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Author Topic: Weapon quirks  (Read 354 times)


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Weapon quirks
« on: 10 May 2019, 13:37:58 »
I started to write a response to this thread, but realized I was tailing off into a Fan Designs sort of post, so I made a new thread for it.

Anyway, Mechs have quirks, so why not allow weapon quirks? This would mostly be good for a campaign setting, because they'll probably be a mess to give proper BV values to, but in principle they ought to work for either. If you do want to use these in games based on BV, I'd modify them by +10% per point of net positive quirks, and -5% per point of net negative quirks. For cost, I'd say +20% per net positive point and -10% per net negative point.

To generate new weapons randomly, give weapons 2d6-8(min 0) positive quirks and 2d6-8(min 0) negative quirks. Choose randomly from the lists below(there are 12 on each list for the moment, so that's easy), re-rolling any that aren't applicable. That gives an average of just over one total quirk per weapon, FWIW, though it'll vary a lot.

Positive Quirks
- Rugged(2 points): When this weapon is critted, roll 2d6. On 10+, ignore the crit. When any attempt is made to salvage this weapon, you may re-roll the dice once.
- Easy to Repair(1 point): Techs get a -2 bonus to repair this weapon.
- Carefully Sighted (1 point): This weapon gets a -1 bonus to hit at a random range bracket, and a +1 penalty at all other range brackets.
- Insulated(2 points): This weapon produces one less heat than normal.
- Gyro-Stabilized(3 points): Reduce all attacker movement penalties to hit with this weapon by 1.
- Independent Targeting(2 points): This weapon does not take a penalty for firing at a secondary target.
- Punching(1 point): Firing this weapon does not prevent physical attacks by the limb that this weapon is mounted in against the same target.
- Improved Range(2 points): Choose a range bracket randomly. Increase that bracket's outer limit by 1.
- Close-Range(2 points, min-range weapons only): Reduce this weapon's minimum range by 1.
- Delayed Fire(3 points): This weapon attacks after all other non-delayed weapons have fired, but before physical attacks. (Note that it may not attack if it has been destroyed by non-delayed weapons fire)
- Laser-Guided(2 points): This weapon may gain the benefit of TAG systems in the same way as semi-guided LRM ammunition.
- Reliable Ammo Feed(2 points, jamming weapons only): This weapon gets a +1 bonus on all rolls for the purposes of avoiding jamming.

Negative Quirks
- Inefficient Ammunition Usage(-2 points, multi-shot only): Whenever this weapon fires more than one shot in a round, consume an additional round of ammunition over and above the usual consumption. This does not generate heat or actually attack the enemy.
- Linked Targeting(-2 points): Choose another weapon in the same location. If that weapon is fired, this one must be fired at the same target. If it is not fired(including if it is destroyed), this weapon may not be fired. 
- Unreliable(-1 point): Techs get a +2 penalty to repair this weapon.
- Easily Shaken(-2 points): If any crit is rolled against this weapon's location, roll 2d6. On 9+, this weapon is also critted.
- Slow Charging(-2 points, non-ammo-using energy only): You must declare at the end of the previous round whether this weapon will fire in the next round or not. (Ignore this declaration if the weapon is destroyed)
- Ammunition Incompatibility(-2 points, weapons with specialty ammunition only): This unit may not use specialty ammunition.
- Poorly Insulated(-1 point, weapons with 3+ base heat only): This weapon produces two more heat than normal.
- Long-Range Falloff(-2 points): This weapon gets a range penalty of +5 at long range instead of +4, and may not make extreme-range attacks.
- Slow Firing(-4 points): This weapon may not attack if it attacked in the previous round.
- Poorly Stabilized(-3 points): Double all attacker movement penalties when firing with this weapon.
- Electrically Sensitive(-2 points): This weapon gets +1 to hit if it is within the effects of an enemy ECM field.
- Electrical Interference(-2 points): Any round where this weapon is fired, treat this unit as being affected by an enemy ECM system.