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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
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28 March 2766
Brisbane (Federated Suns)

 Commanding General Aleksandr Kerensky, aboard SLS McKenna's Pride, McKenna Battleship, read over the reports from the various fronts. The losses suffered by the SLDF were staggering. On a portable notepad, he made notes on units that had reported losses so severe that they would be better off disbanded and their troops used to replace losses in other units than try to bring them back up to strength. He had selected several systems to act as replacement depots, under those headings, he listed units to be pulled off the line and disbanded.

Armington (Federated Suns)

129th Battlemech Division - 3rd Army - 35% Strength
263rd Battlemech Division - 4th Army - 30% Strength
238th Mechanized Infantry Division - 4th Army - 35% Strength
191st Royal Jump Infantry Division - 4th Army - 30% Strength
262nd Battlemech Division - 6th Army - 25% Strength
81st Mechanized Infantry Division - 7th Army - 30% Strength
36th Infantry Division - 19th Army - 35% Strength
161st Mechanized Infantry Division - 19th Army - 20% Strength
251st Royal Mechanized Infantry Division - 19th Army - 35% Strength
192nd Jump Infantry Division - 19th Army - 25% Strength

Stratford (Federated Suns)

284th BattleMech Division - 15th Army - 30% Strength
208th BattleMech Division - 16th Army - 35% Strength
165th Mechanized Infantry Division - 16th Army - 35% Strength
247th Heavy Assault Regiment - 16th Army - 40% Strength
298th BattleMech Division - 16th Army - 35% Strength
201st Battle Regiment - 16th Army - 30% Strength
318th BattleMech Division - 16th Army - 35% Strength
370th BattleMech Division - 20th Army - 40% Strength
335th Royal Dragoon Regiment - 20th Army - 30% Strength
200th Mechanized Infantry Division - 20th Army - 35% Strength
428th BattleMech Division - 20th Army - 30% Strength

Umka (Free World League)

48th Jump Infantry Division - 9th Army - 35% Strength
29th Mechanized Infantry Division - 12th Army - 40% Strength
200th Mechanized Infantry Division - 12th Army - 40% Strength
186th Mechanized Infantry Division - 13th Army - 35% Strength
181st Royal Mechanized Infantry Division - 13th Army - 30% Strength
38th Royal CAAN Marine Regiment - 17th Army - 35% Strength
605th Battle Regiment - 17th Army - 40% Strength
265th Mechanized Infantry Division - 17th Army - 40% Strength
108th Mechanized Infantry Division - 17th Army - 40% Strength

 Orders would be generated for the listed units to be pulled off the line and to redeploy to the listed planets, there they would turn in their equipment and await reassignment to other units in need of replacements. Once he had finished his list of units to be disbanded, General Kerensky opened the file containing lists of units that no one had any contact with in months and presumed destroyed.

Outworlds Alliance

272nd Mechanized Infantry Division - 15th Army
126th Mechanized Infantry Division - 16th Army
322nd Armored Division - 18th Army
277th Dragoon Regiment - 20th Army
211th Hussar Regiment - 18th Army
9918th Marine Regiment - 10th Fleet
9919th Marine Regiment - 10th Fleet

Taurian Concordat

509th Battle Regiment - 19th Army
31st Infantry Division - 19th Army
359th Battlemech Division - 19th Army

Magistracy of Canopus

9th Royal CAAN Regiment - 10th Army
9917th Marine Regiment - 10th Army
19th Hussar Regiment - 13th Army
54th Mechanized Infantry Division - 12th Army
173rd Mechanized Infantry Division - 13th Army

Rondon (Outworlds Alliance)

 Commodore William Blythe, commander 101st Pursuit Flotilla, had spent the last 5 months chasing down individual rebel warships since the Uprising began. His current mission was to move along the edge of the Outworlds Alliance to disrupt any rebel transit of the region. Along with his SLS Hatchet, Kimagure Cruiser, he also had SLS Axe Handle, Kimagure Cruiser. Attached to them were 4 Dropships, 2 Elephant Tugs, modified to carry a Marine Regiment in each along with 2 Mule Dropships for supplies. His ships carried the 9918th and 9919th Marine Regiments for boarding purposes.

 They searched every Jumpship they came across and also gleaned information from the ships crews during the searches. Reports of rebel shipping in the Thazi system had brightened the moods of his crews and embarked Marines. The 101st Pursuit Flotilla was on the hunt and hungry.

Pilon (Outworlds Alliance)

 Conferring with Major General Heinrich Rommel during the previous night, Lieutenant General Rita Mitchell had come to the realization that the space port needed to be cleared of Dropships, the number grounded here and the immediate area were just too tempting of a target. Between her 272nd Mechanized Infantry Division and the 322nd Armored Division, they detailed 2 Battalions of Infantry with 2 squads per Dropship to take the Dropships up to the captured transports. Today would be a spectacle, due to sheer number of launches. To maximize safety, she had pushed her perimeter out to 25km from the space port with assistance from the 322nd Armored Division. Today's launches would consist of the captured rebel Dropships:

 36 Drost IIA Dropships
 12 Triumph Dropships
 15 Dictator Dropships
 12 Lion Dropships
 12 Union Dropships
 8 Jumbo Dropships

 They 322nd Armored Division, 277th Dragoon Regiment and 272nd Mechanized Infantry Divisions Dropships would remain to support the ground campaign.
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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
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By the time the rebels are done counting all those launches, it'll be too late to nuke the spaceport.. good call by the SLDF commanders!  :thumbsup:


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
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28 March 2766
Pilon (Outworlds Alliance)

 Using the captured Dropship carrying capacity as a guide, the 272nd Mechanized Infantry Divisions S2 personnel figured that the rebel forces on Pilon numbered:

13 Infantry Regiments
7 Battlemech Regiments
6 Armor Regiments

They then began the laborious attempt to figure out what remained for them to square off against. Counting destroyed rebel Battlemchs and Tanks was fairly easy and by nightfall they had come up with 362 rebel Battlemechs and 419 rebel Tanks destroyed. They estimated that 4 rebel Battlemech Regiments and 2 rebel Armor Regiments remained on Pilon. Aboard the various Dropships, repair crews were hard at work not only repairing Battlemech from the 277th Dragoon Regiment that had so far survived the battle, but also repairing another 16 recovered heavy and assault Battlemechs of the 277th Dragoon Regiment in an effort to return them to service. Under protection from 2 Engineer Companies turned Infantry, salvage teams were combing the many destroyed Battlemechs determining what could be salvaged. Lieutenant General Rita Mitchell had been convinced to bring down the Mammoth Dropship loaded with supplies and support personnel, but most important, the Divisions Battlemech recovery vehicles, 6 Wayland Mobile Bases and Company of Salvage Mechs. The moment the Mammoth had grounded, salvage teams had been formed to recover what they could.

 While the recovery efforts continued, Aerospace fighters had swept continued to sweep the region around the space port and capitol out to 100km directing orbital fire whenever a large force of rebels was located in an effort to ensure the safety of the space port. The primary reason driving the slavage operation was that the 277th Dragoon Regiment, though down to 38 Battlmechs active, they had 68 Mechwarriors. The 272nd Mechanized Infantry Division currently fielded 170 Battlemechs, but had 296 Mechwarriors available. Whenever a Battlemech was brought in, senior technicians evaluated the damage, and if need be, a salvage team would be directed to scour the various battlefields for the needed parts.

 It did not take long to discover that while the majority of downed rebel Battlemechs were of "obsolete" designs like the Toro, Talos, Firebee, Pheonix and Gladiator there were also quite a few more modern designs.

29 March 2766

 The growing number of recovered Battlemechs forced Lieutenant General Rita Mitchell to order her Command Dictator Dropship be retained to conduct repairs on fully operational modern Battlemechs of the 272nd and 277th. The technicians could use the Waylands and other Dropships as needed. The first repaired Battlemech left the repair gantry's by noon, a Guillotine GLT-3N from the 277th Dragoon Regiment after having it's head replaced with a salvaged Guillotine head who's engine was destroyed. Intel was recording serial numbers to determine where rebel equipment came from. Digging into their on hand data, it was noted that several recovered rebel Battlemechs and Tanks carried factory identifier's not recognized or recorded in their systems. Suspect Battlemechs all carried a "11 or 27" in the normal factory indentifier location, recovered Tanks carried a "7 or 4". Even studied ammunition, repair parts, infantry weapons, uniforms all carried the same identifiers. The only concensus the intel personnel could come to was someone had either gone to great lengths to hide the orginal factories or was operating previously unknown factoy complexes.

 During the previous day's meeting between Lieutenant General Mitchell and Major General Rommel, they had both agreed that in their unit's current states, they would be hard pressed to completely subdue the rebel forces on planet. Though they really wanted to make an effort at it. Major General Rommel had been shocked to learn that SLDF command had not sent the 272nd Mechanized Infantry Division to his aid, but that Lieutenant General Mitchell had taken it upon herself to bring her battered command to assist his troops. Medical personnel from the 272nd Mechanized Infantry Division assisted the 322nd Armored Division and 277th Dragoon Regiment in treating their combined 2,328 wounded utilizing their combined MASH and 2 civilian hospitals in the capitol city. They also aided in treating another 4,539 wounded rebel prisoners.

Luderitz (Taurian Concordat)

 Another week of heavy fighting had seen Major General Iris Carman and her 280th Mechanized Infantry Division being fought to a standstill. Her Division just did not have the needed strength to defeat the rebel forces and she had communicated that to Major General Harold Inim, commander LXVI Corps who had relayed to her that the 268th and 294th Mechanized Infantry Divisions were on the way to reinforce her Division. Until the new units arrived, she had ordered a halt to offenisve operations. The 280th Mechanized Infantry Division was down to 45% strength and had 1,328 wounded to care for.

Wildwood (Magistracy of Canopus)

 Colonel Brandon Janees fired his Thug 11E's PPC's at a rebel Griffin that had strayed too close to the evacuating survivors of the 173rd Mechanized Infantry Division boarding their Dropships. What had once been a fully staffed proud Division was now under a Brigade in strength. For 5 months, they had battled on this miserable planet, suffering several devestating WMD attacks in the process. As the ranking officer left alive, Colonel Janee's had finally ordered the Division to evacuate. Morale was rock bottom in the Division. Many felt that SLDF High Command did not care about them and had left them to die alone. Finally he recieved the signal that all survivors had boarded and they were ready to boost from the surface. He spun his Thug and pushed the throttles to max and ran for the Overlord Dropship.

 173rd Mechanized Infantry Division

 4 Battlemech Company's
 4 Mechanized Infantry Battalions
 2 Artillery Company's


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
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The 173rd is in dire straits... hope they make it!


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
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28 March 2766
Sorsk (Outworlds Alliance)

 Lieutenant General Colin McGregor, commander 126th Mechanized Infantry Division, studied the small man seated before him. Ships Captain Martin Zuni was only 1.68 meters tall and weighed only 148lbs, age 46, he had been sailing the stars for 28 years, 16 of those as Ships Captain. He knew the Outworlds Alliance and Federated Suns Periphery border like the back of his hand, having travelled all the way to Mackolla several times during his years. Even carried cargo to New Delphi, but NEVER set foot on the surface of those cursed worlds.

 "You said you met some friends of ours not long ago. Who and where did you meet them?" McGregor asked

 "Why a couple of SLDF cruiser, carrying a load of Dropships, at the Zenith Point of Loikaw. Had a nice discussion with a Commodore Coltrain. Lovely lady." Zuni replied

 "Commodore Coltrain give you any clue as to where they were heading?" McGregor asked, I am gonna have to pry the information from him.

 "Nope, did not tell me where they were heading, not exactly anyway." Zuni responded

 Taking a deep breath, Mcgregor asked again trying not to loose his temper "What does "not exactly" mean Mr Zuni?"

