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Contest! AAR
« on: 09 August 2022, 04:20:49 »
The Gods of Conflict have summoned you through space and time!

There is no escape. There is no freedom other than death.

We challenge you – die well for our entertainment, or poorly under our ire!

So short form, The Lad wanted a free-for-all, each for themselves battle. And I did have my two DropZone Commander city packs, and always wanted a big urban battle. The DZ city is 15mm scale, but I think they work brilliantly with BattleTech minis. And so … The City.

We used initiative cards – the four Aces – to determine movement order. I just thought it would avoid all those “we all rolled 6s, reroll”, but it worked really well with the setup of four independent forces. The suspense of not knowing what the order would be added a lot to the flavour of the game. The cityscape worked well – we could get in & move minis & measure things; there was some tectonic movement, but not enough to disturb things. And I was forced to find a new way to set the buildings up to support metal minis on top!
So we each started up in a corner – myself (4th Tau Ceti) lower left, The Great One (Hastati) upper left, The Lad (Star Adder) lower right, The Adept (Wolf) upper right. No-one had initial line of sight.

So it started off with The Great One and I hacking into each other. He got first kill – got one point IS damage on my Victor, and I rolled 12 for critical – Unit Destroyed! But then I let myself get pincered between The Lad and The Great One, and lost my Sirocco and Cataphract. But I took out The Great One’s Triskelion.

I then played tactically (eg hid). The Great One then took the brunt of The Adept’s firepower – it took 3 turns to bring down the Marauder II (Bounty Hunter), but the mighty Dire Wolf with two HAG-40s vapourised Mal’s Mad Dog with a single hit! Love that mini! The Great One did take out The Adept’s LInebacker.

Then The Lad and The Adept closed, losing a pair of ‘Mechs each, while The Great One and I pretended not to see each other.  Then, the final turn, I tried to backstab The Lad, hitting but not killing anything, and The Great One did turn on me, but failed to hit. All had a great time!

And the scoring? Me last with 61 points of kills, The Lad scraping past at the last minute to 73, The Great One on 155, and The Adept on 207. On the basis of which, he promoted himself to The Demi-Precentor.

Note: the Litko effects are purely there for cinematic value, but add enormously to the fun value. Many thanks to Schwer, who couldn't attend, for their use.

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Re: Contest! AAR
« Reply #1 on: 09 August 2022, 08:51:29 »
Gorgeous city!  Nice setup!


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Re: Contest! AAR
« Reply #2 on: 09 August 2022, 23:06:30 »
Sounds like a fun game WT and nice write up.  What rules were you using for weapons attacks?  Standard or the optional multi-roles?
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