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Author Topic: Opacus Venatori, and some VTOLs  (Read 196 times)


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Opacus Venatori, and some VTOLs
« on: 31 May 2020, 23:41:52 »
Just painted up the Opacus Venatori, and a few VTOLs for battle armor transport from the Word's artillery Level III.

Any advice on improvements let me know, the King Crab especially.  Usually darker washes bring out the panels and details, but,'s all black.

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Re: Opacus Venatori, and some VTOLs
« Reply #1 on: 31 May 2020, 23:53:08 »
Those look really good!
I've never been a fan of the WoB or the Jihad era in general, but I've always LOVED the designs of the WoB omnimechs. There is so much sassy style in those machines. 😁


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Re: Opacus Venatori, and some VTOLs
« Reply #2 on: 01 June 2020, 07:45:09 »


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Re: Opacus Venatori, and some VTOLs
« Reply #3 on: 01 June 2020, 15:10:36 »
I am totally not a painter, will try basic stuff when KS gets here ...

but don't touch that KC! ... oh, my that black looks particularly ... black? Anywhere from Dark Wing Duck to dominatrix! (well, that got weird now that I typed it out ... keeping it)

There's something eerie, sleek, deadly, and cool about it.
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Re: Opacus Venatori, and some VTOLs
« Reply #4 on: 01 June 2020, 21:30:55 »
Brilliant work!  8) :thumbsup:  Both great, and mean looking.

Now, someone call the Bears and have them take care of these guys. >:D
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