 "Well, I told her that the rebels were pounding on some SLDF troops." Zuni said

 "Please Mr Zuni, can you at least fill out the information you know I want so I don't have to pull it out of you?" McGregor said

 "Pilon, them rebels were beating on the SLDF at Pilon. Three jumps from here. Told her about the rebels gathering a large force at Boulsi about to head over to Pilon and finish them off. Told her the area was getting a might too dangerous for me and my crew so we was heading to safer stars for a bit." Zuni replied

 "Thank you Mr Zuni for elaborating." McGregor responded as his mind ran over several scenario's.

 "Never been aboard a ship this huge. Boy, the cargo I could transport with this baby. Twenty-Five collars, I could make a fortune in one trip." Zuni said

 "I doubt Commodore Gallonsa would part with her. We have lost contact with our highers, no longer any HPG's in range of us to relay messages, would you be willing to delver a message to the SLDF for me?" McGregor asked

 "Them rebels been blowing up HPG stations all over the place. Not sure, I would hate to get caught with a message for the SLDF in my possession if boarded by them damned rebels." Zuni said bluntly

 "I am going to take a huge chance with you Mr Zuni, just tell the SLDF we are going to Pilon and could use some help." McGregor said

 "Be honest with you General, I am not doing a beeline with my ship. I am dancing all over the place trying to avoid any dangerous situations. It could be 6 months or longer before I get a message to the SLDF. Them rebels are thick as fleas along the border regions." Zuni said

 "Just get word out to them. However long it takes. You and your ships safety comes first." McGregor responded

 When Ships Captain Zuni had departed SLS Mighty Lift, Potemkin Transport, Lieutenant General Colin McGregor made the long trip to the ships bridge. On arriving, he motioned for Commodore Gallonsa to join him as he moved to the displayed Star Map. When she arrived at his side, he pointed to Pilon "Set course for Pilon Commodore, best speed."

15 April 2766
Pilon (Outworlds Alliance)

 The past 2 weeks had seen light probing actions by the rebels along the long perimter that were easily thrown back by the SLDF defenders. The respite had allowed the SLDF forces to rest and rebuild their strength. Herculan efforts by the SLDF salvage and repair teams had seen the 277th Dragoon Regiment brought up to 2 full Battlemech Battalions with 4 volunteer mechwarriors from the 272nd MID joining the 277th Dragoon Regiment. The 272nd MID had added 3 full Battlemech Battalions to it's roster, allowing a full Light Battlemech Battalion to each Mechanized Infantry Brigade and giving the Battlemech Brigade 2 full Battlemech Regiments. Previously wounded soldiers had added 2 Mechanized Infantry Battalions back to the roster, transfering the 277th Dragoon Regiments Mechanized Infantry Battalion to the 272nd MID allowed 2721st Brigade to reach full strength.

 Lieutenant General Rita Mitchell now felt they had the strength to limited offenive operations against the rebel forces. At dawn, SLS Rhodon, Luxor Heavy Cruiser targeted a area identified by aerial spotting as possibly containing 2 rebel Battlemech Battalions and after a 15 minutes orbital bombardment, her 2723rd Battlemech Brigade led the SLDF push into the cratered area. As the Battlemech Regiments pushed thru the area seeking out targets, her 2721st Brigade followed close behind in their APC's along with their Light Battlemech Battalion. By nightfall, they had advanced another 34km when Lieutenant General Mitchell called a halt to the advance.

Maripa (Outworlds Alliance)

 Lieutenant General Colin McGregor, commander 126th Mechanized Infantry Division, blinked his eyes as the SLS Mighty Lift, Potemkin Transport materialized at the Zenith Jump Point. One more jump to Pilon, he thought. Not knowing what they would find when they reached Pilon worried him. What of the SLDF forces there had moved on, what if the rebels had warships when they arrived, all of these questions pulsed thru his mind.


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
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16 April 2766
Linden (Outworlds Alliance)

 Commodore Trisha Delvaney, commander SLS Salvation, Newgrange Yardship, along with SLS Gareth and SLS Helmet, Essex Destroyers materialized at the Nadir Jump Point. With sensors clear, she ordered the ships to begin recharge operations. At least they were in occupied space which was much safer than in the Deep Periphery. She had attmepted a HPG message at the previous system but could never get a connection lock. Surely the small temper tantrum reported months ago in the Outworlds Alliance could not have disrupted the HPG grid, was all she had thought at the time.

 It did not matter too much to her, all she wanted to do was get back to Quatra Belle and get some shore leave while her ship underwent some much needed maintenance. While she could perform any sort of maintenance on other ships, she could not dock herself. Per standard procedures, the ships navigator plotted an emergency jump, just in case, and transmitted the target information to both Destroyers.

Luderitz (Taurian Concordat)

 Major General Iris Carman, commander 280th Mechanized Infantry Division, greeted Major General Harold Inim, commander LXVI Corps as he exited the shuttle that had delivered him to the space port where the 268th and 294th Mechanized Infantry Divisions were disembarking. "General Inim, I was surprised to get the message that you were coming personally."

 "I thought it best I deliver the news personally Iris. Once the 268th MID relieves your Division, you are to embark your Division and proceed to Armington. General Kerensky has established a replacement base there. You will turn in your equipment and your personnel will await reassignment as replacements to other units that need them. The 280th Mechanized Infantry Division is being disbanded. Sorry Iris." Major General Inim said

 The news hit Major General Carman like a sledgehammer. They were taking her Division away from her. "Sir, we are hurt but still above 40% strength. My people are like a family to me. I have had this Division for over 6 years. Can't we do anything to prevent this? Hell, ask to have my personnel transfered by sub unit at least, keep them together as best we can. Not this, not a damned replacement depot."

 "Sorry Iris, there is nothing that can be done. I took the case up to 3rd Army and was told to send you to Armington. The orders have been given. Now, I think you had better prepare your Division for departure, I need to get the 268th and 294th Mechanized deployed. Dismissed." Major General Inim replied as he walked away.

 Major General Carman just stood and watched the back of her Corps commander, who she had once thought of as a friend. A building anger was replacing her shock inside of her.

18 April 2766

 She watched her Division board their Dropships for the trip up to their awaiting Jumpships. She could not, would not allow them to be broken up. In her left pocket was her written orders to report to Armington. In her right pocket was a set of orders for her Division to travel to Hope IV and that the transports were under her command until their mission was completed. She had worked for 3 hours the previous night making them perfect. No one was breaking up her Division.

 280th Mechanized Infantry Division

 2801st Brigade
 Mech Infantry Regiment - 2 Battalions
 Mech Infantry Regiment - 2 Battalions
 Light Battlemech Battalion - 4 Lances

 2802nd Brigade
 Mech Infantry Regiment - 3 Battalions
 Light Battlemech Battalion - 5 Lances

 2803rd Brigade
 Battlemech Regiment - 2 Battalions
 Battlemech Regiment - 2 Battalions

 2804th Brigade
 Armor Regiment - 3 Battalions
 Armor Regiment - 1 Battalion

 Artillery Regiment
 Thor Battalion - 2 Company's
 Chaparral Battalion - 2 Company's

 Engineer Battalion - 1 Company

 Ground Aero Wing
 Aerospace Group - 3 Squadrons
 Aerospace Group - 2 Squadrons
 Jump Infantry Battalion - 2 Company's
 KIilled in Action - 3,011
 Wounded in Action - 2,274

 Colossus Dropships - 6
 Czar Dropships - 6
 Overlord Dropships - 6
 Union Dropship - 1
 Titan Dropships - 3
 Lion Dropships - 4
 Mammoth Dropships - 4
 Star Lord Jumpships - 5

NP32 (Deep Periphery)

 Colonel Patrick Quieg, acting commander 31st Infantry Division, was so sick of space travel. He knew his people felt the same way. They needed soem ground time. Over the weeks, the 2 squads of rebels acting as security had gotten lax. From the start, they had only allowed no more than 30 of his people onto the ships grav deck for 15 min each day. But the last 2 jumps, they had allowed the next group off their Dropship before the previous group was secured. All their small arms were locked down in the Star Lords cargo bays. Today, they would take the ship.

 He led the his group of 29 infantry off the grav deck and headed for their Dropship, when he spotted the next group, again 30 infantry, he yelled "NOW!!" and the 14 rebels suddenly found the once complacent SLDF soldiers swarming them before they could bring their weapons to bear. Within a minute, all 14 rebels were dead. "Head for the cargo bay, get our weapons and arm our people. You 7, arm yourself with the rebel weapons and take engineering, you 6 come with me, we take the bridge."

 It took 10 minutes before a member of the bridge crew finally opened the door to exit, and Colonel Quieg shoved his way onto the bridge armed with a laser pistol, followed by his 6 infantry. Before the ships captain could react, Colonel Quieg had the pistol at his head. "I believe you know what this means. We have the ship. Now, you behave yourself, and you live, misbehave and I will have you tossed out an airlock. We continue on course, but if we trip over a rebel ship, you all die before we do. Understand?"

 "I understand. Look, we are just a civilian merchant ship. We got shanghaied by the rebels. We just want to get to safety, same as you." The ships captain replied

 "Well, just to be safe, a squad will be on the bridge at all times and another in engineering." Colonel Quieg said


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
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Things are looking up for the forces on Pilon.  Not so much for the 280th...


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
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Not saying much for the discipline in those units... then again the canon sources are pretty blunt about the "joined rebels", "unknown" (real unknown not joined ComStar, and destroyed units.

Nicely written so far.  And a good explanation as to why the Periphery is so short of HPGs.
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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
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 Glad everyone is enjoying it. It always intrigued me on the number of "lost" units that just vanished, so it gave me the idea to try and make use of them in an AU.


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
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19 April 2766
Pilon (Outworlds Alliance)

 After several days of the limited offensive, Lieutenant General Rita Mitchell called a halt to offensive operations. While touring the new defensive lines in her Pillager, a call over the radio brought her to a halt "Zeus Actual, this is Bravo One, we have a rebel party flying w white flag approaching our lines." She keyed the mic "Bravo One, Zeus Actual, I am on my way, send a party forward under white flag and see what they want."

 Bravo One was Major Harry Estaban, commander 277th Dragoon Regiment. She pushed her Pillager into a run, she had just over 100km to reach the section of the perimeter the 277th was holding. Just over an hour later her radio called again "Zeus Actual, Bravo One, the rebels want to meet and discuss terms." Her mind ran thru several scenario's. One, they wanted to surrender, but why, we have hurt them, but have we hurt them that bad? Two, they want us to surrender, not going to happen.

 "Roger, my eta is 18 minutes to your location." She responded as her Pillager kept up a steady 54km per hour speed.

 She slowed her Pillager as she entered the rear area of the 277th Dragoon Regiment. She side stepped off the road to allow a small supply convoy to pass by. Entering the immediate area of the 277th Dragoon Headquarters area, she brought her Pillager to a stop and then knelt the 100 ton Mech. Popping her hatch, she descended the chain ladder with an agility that belied her 37 years of age. Reaching the ground, she spotted a small jeep approaching flying a white flag being escorted by a several Guillotine GLT-3N.

 Bravo One, Major Harry Estaban, exited the small headquarters building he had been using and walked to stand beside Lieutenant General Mitchell. "Major, make sure you relocate your HQ as soon as this meeting is over. This could be a simple recon mission. Hate to loose you to a nuke. That jeep was searched I presume?" She said as the small rebel group dismounted from the jeep.

 "Yes sir, the thought had already crossed my mind. I have a Infantry Battalion attached from the 322nd Armored, they checked it out before letting it close to our lines." He replied as both SLDF officers began walking to meet the rebel's. The oldest rebel pulled himself to attention "I am General Paul Kilgorian, commander of the opposing forces on this planet."

 "Lieutenant General Rita Mitchell, commander of 272nd Mechanized Infantry Division. You wanted to speak General Kilgorian?" She responded, but not returning his salute.

