  Besides, they hadn’t had the parts or the trained personnel to do that kind of work.  The other reason was his adjusted mission statement.  The flattop style electronic repair ship would help this group of survivors to not only survive, but maybe they would be able to help others. 

Boss Fraser had told HH a little secret.  This base had never been a major support base for the pirates.  It had only been mainly used to make cheap ammunition, sometimes to hide from the Colonial Navy and as a storage point.  Now they needed to scrape together whatever they could find to not only support the base, and any ships that were now using it.  They needed that vessel to help keep the base capable of supporting life. 

HH did not start breathing again, until a section of the rock started to move below his ship.  Until it had started to move, it had just looked like any other part of the asteroid gliding below them.  HH would have to pull the second ship into the narrow valley, and all the way down to the floor.  There was nothing that HH could do, it was up to his crew.  He was very relieved again, but this time it was when he saw the “roof” starting to close over the top of his ship. 


Three weeks later the Orion class warship was rising out of the camouflaged valley/repair area.  It had been a very busy few weeks, for the crew of the warship and support members from the pirate base.  HH’s crew had helped with the repairs.  Sometimes they were the teachers, but a lot of the times they were the students as they worked together.  Was the repair work as good and as complete as a regular Colonial drydock?  For the most part no, but it was better than anything else the warship had access to currently. 

The warship’s crew had help with some training on the recovered ship when they were not working on the warship.  The electronics repair ship had even been able to help with the repairs on the warship, after the first week of its landing on the special made support structure.  The recovered ship was soon focused on three main projects, beside general support to the base. 


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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One project was additions to the number of both algae vats and real food production labs the base had in operation.  The second was laying the groundwork for making lightening javelin MK1 anti-Raider missiles.  They were to be not only fitted to all of the craft working out of this base, but they were also to be loaded into homemade box launchers as a counter Raider/Heavy Raider battery.  The third area, that the ship was going to support, was to greatly expand the bases ability to produce nuclear weapons.  That the base could even make one of those weapons had come as a shock to HH.  That it was turning out one or two every year had left him gob smacked.  They were going to make as many as they could, thanks to an old 1st Cylon war fission/breeder reactor the base had been built with.  This rock had a lot of radioactive ores, as well as a nice seam of Tylium they could access. 

HH’s additional “payment” for helping recover the repair ship and helping get it ready to support those other missions, had been a full load of fuel, and full bunkers of heavy coil gun ammunitions.  HH had traded a few of his Nike-Ajax missiles, along with a “pallet of a dozen lightening javelins for 3 nuclear warheads for the Nike Ajaxs missiles in his silos.  Some seeds and help in the grow rooms, had gotten him an intel dump from the pirates.  His staff had already been surprised by the amount of data that they were having to go through for a few packages of seeds. 

HH was looking at the data on Canceron.  The pirates had run three missions to the planet’s surface already.  They had dropped off some weapons and pulled out several dozen people that they could find.  There seemed to be a whole lot of people that had been hiding in small groups around that water rich world.  After they finished this run.  HH knew that all of this data was going to be very helpful for the people supporting the rebuilding of Ragnar.  He puts the data aside and turns out the light on his desk.  It was late and his wife was already asleep. 



Acheron Asteroid Belt, Momus base.  Commander (Boss) Tomas Fraser. 6 x Jupiter turrets, 2 twin Valkyrie turrets, many CIWS. Pallet launcher for Lightening-Javelin 2x12 launcher. 

The now modified Colonial ship Zephyr.  4000 foot long ship, 8 drop collars, armed with 5 LRMx20, 10 Medium lasers, and 6 ER Large lasers.  All of those weapons had been pulled off of recovered wrecks.  24 LAMS locations. 12 Class 5 HODs were added just before this mission.  Hard points being fabricated to mount recovered capital weapons of autocannon and missile types.  Her power rooms cannot generate the needed power for capital Gauss or other energy weapons.  Those capital weapons will be mounted on the Nose, FL/FR, AL/ AR, and Aft. 

