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Author Topic: A humble offering for Ngoverse/The Administrator and its Armada  (Read 154 times)

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OKi: So they agreed?
DaWi: Yeah, but it was a close run thing, and you're not going to like what they want in return. Three new Botans. They wanted solid core hulls, but we talked them down to liquid in exchange for moving up the refit of the Arcadia.
OKi: And the Governing Council agreed? 'Course they did. Gives them an excuse to order three more ships of their own. I assume three more for Anton as well.
DaWi: Actually, no.  Anton wants another four solid cores built, but they want them to go to the Combined fleet. They're actually not worried about keeping parity with us and Port Sur. They want to make sure the Alliance has a strong defense, especially with all the building the Inner Sphere is doing. That's... umm... why they had a condition of their own.
OKi: I'm not going to want to hear this, am I?
DaWi: The Alliance Council has formally requested in the strongest language possible that the Tsunozame stays behind as well.
OKi: Do they really think I'd be able to make a difference if someone attacked us here?
DaWi: Yeah, and so do you. You just don't want to admit it.
OKi: We could be doing so much more than we are.
DaWi: We could also be doing a lot less. Very easily. The common thread in the discussion among our heads of state is that this isn't really our problem. Port Sur was actually offended when we first brought it up. I didn't even mention the extra financial aid the governing council promised them, on top of the WarShips and the Arcadia refit, and that was to get our hands on a ship that's been largely stripped and in mothballs for the better part of twenty years. A ship they were never going to be able to use in any practical fashion. And oh yeah, we have to pay for the work to get it jump capable again and provide the crew to get it to the Federated Suns for the handover. We were lucky to get a Combined Fleet escort, and that's just because nobody wants the Ravens or somebody else to nab it on the way.
OKi: Is this really all we can do?
DaWi: For now, yeah.

~Chat transcript, Sakura Naval Yards, Tentei System, Nation of Man'yoshu

Author: This ship is more of a template than a complete vessel. The battleship Triumphant was recovered by the periphery world of Port Sur after the Reunification War, kept in an undisclosed location for centuries, critically damaged during the Jihad, spent decades more as a barely functional bulk food transport from 3078 to around 3140, and was finally put back into mothballs on the edge of complete failure. Generations old combat damage and the need to keep other ships functioning saw many of her components stripped out, reducing her to something worse than what you see before you. These stats are the result of the months long patch job and refit necessary to get her to a state where she can travel to the Inner Sphere where, with Cannonshop's permission of course, she will be handed over to the evacuation fleet.

So, if you'd like, feel free to speculate on what further refits may be made to improve her capabilities in this role.

Monsoon Battleship Triumphant (Emergency Transport)
Mass: 1,310,000 tons
Technology Base: Inner Sphere (Advanced)
Introduced: 3160
Mass: 1,310,000
Battle Value: 4,920
Tech Rating/Availability: E/X-X-X-F
Cost: 13,890,842,000 C-bills

Fuel: 6,000 tons (15,000)
Safe Thrust: 2
Maximum Thrust: 3
Sail Integrity: 6
KF Drive Integrity: 26
Heat Sinks: 605
Structural Integrity: 90

    Nose: 29
    Fore Sides: 29/29
    Aft Sides: 29/29
    Aft: 29

    Bay 1:  Small Craft (8)         2 Doors   
    Bay 2:  Cargo (295601.5 tons)   2 Doors   
    Bay 3:  Cargo (126469.5 tons)   2 Doors   


Dropship Capacity: 6
Grav Decks: 1 (95 m)
Escape Pods: 12
Life Boats: 32
Crew:  52 officers, 255 enlisted/non-rated, 40 bay personnel      

Notes: Mounts 300 tons of standard aerospace armor.

Weapons:     Capital Attack Values (Standard)
Arc (Heat) Heat  SRV     MRV     LRV      ERV    Class       
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She might be a good "cargo ship" I might be temped if time to strap on some light guns for defense but it not design for combat but transport
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