 "Yes, I would like to discuss surrender terms." General Kilgorian responded

 "Well, the terms are quite simple, General Kilgorian. Your unconditional surrender. There are no other terms or conditions. Your people will be dsarmed and interned in prisoner of war camps until hostilities have ended and release terms are agreed upon by Higher Authorities. Your people will be treated according to the Laws of War." Lieutenant General Mitchell said

 "No negotiation then?" General Kilgorian asked

 "None General. We have the strength to destroy your forces. It will take longer and cost more casualties to both sides, but your people will suffer much more than mine, that I promise you. I hold the high ground so to speak." She replied pointing to the heavens to make sure he understood her meaning.

 "Your not giving me much to work with General Mitchell." General Kilgorian said

 "I am giving you and your people life General. You obviously care for your soldiers or you would not be here talking with me. I care for my soldiers, and I will apply maximum firepower at my disposal to minimize my losses." Lieutenant General Mitchell replied

 "No safe passage off planet?" General Kilgorian asked

 "So that you and your command can go kill SLDF soldiers somewhere else? No General, that I will not allow. You and your people have but 2 choices, surrender and live or continue to fight and die. It is time to make a choice General Kilgorian." Lieutenant General Mitchell said

 General Kilgorian was silent for a few minutes, he looked at the rebel officer to his left, they shared a look and Lieutenant General Mitchell thought she detected a "Please take the deal" look pass across the officers face in response to General KIlgorians look. Take the deal General, end the fighting here, she thought silently. Finally, General Kilgorian spoke.

 "I formally surrender my forces to the Star League Defense Force. I propose a cease fire in place starting at 2300 tonight. Official surrender at 1500 tomorrow, if that would be acceptable to you General Mitchell?" General Kilgorian said

 "That would be acceptable General Kilgorian. Cease fire in place at 2300 tonight and official surrender at 1500 tomorrow. But I will order my force to not engage any rebel forces not closer than 5km from my perimeter. A full cease fire will go into effect at 2300 tonight." Lieutenant General Mitchell said as both shook hands.

20 April 2766

 As dawn broke over Pilon, SLDF Aerospace Fighters began their dailt recon sweeps. Quickly, radio calls came back announcing a column of rebel Battlemechs moving towards the space port estimated to be a reinforced Regiment in strength. Followed quickly by another sighting on the far side of the perimeter of an armored column also moving towards the space port. They continued to monitor, but had their orders to hold fire.

 At 1500 hours, the rebel columns had reached the 1km range and halted their advance. Tense SLDF soldiers watched from their positions as the rebel Battlemech pilots dismounted their Battlemechs and formed into a semblance of a formation in front of their machines. Lieutenant General Rita Mitchell, alone, marched her Pillager across the small plain surrounding the space port and halted 200 meters from the assembled rebel Battlemechs. A rebel jeep moved from behind the Battlemechs and approached her Pillager, she could see General Kilgorian in the jeep, and though she sensed the surrender would go thru, she kept her weapons powered up and ready, just in case. Overhead, SLDF Aerospace Fighters loaded with ordanance circled at high altitude.

 Lieutenant General Mitchell knelt her Pillager and descended the chain ladder. She confidently walked to General Kilgorian, even though deep inside she was not keen on being outside her Pillager this close to the enemy, reaching him, she returned the salute he gave her.

 "Lieutenant General Mitchell, I hereby surrender my command to the forces of the SLDF." General Kilgorian said

 "I accept your surrender General Kilgorian. Please have your people stand fast while I have my forces ready to recieve you people." She said and then she lifted her protable radio "Zeus Actual to all commands, execute Plan Alpha, I say again execute Plan Alpha." At her orders, the Mechanized Infantry from 2721st and 2722nd Brigades moved from their posisitions to secure the rebels. Within minutes, they had begun the process of securing the prisoners, searching them, recording names and moving them into formations for transport to 4 massive warehouses at the space port being converted into a makeshift holding area by Engineers until a proper detention facility could be constructed.

 Lieutenant General Mitchell turned back to General Kilgorian "Now that the fighting has ended, tell me General Kilgorian, why surrender now?"

 "Simple, we were almost out of supplies, your first orbital bombardment not only destroyed a full Battlemech Regiment but it also destroyed several convoys moving the majority of our supplies and ammunition from the space port as your ships were coming in. I was too confident and kept the supplies at the space port instead of dispersing them. When I did, it was too late." General Kilgorian stated

 "I see. We all have learned some hard lessons during this war. If you would follow me in your jeep General, we will return to my headquarters to discuss other things over some coffee." She said and then turned to walk back to her Pillager.

 Three hours later, after General Kilgorian had been processed, he was brought to Lieutenant General Mitchell's small command post and shown into her small office. Inside with her were, Major General Heinrich Rommel, Major Harry Estaban and both S2's from the 272nd MID and 322nd Armored Division. "Please General Kilgorian, have a seat. We have some questions for you." She said as she gestured to a chair.

 As he took the seat, she continued "First, I want to thank you for the way your people have remained cooperative. I have not recieved any reports of resistence. The holding area is just temporary and I have better facilities being constructed right now. Are there any forces on the other continents?"

 "No General Mitchell. After the initial attacks by the forces before my arrival, all SLDF forces were here at the space port and capitol. I saw no need in garrisoning the other continents." Kilgorian answered

 "Good. Major Estaban, please take your 277th Dragoon's and attached Infantry and conduct a sweep of the other continents to be sure please. Also check and see what any civilians might need in the way of support and such." Then back to Kilgorian "Any idea what forces are in the surrounding systems?"

 This made General Kilgorian squirm a little before answering "General Mitchell, I am afriad I must decline to answer that. Even if I knew, I would not tell you that. Same as you would not tell me the locations of SLDF forces if our positions were reversed. I will answer questions pertaining to this planet and this planet only. Surely you understand that."

 "Very well General Kilgorian. If you would accompany my S2's, they would like the locations of any supply depots you might have established and such." She responded and pointed out the 2 waiting S2's. Once General Kilgorian was led away, Major General Heinrich Rommel took the now empty chair. She spoke first "What are your orders General. You gave me command of this campaign, it is over and you outrank me."

 "Look Rita, I think in our current situation, my outranking you has nothing to do with anything. I am enough of an officer to know a better tactician when I meet one. You have handled this campiagn briliantly. But since you asked, I think we need to secure Boulsi and Thazi, both are good food producers that feed most of this region with their excess production, the fighting here has hurt food production pretty badly." Major General Rommel said

 "Very well sir, I will ready my command to proceed to Boulsi. We will inventory the captured rebel equipment and draw what we need from there." General Mitchell replied

 "Take the 277th Dragoon Regiment with you. I think my 322nd Armored Division can handle things here. Have the people bring down the captured crews and I will detain them on the surface. If you need them, I will attach some of my Dropship crews to your forces. Also, take my second HPG equipped Mobile HQ, at least once your on the ground, we can keep in touch." Major General Rommel said

 "I will gladly use them sir. At least enough that I can properly combat load my Division. Do you think there is any way to repair the HPG station here?" She replied

 "I am not sure, now that the fighting is over, I have ordered some of the people from the HPG station that survived to head over, with an escort, and take a look. We know there is no functioning HPG in range of us anyway. Not within 50LY anyway. Boulsi and Thazi both have recharge stations at the Nadir Jump Points, so be prepared for them. Or at least they did before all the ruckus out here." Major General Rommel said

 "I will make sure Commodore Coltrain is ready for them. I will make sure both warships have a charge left to rapidly return here if needed. Until we reach higher command, I will limit my operations to only Boulsi and Thazi. I am not leaving you out here alone." General Mitchell stated


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
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23 April 2766
Pilon (Outworlds Alliance)

 The inventory of surrendered rebel equipment was finalized. Recovery and salvage of equipment continued across the now silent battlefields. Lieutenant General Rita Mitchell was looking over the inventory lists.

Rebel Equipment Surrendered

24 Thunderbolt TDR-5S
12 Archer ARC-2R
24 Toro TR-A-6
12 Stinger STG-3R
36 Phoenix PX-3R
19 Talos TLS-1B

72 Merkava MkVIII
36 Marsden IIA
26 LVT-4 Hover
17 Ballista Artillery
46 Towed Sniper
63 Tracked Heavy APC
22 Jeeps
6 Sherpa Mobile HQ
30 Sherpa MASH
24 Sherpa Field Kitchens
122 Sherpa Fuel Tankers
244 Sherpa Cargo
66 Flatbed Trucks
16 Coolant Trucks


Mechwarrior - 177
Armor Crew - 957
Infantry - 8,960
Support - 11,257
Dropship Crew - 2,518
Jumpship Crew - 642

 She was making marks on the list on what to send where. Most of the equipment would go to the 322nd Armored Division. The Coolant Trucks and the Battlemechs would travel with her 272nd Mechanized Infantry Division (MID). A knock brought her head up, "Emergence wave incoming General, a really big one. Commodore Coltrain is making ready to intercept it. Coming in at the Zenith Jump Point."

 "Alert all commands, possible incoming enemy forces, bring everyone up to full alert." She ordered, just what we need, another damned enemy force with 2 Battalions of Infantry guarding the prisoners. Numbers still to grow as the Jumpship and Dropship prisoners were still on their way to the surface from the Nadir Jump Point.

 In orbit, Commodore Barbara Coltrain had ordered SLS Rhodon, Luxor Heavy Cruiser to head for a pirate point 3 hours away while the SLS Conroy, Avatar Heavy Cruiser recalculated jump coordinates for the Zenith Jump Point. When the navigator nodded, Commodore Mike Henderson gave the order "Jump".

 SLS Mighty Lift, Potemkin Transport emerged at the Zenith Jump Point and it's sensors registered a emergence wave. "General Quarters, launch all dropships. Weps prepare for possible action." Commodore Sandra Gallonsa, commander SLS Salvation, Potemkin Transport ordered

 When SLS Conroy materialized 1500km away, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. "Hail them and find out what the hell is going on." Commodore Sandra Gallonsa ordered

 Aboard SLS Conroy, Avatar Heavy Cruiser, Commodore Mike Henderson studied the massive Potemkin Transport and the flood of Dropships on his ships radar screen. "Sir, we are being hailed by the SLS Mighty Lift." Comms reported

 "Mighty Lift, this is Commodore Mike Henderson, SLS Conroy. Glad to see you, you gave us quite a stir. Please tell me your our relief?" He asked

 "Negative Commodore, we are transporting what is left of the 126th Mechanized Infantry Division. We had to abandon our last station and heard you folks might need some help, so here we are." Commodore Sandra Gallonsa answered

 "Roger that, the folks on the ground needed the help for awhile, but things settled down in a hurry a few days ago. We will escort you to the planet. I need to pass the information on to Commodore Coltrain in orbit." Commodore Mike Henderson said

28 April 2766

 Lieutenant General Rita Mitchell and Major General Heinrich Rommel greeted Lieutenant General Colin McGregor, commander 126th Mechanized Infantry Division, as he disembarked from Dictator Dropship. He saluted Major General Rommel "126th Mechanized Infantry Division reporting in sir." Major General Rommel returned the salute.

 "Glad to have you here. And judging by the Dropships not unloading, your Division has seen better days." Major General Rommel replied

 "Yes sir, we got hammered pretty bad. We are down to 7 Battalions of Mech Infantry, a single Battlemech Regiment and 2 Regiments of Tanks. I still have 1,187 wounded being treated. I have 109 Battlemechs but 291 Mechwarriors. We managed to return enough infantry to duty to field 3 extra Battalions than when we boosted." Lieutenant General Colin McGregor answered

 Lieutenant General Rita Mitchell finally spoke "We might be able to help with that situation. We seem to have more Battlemechs than pilots. Why don't we head for my office and discuss things."

 Once everyone was seated, each command told their tale. Finally, Lieutenant General Rita Mitchell said the obvious "The damned rebels sure are effective at taking out the HPG's. Seems to be their very first target. Now, we are secure here on Pilon but we are currently preparing to head for Boulsi and clear that planet of rebel forces. Major General Rommel and the 322nd Armored Division is staying here on Pilon. I am taking my 272nd MID and 277th Dragoon to Boulsi. Is your Division ready to fight?"