Ground Team for Jess’s toy box.  Elephant with 8 modified Royal Black Knights and 4 modified Wolverine IICs.  Both mechs look like “normal” Inner Sphere versions of those machines.  2 Long range Shuttles (the other 2 small craft bays are empty.  They might be needed for something else.  2,100tons of empty cargo bays with two doors.  8 heavy mech recovering trucks, they will have to move stuff from the dig sites to the dropships.  4 platoons worth of workers.  K1 is the HQ and to keep eyes out of the other dropships.  The Cargo King is for extra cargo pulled from the ground or what can be bought locally and brought back to New Circe.  The Lions are each carrying 8 workmechs, 12 light trucks of different types and different tools for the mission. 

idea weenie

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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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One idea to help make sure nobody walks onto those plots, is random Mech weapons testing.  Just shoot up a couple places every so often to make sure the Mech weapons are working, and the pilots keep their skills.

Let the local authorities know about the scheduled tests so they don't get nervous, and anyone wanting to sneak in will be much more careful to avoid getting hit by an 'accidental oops'.


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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Every little bit helps the SLiE. I am sure there will be a little trading or purchasing of little luxuries.  ;D


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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One idea to help make sure nobody walks onto those plots, is random Mech weapons testing.  Just shoot up a couple places every so often to make sure the Mech weapons are working, and the pilots keep their skills.

Let the local authorities know about the scheduled tests so they don't get nervous, and anyone wanting to sneak in will be much more careful to avoid getting hit by an 'accidental oops'.

This might or might not be covered in Chap 45   >:D


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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what are the class 5 HOD's ?


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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what are the class 5 HOD's ?

the class 5 hose of death.  is a mix of ultra and LB tech thanks to the Colonials and Clan Wolverine work. 


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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Chapter 44

By Cliff
Beta and Clean up:  Not done
Reviewed by Hotpoint and Cannonshop

7 March 3049
New Circe. 

Admiral Franks was tired; after all he was pushing 90 years old as of this month.  This meeting was not at “The Station”, but at the Lord Protectors main briefing room in the government building that dominated the city’s skyline.  This meeting had been on the books for a few weeks, and it could not be moved or otherwise shifted around.  The head of the SLDF Navy had only been in this solar system for a few days, when he was sent the message that he was needed and why.  That didn’t mean, that he was looking forward to having to attend this meeting or others like it.  Ones that he knew deep in his soul were on the horizon. 

This was another one of those meetings.  That only the who’s who of New Circe would be attending, even if they were not wanted by the other attendees.  Admiral Franks knew it was going to be several hours of his life, that he was never going to get back.  When he made eye contact with the Lord Protector, from across the table.  She gave him a slight nod to start the meeting.  One part of his mind noted that she had “her work face” on, and that might not be a bad sign. 

Admiral Franks nodded back, and he put on his briefing face.  He hit the button to start this epic scale dog and pony slide show.  “We have had a busy three weeks.  The Victorian’s have not been totally processed out of the two “General” class dropships.  But the rest of the ships have been emptied of recovered people and cargos.  They are making headway, but we were able to pull almost 25 percent more of that planet’s scattered population, than had been planned for when they first left on this mission.  We have deployed a tri mix of security personnel to that area, to help the new people get settled in.  They are a mix of Victorians who have been here for a while, Colonials, and some of our law enforcement staff.  We were able to put some of the hard-won lessons, that we learned with the Colonials to good use.  As you can see by the slides.  All of the animals have been removed from the ships, and all the cargo with them.  They think that in another month, the last two ships will be emptied.  And after another month or so?  We will be ready for reassignment of our law enforcement personnel back to their normal law enforcement duties here and in the city state.  Then we can start the next phase of operations.” 

With a nod to a woman, that was three seats down from him.  She was the head of the construction and recovery teams that had been on his mission.  She only folded her arms on the tabletop before she started to talk.  “We have off loaded all the salvage that came from Admiral Frank’s mission.  We have been sorting it out on three of our back up space fields, to keep our main fields focused on current operations.  But with all of the hands we have been able to throw at it?  The inventory has gone by quickly.  We even had to use the new Smelter Hephaestus at a full load, for the first time and I see needing it for a few more times to keep up with our ground teams.” 

