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Author Topic: Destruction of the Finmark Shipyards (Shark Fin Soup), First Succession War  (Read 477 times)


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I've read the passage in the First Succession War sourcebook over and over, and I still don't understand why Finmark chose to nuke it's own shipyards.

I can understand that the Finmark government and it's people wanted independence. I can understand that they didn't like the Lyran Commonwealth and it's intentions. What I don't get is why they would destroy their own shipyards to spite the Lyrans, given that they knew the Lyrans would respond with horrific force.

Finmark wouldn't be able to sue for peace. They wouldn't be able to deny the resource to the Lyrans and get away with it. It appeared the government was negotiating. Furthermore, it didn't seem like a rogue act, based on how the actual fight went down at the shipyards.

So, I was hoping one of the writers could shed some further insight into this incident. Any help would be appreciated.
-Jeff "K├Ânig-Wolf" James