 "Yes, we would not be here if we weren't. We are understrength, actually below what regulations state as the level for combat ineffective and should be slated for disbandment." Lieutenant General Colin McGregor said

 "We will hold off that for now. Folding you into my 272nd would make the Division way too unwieldy. Let's start distributing some equipment and see where your Division stands and then we will discuss things more. Let's get your command bedded down and tomorrow, we start issuing equipment." Lieutenant General Mitchell said


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
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1 May 2766
Pilon (Outworlds Alliance)

 Lieutenant General Rita Mitchell, Major General Heinrich Rommel, Major Harry Estaban and Lieutenant General Colin McGregor had gathered to work on the planned invasion of Boulsi. Many adjustments and troop transfers had been conducted and the 126th Mechanized Infantry Division into decent shape. There had been some disagreements, like Lieutenant General Colin McGregor protest when Lieutenant General Mitchell had "ordered" him to trasfer a full Battalion of Mechwarriors to the 277th Dragoon Regiment being the Regiment to full strength.

 Major General Rommel had convinced Lieutenant General Mitchell to allow him to transfer most of his Infantry to the 126th MID, in exachange he would absorb the wounded Infantry from the 126th MID as they returned to duty. Walking wounded could guard prisoners almost as well as fully fit soldiers. Even with the small protests, eventually they all agreed it was for the best all around. Finally, they had a restructured force almost ready to deploy.

272nd Mechanized Infantry Division

 2721st Brigade
 Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 3 Infantry Battalions, 1 Company Turhan
 Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 3 Infantry Battalions, 1 Company Turhan
 Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 3 Infantry Battalions, 1 Company Merkava Mk VIII
 Light Battlemech Battalion - 2 Company's

 2722nd Brigade
 Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 3 Infantry Battalions, 1 Company Manticore
 Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 3 Infantry Battalions, 1 Company Burke
 Light Battlemech Battalion - 2 Company's

 2723rd Brigade
 Battlemech Regiment - 3 Battalions
 Battlemech Regiment - 3 Battalions

 Armor Brigade
 Armor Regiment - 3 Battalions
 Armor Regiment - 3 Battalions

 Artillery Regiment
 Long Tom - 1 Battalion
 Thumper - 1 Battalion
 Arrow - 1 Battalion

 Engineer Battalion - 2 Company's

 272nd Ground Aero Wing
 Aerospace Wing - 2 Squadrons
 Aerospace Wing - 2 Squadrons
 Fixed Conv Wing - 1 Squadron

277th Dragoon Regiment

 Battlemech Regiment - 3 Battalions
 Infantry Battalion - 1 Jump Infantry Battalion, 12 Heavy Tracked APC
 Artillery Company - 12 Ballista

126th Mechanized Infantry Division

 1262 Brigade
 Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 3 Infantry Battalions, 1 Company Turhan
 Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 3 Infantry Battalions, 1 Company Turhan
 Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 3 Infantry Battalions, 1 Company Turhan
 Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 2 Infantry Battalions, 1 Company Von Luckner (sl)
 Light Battlemech Battalion - 3 Company's

 1263 Brigade
 Battlemech Regiment - 3 Battlemech Battalions
 Battlemech Regiment - 3 Battlemech Battalions

 1264 Brigade
 Armor Regiment - 3 Armor Battalions
 Armor Regiment - 3 Armor Battalions

 Artillery Regiment
 1 Battalion of Long Tom
 1 Battalion of Thor
 1 Battalion of Padilla/Chaparral

 Cavalry Battalion - 3 LAM Company's, 1 Infantry Company, 1 Hover Company (Maxim)

 Ground Aero Wing
 Aerospace Wing - 4 Squadrons
 Conv Fighter Wing - 2 Squadrons
 Conv Transport Wing - 2 Squadrons
 Engineer Battalion
 Jump Infantry Battalion - 1 Battalion

 The 322nd Armored Division, much to the armor crews, transfered better tanks and got Merkava Mk VIII and Marsden IIA's in exchange. The 272nd MID transfered their LAM Company to the 126th to reform their Cavalry Battalion. Currently it was the best they could do, but it gave each command a decently powerful force. Not all of the Mechwarriors were happy with their rides, but at least they were in Battlemechs and not assigned to the Infantry, which what several were threatened with when they bitched a little too loudly about being assigned Toro and Talos Battlemechs.

 With the captured Jumpship fleet disabled, the removed equipment had been sent to the planets surface, only the 3 Warships would make the jump to Boulsi, no one wanted to risk using any of the captured Jumpship crews, not even the ones that swore they were shanghaied merchant crews during questioning. The invasion of Boulsi was slated for 1 June 2766 to give the 126th Mechanized Infantry Division additional ground time.

Zetang (Outworlds Alliance)

 Commodore Trisha Delvaney, commander SLS Salvation, Newgrange Yardship, along with SLS Gareth and SLS Helmet, Essex Destroyers materialized at the Nadir Jump Point. Everyone had been surprised to find the Olympus Recharge Station at the previous system, Shira, destroyed and the systems HPG not operating. They had still not been able to get a lock on any functional HPG with their onboard HPG. This had alarmed all 3 ships captains. They planned to replenish foor and water stocks at Achnoly, where the 200th Royal Light Horse was stationed. Maybe then they could get some answers.

Brisbane (Federated Suns)

 Commanding General Aleksandr Kerensky, aboard SLS McKenna's Pride, McKenna Battleship, was not in a very good mood. Even though the SLDF was slowly turning the tide on the Uprising, reports of desertions from the Replacement Depots on Armington, Stratford and Umka was disturbing. Many units reported entire sub units just disappearing when they arrived at a new Jump Point in a different system. He double compared the list of commands and their "lost" sub units.

Armington (Federated Suns)

129th Battlemech Division - 3rd Army - 18 Mechwarrior, 491 Inf deserted
263rd Battlemech Division - 4th Army - 22 Mechwarrior, 338 Inf deserted
238th Mechanized Infantry Division - 4th Army - 1 BM Company rogue
191st Royal Jump Infantry Division - 4th Army - 2 Mixed Regiment (2 BM, 3 Inf) rogue
262nd Battlemech Division - 6th Army - 1 BM Battalion declared TC
81st Mechanized Infantry Division - 7th Army - 2 Regiments (1 BM, 1 Inf)
36th Infantry Division - 19th Army - 1 Mixed Regiment (2 BM, 1 Inf) declared TC
161st Mechanized Infantry Division - 19th Army - 1 Battlemech Regiment declared for TC
251st Royal Mechanized Infantry Division - 19th Army - 1 BM Battalion rogue
192nd Jump Infantry Division - 19th Army - 1 Inf Regiment rogue

Stratford (Federated Suns)

284th BattleMech Division - 15th Army - 2 BM Battalions rogue
208th BattleMech Division - 16th Army - 1 Mixed Regiment (1 BM, 2 Inf) rogue
165th Mechanized Infantry Division - 16th Army - 2 BM Battalions rogue
247th Heavy Assault Regiment - 16th Army - 32 Mechwarrior deserted
298th BattleMech Division - 16th Army - 2 Mixed Regiment (2 BM, 4 Inf) rogue
201st Battle Regiment - 16th Army - 1 BM Company rogue
318th BattleMech Division - 16th Army - 1 Mixed Regiment (1 BM, 2 Inf) rogue
370th BattleMech Division - 20th Army - 2 Inf Battalion rogue
335th Royal Dragoon Regiment - 20th Army - 1 BM Company rogue
200th Mechanized Infantry Division - 20th Army - 1 BM Battalion declared OA
428th BattleMech Division - 20th Army - 1 BM Regiment rogue

Umka (Free World League)

48th Jump Infantry Division - 9th Army - Mixed Regiment (2 BM, 1 Inf) declared MoC
29th Mechanized Infantry Division - 12th Army - 3 Inf Regiment rogue
200th Mechanized Infantry Division - 12th Army - 1 Inf Regiment rogue
186th Mechanized Infantry Division - 13th Army - 1 BM Regiment declared MoC
181st Royal Mechanized Infantry Division - 13th Army - 1 BM Battalion rogue
38th Royal CAAN Marine Regiment - 17th Army - 1 BM Battalion rogue
605th Battle Regiment - 17th Army - 27 Mechwarrior deserted
265th Mechanized Infantry Division - 17th Army - 1 BM Regiment rogue
108th Mechanized Infantry Division - 17th Army - 1 Mixed Regiment (2 BM, 1 Inf) rogue

 The absolute worst the 280th Mechanized Infantry Division had simply vanished, never showing up at Baltor to link up with a warship escort. So far, searches had failed to locate any trace of them. He knew the orders to disband had been a very unpopular order, but never had it crossed his mind that this many soldiers or units would just vanish. He had no choice but to issue orders to destroy the rogue commands as they were discovered. He would focus on locating and destroying them once the Uprising was put down.

Argos (Periphery)

 The 54th Mechanized Infantry Division, long suspected of black market dealings by SLIC, after a murderous fight with rebels on New Abilene in late 2765, had pulled out and voted to call it quits enmass. The 54th had been savaged in the fight, suffering multiple nuclear attacks. The survivors wanted no part of anymore fighting or the SLDF. With all senor commanders killed in a nuclear fireball during a ill planned briefing, they had voted Captain Olivia Daniels as acting commander. Charasmatic, tough, she was well respected within the command.

54th Mechanized Infantry Division

541st Brigade
Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 3 Battalions
Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 3 Battalions

543rd Brigade
Battlemech Regiment - 2 Battalions

544th Brigade
Armor Regiment - 3 Battalions

Artillery Regiment
Artillery Battalion - 1 Company Thor, 1 Company Padilla

Engineer Battalion - 2 Company's

Cavalry Battalion - 2 LAM Company's

Ground Aero Wing
Aerospace Group - 4 Squadrons
Conv Fighter Group - 2 Squadrons
Conv Transport Group - 2 Squadrons
Engineer Battalion - 1 Company
Jump Infantry Regiment - 2 Battalions
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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
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Just a heads up, I will be throwing some of the Canon Timeline off. Seems the writers sort of tossed the rule book out when comes to travel times. No way can the SLDF redeploy from the Tuarian Concordat in 3 months time. So I will be delaying the Rim Worlds invasion until roughly October 2767, possibly first of 2768.


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
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Mitchell is only 37?  I suspect that was a typo for 47 (which is itself a bit young for Flag rank)...


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
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oops, yeah was supposed to be 47.

Course, I think Kerensky was in his 30's when he took over as Commanding General so I could leave it.

 Yep, he was 38 when he took over Commanding General of the SLDF
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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
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Oy... TPTW were obviously not very old when they wrote that.  38 was WAY to young to ascend that far...


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
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Well it explains how amateurish a lot of the tactics were...
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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
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15 May 2766
Thazi (Outworlds Alliance)

 Aboard SLS Hatchet, Kimagure Cruiser, Commodore William Blythe shook off the effects of the double jump into the Nadir Jump Point. He had taken a zig zag course getting here, hitting 5 systems. It had covered a large swath of territory. As the ships sensors came back online, they quickly detected hostile inbounds. "General Quarters, weps fire as targets present themselves. Launch the fighters and kick the Dropships loose, tell them to head for the surface until this is over. Sensor, what do we have."

 "No friendly IFF on any contacts. Magnifying now, I show 2 Dart Cruisers and 3 Lola II Destoyers." The sensor officer reported.

 "Darts? Last one I ever heard of was destroyed over 40 years ago. Okay, we have a serious fight on our hands. We are outnumbered but not really outgunned. Better tell the Dropships to make the best speed they can tolerate in case something gets past us." He checked the ships plot quickly and keyed the secure laser comm to SLS Axe Handle, Kigamure Cruiser "Helen, Will, we take the lead Dart first, she's a short range brawler so let's try and keep our distance, pound her to scrap and take her out of the fight quick as we can. We have tp cover the Dropships, so nothing get's past us."