She was now beaming a smile, like a cat that had the prize parakeet in its mouth.  It was taking a while for everyone to get use to the new smelter and its massive capabilities.  The mines were still wasting time reducing the ores to the same old size, in the old ways.  This was mainly due to old habits, and because that was how the mine’s production lines were set up.  The mines were getting better, but they were not there yet to use the new smelter to its maximum effectiveness. 

She kept talking as everyone thought about that new device attached to the great station over their heads.  “We are setting aside any Colonial or Cylon made weapons, ammunition, and missiles that were pulled off the planet.  We have them, along with the liners jump drives in dedicated warehouses.  They were able to fill the melting pot on Hephaestus with a lot of stuff that was a little hot, radioactively speaking that was not recoverable.  We already have fired up the jump engines to idle.  And faster than a Viper, it was done with the 5 extra jump drives.  Now we know that they were pulling them out with the right stuffs still attached.  That was the key in getting the jump engines tested.” 

Jennifer Vaun looked to a different person at the table, and she made eye contact with a raised eyebrow.  “How did that other mission turn out?  They were not due back for four to six more months.  I was extremely surprised when I got a message that they were almost home.” 

The other mission to the Inner Sphere had been launched before Captain Copeland had been pulled out of retirement.  They had been working under the complete protocols on this one mission, and they were not doing anything else but that one mission.  As far as anyone in the Inner sphere knew, they were just another set of traders.  It was just unfortunate that this mission had a negative impact on what ships could support Copeland’s mission.  This meeting was going to release a lot of once classified data to a very broad audience. 

The person the Lord Protector was looking at was the head of the SLIC.  He took the look and understood its meaning.  He might not agree with the idea of releasing that information to anyone outside those who were involved in the mission, but she was the boss.  “Most of the crew, that lived from that wrecked Surveyor class JumpShip stayed here in the New Circe system.  The Star Lord we sent was carrying one liner, a recovered ex Combine flagged Achilles assault dropship, a Union and a mix of Mammoth and Mule class cargo dropships.  As promised, they went straight to Kowloon.  They were able to get a lot of major machining tools to help increase our total industrial output.  The protocols were maintained, and no issues were reported or turned up by the post mission interviewers.”  This last statement made for some low rumblings to cross the room. 

SLIC was not going to let this stop him.  “The cost of those tools and the mission overall, was more than we had planned for.  But then again.  They filled the large cargo ships to the deck heads with what we needed.  We think that the local government might have diverted or outright stolen the equipment that we picked up, from other contracts.  How they got what they sold us, is not an issue for our people.  After all it is not the first time, that we have bought stolen goods.  Query Affirmative.  They had to stop a few places to keep their food and water supply above emergency levels, due to the shortage of shipping space.  The contact that was sent on this mission, used her pull to get the Kawloon leadership to extend “a loan” to this “Sale” company.  There was not enough money to pay the loan off before they left.  I think we need to prep one of the other ”Projects” that we still have for Copelands next run.  If the loan defaults it is going to make people look closer at what happen to that company, what was bought by them, and were the stuff ended up.” 

An always expanding section of the local area was being searched, after the Caspar had “found” the Shaky system.  They had looked at every star around, which did not have a detailed survey done to it in the last ten years.  They had not found anything close by, or deeper/closer to Cylon patrolled space.  But when they went closer to the Inner Sphere?  They had found a lot more of the lost or forgotten items over a few hundred years of human space exploration. 

All of them would take work to be worth anything, so they had been labeled projects and put in a stable orbit.  That work would only be done, if other things were done first, that were closer to what home currently needed.  Those finds ranged from a single dropship and the odd JumpShips, to a Capellan Confederation Flagged Vincent class corvette, and what was left of a Carson Class Destroyer.  Teams were still out looking for anything that was useful, or just to keep it away from the Cylons and using them like breadcrumbs leading them closer to the Inner Sphere.  That last mission statement had been added recently for an undisclosed reason. 

