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Author Topic: If we build it, can you still use it?  (Read 464 times)


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If we build it, can you still use it?
« on: 21 December 2018, 23:53:41 »
This occurred to me in the thread I started on units only minimally mentioned in the fluff and/or having no current TW and up stats.

Some of these are pretty bog standard and there might not be all that many ways to re-create them. For instance; I have seen some really great takes on the MW1E Vehicles using ATOW and SupVee rules. Would that preclude TPTB ever doing similar, canonical work later on?

In short; if the fans create something and post it on the forums, does that mean TPTB can't use it or something very similar, themselves?

I'm not asking for credit for myself or anyone else, i'm just curious how this works.
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