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Author Topic: Wakyą J-WiGE tank  (Read 281 times)


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Wakyą J-WiGE tank
« on: 28 January 2020, 19:29:23 »
The Stone Lion Clan scientist caste were looking for a flagship program, something to show that they were the masters designers for the type of combat they and the spheroid Hell’s Horses practiced.

3085 they managed to get hold of a captured Hephaestus jump tank from their rivals, they knew what they would out design…

The program that followed was neither quick nor easy. It was quickly decided that the program would develop a jumping omni vehicle together with a matched battle armor. The next step took more trials, early on it was identified that a WiGE vehicle might better starting point rather than traditional hover tank chassis. But it took a rapid prototyping phase where barebone testing mules were benchmarked against the Hephaestus before the unusual motive type had acquired enough supporters to gain a go ahead to the next step.

Clan Stone lion were the keepers of some of the equipment and research from the society and work had already begun to incorporate Nova CEWS units into the touman, and it was decided that the design should be able to mount the units. However, replicating the delicate electronics proved quite a challenge so Watchdog CEWS ended up getting utilized on all but the most prestigious stars. What was successful however was delving into the society research into vehicle stealth armor proved more fruitful, and with battle armor stealth having being acquired by the clan during its formative trials it was decided that the WiGE should also incorporate signature reduction technology.

The end result is a remarkable combat vehicle, a sleek low profile flying tank with a good top speed and excellent jumping maneuverability. Managing to match a frontline mech in performance (and cost).

Referred to as a Jumping Wing in Ground Effect tank or by the short hand J-WiGE
The biggest limiting factor for this “new class” of vehicle is heat-soaking of the Wakyą engines especially when utilizing the jump jets allot. With heavy use the vehicle starts becoming harder to control eventually leading to reduced engine output. (fluffy explanation for how light motive damage builds upp under really heavy use of the jump jets... or quicker if on hits the supercharger)

NOTE: I have and ongoing clarification question in the rule thread to try to find out how WiGE and jumping interacts in detail.
QUESTION: should I go with alt config C or D?
PS: Expect a post asking for help on the matching battle armor tomorrow.

Wakyą stealth WiGE
Mixed (Base Clan)
50 tons 
BV: 871
Cost: 15,608,875 C-bills

Movement: 7/11/7 (Wing in Ground Effect)
Engine: 210 XL

Internal: 20
Armor: 200 (Vehicular Stealth)
                     Internal    Armor
Front                       5       80
Right                       5       45
Left                         5       45
Rear                       5       30

Equipment                      Loc
Armored Motive System           BD
Vehicular Stealth (IS)                BD
Vehicular Stealth (IS)                BD

Omni: 9.5t pod space, 10 heat capacity
Carrying Capacity: One battle armor squad

2 Medium pulse laser 4t 2 micro pulse laser 1t targeting computer 1t Laser AMS 1t CEWS 1.5t

Alt. Config. A:
2 Micro pulse laser 1t Super charger 1t Laser AMS 1t Cargo 5t CEWS 1.5t

Alt. Config. B:
10 micro pulse laser 5t, targeting computer 1t, Supercharger 1t Laser AMS 1t CEWS 1.5t

Alt. Config. C:
Large pulse laser 6t, Supercharger 1t, Laser AMS 1t CEWS 1.5t

Alt. Config. D:
Large pulse laser 6t, targeting computer 2t CEWS 1.5t
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