The head of SLIC waited for almost a full minute.  Then when no one asked any questions, he continued with his prepared briefing.  “We have not even deployed all of the new machine tools out of Bay 2 on the Mammoth, much less even looked at getting into Bay 3 of that cargo ship.  Still we already have been able to stop the hand fitting of about 95 percent of the items coming out of three of our second line production facilities.” 

He did not have to say that the prime facilities?  Those were the Star League era factories that they had just been able to break down and pack down into dropships before they had been overrun by the rest of the clans.  “This upgrade was done without a major slowdown in weapons production.  In a few days.  We should start seeing an uptick in the output downstream of those fixes, soon.  Right now?  The older and now displaced machines are being pushed out as upgrades, to our third-tier shops.  I think that in a few months’ …..tops?  All of the second line shops will be updated, and maybe we will be able to update or even expand the third level shops around the planet.  There are no plans to push updated equipment to the bottom tier of support manufacturing like cargo trucks, parts shops, and kitchen stoves makers.”  He had a smile, as he made a joke.  It fell very flat in this room, even the people in this room knew that some of those lower tier shops were making useful weapons like the hand-built Locust IIC. 

The Lord Protector did not have to say it, but over 50 percent of all of the top of the line combat equipment that was going into the defense of this planet?  It was coming out of what were called, second tier manufactures sites.  One of those Second Tier’s factories was making all of the Avar Omni fighters over in the Colonial City State. 

The Lord Protector let the SLIC commander off the hook.  “At this point and time.  I do not want an interruption in production, so do not rush the updating.  Query Affirmative.  I also agree about sending a project back with Commodore Copeland.”  She stopped talking and then let out a little bit of breath that was a sigh.  “I think that I will jump the line and inform the group, to let them know what is needed.  I have signed the paperwork, and it will be sent out for the evening news cycle.  I do not think we can expect much more support to come this soon from our factories or the MMM contact.  Query Affirmative.” 

Those were a pair of bombs sentences that she dropped, and it caused every eye to be looking at her.  She had been keeping this very next bit of information close hold, for some time, and she knew what all the hints coming out of her office had been saying.  None of those rumor releases were connected to this meeting, and that kind of surprise was rare.  She smiled at the group.  It made her feel good, to pull one over on most of the people in this room.  If you were a little unpredictable, sometimes?  That just made negotiations better, for her.  Now she was going to drop another bomb on them. 

“As some of you might know.  We have been very short military grade dropships.  We could have made more, but it had never made much sense to the leadership.  We had planned to be in a defensive war when we were found again.  That has changed, so I have authorized the 331st Royal Battle Mech Division to start standing up a 4th Battlemech Brigade.”  The room was quiet as a tomb, as they waited for what was coming. 

She let a smile come to her face.  “When it is fully deployed from the mother unit.  It will be reflagged as the 205 Independent Royal Assault Mech Brigade.  It will not be quick.  But with a fully functional Lee, Colossus, another Lion, and another Confederate classes of dropships?  I think that they already have a good start on their lift ability.  I plan for this unit to be kept on this planet, and it will have our oldest equipment.  It will only deploy off planet if it has truly hit the fan, or the senior military leaders find a mission for them.  Query Affirmative.  I will not tell the personnel department how to man this unit, and I will not tell the ground force commander how to use this unit.  Those are just my private thoughts.” 

Right up until she had started talking, that had been the mission for the 3313th Mech Brigade.  It had always been the one with the oldest hammy down equipment of the Royal Division.  Most of the time when the 3313rd got something new, something old went right into the cache site or down to the 2nd Homeland defense BDE.  This must have been going through the minds of one of the political people seated to one side of the meeting. 

The 50ish year old man started talking out loud, and once he heard his voice he just kept going.  “How are we going to be manning another full Mech Brigade?  And are you going to authorize a pull from the Cache bunker?” 

There had never been a 4th mech BDE in the 331st in the history of both Star League and clan.  It was so far out of anyone’s experience, that it was hard to get your brain wrapped around it.  Some people just could not think outside of the box, and that was after she suggested that the unit would be reflagged to a unit, that had died during the escape from clan space. 

