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Author Topic: The Ship's Crew Skill Field  (Read 174 times)


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The Ship's Crew Skill Field
« on: 30 April 2019, 19:51:38 »
I've been making ship's crew in AToW for another poster for a couple of weeks now, and it strikes me the "Ship's Crew" field needs a little more flexibility.  The main reason is the lack of Communications/Conventional and Sensor Operations, both skills that any bridge crew watch stander would need.  My solution is to broaden the "Ship's Crew" skill field from AToW.  Basically the field would stay at five skills, but three of those five would be picked from a longer list.  So, without further ado...

Ship's Crew Skill Field
Requires: Basic Training (Naval) Field, RFL 3, and cannot have TDS Trait
Career/Ship's Crew (fixed)
Zero-G Operations (fixed)
Three skills selected from the following list (multiple Technician skills selected must be different sub-skills):
Sensor Operations