 "Roger that Will, remember a week ago, you was griping about the lack of worthy foes and I told you to be careful what you wish for? Well I told you so."

 "Yeah, me and my big mouth. We survive this, I owe you a big kiss and a beer. Now let's get down to business Helen."

 "Roger that Will, you all take care. Let's do this." Commodore Helen Buros replied

 Three hours later, the lead Dart Cruiser launched a 4 Killer Whales from it's nose launchers. All 4 Killer Whales were targeted on SLS Hatchet. Only a single Killer Whale made it past SLS Hatchet's point defense guns. It failed to penetrate but shaved some armor. "Helm, when weps gives that Dart our nose guns, boost us to 3g's to rapidly unmask our left broadside. Comm, relay to Axe Handle what we are going to do and to follow us. Arms reach people, we hold her at arms leangth and pound them."

 The Dart launched another volley of Killer Whales as it passed into extreme followed by it's twin nose NL/45. Only a single NL/45 lashed the Kigamure Cruiser, the Killer Whales never made it past the point defense guns. "Firing nose." Weps announced. SLS Hatchet fired 4 HNPPC and 4 MNPPC at the incoming Dart. Superior training paid off as 3 HNPPC and all 4 MNPPC blasted the Dart's nose removing almost 70% of the Dart's armor. SLS Hatchet accelerated and began turning to unmask it's broadside. The Dart began to adjust course, desperately trying to close the distance.

 "Firing broadside, there goes Axe Handle." Weps announced. SLS Axe Handle had cut loose with it's nose bays and it's 4 HNPPC and 4 MNPPC had scored 2 HNPPC and 3 MNPPC on the Darts FRS arc and removed a massive amount of armor. SLS Hatchet fired it's left broadside which would put incredible strain on the ships heat sinks. Eight HNPPC and 4 MNPPC lashed out at the Dart, scoring 3 HNPPC and 3 MPPC on the already heavily damaged nose. Two HNPPC blasted the remaining armor off the Dart while a single HNPPC smashed into the Dart's Bridge section, the 3 MNPPC burrowed deep into the Dart Cruiser heavily damaging it's K-F Drive. SLS Axe Handle, following the manuever of SLS Hatchet sent a broadside into the Dart Cruiser 3 HNPPC and 4 MNPPC lashed the Dart's right side heavily damaging the FRS and RBS.

 "Helm, hard to starboard, let's keep the Dart's damaged side in our arcs, Comm signal Axe Handle to follow us around."

 SLS Hatchet took 2 Killer Whales to it's ARS as the second rebel Dart entered the fight. SLS Hatchet let loose with it's right broadside at the heavily damaged Dart, multiple NPPC's penetrated it's already damaged armor, and the Dart's engines flickered out. Verifying the secure laser still had a lock, he keyed the mic "Helen, she's powerless, let's go chew the other Dart up, those Lola II are getting a little too close." He then said "Helm, angling us to port, we are shifting targets."

 Another volley of Killer Whales came in with 2 making past the point defenses blasting armor from SLS Hatchet. SLS Hatchet shuddered suddenly as the heavily damaged Dart fired it's NAC/25 and NAC/30's at the very edge of their range, managing to score a single NAC/25 and single NAC/30 hit. In return, both SLS Hatchet and SLS Axe Handle returned fire on the heavily damaged Dart scoring multiple hits. Soon, escape pods began launching from the Dart. Returning attention to the other Dart, Commodore Blythe winced as he mentally calculated the closing distance and realized that his ship would pass well within range of the Dart's naval cannons. "Helm, give me everything we have, high speed pass, let's make his targeting as hard as we can."

 SLS Hatchet cut loose with it's nose bays and NPPC fire lashed the Dart, scoring hits that ripped armor from it's nose and FRS arcs. A volley of Killer Whales launched from the Dart followed by it's NAC/20 in the nose. SLS Hatchet shuddered as it shed massive amounts of armor under the impact. Hatchet's return fire slammed into the Dart FRS arc, once again removing massive sheets of armor. Commodore Blythe was mentally calculating the the angles as the Dart started angling. Both ships passed by at high speed lashing each other with weapons fire. NPPC fire from SLS Hatchet hammered the Dart but the Dart's return fire with NAC/25 and NAC/30 slammed into the Hatchet. Commodore Blythe checked the damage control screen and saw the blinking light on his K-F Drive. Shit, went thru his head as they rapidly passed from range of the Dart, once again letting it have some NPPC fire which removed more armor. Fire from SLS Axe Handle pounded the damaged Dart, several shots burrowing deep into the wounded Cruiser.

 Commodore Blythe keyed the engine room "Chief I need a damage report on the Drive, I am showing it damaged."

 "It sure is, I think that last volley cracked the hell out of it. I know it damaged the Helium seals, we have a leak from hell down here we are working to contain. No jumping for us for awhile, better win the fight sir." Came the response

 "Helm, start breaking us some. Looks like those Lola II's have poured on the coals and are closing fast. Start angling us to port and we will give them a nice welcome as they come in." He switched to the secure laser "Helen, I took some hits that took my jump drive out."

 "Roger, I have some scratched paint so will take the lead on the Lola's inbound. Second Dart is launching escape pods."

 "Lead Lola almost in range, coming on fast." Weps announced and a minute later "Firing."

 Angled just right, SLS Hatchet overloaded it's heat sinks as it let loose with it's RFS and RBS arcs on the lead Lola II. Eight HNPPC and 6 MNPPC lashed out from SLS Hatchet reaching out for the onrushing Lola II. Commodore Blythe watched as the Lola II seemed to collapse into itself before breaking apart as the massive volley ripped the Destroyer apart. He caught sight of SLS Axe Handle passing by at high speed in an effort to shield her damaged sister ship, NPPC fire lashing out at the next Lola II. Missiles leaped from the Lola II and sensor's registered the signature "NUKES!!!" The sensor operator yelled. Both remaining Lola II had launched 4 Santa Ana at the onrushing SLDF Cruiser. Two made it past point defenses, but neither penetrated the dense armor but it they heavily damaged it. Commodore Blythe watched in horror as SLS Axe Handle plowed straight into a Lola II Destroyer and both ships were instantly destroyed, not a single escape pod launched.

 Holding back the tear, Commodore Blythe ordered "Weps, please remove that Lola II from my sight." Without even acknowledging the order, fire was concentrated on the remaining Lola II until it was destroyed. "Comm, recall the Dropships, board the Dart's and secure them. Launch the shuttles, get SAR started. Helm, bring us around so that we can provide overwatch for the Marines. Then we go take that damned recharge station."

17 May 2766

 SLS Hatchet was currently 800km from the Olympus Recharge Station which had 2 full Battalions of SLDF Marines onboard taking control of it. Yesterday, the Marines had secured both Dart Cruisers and the Elephant Tugs had brought both under control and they both were currently 1000km off SLS Helmet's starboard side. A voice made him turn "Commodore, damage report. Our drive is cracked bad, it must have been building up micro cracks from all the jumps, the helium seals have let go, but we have a spare and it is currently being replaced. But I would not advise any jumps. Probably shatter the core." Chief Engineer Whitney reported

 "Thanks Chief. Looks like we are stuck here for now." Commodore Blythe replied
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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
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Talk about a pyrrhic victory...


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
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19 May 2766
Tanz (Outworlds Alliance)

 Major Yuri Nabokov, acting commander 211th Hussar Regiment, sat aboard SLS Night Jumper, Tramp LF Jumpship. Months of space travel, most of it without warship escort, not here they were, still without an escort. They had arrived at Vangburg to find that the 91st Royal Jump Infantry Division had already put down the uprising on Vangburg and surrounding systems. Now they had orders to check on the 272nd Mechanized Infantry Division on Blommestein and 126th Mechanized Infantry Division on Ambatomainty. After resupplying on Vangburg, they had set out on their new mission. Not a single soldier of the 211th Hussar Regiment was very happy about once again sailing around the Outworlds Alliance without an escort force. After losing the 2 Compnay's from 1st Battlemech Battalion, he had renamed the Battalions, 1st and 2nd Battalion. The 211th Hussar Regiment had an Armor Battalion and Mechanized Infantry Batalion attached. He had taken his Company and renamed it Command Company.

211th Hussar Regiment

Command Company - 1 Ostwar OWR-2Mb, 11 Flashman FLS-8K
1st Battlemech Battalion - 24 Lancelot LNC25-01sl, 12 Excaliber EXC-B2
2nd Battlemech Battalion - 24 Guillotine GLT-3N, 12 Phoenix Hawk PXH-2
Armor Battalion - 36 Zephyr Hover Tanks
Mechanized Infantry Battalion - 9 Mech Inf, 12 Turhan

5 Tramp LF Jumpships
6 Union Dropship
2 Lion Dropship
2 Mule Dropships

 As a Gunslinger graduate, he had managed to get his hands on an old but fully upgraded Ostwar which he made sure was lovingly maintained. Even though Colonel Namath, RIP, had constantly bitched about how much it complicated the command's maintenance problems. He had always won the arguments, mainly because Colonel Namath could not fault his gunnery scores nor his companies. His company had maintained some of the highest readiness scores during evaluations.

Waitur (Outworlds Alliance)

 Ships Captain Martin Zuni had finally managed to safely worm his way towards the Federated Suns. Two more jumps and he would have his Merchant Jumpship safely at Inner End in the Federated Suns. He would then fulfill his promise to Lieutenant General Colin McGregor by taking the shuttle down to the surface and hand delivering the encoded message to the SLDF troops there. They might not be regular SLDF, but virtually every planet had a reserve component of the SLDF on it. Sometimes just a Infantry Battalion of reservists. But they were SLDF all the same and his promise would be fulfilled.

 Once his promise was fulfilled, he would be free to make some money. He figured he would play in or near the Federated Suns until things cooled off enough to resume traveling in the Outworlds Alliance. Maybe make a trip down to New Port Royal, he knew some beautiful women down there and it was basically anything goes out there.

Deep Space (Between Luderitz and Hope IV)

 Once again, Commodore Richard Devall had summoned Major General Iris Carman to his small cramped quarters/office. After being let in, she took the offered seat, attaching the restraints to keep her from floating out. "General Carman, I have been in the SLDF 14 years and I have carried your 280th MID for 4 years. I know you too well. Tell me what is really going on. There is no way Command would send us way out here, not without a escort."

 "You saw the orders Commodore, we are just following them. I don't question my orders." Major General Carman replied

 Commodore Devall reached into a small drawer and pulled out the orders she had given him. "Yes, these very orders. Quite good fakes, but you missed one small important detail, the order number, it is exactly the same order number as the one ordering us to Luderitz. Now, exactly what the hell is going on?"

 Major General Carman had dreaded this day, prayed it would never come, but here it was, today was the day. "They were going to disband my Division. Take my people away and scatter them to the winds. Not even fold them into our sister Divisions in the Corps. Just willy nilly toss them around. I could not let that happen. I have had the 280th for 7 years. Just get us to Hope IV Richard. That is all I ask, once there, I will inform the Division and even your people of what is exactly going on, any that want to leave, they will be free to leave. As much as it pains me, I will let them go. I cannot watch my people get fed into a meatgrinder again." A few tears floated from her eyes.

 "Alright General Carman. I will get your Division to Hope IV. I cannot promise I will stick around after that. The SLDF is my home and I love it dearly." Commodore Devall stated

 "It's all I ask of you. I to love the SLDF, but I love my troops more. I buried 60% of my Division on Luderitz, that weighs heavily on me every day. Thank you Richard." Major General Carman said


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
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25 May 2766
Thazi (Outworlds Alliance)

 All the rebel prisoners were secured aboard the Olympus Recharge Station under guard by SLDF Marines. For 3 days, engineers from SLS Hatchet, Kimagure Pursuit Cruiser had been aboard the captured Dart Light Cruisers conducting damage surveys. Now, Chief Engineer Whitney was briefing Commodore William Blythe on what they had learned.