The head of all ground forces in the SLDF, was just as floored as the rest of the people in the room.  He did have the advantage that he had smart people working for him, who could think out of the box every day.  He had sent a plan to the Lord Protector about a month ago, about expanding the ground forces by a full Battlemech Brigade. 

His voice cut through the other mans before he could get a full head of steam.  “We will use a step process and grow it as slowly as we need for pilots and mechs.  We picked up two companies of very high-end Royal use only Mechs, in the Shaky system.  We will use that as a starting point, right off the bat for the new unit.  It is already a good mix of machines.  We do not want them to end up with it heavy on one end or have them outnumbered in the other weight classes.  I will get around to answering how can we man it with equipment in a minute?  When you think of the number of crews coming off of those Colonial spaceships and fighters, that is a lot of population.  But what you are forgetting, is that both the Colonials and the Victorians have a problem with mechs right now.  Even when we start using the Colonial style VR for training up the Victorian volunteers, it will take some time to fill mech piloting slots.  It will take some time to get some of the recovered Cylon POWs finished with their training.  This is not something we will do quickly.” 

He turned to look at several people in turn, the ones that he knew were ground centric in thinking.  “We did cut down on the number of Mechs that we were building as new machines, but we have been producing updated spare parts at a steady rate.  That is not counting what the city state has been using to update many of the machines we have in the storage cache.  We have still been making a few brand new built Pulverizer II Omnis, a lot of Mercury III and Sling II Omnis, a few Wolverine IIIs Omnis, about the same number of Riflemen IIIs Omnis, and even a few of the new 75ton Fjellhas.  Those are the machines that are coming off the lines, at about one or two a week rate.  That does not count things like the Locust IICs.  We have never fully stopped production.  We have only slowed them down, to use key resources in other areas of our defense plan.” 

The general rocked back in his chair.  “That has been pushing some of the Golden Century machines to 3rd Heard, at about a company at a time.  The old Royal designs have not been going into a mothball cycle and then into the Cache.  They have been held in reserve, for quick call up at depot level maintenance sites around the dispersed bases on the planet.  That has been why we have been able to replace combat losses so quickly.  That would give us at least another battalion, to use as a core for the new unit.  Now those new parts can be used to finish upgrading all of the 2nd To None to counter Clan level tech.  And then start on Third Heard to bring them up to speed on the same level of equipment.  This will give us a large cache of supplies and parts for the new unit to draw on.  Now if we do have an increase in output of the core and secondary or even smaller factories in the near future?  The 205th Independent Royal Assault will quickly have better mechs than the home defense units.” 

The head of the ground forces was thinking as fast as he could.  “As to how to man it?  The Colonials, Cylons, and Victorians already are filling in as tank crews, aerofighters, Artillery tube jockeys, and in Infantry units in our ground division and home defense units.  This gives us a ready pool of “our” people in those jobs, which we can retest to see if they can fill the empty mech seats.  I am not saying it will be quick.  And I think we could even temporarily add tanks and other types of units, to fill out this new order of battle in the short term.  Query Affirmative.  That does not even count the new power armor that should start to deploy in a few months.” 

The ground force commander turned in his chair, to look at the leader and tilted his head at her.  He wanted to see if that was the outline of the plan that she was talking about.  He also wanted to know if the idea about the new PA(L) was workable or not.  They had only made 10 of those downgraded suits in January.  Those test suits had led the way for them to make 15 more in February, and by the end of March, 15 more of the suits would be turned over for combat use.  He was rewarded with a nod and a smile from the supreme leader of his people. 

While she had the advantage?  She turned to the head of “The Station” and her mistress.  Jennifer let the smile fall off her face.  “How is that old Olympus doing?  Did the test jumps damage the hull, repair bays, or the jump engine?” 

The head of the station was currently Commodore Hallis.  She was wearing two hats, and the newest one oversaw the massive station in orbit around the planet.  She had a strong background in supply and support.  Now she was the lead “Cat” herder on the Station.  Many didn’t know if this was a promotion or a demotion for her. 

