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Author Topic: Marker Bases for the magnetic Crowd  (Read 236 times)


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Marker Bases for the magnetic Crowd
« on: 30 November 2019, 12:03:25 »
While remaining in analysis paralysis for the BT kickstarter, I thought: "let's move on a tangent and do something productive" ;)

Since the topics of "which side is front" and identifying units/mechs/sides come up now and then, let's do marker bases.
As I intend to magnetize my mechs anyway and the hollow bases are basically an invitation to do so, let's also be as magnetic about it as possible. :)

These bases are in principle just a metallic self-adhesive sheet on top of an additional hex base, in this case I choose clear and red transparent acrylic bases, but any kind of hex base of the same dimensions work.
the front marker is a rectangular 1x1cm self-adhesive with some logos on regular printed paper.
It's stuck to the front of the base with a stripe of the same metallic sheet.

The self-adhesive stuff makes life easier as it doesn't require additional glue and cutting out the hex once you stuck it to the metallic sheet is a breeze.

Since you only need as much bases as the number of mechs you want to use in a session the effort and price is quite limited.
And you can use as many markers as you like and use them for various distinctive purposes.
Using regular paper for the marker images simplifies producing nice and clean ones without any special printer requirements.

The only actual requirement is that the mechs are/will be magnetized.
So this is probably just for those who will do that anyway.