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Author Topic: Quicksilver Mongoose stats  (Read 414 times)


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Quicksilver Mongoose stats
« on: 03 February 2020, 06:40:36 »
In order for players to build/modify the Quicksilver Mongoose, could you share the following information?  The Golden Century book does not contain this information and it is different from the parent Du Shi Wang class -
Fuel tonnage
Armor type & tonnage
Crew #'s (ie something like 225 base crew, 54 gunners, 100 personnel, X officers, Y passengers, etc)
Crew quarter arrangements (ie # of each type)
Type of pulse lasers used on the ship (ie Clan or SL/IS)

For the pulse laser question - when I use all SL/IS pulses the BV is too low, when I use all Clan pulses the BV is too high.  I even checked using all Large or Small Clan Pulses vs. all Small or Large SL/IS pulses.  Unless MegaMekLab is calculating incorrectly, the Mongoose is using some really odd mix of Pulses.  There's also a 16-ton difference if it is using Clan or IS Large Pulses, so would be helpful to know for that reason even if the BV is a tad off. 

Thank you!

Edit - I'm aware there is one in MegaMekLab, but the cargo is modified to make the numbers work.  Did I miss an errata?
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