“Lord Protector.  The vessel made it to its target spot, at least within about 500 KMs of where we told the crew to place her.  We completed all of the inspections that we can think of, and it is fully functional.  I even have all three of the repair bays booked for the next few months, and I moved the first ship into the main bay about 72 hours after she showed up.  It is one of the smaller Colonial ships, which kept getting bumped from the other slips.  My staff hopes to have the two smaller bays filled in a few days or a little later.” 

She stopped talking for a few seconds, and then looked levelly at Admiral Franks.  “I do not want anyone to get the wrong ideas.  I can really use those three repair bays, to get rid of my backlog of repairs and ship’s maintenance that are on my books.  I also know how much planning it takes to get one of the projects out of the way of the Cylons patrols.  I have a report from the commander of that station or ship, and I agree with it.  Normally a station would be given a name based around the system name or what it might be closest to in orbit.  That does not work for us, for a number of reasons.  It was voted on by the current crew, that they would like the name of the vessel to be called SLS Lyssa.  This is not a station, but a mobile vessel or ship.  As a mobile ship?  It should fall under command of the SLDF Navy.  Query Affirmative.  I think we can work out and agreeable sharing arrangement, between our two services on the use of the bays.  Query Affirmative.  I think we can use how the SLDF Navy handled the Newgrange class ship as a measuring stick.” 

Admiral Franks was surprised to hear this statement.  His staff had been working on a plan to take control of the mobile Olympus station for a few weeks.  They were just waiting to see, if the “Lyssa” had survived the interstellar move or not.  Now it looked like, he was not going to have that big of a dogfight on his hands.  He was positive that Hallis would have a list of items she wanted in return for working with him.  Then again?  He was willing to give up a lot, to have something like this “Lyssa” under his command.  His staff had come up with a huge list of uses that it could be put to, that would be a major positive for his office. 

“I think our staffs can work out the details, and I was thinking along those lines already.  That is if she survived the trip.  It would seem that the SLS Lyssa, the goddess of the crazy or insane, is functional as a warship or as a support ship.” 

Jenifer looked over the meeting, and then gave a nod to Admiral Franks.  She set up a little straighter in the chair.  “That is between both of your departments to work out.  Query Affirmative.  We have another mission I want to talk about.  It is time for a meeting with our old “friends”.  It is time for The Pilgrimage.” 

Jenifer had a slight smile on her face.  But in her head?  Her mind was laughing.  “I wonder if some of these people are going to need a concussion test tonight, after all of the head snaps that I have been giving them.” 


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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The meeting went on for almost two hours more, and the only thing that was of any importance that was covered?  It was the approval for the next resupply mission to go back to the Inner Sphere, but a date was not set.  By the time the meeting was over?  The word had leaked already about the temporary expansion of the 331st to 5 brigades.  It was met by a tidal wave of support from the surveyed people as it was reported on the nightly news. 


Francis Callahan threw his cooling vest onto a nearby chair.  This was one of three offices that he used as the CEO of Callahan Munitions.  He had a large formal office in McEvedy City and a matching one in the City State.  This one was near a satellite production area, that at one time had been the star and the heart of the company that carried his family’s name.  It had made most of the first-generation Gauss rifles and about 40 percent of the second-generation Gauss rifles, that were found on New Circe.  It also had been where the first sells motto of “We can blow your mech’s head clean off” had started.  It had been replaced with an image of the founders Galahad with a statement in blood red letters.  "I know what you're thinking, punk.  Did I fire eight rounds or only seven?" 

Francis had just gotten done spending some time at the range in that same Galahad 2D, that was used to make that image.  It had been in his family since the founding of this planet.  It had been given to his descendants, after decades of service and the founding of a needed industry.  The story goes that he was prouder of setting up that first factory than getting his blood name.  During an interview about those early days he was quoted as saying.  "Never rated gauss-rifles much before, but that ****** thing nearly blew my mech's head clean-off with me in it!” 

Roger Callahan had been given the Galahad after he had been blown out of his Royal Wolverine II during the Trial of Annihilation by a Gauss Rifle, and he was just lucky enough to be on the right hospital ship to make it out of clan space.  Funds to maintain it had come from his family, and it was better than when it had come off the production lines of Mitchell Vehicles in the 2770s.  Every time he needed to calm down, he would take the machine out and put some rounds down range. 