 "Dart One, has a basically destroyed Jump Core. She will not jump again anytime soon. Entire Core has to be replaced. She has some serious armor loss and damage to her internal structure. Her CIC/Bridge took a good hit, but that could be repaired. Her engine room is a mess, looks like a shot burrowed all the way in and really messed things up in there. One reactor is totally fried. She lost 2 Docking Collars and no spares. Good news, she was carrying several spare reactors and roughly 9,000 tons of replacement armor. She was loaded for an extended campaign with little to no shipyard support. She is chock full of replacement parts, but alas, no Jump Core. We managed to get into her computer systems and we found that she is a new build. This is no left over, someone, somewhere is actually building new Dart Light Cruisers.

 Dart Two, we detected some micro cracks in the Jump Core, enough to cause concern, and if it was a SLDF ship, she would be in the yards for replacement of the Core. Like Dart One, she lost a ton of armor, some structural damage, but fixable. She lost a few weapons, but she has spares aboard. One thing about the Dart, she has good cargo space, unlike our Kimagure which can barely carry the food we need for an extended patrol. She could jump in an emergency, but personally, I would not advise it. The damage is not as severe as on Hatchet, but I think any jump will probably end badly. Her engines took a few hits, but we think they can be fixed back up. She lost a single Docking Collar also. We also got into her computer system, unlike Dart One which is a new build, Dart Two was built in 2402. But she has seen some extensive refurbishing, there is a ton of new equipment aboard her. Her computer systems have all been upgraded. Like Dart One, her cargo bay is packed with spare parts and replacement armor, weapons and ammunition. Loaded for an extended campaign away from shipyard support.

 Now, for my baby here. I already told you we cannot jump. Not without risk of destroying the Jump Core. In another 2 weeks, we will have the Helium Tank seals replaced. We can replace our armor, but without shipyard support, it will take a long while, 3 months at least. It will exhaust our stock of replacement armor and be a royal pain in the butt to do without shipyard support. It really is not something I am looking forward to. We have to rig up the portable cranes to maneuver the armor plates and those portable cranes are major headaches to use and assemble. They were one of the reasons the SLDF built the Newgrange Yardships. Not to mention forming the damned Ferro-Carbide sheets is a major royal pain in the butt, I cannot stress that enough, another reason the SLDF built the Newgrange Yardships. I am just thankful we are not clad in Lamellor Ferro-Carbide, talk about being difficult to work with. The only other damage is to one of our Docking Collars, it is not destroyed totally, but it is beat up bad enough that I would not trust it, but we ain't jumping anywhere soon so that is minor." Chief Engineer Whitney concluded his briefing

 "Would more people help with the armor replacement?" Commodore Blythe asked

 "More people are always better, but they need to know what they are doing, experienced working in Zero-G. I could put the Marines to use, but they are going to pitch a major fit about it, they know Zero-G, but I would bet big money not a single one of them have any experience repairing a ship." CE Whitney replied

 "Well, we happen to have 212 rebel crew we captured. Surely we could put them to work." Commodore Blythe said

 "Sir, with respect and all that, I would not trust a single one of them near my baby. We will handle the repairs. You will just have to put up with my bitching." CE Whitney said

 "Fine Chief, I will just pray you complete repairs before we get into another fight out here." Commodore Blythe replied

Waitur (Outworlds Alliance)

 The emergence wave caused Ships Captain Martin Zuni no small amount of panic when it was detected, they needed another 8 hours to complete recharging their drive. When the Tramp Jumpship materialized 12,000km away and began broadcasting SLDF IFF, he breathed a sigh of relief. It was not long before his ship was hailed by the SLS Forever Journey, Tramp Jumpship.

 "Merchant Jumpship, this is SLS Forever Journey, how copy over."

 "This is Merchant Vessel Daring the Odds, I have you load and clear Forever Journey." Ships Captain Zuni replied

 "Roger Daring, we are looking for a intel dump of the area."

 Ships Captain Zuni thought about this for a few seconds, "Forever Journey, how about you shuttle over to my ship and I can show you what I know."

 There was a longer pause before the answer cam back "Roger Daring, expect our shuttle in about an hour. Forever Journey out."

 Just a hair over an hour later, the SLDF shuttle entered Daring the Odds' shuttle bay where 4 SLDF officers exited and we led to meet Ships Captain Zuni. On the grav deck, Ships Captain Zuni introduced himself "Ships Captain Martin Zuni at your service."

 "I am Major Stanton Emerson, commander SLS Forever Journey. This is Colonel Elizabeth McCord, Major Jose Ferrera and Major Tim Ronstein, 298th Battlemech Division."

 "Your missing a bunch of ships Major Emerson. Only 2 Dictator and a Czar Dropship, that is all that is left of a Battlemech Division?" Zuni asked

 There was a slight pause before Major Emerson answered "We are detached from the Division. Recon mission. So, what can you tell us about the immediate area?"

 "Before we go there, I need to pass on a message." He pulled out the encoded message given to him by Lieutenant General Colin McGregor and handed it over "This was given to me by Lieutenant General Colin McGregor of the 126th Mechanized Infantry Division, I met up with them at Sorsk. When I told him about another SLDF unit I suspected was heading to Pilon to help out another SLDF unit trapped, he made me promise to pass on their location to the SLDF. I have now done so and can get back to my business."

 Major Emerson tucked the message into his pocket "Thank you, we will make sure this gets to the proper people. Now, what does the immediate area look like?"

 "Well, a few months ago, the rebels were kicking the crud out of the SLDF on Pilon. They also held Boulsi and Thazi for sure. I got searched by a Outworlds Pinto at Coyle. Talking to a few other Merchant Captains I met along the way, it looks like the rebels are pushing inward towards the center of the Outworlds Alliance. If the SLDF hugs the outer systems, they should be able to get to Pilon and the other SLDF troops there without much fuss." Ships Captain Zuni said

 "Can you show me the exact route you took and systems you passed thru, it would be of great help to us." Major Emerson asked

 "Sure" Captain Zuni said as he pulled up a Star Map on his portable pad. He traced out the route he took, rebel sightings for over 45 minutes.

 "Thank you Captain Zuni, you have been a huge help. And on behalf of the Star League Defense Force, thank you for fulfilling your promise to relay to the SLDF the location of our missing units. You going to be in system long?" Colonel McCord said

 "I jump in 6 hours. Now that the I have passed on the message, I will be heading into the Federated Suns. It is a little too hot out here for me to risk my ship and crew." Ships Captain Zuni responded

 "Well then, you and your crew stay safe and again, thank you." Colonel McCord said

 Twenty minutes later, after the SLDF shuttle had cleared the shuttle bay of Merchant Vessel Daring the Odds, Colonel Elizabeth McCord spoke up. "Well, now we have a damned problem. We stick our necks out and relay this message to the SLDF, we are looking prison time or worse getting shot for desertion. But I am not sure I can live with myself leaving those soldiers out there to die without help. So, let's here it, what do we do?"

 "I almost had a panic attack when he handed that message over and gave us a brief idea of what it contained. Now we have the message and those folks out there are cut off from any help. Me and my people are not afraid to fight the rebels, we just refused to be broken up, just your Infantry folks Colonel. I say we head out that way, if the SLDF troops are still alive, we help them out. If not, well we continue on like we planned. We can always bail on them once the fighting is over" Major Tim Ronstein said

 "I vote to go help them. When we accepted that message from Zuni, we tied our fate to those troops out there. I don't want to live with myself if we do not at least try." Major Jose Ferrera stated

 "How about you Major Emerson, how long to reach Pilon from here?" Colonel McCord asked

 "I cast my lot with you folks, as did my crew. I go where you tell me to go. If I remember that Star Map right, it is 9 jumps to Pilon, if I recharge off the reactor and bump the rate up some, I think I can get us there in 2 months time." Major Emerson said

 "Then it is unanimous, we head for Pilon and try to help out the stranded troops out there." Colonel McCord said as the others nodded in agreement

Shrim (Outworlds Alliance)

 Commodore Trisha Delvaney, commander SLS Salvation, Newgrange Yardship, along with SLS Gareth and SLS Helmet, Essex Destroyers materialized at the Nadir Jump Point. Sensors quickly detected the Tramp Jumpship seconds before it jumped from the system. "Pull up the senor logs, see if we can identify that Tramp Jumpship." She ordered

 "We got a single pulse from the ships IFF, SLS Seeker, Tramp Jumpship assigned to the 335th Royal Dragoon Regiment." Her sensor officer replied

 "They wasted no time in leaving, but then again, being a solo Jumpship way out here, I can't say I blame them. Begin recharge operations." Commodore Delvaney said

Achnoly (Outworlds Alliance)

 SLS Seeker, Tramp Jumpship materialized at the Zenith Jump Point. Once the sensors declared the Jump Point clear, Major Kelsey Linnes ordered "Commence recharge operations." Then turning to Captain Xavier Poutry "That was a close one, not sure what was incoming, but it was a huge ass emergence wave, had to be SLDF warships. I doubt the sensors grabbed anything, we were too deep into the jump sequence. But we will take a look."

 Captain Xavier Poutry nodded, he and his Battlemech Company (reinforced) were all that was left of his Battalion. SLS Seeker had 3 Union Dropships aboard, once belonging to 3rd Battalion, 335th Royal Dragoon Regiment. His Company actually was put together from the survivors of the Battalion. Loaded on the Union's were 9 Warhammer WHM-7A, 4 Thunderbolt TDR-5Sb and 3 Archer ARC-2Rb along with 5 Mechwarrior with no rides and the full support personnel of the Battalion. After eating a few nukes, the 335th Royal Dragoon Regiment had been ordered to report to Stratford for disbandment. The order was greeted with hostility from the survivors of 3rd Battalion. After convincing Major Linnes to take them somewhere else after the 4th jump, they had broken off from the small convoy carrying the rest of the Regiment.

Shiri (Outworlds Alliance)

 When the orders had come to depart Ictus and report to Stratford for disbandment, 1st Regiment, 4282nd Brigade, 428th Battlemech Division had been stunned. The 428th Battlemech Division had fought a hard fight on Ictus against very long odds and emerged victorious. As repayment, they were being disbanded, and this had not set well with anyone in the Division, but it was much worse in the 1st Regiment. They contained the remains of all 3 Battlemech Regiments in 4282nd Brigade. It had taken some time to convice Colonel Alberta Collins to make the leap with them, but finally they had done so. Taking control of SLS Blade Runner, Star Lord Jumpship, they had left the convoy carrying the 428th Battlemech Division to Stratford. No one knew their final destination, but at least they were still together. Loaded aboard the 4 Dictator, 1 Lion and 1 Mammoth Dropship were:

1st Regiment, 428th Battlemech Division

Battlemech Battalion - 22 Nighthawk NTK-2Q, 14 Lynx LNX9Q
Battlemech Battalion - 13 Shootist ST-8A, 17 Guillotine GLT-3N, 6 Bombardier BMD-12D
Battlemech Battalion - 36 Phoenix Hawk PXH-2
Battlemech Company (Reinforced) - 10 Pillager PLG-3Z, 6 Thug THG-11E

Regiment Support

Wayland Mobile Repair - 12
Coolant Trucks - 36
Mobile HQ (4 standard, 2 HPG) - 6
Cargo Trucks - 68
MASH Trucks - 3

Dispossessed Mechwarriors - 27
Support Personnel - 2,592


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
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Man, desertion was a real problem back then...


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
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26 May 2767
Pilon (Outworlds Alliance)

 Commodore Barbara Coltrain, commander SLS Rhodon, Luxor Heavy Cruiser escorted SLS Salvation, Potemkin Transport to the Zenith Jump Point to link up with SLS Conroy, Avatar Heavy Cruiser. A gaggle of Dropships carrying the 272nd MID, 126th MID and 277th Dragoon flew with them. She was currently reading over the scathing report compiled by her Chief Engineer, Jennifer Meldom on the status of all 3 warships.

