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Author Topic: Kinbrace Defense Trinary  (Read 822 times)


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Kinbrace Defense Trinary
« on: 02 October 2019, 06:59:17 »
In the Explorer Corps Sourcebook there is a unit called Kinbrace Defense Trinary that defends the Clan Steel Viper holdings of Kinbrance (page 53). To which Galaxy / Unit of the Clan Touman does it belong.


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Re: Kinbrace Defense Trinary
« Reply #1 on: 02 October 2019, 16:18:25 »
I can't say definitively but it's likely Beta Galaxy. FM: Warden Clans p55 has the 233rd Battle Cluster and the 9th Viper Guards being part of them, and they are commanded by the same Star Colonels Jen Ahmed and Kathyrn Hartford, respectively, that are mentioned in Explorer Corps p53.