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Author Topic: I made an Instructional YouTube Series on the AToW Game Mechanics  (Read 3653 times)


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Re: I made an Instructional YouTube Series on the AToW Game Mechanics
« Reply #90 on: 30 January 2019, 14:03:07 »
These vids are fantastic and thanks so much for making them!

I do have one question/request however.  For the combat video, you have some sheets that you are using to mark off modifiers, etc.  Were those something that you came up with yourself or are they available somewhere?  I am running an AToW game for some friends and they are having some problems with wrapping their heads around combat and keeping up with all of the modifiers, etc.  I've been trying to give their math a second look, but that isn't always possible (or admittedly thorough) with the chaos of a game table.  I think similar sheets would be a great help with getting them "on track" for combat and was hoping to either use those or come up with something similar myself.

Most of them have never played anything more complex than D&D 5E, so they are finding a bit of a learning curve for AToW.

In any case, thanks again for the videos!  I'll probably post the link to the YT page for my players so they can get a better visual representation.

Let me know if I should make any changes to it.

Here you go:

Edit: after I first posted this, I had one of my local players take a look at it for errors. My local player found a couple of very small editorial errors (e.g., forgeting a closing paranthesis, etc.) So, I took the origional versions down and put the new ones up. You have the wrong copies if you have something from Microsoft Word. If you have something in PDF, you MIGHT have the right version. Anyway, the first posting was only up for a couple of hours before I fixed stuff.

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