 SLS Rhodon, Luxor Heavy Cruiser
 Launched 2729
 Jump Number 4,751
 Last Overhaul 2763
 Jumps Since 367
 As can be seen, Rhodon has not had a overhaul in 3 years. SLDF Regulations state that ALL ships are to proceed for overhaul after no more than 225 jumps to properly maintain a ships jump drive. We have already detected a few micro cracks in our Jump Core. Added stress due to double jumps must be kept to absolute minimum. All weapon systems are online, but like the jump drive, are way past SLDF Regulations for overhaul.

 SLS Conroy, Avatar Heavy Cruiser
 Launched 2631
 Jump Number 17,015
 Last Overhaul 2764
 Jumps Since 231

 Conroy has not had an overhaul in 2 years. SLDF Regulations state that ALL ships are to proceed for overhaul after no more than 225 jumps to properly maintain a ships jump drive. No micro cracks have been detected, but they are sure to start showing up. Certified for double jumps using LF Batteries at this time. All weapon systems are online, but like the jump drive, are way past SLDF Regulations for overhaul. Though almost 100 years older than Rhodon, Conroy is still in excellent condition.

 SLS Salvation, Potemkin Transport
 Launched 2644
 Jump Number 24,422
 Last Overhaul 2762
 Jumps Since 468

 Salvation has not had an overhaul in almost 5 YEARS!!!! Heavy usage moving troops, combined with moving 16th Army to Outworlds Alliance has kept her from complying with SLDF Regulation that state that ALL ships are to proceed for overhaul after no more than 225 jumps to properly maintain a ships jump drive!!!! Several micro cracks have been found within her Jump Core. Without LF Batteries, double jump concerns do not apply. All weapon systems are online, but WAY past SLDF Regulations for overhaul. Engineer reports some issues with several docking collars that must be corrected via EVA after every detachment. Recommend caution be shown in all respects.

 Commodore Coltrain put away the report. Not much we can do about anything right now, no way am I going to leave the ground pounders without warship cover.

1 June 2766

 "All Dropships docked and secure Commodore. All ships report ready and jump calculations completed for Boulsi's Nadir Jump Point." Rhodon's communication officer reported.

 "Very well, signal the Flotilla to begin jump sequence. Let's go take Boulsi." Commodore Barbara Coltrain ordered

 Five minutes later, the invasion of Boulsi began as the SLDF Flotilla leaped from the system.

Boulsi (Outworlds Alliance)

 SLS Conroy, Avatar Heavy Cruiser was the first to emerge at the Nadir Jump Point, followed 2 minutes later by SLS Rhodon, Luxor Heavy Cruiser. Heavily loaded, SLS Salvation, Potemkin Transport would take 18 minutes to emerge from hyperspace.

 Commodore Barbara Coltrain checked the surrounding area as the sensor's came back online. Docked with the Olympus Recharge Station were 8 Star Lord Jumpships, all broadcasting SLDF IFF codes and not far away were 4 Hoshiryokou Tugs, not broadcasting friendly IFF. This caused a few moments of doubt to invade Commodore Coltrain's mind as she reached for the intercom "Colonel Estaban, you know the name of any of the 277th or 322nd Armored's transports?". Major Estaban had been "promoted" to Brevet Colonel by Major General Rommel before they boosted for orbit.

 "We had 2 Star Lords assigned to us, SLS Dream and SLS Weaver. Why?" Brevet Colonel Estaban asked

 Commodore Coltrain got a thumbs up from her sensor tech "I do believe we are about to repossess them for you." With doubts now clear, she ordered "Helm, get us over to the Recharge Station. Alert the Marine to prepare for boarding action. Also alert Colonel Estaban that we will need that Jump Infantry Battalion to assist our Marines on the Station after they make the initial breach. Launch the Dropships, they wait until Salvation arrives, then Conroy and Salvation will escort them to the planet. Comms, start broadcasting surrender calls and for them to prepare to be boarded."

 Two hours later, SLS Rhodon, Luxor Heavy Cruiser was 600KM from the Olympus Recharge Station and still attached Star Lord Jumpships. One of the Hoshiryokou Tugs had tried to make a run for it, only to be set upon by a squadron of Hellcat II Aerospace Fighters until it surrendered. She watched closely as her 4 shuttles loaded with both Rhodon and Conroy's Marines approached the Olympus Recharge Station, a Czar Dropship hovered nearby carrying the 277th Dragoon's assigned Jump Infantry Battalion.

 Captain Franklin Venary, commander Combined Marine Company, pushed himself from the shuttle and crossed the short distance to the Olympus Recharge Station. Grabbing the handhold next to the airlock door, he attached a guide line for the rest of the shuttles Marines to use. As the Marines attached themselves to the guide wire, he opened the covered keypad and entered in the SLDF mandated security bypass code, 110596*, and got a green light and pushed on the airlock door which opened with no resistance. He watched as his Marines slid into the airlock effortlessly and once all were inside, he entered and secured the door. Once pressure was re-established, the Marines shrugged out of the bulky EVA gear and prepared for the actual breach into the Station proper. "Red team set." He called over his comm system. "Green team set. Yellow team set. Blue team set." Were the responses. "Go" he said. At that, the lead Marine hit the door release and the 20 Marines in the airlock poured into the Station. They immediately began moving for one of the Dropship docking stations to allow the Czar Dropship to dock and then they would flood the station with troops. Once they were aboard, he would then take his Marines EVA again and board the Jumpships.

 While Commodore Coltrain and SLS Rhodon, Luxor Heavy Cruiser oversaw the securing of the Olympus Recharge Station, SLS Conroy, Avatar Heavy Cruiser and SLS Salvation, Potemkin Transport escorted the mass of Dropships to the planets surface, just over 2 days away.


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
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Boulsi seems to be going well... that gives me a bad feeling for some reason...  :P


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
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4 June 2766
Bousli (Outworlds Alliance)

 Lieutenant General Rita Mitchell marched her Pillager down the ramp and onto the tarmac of the planets space port situated 45km from the capitol city of La Tapoa. Located on the largest continent of Gayeri. On the trip to the planet, she had decided to keep her forces together, for now anyway. Her 272nd Mechanized Infantry Division and 126th Mechanized Infantry Division landed at the space port while the 277th Dragoon Regiment grounded on the far side of the capitol city acting as a blocking force. Boulsi sported a population of just over 19 million people with 4 million of them in the capitol of La Tapoa. The rest were scattered in small communities mainly on the Gayeri, the only other inhabited continent was Marshalltown with about 3 million people. The continent of Charton's Madness was at the southern pole and ice covered wasteland while the continent of Nouveau Nord was extremely mountainous.

 "All right people, we have discussed what we are going to do, so let's do it. 2721st and 2722nd Brigades, move to take the city. 2723rd Brigade, deploy and be ready to cut off any escape. General McGregor, please deploy your 126th MID to secure the space port. Once we have the city secured, we will consolidate and begin our sweep once we get some intel on what we face here." Lieutenant General Mitchell ordered

 As the 272nd MID began moving for the caitol city of La Tapoa, a call rang out "Zeus, Dragoon Actual, contact, we have a Battlemech company exiting the city heading east, I am ordering my 2nd Battalion to engage them now."

 "Copy Dragoon. Well, we know there are bad guys here. I would like some prisoners for questioning if possible, but not at the risk of casualties." Lt Gen Mitchell replied

 "Do our best Zeus, no promises. Dragoon out." Brevet Colonel Estaban said

 Lieutenant General Rita Mitchell switched frequencies "Bullfighter, leave your short Regiment of Infantry and Aromor at the space port, move your remaining Infantry up to assist my Infantry in securing the city."

 "Roger Zeus, we are almost complete in securing the space port anyway. Have my Battlemechs pushing out in a circle 20km from space port now. Should have my Infantry to the city in an hour." Lieutenant General Colin McGregor replied

 Lieutenant General Mitchell returned to the command frequency and concentrated on maneuvering her Pillager down the narrow road following her Infantry Brigades while scanning for any threats. By nightfall, the combined 8 Infantry Regiments had secured 1/4 of the city of La Tapoa.

5 June 2766

 As dawn broke over Boulsi, the SLDF Infantry once again moved out to secure more of the city of La Tapoa. So far, no resistance had been encountered inside the city. No one was liking the silence, for it usually meant really bad things were about to happen. At 10am, the bad stuff happened as machine gun fire cut down a squad of Infantry from the 272nd MID inside the city. As the SLDF Infantry returned fire and sought cover, several entered a house which exploded from a booby trap. Several more buldings erupted across the city as SLDF troops entered them. Supporting Battlemechs pushed forward to support the Infantry in suppressing the incoming small arms fire.

 While the fighting inside the capitol of La Tapoa was raging, SLDF Aerospace fighters had been flying recon missions in squadron strength. One such mission was skirting along a fairly large mountainous area some 280km from the space port when a pilot spotted a Battlemech disappear at the last second along a steep cliff face. Banking hard to come around for another look, the pilot glimpsed a massive door closing, once closed, the door was almost invisible. "Zeus, this is Eagle Flight, think we found the bad guys. I am transmitting the coordinates now."

 Inside the mountain complex, Colonel Xin Chou parked his Kyudo KY2-D-02 in the mech repair bay. He had his "new" Battlemech for only a year, aquirred when they had managed to destroy the 228th Striker Regiment based inside this large complex built into the mountain. At the very beginning of the Uprising, in the early hours, his 3 Infantry Regiments had managed to eliminate the posted guards and gain entry to the facility. After a 3 hour firefight, they had completely eliminated the 228th Striker Regiment and captured all of it's equipment virtually intact along with the SLDF Castle. He had spent almost a year watching the SLDF construct this base. Not only had they gained the main gate, but he had been able to rappel a full Regiment into the facility via the 4 unfinished SDS sites connected to the main facility via maintenance tunnels.

 He had wasted no time in ditching his outdated equipment for the much better SLDF machines. His mechwarriors morale had shot thru the roof when he gave the order. It had taken his techs several months to break the security codes of the Battlemechs, but now his Battlemech Regiment was now equipped with all the SLDF equipment. His main regret was he did not have any pilots that could pilot the 18 LAM's here in the base. One had tried and one bad switch thrown and the LAM had started to convert damaging it. He had forgone any further experimenting.

 12 Mongoose MON-66
 24 Talon TLN-5V

 24 Night Hawk NTK-2Q
 12 Kyudo KY2-D-01

 36 Phoenix Hawk PHX-2

 18 Phoenix Hawk LAM PHX-HK1R

 He had only a Company of Phoenix Hawk at the capitol of La Tapoa and had gotten the radio call that they were being engaged by the SLDF. He had 2 Regiments of Infantry inside La Tapoa, 1 Regiment of Infantry were here with him and he had a single Infantry Regiment consisting of trash as far as he was concerned scattered about the various small cities in Company sized garrisons. The last Regiment had been formed after securing the planet from the SLDF, they were ill trained thugs with guns. He had been tempted to sally the Battlemech Regiment in support of the lone Battlemech Company, but after watching the number of Dropships that had landed, he knew it would be suicide to do so. No, he would force the SLDF to dig his forces out of the mountain.

