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Author Topic: (Answered) (Errata) Altitude modifiers for aerospace bombing rolls /dispersion  (Read 192 times)


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as far as I understand aerospace bombing rules in 2019 Commander's Edition (pp. 181-183), both dive bombing and altitude bombing apply altitude modifiers (+0 or +2 for dive bombing, +4 or optional +6 for altitude bombing). What makes me suspicious is that Skill 4 level bombing defaults to 11+, and Skill 4 Extreme altitude never hits at all. Am I correct in understanding those rules?

Also, bomb scatter rules state that the scatter distance is double 1D6 so it doesn't depend on the bomber's altitude. Is it correct?

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Re: Altitude modifiers for aerospace bombing rolls and dispersion
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Good catch, we meant to remove the dive/altitude bombing modifiers when we added the range modifiers, but never actually did it.  Errata being posted.
they will generally have the range modifier, and the area effect modifier, but bombing itself won't have a modifier.

bomb scatter distance does not depend on altitude.  bomb scatter direction does depend on dive versus altitude bombing though.
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Thank you!