As Francis looked around and he found that he was only a little calmer, but he was far from being called anything like calm.  What had caused him to become so agitated?  It was a trivid on this computer.  It was a detailed report about the newest battlemech for the SLDF ground command.  Before he retakes his seat, he looks over at an image of what his company had put together for that same contract.  He had been so sure that his design was going to win, that he had ordered a prototype built out of company funds. 

He had “known” that the SLDF was going to be worried about cost, and they already had the massive Pulverizer II omni in production.  The primary anti-mech variant of the Pulverizer II Assault carries two LRPPC's and two Gauss Rifles, with the latter made by Callahan’s factories. The LRPPC puts out a lot of waste heat, so the Gauss rifles pair nicely with them.  They also were almost as long range and punchy as an LRPPC, but much more heatsink friendly.  He had been expecting guaranteed sales of enough Gauss Rifles to equip hundreds of Pulverizer II's entering service over the next few years and the replacement weapons they would need.  On releasing of the planned production of that mech.  He had taken a loan to make expansions to almost double the production rate of second-generation Gauss Rifles. 

His machine was going to be the perfect complement to that massive combat machine.  It was going to be 100tons, but low slung compared to the Pulverizer.  He had started with the King Crab as the base of the design.  But they had added the best pair of Gauss Rifles made, along with a pair of second-generation Large bore pulse lasers, and they were backed up by clan tech LRM and SRM streak launchers.  To get all of that firepower and ammunition into that small of a frame, was by adding the most top of the line extra light engine.  At under 30 million per unit, he thought that he had the contract in the bag.  Then came the Colonials, and everything was flushed right out of the airlock. 

The SLDF had shifted from wanting a new assault mech, to wanting alot more aerospace Fighters.  That major cut into mech production had hurt.  He was out the not small cost of making the prototype, and he had been anticipating that they were going to win the contract.  So, he had ordered the setting up of a production line for the new keystone product of the company.  Now he had to pay to refit that production line back into production of spare parts and other smaller weapons, for the SLDF and not a 100ton assault mech.  Then they had been hit again.  He had been told that due to the senior leaders not wanting to make any more mechs or make them in such low numbers.  That it looked like they were not going to make any more Gauss Rifles for them in the near future.  That was his company’s bread and butter, and it had been that way forever.  Even the flamer they were building for the Mercury III were not in high demand.  They just were not as useful against metal Centurions as they were against “normal” humans. 

Those were three major hits to his company’s bottom line, that had pushed his company deep into the red.  The Headhunter line was now back into production of items for the SLDF, but even at this rate.  It was going to take years for him to recoup the losses of refurbishing that line back into something useful.  Then MCMI had won the contract for the development of the new high rate of fire class 5 cannons, and his stock price took another hard hit. 

He had not been even trying for that project.  He had jumped into bed with the Colonials and SLDF to come up with a shotgun Gauss Rifle.  That was not as nice sounding as Hyper Assault Gauss weapon.  But if it sounds like a duck and walks like a duck?  He knew that it had annoyed the Frak out of NCMI when his company had been selected to start making a prototype.  Then word had come down, that the HAG project was getting cut back to barely even to be called life support level.  The company would still be getting some income, but 20% off of 10 paychecks was not 20% out of 200 paychecks plus other charges that they could get. 

He and his company were now drowning in debt.  He even thought that he was going to have to sell the Headhunter to the SLDF military, at a loss for what even the parts were worth.  All so he could get the capital he needed to get a contract with the Colonials.  It was just to build MANPAD SRM Launchers and two different types of warheads for those weapons.  They were not even using “normal” launchers that he had made for decades.  They had bought some from Copeland’s supply runs, and that was going to be the base for the new weapons.  It silently galled him that they were a lot better than the same SRM launchers he had been building for a hundred years. 

He had been so distracted by these events.  That he had not noticed someone buying up his company’s now much lower stock price paper.  He had not been that concerned at that lower price, because he knew it was artificially low due to some short-term issues.  Besides, he knew that 50.1% of the voting stock was owned by people that shared his last name.  He had used the slight increase in stock prices, to get a low interest loan to get the new project off the ground.  He had not like making infantry weapons, not when he thought that only Mechs were real weapons on today’s battlefield.  Still he needed to pay the bills. 