 Inside the Mobile HQ, Lieutenant General Mitchell and Lieutenant General McGregor studied the corrdinates they had received. "What do you think Colin?" She asked

 "Well, the Cobra we dispatched to pick up the captured mechwarriors from the 277th Dragoons will be here in about an hour. Colonel Estaban is pissed he lost a Battlemech and pilot when they hesitated because he Battlemechs running from the city were broadcasting SLDF IFF. They downed all 12 of them, but boy is he pissed. His Dragoons are closest to this location. I say send the 277th Dragoon Regiment to at least set up blocking positions. I can take my 2 Battlemech Regiments and link up with him there. I think it best if you stay here and support the Infantry fight in the city. Once have the city, we can discuss redeployments. Besides, we are going to need the Engineers to breach that door probably, but they are going to be needed in the city to find and disarm the booby traps. We lost 33 KIA and 71 WIA to those damned things so far today." Lieutenant General McGregor said

 "Okay, I will send the orders to the 277th Dragoon. You grab your Battlemechs and link up with them." Lieutenant General Mitchell said with a nod. She had fought down the urge to argue, he was after all Infantry while she was a Battlemech pilot and the roles should be reversed. She needed him on her side out here.

 By nightfall, the 277th Dragoon Regiment was deployed after a 6 hour march to the hidden mountain base. Lieutenant General McGregor and his 2 Battlemech Regiments were 2 hours away and closing fast. Inside La Tapoa, the SLDF had secured another 8 blocks of the city after heavy fighting.


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
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Only 8 more blocks?  ???


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
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Bet that area is just rubble.
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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
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Only 8 more blocks?  ???

So, like Chicago, only less dangerous?
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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
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New version.

6 June 2766
Thazi (Outworlds Alliance)

 Chief Engineer Eric Whitney rang the door chime to Commodore William Blythe's quarters/office aboard SLS Hatchet, Kimagure Pursuit Cruiser. The door opened in less than a minute and Commodore Blythe waved him inside. After taking a seat Commodore Blythe asked "What's up Chief?"

 "Sir, I have been curious about that new build Dart Light Cruiser, so I asked Lieutenant JG Danny Martinez to take a trip over with me for a look see. He should be here any minute. Short story, he was able to dig into the ships navigation computer and we recovered some news." He paused when the door chime sounded and Commodore Blythe moved to open the door. Lieutenant JG Danny Martinez, SLS Hatchet's newest navigator entered the small room and took an offered seat. Chief Whitney continued "I will let Lieutenant JG Martinez take it from here."

 "Sir, Chief Whitney took me over to Dart One and I dug into the ships navigation system. First some background which you probably already know, a ships navigation system has 3 different area's where it stores jump history. The first layer, is the one on the bridge, it stores the last 10 jumps a ship makes and the last 20 actual calculations made. As additional calculations or jumps are made, it begins transferring the oldest entries to the next level of storage, and finally, all actual jumps are automatically stored in the ships master computer. I dug into the ships master computer and managed to pull out the ships entire jump history. This Dart One made it's very first jump from a system on the far side of the Rim Worlds Republic. She has 285 jumps stored on her master computer." He pulled out a data stick and pulled out his own portable computer and inserted the data disk. "I downloaded the jump history and plotted the jumps over onto a Star Map. As you can see, Dart One took a very long trip all the way around the Inner Sphere to a point 713LY from New Delphi. She made her first jump on February 9, 2762 and began her long journey to this system here, arriving after a trip of some 2,737LY on March 12, 2764.

 Dart One stayed there until November 9, 2764, 28 jumps later it arrived in the Outworlds Alliance and played around in different systems before ending here in Thazi where we found it. I checked every chart we have and nothing at all is recorded out there. We have no information at all on where she lingered for 8 months. Chief and I then travelled to Dart Two, I dug into her master computer and downloaded her jump logs. It goes all the way back to when she was first launched. I only focused on the jumps from February 2762 to present. But I did scan the list and found that she visited the exact same system that Dart One made her very first jump from on May 5, 2760 and departed there on December 9, 2761.

 But, on February 8, 2763, she was in this system here. I could find nothing in the database for that location, but I did the math and it is roughly 1,837LY rimward from Terra. Dart Two departed there 3 months later and made a journey of 1,425LY to this system here. Nothing in the database, but rough math puts it roughly 600LY from Mauna Loa, which is on the maps. It stayed there for 2 months and then made this long journey to New Delphi where BOTH Dart One and Dart Two's jumps match perfectly. They linked up and have been together ever since we took them out here. I have marked all 4 suspect locations on our charts. But we have a perfect jump record with coordinates if the higher powers wants to pay them a visit." Lieutenant JG Danny Martinez concluded

 Commodore Blythe sat silent for a few minutes studying the Star Map before him. Both of those Dart's put some serious distance on their drives. I am surprised either of them made it this far without any issues. "Excellent work and briefing you two. So, we have no clue what they were doing out there, but we know where they were. Okay, let's see if we can figure it out." Commodore Blythe called the bridge "XO, have a shuttle made ready, I am going over to the Olympus Recharge Station where we have all those prisoners." Once the message was acknowledged he turned attention back to his guests "Status on repairs Chief?"

 "We have the portable cranes all mounted. Crews are just now starting the armor replacement. Damned portable cranes are a major pain in the ass. It could very well take longer than my estimate sir. We have not even started any work on the Dart's. Without a proper repair yard or Yardship, we are going to be here for quite a while. Sorry sir." Chief Whitney said

 "Not your fault Chief. Just keep up the great work. If you think of anything that could speed up the work, let me know and I will see what I can do. Now, let me go catch my shuttle and start asking some questions of those Dart crews." Commodore Blythe said ending the conversation.

 Two hours later, Commodore Blythe was onboard the Olympus Recharge Station, inside a commandeered office to use for his interviews. The senor surviving officer of Dart One was seated across from him, the ships engineering officer. "I want to know everywhere your ship has been. I know for a fact that you made a very long journey from the other side of the Sphere to a point a long ways from here, heck a long ways from New Delphi where you linked up with the other Dart Cruiser. First I want to commend you on some excellent engineering supervision, to keep a ship in such good condition on that long a journey, excellent work sir. Now, tell me what I would like to know. Feel free to start from the beginning, I would prefer not to turn you over to SLIC." The last part was a lie, he had no way of turning him over to SLIC, but he did not need to know that.

 "Sir, I am engineering. Most of the time I have no clue where we are going or are currently located at any given time. I must respectfully decline to answer any questions of a military nature." The engineering officer replied

 "Very well, I respect your honesty." Commodore Blythe looked at the Marine guards "Return him to the holding area, bring me someone else."

 This continued for 3 long hours until finally, after running into a wall with the officers, he managed to get a simple crewman to give up some information.

 "It was a long trip, we all about went stir crazy. But then we finally reached our destination, I am not sure where it is or called, but we got to have some ground time. It was a planet that had very low gravity. I mean really low. There was not much to do, but it was better than being cooped up on the ship. It was a big base, lots of troops, but all centered on a huge factory complex. Spent most of my ground time just hanging out watching them load up Dropships." The crewman said

 "What were they loading up on these Dropships?" Commodore Blythe asked

 "Tanks, ammunition, supplies. Thousands of tons of stuff." The crewman said

 "No Battlemechs or anything else?" Commodore Blythe asked making notes

 "No sir, just what I said, I literally watched them drive the tanks from the factory onto the Dropships. Never saw a Battlemech the entire time I was on the surface." He replied

 "Thank you crewman Jessup, you have been a great help." To the Marines "Take him away and get him some good food, he will return to Hatchet with me when I leave."

 When the crewman was led away, Commodore Blythe decided to try another lower rank from Dart Two. "Bring me a crewman from Dart Two." It took 15 minutes before a young female, no more than 24 years old was placed in the seat across from him. She looked very scared.

 "Relax miss, no harm will come to you. Tell me your name." Commodore Blythe asked

 "Trisha Demars sir." She said

 "Trisha, I would like to know about your long journey aboard ship. What was your job aboard the ship?" He asked her

 "My specialty is computer system maintenance, aboard ship I helped maintain the ships computer systems sir." Trisha replied

 "Your ship made a very long journey with several long stops along the way. What can you tell me about them?" He asked

 "Way too long of a journey. I enlisted for the job training, 8 year enlistment. No one said we would be in a damned war. The long stop we waited to escort a huge Jumpship convoy, 40 Jumpships, all Star Lords." Trisha answered

 "How do you know the count and that they were Star Lords?" He asked

 "I am a curious person, I have administrator access to our ships computer systems. I read the sensor logs. I get bored, we had completely new computer systems so not much broke down, I had a lot of time on my hands." She answered with a shrug

 "Did you ever go to the planet's surface?" Commodore Blythe asked

 "Thankfully, yes. Spent 2 weeks on the surface. Heavy gravity, over 1g worth, but the weather was nice. Not much to do, restricted to the immediate area of the space port and housing we were assigned." Trisha replied

 "Any idea what they Jumpships were carrying?" He was getting tired of dragging the information out of her, but he had to let her answer in her own time.

 "Battlemechs, ammunition, supplies. Big damned factory complex right next to the space port. Don't know the types, but saw 6 different types. I know that for a fact. Huge warehouses at the space port, but most of them were empty by the time I got down on the surface. The 2nd big stop we made another 30 Invaders joined our convoy, fully loaded along with 3 Lola II Destroyers. I did not get to go down to the surface on that stop. I got put to work fixing some computer glitches on board various Jumpships. Even worked on several Dropships systems. Lot's of ground troops on board the Dropships. Tanks, trucks, Aerospace Fighters all packed aboard Dropships." Trisha finally expanded her answers some unasked

 "Think you could get back into the computer system and pull those sensor logs Trisha?" He had to ask

 "Sure, that would be no problem at all, it is all stored in the master computer." Trisha answered

 "What about aboard the other Dart Cruiser?" Commodore Blythe asked

 "That would take some more time, but I am pretty sure I could get in. My admin access worked on the various Jumpships and Dropships, it might work there." She replied

 "Well then, you will be accompanying me back to my ship and then we will get you on board the ships to let you do your work." Commodore Blythe said with a broad smile

Pilon (Outworlds Alliance)

 Major General Heinrich Rommel had toured the prisoner compound checking on the wellfare of his prisoners. His S2 had conducted over 500 interviews with various prisoners and learned very little. Some refused to speak, others knew nothing, ships officers from the 4 captured Merchant Jumpships all professed to be civilian merchant ships shanghaied into transporting the rebels along with the crews of the 8 Jumbo Dropships. Major General Rommel was inclined to believe them. But beyond ordering them separated from the other prisoners, he erred on the side of caution. In his command post, he had the primary navigation computer control boards for all the captured Jumpships.

 News on the HPG compound had not been good, the report by the surviving HPG personnel declared it a total loss. Other than a rebuild from scratch, it could not be fixed. But his primary concern was food for the civilians, Pilon could not support the population alone, it needed massive imports of food. He had met with the planetary governor and learned that there was less than 8 months of food stored without rationing.

Ype-Jhu (Outworlds Alliance)

 Colonel Alberta Collins had grounded her 1st Regiment, 428th Battlemech Division (they still thought of themselves that way) at the very small space port near the small capitol city of Kuero Fresco Nueva. They needed food and water. She briefly watched her Regiment deploy for security with no small amount of pride, they still acted like soldiers. It had been a fear that she could face a mutiny of her own. At least on the surface of a planet, she could get a better feel for which way the wind was blowing among her troops.

 Luckily, she did not have to travel into the small city, because a small delegation was approaching her. She watched them as they neared, wonder how they are going to react to SLDF troops, she thought. Out of the corner of her eye, she noted a lance of standing nearby, well if they get dumb, it will not last long. The leading man reached her "Welcome to Ype-Jhu. You may relax, there is no danger here. The rebels came past here several months ago, destroyed the HPG and have not returned. I am Jean Vinder governor of this small planet."

 "Colonel Alberta Collins, 428th Battlemech Division. Thank you for the peaceful greeting, the last year has not been a pleasant one." She replied

 "What can we do for you? Are you our new garrison?" Governor Jean Vinder asked

 "We just need to replenish our food and water, maybe grab some ground time, then we will be moving along." Colonel Collins stated

 "You are welcome to stay as long as you like. We have fine dining in town and even entertainment venues." Governor Vinder said

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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
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I suspect Mitchell and Rommel will take issue with Blythe's tactics...