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Author Topic: Smallest Organizational Unit where strategic operations actually become viable?  (Read 440 times)


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What do you consider to be the smallest organizational unit structure that is actually capable of effectively carrying  out strategic operations at a state/national level? Continental level? Planetary level?


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Depends how mobile they are. A Division is useless without ships to move it, but a battalion with full drop and jumpship support can be a serious upset, even on the strategic level.

People forget that not all the house units are exactly...self-propelled...shall we say? In the strategic sense. That means they don't own the assets they need to move. Which is a resource drain and the opposite of a strategic asset.
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Battalion level for mechs or regimental level for armor and infantry.

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A single agent can engage in strategic operations that can have a large impact.

But to answer you question, I think you have to consider the target/objective . . . do you want to tie down a large number of defenders?  Send a battalion or two on a raid into the enemy's zone of control and watch them scramble units to try to pin down those battalions- especially if your planning is adequate so you do not leave a clue where to actually catch the unit in a raid.  Consider something like Operation Audacity where Katherine, Victor and Warden Wolf units raided into the JFOZ to slow down the Falcon Incursion as well as divert units to hunt down the attacks/retake worlds.  The only thing that stopped the raids from being more decisive is b/c Marthe prepared for Crusader Wolf interference which had happened in the Coventry campaign, those preparations were able counteract a lot of the Lyran/Wolf actions.

Am I invading Tikonov?  Well, a pair of battalions just are not going to do it- we are talking about brigades.

So it all depends on the objectives of the operation.
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