He had been in his “Main” office having a few drinks with the key leadership of the company when the CFO brought up a message from some lawyer.  It was a legal notice, that said a person now owned a little over 10 percent of the voting stock.  That large of a block owned by one person was a major shift in the power structure of his company.  Francis had at first not recognized the name that was given, even after someone had connected all of the dots for him.  He still had not fully understood what had happened to his company.  Now he had some Navy arsehole buying major blocks into the firm.  As of today?  That Navy puke owned or controlled the voting rights to over 15 percent of the stock for the whole company.  He had spent a lot of his own money to find out why this Robert Copeland wanted with owning that much of “his” company. 

Francis again slammed his fist on the desktop, and he had to fight to get himself back under control.  After a few minutes of deep breathing.  He hit play on the video, and he pulled up the public data file on the 75ton Fjellhas.  He was not that impressed with the base machine and the prime model.  The prime was packing a 12 rack of missile launchers on it’s shoulders, just like the old Catapult.  The “new” thing was that they could fire Lightning-Javelins or the new Thunder-Javelin missiles, that were just now coming into Full rate production.  One arm was packing a LB-X UAC in one arm, and a second-generation medium pulse laser in the other.  It also had a head mounted laser anti-missile system to round out the maximum amount of armor that you could put on a chassis that size. 

None of those systems were unexpected.  Even the NCMI Nokia CRN 131 communications system and Omni Sure Track and Shoot 4Targeting & Tracking System, were known products.  Both had been used for some time in refitting the SLDF mechs.  Then his eyes went back to the mech’s weapons images, and he did not recognize some of it.  It took him looking deeper into the data packets, to find out what was mounted in the center torso of the 75ton machine. 

He gave a snort and spoke out loud.  “I bet that was why they chose this underweight piece of junk.” 

He liked mech scale weapons and he went to the annex in the report, and he reviewed this new to him weapon stats.  It was a captured 30mm Cylon KEWs, that had been pulled from the recovered Raiders and Heavy Raiders.  He reluctantly had to admit that it would be a very effective counter Centurion weapon.  Best of all?  The SLDF had uncounted thousands of those weapons and ammo mass that was equal to a dropship.  And all of it was just sitting in storage.  The SLDF could fit, repair, train, and load that weapon more or less free of charge.  That was going to give the active and training units a huge life cycle savings, when they used live weapons. 

He makes a note to see about making light vehicles and matching this weapon to it.  He thought that the 4x4s could also pack one of the captured Cylon KEWs.  He knew that his company had the plans and tooling set up for the Hilux trucks.  They just would have to get the military on board to start making them.  It would be a cheap and easy weapons system, and it would make it harder for the Centurions to catch the PBIs.  Then again, were PBIs worth that effort?  He puts a big red question mark by the note.  He sent the note to the people who would put some brain power on the task, and then see if the SLDF or Colonials were interested in something like that. 



Hilux/Jeep gun truck.  4x4, no armor and treat the 30mm KEWs like Battletech Heavy Machine Guns, but with the range of standard MG's (The Colonials/Cylons have better ballistics). 

Thunder-Javelin missiles.  These are normally rated in classes of 5, 10, 15, and 20.  Besides the heavy warhead of the Thunder family.  They are homing headhunter weapons with a prototype Listen Kill capability. 

Headhunter class Mech:  low slung mech that is based off the King Crab, but not fitted for Omni tech.  100tons with Max Clan FF grade armor, 2 Gauss Rifles, 2 Large Pulse lasers, LRM 15, streak SRM 4, and a Clan tech 300XL. 

Callahan Munitions.  Best known for making Gauss Rifles for generations, like the ones mounted on the Pulverizer II.  The current unofficial motto is "I know what you're thinking, punk.  Did I fire eight rounds or only seven?" and “Our product can blow a mech’s head clean off.”  Current CEO Francis Harold Callahan, and he is a mech jock.  He has pushed mech tactics above everything else that the old company makes.